Liquid Glass Discovered As New State of Matter

An anonymous reader quotes a report from New Atlas: Mundane as it may seem, glass is a surprisingly mysterious material. Now scientists at the University of Konstanz have identified a new state of matter called liquid glass, which has some unusual properties. [...] In the new study, the researchers discovered a form of glass where the atoms exhibit a complex behavior that's never been seen in bulk glass before. Essentially, the atoms can move but aren't able to rotate. The team made this discove...
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California vegan egg startup Eat Just yokes itself to China’s fast food chain

Eat Just, a food startup from San Francisco making chicken-less eggs, has ambitions to crack the Chinese market where consumer appetite for plant-based food is growing and other Western vegan substitute brands like Beyond became available in recent quarters. The startup said this week it will be suppling to fast-food chain Dicos, a local rival to McDonald’s and KFC in China. The agreement will see Eat Just add its plant-based eggs to the restaurant’s breakfast items across more than 500 location...
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Amazon Pledges $2 Billion To Affordable Housing

Amazon will direct $2 billion in loans and grants to secure affordable housing near three American cities where the company employs thousands of workers, the tech giant announced Wednesday. The Seattle Times reports: In a first step in the Puget Sound region, Amazon is promising $185.5 million, mostly in loans, to the King County Housing Authority to help buy affordable apartments in the region and keep the rents low. The Housing Authority will use an initial portion of that money to help fund i...
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FBI Probe of Major Hack Includes Project-Management Software From JetBrains

According to Reuters, the FBI is investigating whether the hackers behind a series of intrusions at U.S. federal agencies and companies also broke into project-management software created by the Czech-based company JetBrains in order to breach its customers. From the report: Privately held JetBrains produces software called TeamCity that is used by tens of thousands of customers to construct other software. Among its customers is SolarWinds, JetBrains Chief Executive Maxim Shafirov said from St....
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Dow Jones Futures: Congress Returns After Pro-Trump Mob Storms Capitol Hill; Apple Sells Off, But These 5 Stocks Are Buys

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Apple launches Limited Edition AirPods Pro to celebrate Chinese New Year

To celebrate the Chinese New Year, Apple has introduced a limited edition pair of AirPods Pro available in multiple Asian countries...
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Social media allowed a shocked nation to watch a coup attempt in real time

Today’s historic and terrifying coup attempt by pro-Trump extremists in Washington, D.C. played out live the same way it was fomented — on social media. Once again Twitter, streaming sites, and other user-generated media were the only place to learn what was happening in the nation’s capital — and the best place to be misled by misinformation and propaganda. In the morning, official streams and posts portended what people expected of the day: a drawn-out elector certification process in Congress...
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Apple Launches Special Edition Ox-Themed AirPods Pro in China for Chinese New Year

In celebration of Chinese New Year, Apple today launched a special edition version of the AirPods Pro that feature an Ox icon, as 2021 is the Year of the Ox. The AirPods Pro, which are priced at RMB 1,999, are identical to standard ‌AirPods Pro‌ but feature an ox engraved on the charging case. They also ship in a box that has the same ox icon on it. In addition to launching new ‌AirPods Pro‌ for Chinese New Year, Apple has a special Chinese New Year gift guide on its website in China, rec...
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Would You Quit If You Had To Return To the Office After the Pandemic?

An anonymous reader quotes a report from USA Today: Twenty-nine percent of working professionals say they would quit their jobs if they couldn't continue working remotely, according to an online survey of 1,022 professionals by LiveCareer, an online resume and job search consulting service. Forty-two percent of the U.S. workforce has been working from home full-time during the pandemic, according to a Stanford University study. Those teleworking are generally white-collar office workers who can ...
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Rioting by angry Trump mob at U.S. Capitol unleashes widespread condemnation of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube

Facebook, Twitter and Google's YouTube were condemned for failing to stop the dangerous posts from Trump and his supporters that fueled the violence.         [Author: USA TODAY]
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Twitter Locks President Trump's Account For 12 Hours, Warns of Permanent Suspension

Twitter has locked President Trump's Twitter account for 12 hours and forced the removal of three offending tweets. It also warned it could suspend his account permanently. TechCrunch reports: "As a result of the unprecedented and ongoing violent situation in Washington, D.C., we have required the removal of three @realDonaldTrump Tweets that were posted earlier today for repeated and severe violations of our Civic Integrity policy," the site writes. As part of the action, Trump will be locked o...
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Google CEO Sundar Pichai calls Capitol Hill violence the 'antithesis of democracy' in memo to employees

Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google and Alphabet, speaks on artificial intelligence during a Bruegel think tank conference in Brussels, Belgium January 20, 2020. REUTERS/Yves Herman Google CEO Sundar Pichai has condemned the events on Capitol Hill Wednesday as "the antithesis of democracy" in a memo to employees. "Holding free and safe elections and resolving our differences peacefully are foundational to the functioning of democracy," wrote Pichai. YouTube said it had removed a video by Presiden...
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YouTube deleted Trump's recent video that baselessly disputed the election results and told rioters to 'go home' amid an insurrection at the US Capitol

Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai Stephanie Keith/Getty Images YouTube removed President Donald Trump's video praising his supporters who violently swarmed the Capitol building Wednesday evening.  "We removed a video posted this afternoon to Donald Trump's channel that violated our policies regarding content that alleges widespread fraud or errors changed the outcome of the 2020 U.S.," a YouTube spokesperson told Business Insider.  Pro-Trump rioters violently broke into the House and Senate chamb...
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US Bans WeChat Pay, Alipay and Six More Chinese Payment Apps

The Trump administration says that Chinese payment apps, including WeChat Pay, are a threat to national security. By Executive Order, all US transactions with these apps must cease within 45 days. AppleInsider reports: President Trump has issued an Executive Order banning US transactions with a range of Chinese payment platform apps from February 18, 2021. The order says this "aggressive action" must be taken because the apps have access to the data of a large number of users. "[The] pace and pe...
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Daily Crunch: Trump tweets approvingly as rioters storm US Capitol

A pro-Trump mob stormed the U.S. Capitol while the president encouraged them on Twitter and … well, it feels extremely hard to care about anything else right now. That said, there was a whole other news cycle before then, and I know you read The Daily Crunch for tech headlines. So I’ll do my best to carry on and squeeze everything in. This is your Daily Crunch for January 6, 2021. The big story: Trump tweets approvingly as rioters storm US Capitol As you almost certainly know already, a pro...
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Twitter locks Trump out of his account for at least 12 hours

In a reversal of its long standing policy, Twitter has locked the President of the United States’ Twitter account and forced the removal of three offending tweets. “ As a result of the unprecedented and ongoing violent situation in Washington, D.C., we have required the removal of three   @realDonaldTrump Tweets that were posted earlier today for repeated and severe violations of our Civic Integrity policy,” the site writes.  As part of the action, Trump will be locked out of his account ...
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CEOs and business leaders condemn 'appalling events' at Capitol, push for unity

"The scenes from Washington, D.C., today are shocking and scary for all of us," said Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google and Alphabet.
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Tech leaders speak out about platforms’ roles in US Capitol riots

After pro-Trump extremists violently stormed the U.S. Capitol, a number of tech executives and industry leaders are calling on Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to more aggressively curb the president’s messages amplifying and endorsing violence. After Trump released a video calling the extremists “very special” and telling them to go home, Facebook and Twitter have taken down the content. Twitter has locked Donald Trump’s Twitter account for at least 12 hours, warni...
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Color of Change, activist groups step up pressure to kick Trump off Twitter, Facebook

Color of Change, the nonprofit civil rights advocacy group, along with a growing number of other organizations called for social media companies such as Twitter and Facebook to remove President Donald Trump from the platforms, following a chaotic day of protests and rioting that led a mob of pro-Trump supporters to storm the U.S. Capitol and prompted a lockdown and an evacuation of lawmakers. Color of Change and other activist organizations have said that major tech and financial service compani...
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Facebook and YouTube remove Trump video calling extremists ‘special’

Facebook and YouTube have removed a video posted by President Trump telling rioters who stormed Congress “we love you.” The same video was left online but blocked from being shared by Twitter just minutes ago. A great deal of video and content from the chaotic scene in Washington, D.C. can be found on social media, but Trump’s commentary was spare. His posts suggested the rioters “remain peaceful,” well after they had broken into the Capitol buildings and Congress had been evacuated. At about...
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The 25th Amendment: An Introduction Read along with the text of the 25th Amendment online here. And get some background from the Constitution Center here, and Vox’s explainer here. The 25th Amendment: An Introduction is a post from: Open Culture. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus, or get our Daily Email. And don't miss our big collections of Free Online Courses, Free Online Movies, Free eBooks, Free Audio Books, Free Foreign Language Lessons, and MOOCs.
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How the the 25th Amendment works to remove a sitting president

Then-President-elect Donald Trump stands with Vice President-elect Mike Pence at a news conference at Trump Tower on January 11, 2017 in New York City. Spencer Platt/Getty Images The 25th Amendment formally outlines the transition of power if the president is unable or unfit to serve. Section IV also allows the vice president and a majority of the Cabinet to remove the president from office. Americans have been particularly interested in the amendment since President Donald Trump took off...
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Nissan Source Code Leaked Online After Git Repo Misconfiguration

The source code of mobile apps and internal tools developed and used by Nissan North America has leaked online after the company misconfigured one of its Git servers. ZDNet reports: The leak originated from a Git server that was left exposed on the internet with its default username and password combo of admin/admin, Tillie Kottmann, a Swiss-based software engineer, told ZDNet in an interview this week. Kottmann, who learned of the leak from an anonymous source and analyzed the Nissan data on Mo...
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Twitter adds huge pop-up warning to Trump video telling Capitol Hill rioters ‘we love you’

Twitter took a new action against President Trump’s account Wednesday, adding a large, pop-up warning message to his latest tweet addressing the ongoing chaos on Capitol Hill. The company has restricted engagement on the tweet, citing a “risk of violence.” Trump’s new message to his mob of angry supporters came in video form, following an earlier tweet encouraging the crowd to be “peaceful.” In the video, Trump both affirmed his supporters’ conspiracy-rooted grievances and gently encouraged t...
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Amazon Canada Deals: Save 65% on Manual Meat Grinder + 53% on Silicone Spatula Set + More Offers

Amazon Canada has awesome deals available now! Amazon Canada has great Deals of The Day, and also has more great deals that include: Get Starfrit Manual Meat Grinder, Multicolored, for $14.00, Save 65% off Get RCA RT2412 24-Inch 720p LED TV (Renewed), for $124.99, Save 37% off Get gorsun Bluetooth Kids Headphones with 85dB Limited Volume, Children’s Wireless Bluetooth Headphones, for $289.99 Get Google WiFi – Mesh WiFi System – WiFi Router Replacement – 3 Pack, for $234.55, Save 7% off Get ...
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Twitter puts huge warning label on Trump video telling Capitol Hill rioters ‘we love you’

Twitter took a new action against President Trump’s account Wednesday, adding a large, pop-up warning message to his latest tweet addressing the ongoing chaos on Capitol Hill. Trump’s new message to his mob of angry supporters came in video form, following a tweet encouraging the crowd to be “peaceful.” In the video, Trump both affirmed their conspiracy-rooted grievances and gently encouraged them to leave. “I know your pain. I know you’re hurt. We had an election that was stolen from us. ...
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How to use your Mac's special touchpad commands, and edit them if you're not satisfied

There are a variety of commands you can perform with your Mac's touchpad or mouse. Ye Naiquan /EyeEm/Getty Images Your MacBook's touchpad has a number of different commands that can let you zoom, rotate images, reveal extra options, and more. If you're using the official Apple Magic Mouse, there are even more commands you can use. To change how commands work, or what they do, open the System Preferences app. Visit Business Insider's Tech Reference library for more stories. Your MacBook...
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Hell Yes, Give Me the Apple Watch Guided Walking Workouts

An iOS beta clue seems to point to a forthcoming walking workout feature from Apple.Read more...
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Reddit ‘taking action’ on site violations as rioters storm US Capitol

As chaos and violence have erupted in Washington D.C., social media platforms are grappling with the fallout. A spokesperson for Reddit tells TechCrunch, Reddit’s site-wide policies prohibit content that promotes hate or encourages, glorifies, incites, or calls for violence. In accordance with this, we have been proactively reaching out to moderators to remind them of our policies and to offer support or resources as needed. We are also taking action on reported violations. Pro-Trump mob st...
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You can snag a Lenovo IdeaPad 5 for $180 off at Staples today

Buy the Lenovo IdeaPad 5 at its reduced price of $500 this new year from Staples before stocks sell out.
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