Apple Has Purportedly Asked Foxconn To Create Two Foldable iPhone Prototype Shells

Apple appears to be moving along in its development of a foldable iPhone, according to new rumors. The company has apparently asked its Foxconn, its biggest iPhone supplier, to create two prototype foldable shells with displays. Read more...
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When Big Brands Stopped Spending On Digital Ads, Nothing Happened. Why?

This weekend Forbes ran a thought-provoking article by "a digital marketer of 25 years" who now helps marketers audit their digital campaigns for ad fraud: When P&G turned off $200 million of their digital ad spending, they saw NO CHANGE in business outcomes. When Chase reduced their programmatic reach from 400,000 sites showing its ads to 5,000 sites (a 99% decrease), they saw NO CHANGE in business outcomes. When Uber turned off $120 million of their digital ad spending meant to drive more app...
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Will There Be a Commercial Replacement for the International Space Station?

"Axiom Space has announced that it is creating an office park and manufacturing center at the Houston SpacePort at Ellington Field," notes an opinion piece for The Hill by Houston-based space writer Mark R. Whittington. "The development is a hopeful sign that, despite foot dragging by Congress, a commercial replacement for the International Space Station may well happen." The United States has a chance to avoid a "space gap" when the ISS reaches the end of its operational life, like the one th...
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The Atlantic Urges Humankind to Fix the Social Web

Heading into the new year, the Atlantic's executive editor penned a scathing warning that vast social networks like Facebook "can harm society just by existing..." Even as Facebook has insisted that it is a value-neutral vessel for the material its users choose to publish, moderation is a lever the company has tried to pull again and again. But there aren't enough moderators speaking enough languages, working enough hours, to stop the biblical flood of shit that Facebook unleashes on the world...
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Adobe Officially Ends Flash Support, Recommends Uninstalling Immediately (mac rumors)

Adobe in 2017 announced plans to end support for its Flash browser plug-in at the end of 2020. Now that it's officially 2021, support for the software has ended, and Adobe will begin blocking content from running in Flash Player beginning on January 12. Flash's elimination should not heavily impact users because many popular browsers have already moved away from the format. Additionally, iPhone and iPad users are not affected by the change, as iOS and iPadOS have never supported Flash. A...
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Samsung’s next Unpacked event is January 14

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. Samsung’s next flagship is set to debut January 14. The company just confirmed earlier rumors surrounding the date for its next Unpacked event (virtually, of course). This one sports the name, “Welcome to the Everyday Epic.” “Over the past year, mobile technology has taken center stage in everyday life as people are working remotely and spending more time at home,” the company writes. “The accelerated transition to a mobile-first world brings with it the ...
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Do Children Really Need To Learn To Code?

Long-time Slashdot reader theodp writes: In India, parents are being aggressively sold the idea that their children must start coding at 4 or 5 or be future failures, prompting Neelesh Misra [a writer, audio storyteller, and founder of a media and organic products company] to ask Do Children Really Need to Learn to Code? [Alternate URL here] In a New York Times Opinion piece that's sparked 1,000+ comments, Misra writes that "Aggressive campaigns pushing Indian parents and schools to embrace codi...
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Study Finds Brain Activity of Coders Isn't Like Language or Math

"When you do computer programming, what sort of mental work are you doing?" asks science/tech journalist Clive Thompson: For a long time, folks have speculated on this. Since coding involves pondering hierarchies of symbols, maybe the mental work is kinda like writing or reading? Others have speculated it's more similar to the way our brains process math and puzzles. A group of MIT neuroscientists recently did fMRI brain-scans of young adults while they were solving a small coding challenge usi...
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Homeless parents' lawsuit forcing New York City to provide WiFi for 114,000 homeless students will head to trial

Frederic J. Brown/AFP via Getty Images A federal judge advanced a lawsuit to expedite the roll-out of WiFi to homeless shelters across the city. There are more than 114,000 homeless students in New York City.  The class-action suit was filed on behalf of homeless students across the city who have been unable to access the internet in homeless shelters during periods of remote learning this year.  The city provided students with iPads with unlimited cellular data, but many students have ha...
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T-Mobile says hackers accessed some customer call records in data breach

T-Mobile, the third largest cell carrier in the U.S. after completing its recent $26 billion merger with Sprint, ended 2020 by announcing its second data breach of the year. The cell giant said in a notice buried on its website that it recently discovered unauthorized access to some customers’ account information, including the data that T-Mobile makes and collects on its customers in order to provide cell service. From the notice: “Our cybersecurity team recently discovered and shut down mal...
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Speculation Grows As AMD Files Patent for GPU Design

Long-time Slashdot reader UnknowingFool writes: AMD filed a patent on using chiplets for a GPU with hints on why it has waited this long to extend their CPU strategy to GPUs. The latency between chiplets poses more of a performance problem for GPUs, and AMD is attempting to solve the problem with a new interconnect called high bandwidth passive crosslink. This new interconnect will allow each GPU to more effectively communicate with each other and the CPU. "With NVIDIA working on its own MCM d...
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Bitcoin Surges 25% In One Week. Warren Buffett Still Won't Buy It

Last Sunday we reported Bitcoin's price had surged 50% in the previous month. In the week since it's surged another 24.8%. As Bitcoin celebrates its 12th anniversary, a Forbes columnist writes that Bitcoin "soared to $34,000 yesterday — but here's why Warren Buffett will never own Bitcoin." Buffett has called Bitcoin, among other names, "rat poison squared" and has said he won't ever buy the cryptocurrency. "I don't have any cryptocurrency and I never will," Buffett told CNBC in February, w...
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I went into labor with my son five weeks early. It showed me why the US needs a nationally funded PTO policy to support families and businesses, especially during a pandemic.

Families without access to paid sick leave may be left to work while sick during the pandemic. Halfpoint Images/Getty Images Heather Whaling is an author, founder of PR agency Geben Communication, and an advocate for innovative workplace policies and paid family leave programs. With the expiration of the Families First Coronavirus Response Act, many employers in the US will now no longer offer paid sick leave benefits for workers, Whaling explains. This will result in nearly 90 million Ame...
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Is the US Government's Cybersecurity Agency Up to the Job?

CNN reports that some critics are now questioning whether America's Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) is equipped to protect the integrity of government systems from adversaries: Some of the nearly half-dozen government agencies affected by the hack have recently reached out to CISA for help with addressing the known vulnerabilities that were exploited in the attack but were told the agency did not have enough resources to provide direct support, according to a source fami...
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Leadership at United Way Worldwide consistently ignored allegations of inappropriate behavior, former employees said

Hello everyone! Welcome to this weekly roundup of stories from Insider from Business co-Editor in Chief Matt Turner. Subscribe here to get this newsletter in your inbox every Sunday.Read on for more on allegations of inappropriate behavior at United Way, the battle between Google and Uber in the race to create the autonomous car, and PayPal's record-breaking 2020. Read time: Five 1/2 minutes. United Way CEO Brian Gallagher. Nick Wass/AP Images for United Way Worldwide Hello 2021!I hope yo...
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Bitcoin hits record high on 12th anniversary of its creation

Cryptocurrency breaches $30,000 as financial institutions express growing interestBitcoin has surged to a fresh record high amid rising interest from investors and claims that the volatile cryptocurrency is on the way to becoming a mainstream payment method.Having quadrupled in value during 2020, bitcoin began 2021 strongly by breaking through the $30,000 (£22,000) mark for the first time, less than three weeks after first trading above $20,000. Continue reading...
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Flash Is About To Die, But Classic Flash Games Will Live On

Fast Company's technology editor harrymcc writes: After years of growing technical irrelevance and security concerns, the Flash browser plug-in will reach the end of the road on January 12 when Adobe blocks its ability to display content. The web will survive just fine. But there's a huge library of old Flash games — some of them quirky, interesting, and worth preserving. Over at Fast Company, Jared Newman wrote about several grassroots initiatives that will allow us to continue to enjoy these a...
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Mixtape podcast: Behind the curtain of diversity theater

It’s fair to say that most people have heard about diversity reports. And it’s probably also fair to say that most of us have watched, sometimes with a metaphorical bucket of buttered popcorn, as companies crisis-comms their ways out of … crises. But most of us do not know what goes on behind the scenes. Mark S. Luckie has an idea. The digital strategist, journalist and author of “The Digital Journalist’s Handbook” and “DO U,” has written “Valley Girls,” a fictional portrayal of life behind the ...
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Laura Loomer Loses Another Lawsuit Related to Her Twitter Ban–Illoominate v. CAIR

This is the detritus of Laura Loomer’s lawsuit against Twitter for banning her account. A court previously dismissed those claims on Section 230 grounds. She also sued the Council on American-Islamic Relations Foundation (CAIR), claiming they complained to Twitter about her and that’s what caused Twitter to ban her. The 11th Circuit easily dismisses that claim in a short unpublished per curiam opinion. Fraudulent Joinder. Loomer sued in state court. The defendants removed to federal court. Howev...
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Re-live 2020 in a single chart

Is it too soon for 2020 nostalgia? No matter. Axios has pulled together some Google Search data to create a chart that tracks the rise and fall of 2020s most popular news. While there are some interesting observations to glean from it—the eternal appeal of TikTok, mostly, as well as noting which things did or did not resurface over the year—it's mostly fascinating as a brief at-a-glance refresher of the year. — Read the rest
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Recovering Samples From the Moon, China's Chang'e-5 Team Used Exoskeletons

AmiMoJo quotes Universe Today: Other worlds aren't the only difficult terrain personnel will have to traverse in humanity's exploration of the solar system. There are some parts of our own planet that are inhospitable and hard to travel over. Inner Mongolia, a northern province of China, would certainly classify as one of those areas, especially in winter. But that's exactly the terrain team members from the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASTC) had to traverse on December ...
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Fantasy and Sci-Fi Author Debra Doyle, 1952-2020

Long-time Slashdot reader serviscope_minor wanted to remind us that 2020 also saw the death of science fiction/fantasy author Debra Doyle at the age of 67 from a sudden cardiac event. "Her works were co-written with her husband, James D. Macdonald," notes her entry on Wikipedia: Her first work written with Macdonald was "Bad Blood" in 1988. Their novel Knight's Wyrd was awarded the Mythopoeic Fantasy Award for Children's Literature in 1992 and appeared on the New York Public Library Books for t...
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After threatening removal, Apple says macOS utility Amphetamine can stay on the App Store

Apple has backtracked on threats to remove the popular utility app “Amphetamine” from the Mac App Store. According to the developer,...
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'Peak hype': why the driverless car revolution has stalled

As Uber parks its plans for robotaxis, experts admit the autonomous vehicle challenge is bigger than anticipatedTesla almost hits 500,000-car delivery target for 2020 despite pandemicUK carmakers have three years to source local electric car batteriesBy 2021, according to various , bandwagoning politicians and leading cab firms in recent years, self-driving cars would have long been crossing the US, started filing along Britain’s motorways and be all set to provide robotaxis in London.1 January...
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A $52,000 tiny smart home looks like a space ship and can sleep a family of 4 - see inside

Nestron Cube Two. Nestron Singapore's Nestron is selling its newest prefabricated tiny home, the Cube Two.The tiny home is furnished and totally move-in ready on arrival.It's also a smart home with an AI assistant connected to all devices.Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories.The tiny home of the future is here. Singapore's Nestron released information and photos of its newest prototype for the Cube Two, a smart tiny home with an artificial-intelligence assistant.The Cube Two, ...
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A history of the 30-year feud between Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, whose love-hate relationship spurred the success of Microsoft and Apple

Steve Jobs, left, and Bill Gates. Beck Diefenbach/Reuters; Mike Cohen/Getty Images for The New York Times Microsoft cofounder Bill Gates and Apple cofounder Steve Jobs began building their companies right around the same time, and it was a natural catalyst for their rivalry.  While the two founders had periods of civility, at other times, they were at each other's throats.  Jobs insulted Gates' taste and imagination, while Gates once described Jobs as "weirdly flawed as a human being." But...
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G.E. Wind Turbine Prototype: 853 Feet Tall, Can Generate 13 Megawatts

Long-time Slashdot reader fahrbot-bot shares a report from the New York Times: Twirling above a strip of land at the mouth of Rotterdam's harbor [in the Netherlands] is a wind turbine so large it is difficult to photograph. The turning diameter of its rotor is longer than two American football fields end to end. Later models will be taller than any building on the mainland of Western Europe. Packed with sensors gathering data on wind speeds, electricity output and stresses on its components, ...
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Apple will keep the Amphetamine app in its store after dispute with developer over whether it promoted drug use

Apple CEO Tim Cook. MANDEL NGAN/AFP via Getty Images Apple will allow Amphetamine, an app that keeps Mac computers awake, to remain on its App Store, after a dispute with its developer over whether it promoted drug use.  Developer William Gustafson said Apple reversed its decision after a phone call between the two parties.   "On that call, an Apple representative stated that Apple now recognizes that the word 'amphetamine' and the pill icon are being used 'metaphorically', and in a 'medic...
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10 video influencers to keep on your radar in 2021

Here, we’re giving a nod to some of the industry’s best video creatives — those who know how to use the medium to make an impact and steer online conversation, all while staying true to their unique brands, styles and niches.
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Overly crisp/hard bagels

Overly crisp/hard bagels Submitted by mikewasinnyc on January 3, 2021 - 12:42am. I have just discovered how long it’s been since I last logged into this site ... how time flies in pandemics! Glad to be back in touch with the community.My challenge right now is that I’m trying to make a good nyc-style bagel using Hamelman’s recipe, which I’m following closely (I even made bagel boards), and the crust is not coming out right. I’m using Giusto’s ultimate performer bread flour so not qu...
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