Indian startups raised $9.3 billion in 2020

The coronavirus pandemic — and a handful of other factors — slowed dealmaking for startups in India this year. Compared to their record $14.5 billion fundraise last year, Indian startups are ending 2020 with about $9.3 billion. This is the first time since 2016 that startups in India, one of the world’s largest startup communities, has raised less than $10 billion in a year, according to consultancy firm Tracxn. The number of deals fell from 1,185 last year to 1,088 in 2020. There were fewer lar...
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Should Cellphone Chargers Be Sold Separately?

The Verge writes: Lei Jun, the CEO of Chinese phone maker Xiaomi, has confirmed that its upcoming Mi 11 phone will not come with a charger, citing environmental concerns. While that's a legitimate argument against providing yet another hunk of plastic that resembles all the other chargers people already have, Xiaomi joined other phone makers who poked fun at Apple a few short months ago for not including chargers with the iPhone 12. Jun made the remarks on Chinese social media site Weibo, sayi...
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12.9-Inch iPad Pro With Mini-LED Display Rumored to Launch in First Quarter of 2021

Apple's 12.9-inch iPad Pro with Mini-LED display will launch in the first quarter of 2021, according to a new report from DigiTimes. The report claims that Apple has diversified its supply chain for displays and touch panels, with BOE finally gaining approval to supply OLED panels for the iPhone and GIS moving to provide touch panels for both the ‌iPhone‌ and the upcoming ‌iPad Pro‌. GIS approved investments of NT$2.198 billion (US$76.3 million) and NT$1.421 billion proposed by its subsidiary i...
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Xiaomi Made Fun of Apple for Not Including Charger in Box, but Now Thinks It's a Great Idea

It’s a lesson many of us learn throughout life: First they laugh at you, then they copy you. That’s exactly what Xiaomi did when it made fun of Apple for deciding to stop shipping wall chargers with its iPhones earlier this year. In the greatest of twists, just two months later, Xiaomi now thinks nixing wall chargers…Read more...
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Astronauts Grow Radishes in a Microfarm on the International Space Station

From a report: The thought of eating "astronaut food" brings to mind a kind of instant food that is far from "farm to table." However, recent experiments aboard the ISS are improving our understanding of how to bring the farm directly into space itself. Astronauts just ran a Veg-PONDS 02 experiment on the International Space Station. The experiment used food that was cultivated in space. Potential cultivations could include tomatoes or other plants, NASA says. On November 30th, Kate Rubins ...
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Apple Looks to 2021 With Japanese New Year Ad Highlighting the App Store

Apple today shared a new App Store ad on its YouTube channel in Japan ahead of the New Year. The brief 15-second video highlights various apps available on the App Store for productivity, connecting with others, and gaming. The ad emphasizes how the App Store can help people get off to a good start in 2021, complete with colorful animations. New Year or "Shōgatsu" is widely considered the most important holiday in Japan, observed on January 1-3. Apple also typically holds a one-day New Year's ...
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Linux Kernel Ported to the Nintendo 64

Phoronix reports: It's been a turbulent year and 2020 is certainly ending interesting in the Linux/open-source space... If it wasn't odd enough seeing Sony providing a new official Linux driver for their PlayStation 5 DualSense controller for ending out the year, there is also a new Linux port to the Nintendo 64 game console... Yes, a brand new port to the game console that launched more than two decades ago. Open-source developer Lauri Kasanen who has contributed to Mesa and the Linux graphi...
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Are Tech Companies Censoring Their Users For Access to China's Market?

This week MSNBC published an opinion piece from a researcher on China (who works on internet censorship and freedom of expression issues) from the advocacy group Human Rights Watch. It examines specific exchanges between a China-based Zoom executive and employees at the company's California headquarters (taken from the 47-page complaint filed by America's Justice Department) showing how Zoom disrupted video meetings commemorating the anniversary of the Tiananmen Square crackdown: It was a fasc...
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2-Acre Vertical Farm Run By AI and Robots Out-Produces 720-Acre Flat Farm

schwit1 quotes Intelligent Living: Plenty is an ag-tech startup in San Francisco, co-founded by Nate Storey, that is reinventing farms and farming. Storey, who is also the company's chief science officer, says the future of farms is vertical and indoors because that way, the food can grow anywhere in the world, year-round; and the future of farms employ robots and AI to continually improve the quality of growth for fruits, vegetables, and herbs. Plenty does all these things and uses 95% less wat...
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Hudly has created an invisible wireless charger – but it's not as crazy as it sounds

Qi wireless charging has only been around for about a decade. While it only took a few years for Android phone manufacturers like Nokia and LG to jump on the wireless charging bandwagon, it was as recently as 2017 when Apple finally joined the party with the iPhone. — Read the rest
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Jeff Bezos appears to be creating a massive Beverly Hills estate worth as much as $175 million. Here's everything we know about his record-breaking Southern California compound.

Alex Wong/Getty Images; Los Angeles County/Pictometry Back in February, Bezos became the new owner of the Warner estate, a sprawling compound in Beverly Hills, California, that he purchased for $165 million, according to The Wall Street Journal.  The estate features a 13,600-square-foot mansion, two guesthouses, a pool, and a tennis court.  Then, in August, both Variety and Daily Mail reported that Bezos had become the new owner of an adjacent house, which he is said to have purchased for...
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Samsung and Xiaomi Plan to Ship Upcoming Smartphones Without Charger After Mocking Apple Over Same Move

Despite mocking Apple for no longer including a charger with the iPhone, Samsung and Xiaomi are now expected to follow suit and remove the charging adapter from their upcoming smartphones. Alongside the announcement of the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro, Apple announced that it would no longer include the charging adapter with all new iPhones, citing environmental concerns. The move was publicly criticized by rival smartphone makers Samsung and Xiaomi. The day after the announcement of the ‌iPh...
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Tesla Update Turns Cars into Boomboxes, Adds Three In-Car Videogames and Customizable Honking

Engadget reports: Electrek notes that Tesla has released its promised holiday update, and the centerpiece appears to be a Boombox mode that pumps media outside as long as you have a recent-enough EV with a pedestrian speaker system, like later Model 3 production runs... Other updates include a smarter Scheduled Departure that preconditions the battery and cabin without plugging in, larger driving visualizations (helpful for Autopilot) and at-a-glance views of the number of open stalls at Superc...
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The Great Movie Catch-Up, 2020 Edition

Around this time of year, I usually make up a list of 2020 movie releases to catch-up on, but this year? The pandemic obviously had a huge impact on movies this year, in some cases pushing up releases and making them more accessible through streaming, in other cases pushing them back to next year. As of this moment, I’ve seen 66 movies that could be considered a 2020 release, which is significantly less than what I’d seen at this point last year. Is that because there’s less to see? After a ...
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Edward Snowden Urges Donations to the EFF

In October, Edward Snowden was granted permanent residency in Russia. A new web page by the EFF applauds his past activities as a U.S. whistleblower. "His revelations about secret surveillance programs opened the world's eyes to a new level of government misconduct, and reinvigorated EFF's continuing work in the courts and with lawmakers to end unlawful mass spying." And then they shared this fund-raising pitch written by Edward Snowden: Seven years ago I did something that would change my lif...
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Edmund Clarke, 2007 Winner of the Turing Award, Dies of Covid-19

"Edmund M. Clarke, the FORE Systems Professor of Computer Science Emeritus at Carnegie Mellon University, has died of Covid-19," writes Slashdot reader McGruber. From the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Professor Clarke was best known for his work in model checking, an automated method for detecting design errors in computer hardware and software. CMU president Farnam Jahanian said the world had "lost a giant in computer science" with Mr. Clarke's death. "Ed's pioneering work in model checking appl...
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Samples from Ryugu Asteroid Revealed After Delivery to Earth

Mashable reports: The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency showed off a collection of samples from the asteroid Ryugu on Thursday following the return of the Hayabusa2 probe. The black, gravelly samples from Ryugu contain a whole bunch of small chips collected from the asteroid's subsurface... Normally, space rocks like these are collected after they enter Earth's atmosphere at surface-scorching speeds. These samples from Ryugu are the first ever that can be examined without being damaged durin...
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Gillmor Gang: Get Back

Today we sat on the deck with our daughter Ella and her boyfriend Nick. Knowing of my fascination with all things Beatles, Nick gave me a Japanese 45 of Get Back flipped with Don’t Let Me Down. His gift coincided with a 5 minute cut of material from a newly authorized production of a new version of Get Back, the film. A short history follows. In the waning days of The Beatles’ partnership, the band decided to return to a more slimmed down production style, minus overdubs and plus a live feel....
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An Asteroid the Size of a Dwarf Planet Is Lurking In Our Solar System

Long-time Slashdot reader fahrbot-bot summarizes an article from LiveScience: There's a giant asteroid somewhere out in the solar system, and it hurled a big rock at Earth. The evidence for this mystery space rock comes from a diamond-studded meteor that exploded over Sudan in 2008. NASA had spotted the 9-ton (8,200 kilograms), 13-foot (4 meters) meteor heading toward the planet well before impact, and researchers showed up in the Sudanese desert to collect an unusually rich haul of remains. ...
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Pakistan threatens legal action against Google,Wikipedia for sharing ‘Sacrilegious Content’ ; Calls for removal of Ahmadi Quran and...

According to reports, the Pakistani regulators on Friday decried internet giants Google and Wikipedia for "disseminating sacrilegious...
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The Further Adventures of that Monolith Stolen in Utah

A Utah newstation interviewed the men claiming responsibility for removing the original monolith in Utah, who reveal where, why, and how they took it: Homer Manson described how they brought tools, but in the end they were able to simply push the monolith over and it fell on the ground... "We actually passed another crew on the way out, they were going in to destroy it," Any Lewis recounted... "That's exactly what we didn't want to happen, is somebody of that mentality to get a hold of it and...
Tags: Utah, America, Tech, Salt Lake City, BLM, Lewis, Christensen, Bureau of Land Management, San Juan County, Red Butte Garden, Sylvan Christensen, Homer Manson

Basecamp Releases Hotwire for Building Web Applications Using 'HTML Over the Wire'

Basecamp's David Heinemeier Hansson (the creator of Ruby on Rails) announced on Twitter this week that "all the tricks and tooling we used to build the front-end for" have now been released as Hotwire (also known as New Magic), "an alternative approach to building modern web applications without using much JavaScript by sending HTML instead of JSON over the wire." This includes our brand-new Turbo framework...a set of complimentary techniques for speeding up page changes and form submis...
Tags: Twitter, Tech, Ruby, JSON, Hotwire, Hansson, David Heinemeier Hansson, ES Modules

2020 forced Big Social to address its flaws, but it’s too late for an easy fix

Between a global pandemic, social/cultural upheaval, and mounting political problems, 2020 put plenty of pressure on social media giants to face their flaws
Tags: Google, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Trends, Social Media, Features, Misinformation

Facebook to close Irish holding companies at centre of tax dispute

Intellectual property to be repatriated to the US after tax authorities claimed it owed $9bnFacebook is winding up Irish holding companies it has used to channel billions of profits to avoid paying taxes in the US, the UK and hundreds of other countries.The company’s main Irish subsidiary paid $101m (£75m) in tax while recording profits of more than $15bn in 2018, the last year for which records are available. Facebook companies around the world paid the Irish holding company for use of Facebook...
Tags: Facebook, Europe, Business, UK, Technology, Media, US, Ireland, Tax Avoidance

Facebook to close controversial Irish holding companies

Main subsidiary in Ireland paid just $101m in tax while recording profits of more than $15bn in 2018Facebook is winding up controversial Irish holding companies it has used to shift hundreds of billions of profits through to avoid paying taxes in the US, the UK and hundreds of other countries around the world.The company’s main Irish subsidiary paid just $101m (£75m) in tax while recording profits of more than $15bn in 2018, the last year for which records are available. Facebook companies aroun...
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Kuo: Apple Car Still in Early Stages, Unlikely to Launch Until 2025-2027 at Earliest

Earlier this week, Reuters reported that Apple is targeting 2024 for production of its long-rumored electric vehicle with "next level" battery technology, but Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo believes that a launch is unlikely until 2025-2027 at the earliest. An excerpt from Kuo's latest research note, obtained by MacRumors:We predicted in a previous report that Apple will launch Apple Car in 2023–2025 […] However, our latest survey indicates that the current development schedule of Apple Car is no...
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Due to Popular Demand, GM May Build More of Its 'Hummer EV' Electric Pickups

FrankOVD shares this report from CNET: The people were really into the GMC Hummer EV when the brand finally ripped the cloak off the electric pickup truck earlier this year. So much so that the Hummer EV Edition 1 trim sold out in 10 minutes. Now, GMC is reportedly thinking about building more of them due to overwhelming response. According to dealer sources that spoke to the Detroit Free Press in a report last Tuesday, the brand told its dealer body it could make more of the Edition 1 trucks a...
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Elon Musk said a college degree isn't required for a job at Tesla - and Apple, Google, and Netflix don't require employees to have 4-year degrees either

Elon Musk doesn't require job candidates to have college degrees. AP Elon Musk said having a college degree doesn't mean you have "exceptional ability" during a fireside chat at the Satellite 2020 conference. He added that it's "not for learning" and "basically for fun." Many of the nation's most popular companies to work for don't require a college degree, and certain jobs are more likely to be filled with non-college graduates than others, LinkedIn has found. Top busine...
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In California, little robot cars will deliver pizza, groceries, and medicine as a paid service in 2021 for the first time

Nuro Nuro has an official stamp of approval to start its paid delivery service with autonomous vehicles, according to the California Department of Motor Vehicles. "Issuing the first deployment permit is a significant milestone in the evolution of autonomous vehicles in California," said Steve Gordon, DMV director, in a statement.  The deliveries will start in two communities near Nuro's Mountain View headquarters. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Your groceries, pizza, ...
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The Site of Hawaii's First Tesla Supercharger? Probably Larry Ellison's 3,400-Person Island

Electrek reports that 2021 will bring one of Tesla's fast-charging Supercharger to a state that's never had one before: Lanai Island, a former pineapple plantation that was almost entirely (98%) purchased by Oracle founder and Tesla board member Larry Ellison for $300 million in 2012, is the first in Hawaii to see a Supercharger permit filed by Tesla... The 145-square-mile island doesn't have any traffic lights, only 30ish miles of paved roads and the 3,400 person population lives almost excl...
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