Google Suspends Parler From App Store; Apple Gives 24-Hour Warning

New submitter yuvcifjt writes: As of Friday 6pm EST (11pm GMT), The Verge reported that Apple and Google are under pressure and receiving complaints to deplatform Parler -- the social media platform favored by the right-wing and extremists -- from their app stores. BuzzFeed has since broken news that Apple has served notice to Parler's executives to implement a full moderation plan within 24 hours or risk being taken off the App Store. "We have received numerous complaints regarding objectiona...
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The Way These 10 Plants Grow Is An Insult To God And They Must Be Stopped

Getty Images/Westend61 Why have we let this obscenity continue?! The thing about living in lockdown for a year(ish) is somehow having both too much and not enough time. For example, running errands like going to the grocery store or the bank take a whole lot longer than they used to. On the flip side, working from home (and generally just not going anywhere ever) means my 30-minute commute from my apartment to my office has turned into a 3-minute commute from my bed to my ta...
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Mayhem Inside the Capitol: 40 Minutes of Footage Reporter Ryan Lizza writes: “I don’t think I fully understood what happened Wednesday until I watched this video. It’s long and includes the shooting of one of the rioters, but you will have a new appreciation of the demented psychology coursing through this mob.” This is the insurrection that Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley incited and cheered on. They must all pay a steep price. Warning: The shooting of the rioter is shown at the begin...
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Trump has lost Twitter, his biggest political megaphone. Now what?

Trump’s banishment is likely to further enrage an already volatile president, but many hailed the move as a long overdue milestoneFrom his first executive tweet on the morning of inauguration day 2017 to his final tweet on Friday, announcing that he would not attend his successor’s inauguration, Donald Trump’s personal Twitter account has served as the president’s official platform.For four years, the @realDonaldTrump Twitter feed was both public square and personal dialogue, a place where he ma...
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Google suspends Parler social network app over incitement to violence

Apple follows by warning the platform popular with supporters of Donald Trump that it must have a better moderation systemGoogle has suspended the Parler social networking app from its Play Store until the platform popular with many supporters of Donald Trump adds “robust” content moderation.As Twitter suspended the US president’s account permanently over the risk of further incitement to violence”, the search engine said it was blocking Parler and Apple gave the service 24 hours to submit a det...
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Google And Apple Kick Parler Off Their App Stores [Update: Amazon Jumps on the Ban Train]

Updated: 1/9/2021, 8:24 p.m. ET: Apple has finally pulled the trigger! On Saturday Apple followed Google’s lead and purged Parler’s app from its app store. The social network’s sales pitch of being “the world’s premier free speech platform” has turned it into a breeding ground for deplatformed conservatives who…Read more...
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Glee, outrage, relief: Twitter reacts to losing its most infamous user

Trump opponents greet suspension with plaudits and jokes while allies claim censorshipThe permanent suspension of Donald Trump’s personal Twitter account sent shockwaves through the internet on Friday, promoting reactions both outraged and gleeful. The drama played out, of course, on Twitter.Critics of Trump, including his colleagues on Capitol Hill, have long called for his account to be disabled, while his allies have attempted to defend or excuse the president’s online mayhem. Continue readin...
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Google Kicks Parler Off Its App Store, And Apple May Soon Follow Suit

Parler was suspended from Google’s Play Store on Friday over its lack of content moderation, ironically the very reason the social media platform has quickly become collecting deplatformed conservatives and far-right extremists. And a ban from Apple’s App Store may not be far behind.Read more...
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iPhone 13 Rumored to Feature 'Thinner' Notch, Overall Design to Remain Unchanged

Apple is expected to continue to offer four iPhone options in 2021, with the iPhone 13 to be identical in design to the iPhone 12 with few changes, according to a new report today from Japanese site Mac Otakara that cites sources within the Chinese supply chain. The height and width of the four ‌iPhone‌ models are expected to remain the same, but thickness could increase by approximately 0.26mm. The rear camera unit is expected to increase in size by 0.9mm on all ‌iPhone 13‌ models, and Appl...
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Google removes Parler from app store, could also be removed from Apple's if it doesn't implement a moderation plan

Google removed Parler for posing a "public safety threat." And Apple reportedly ordered it to implement a moderation plan within the next 24 hours.         [Author: USA TODAY]
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Why Twitter says it banned President Trump

Twitter permanently banned the U.S. president Friday, taking a dramatic step to limit Trump’s ability to communicate with his followers. That decision, made in light of his encouragement for Wednesday’s violent invasion of the U.S. Capitol, might seem sudden for anyone not particularly familiar with his Twitter presence. In reality, Twitter gave Trump many, many second chances over his four years as president, keeping him on the platform due to the company’s belief that speech by world leader...
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The best Samsung Galaxy S10 cases and covers for 2021

The best Samsung Galaxy S10 cases also offer a touch of style to suit your tastes and protect your shiny phone. We've rounded up the most appealing so far.
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President Trump responds to Twitter account ban in tweet storm from @POTUS account

After Twitter took the major step Friday of permanently banning President Trump’s @realdonaldtrump Twitter account, the President aimed to get the last word in through his government account @POTUS which has a fraction of the Twitter followers but still offered the President a megaphone on the service to send out a few last tweets. The tweets were deleted within minutes by Twitter which does not allow banned individuals to circumvent a full ban by tweeting under alternate accounts. In screens...
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Google suspends Parler app from Play Store

By Elizabeth Culliford and Stephen Nellis | Reuters Alphabet Inc’s Google on Friday suspended the Parler social networking app from its Play Store until the app adds “robust” content moderation while Apple Inc gave the service 24 hours to submit a detailed moderation plan. Parler is a social network to which many supporters of President Donald Trump have migrated after being banned from services including Twitter Inc, which on Friday permanently suspended Trump’s account. In a statement, Google ...
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Right-wing social media app Parler has been removed from the Google Play store

Parler, the alternative social media platform popular with conservatives, has been banned from the Google Play Store, Google told CNN Business Friday evening.
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Google Bans Parler From Its App Store After Capitol Riot

The tech giant said it requires Play Store apps to implement ‘robust moderation for egregious content’
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Google suspends 'free speech' app Parler

Apple will also remove the social network from its App Store if it does not change its policies.
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Lone Wolf Technologies sues forms partner Glide over ‘theft of trade secrets’

Lone Wolf Technologies says that Glide is using proprietary tech for forms outside of their agreement, while Glide insists that Lone Wolf is trying to avoid competition.
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Google bans Parler app and Apple could do the same after Capitol Hill attack

The Twitter alternative has 24 hours to start improving content moderation or Apple will expel it from the App Store, according to...
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Parler removed from Google Play store as Apple App Store suspension reportedly looms

Shortly after Twitter announced Friday afternoon that they were permanently suspending the account of President Trump, Google shared that they were removing Parler, a conservative social media app, from their Play Store immediately, saying in a statement that they were suspending the app until the developers committed to a moderation and enforcement policy that could handle objectionable content on the platform. Parler’s Play Store page is currently down. The conservative platform garne...
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Google removes Parler, popular with Trump supporters, from app store for Android

"We're aware of continued posting in the Parler app that seeks to incite ongoing violence in the U.S.," the company said.
Tags: Google, Trump

Dog Domestication May Have Begun Because Paleo Humans Couldn't Stomach the Original Paleo Diet

A new theory described today in Scientific Reports posits that hunter-gatherers whose omnivorous digestive system prevented too much protein consumption likely shared surplus meat with wolves. Those scraps may have initiated a step toward domestication. Scientific American reports: [Maria Lahtinen, a senior researcher at the Finnish Food Authority and a visiting scholar at the Finnish Museum of Natural History] did not originally set out to solve a long-standing dog mystery. Instead she was stud...
Tags: Tech, Arctic, Museum of Natural History, Maria Lahtinen, Finnish Food Authority, Lahtinen

Apple Threatens to Ban Parler From App Store as Twitter Bans Donald Trump

Apple has given conservative social network Parler 24 hours to implement a full moderation plan and remove objectionable content or face a permanent ban from the App Store, reports BuzzFeed News. In an email sent to Parler this morning, Apple said that it had received complaints that the app had been used by supporters of President Donald Trump to plan and coordinate the infiltration of the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday. Apple says that the Parler app violates objectionable content and user-gener...
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Parler down, and Apple just gave them 24 hours to 'Improve Moderation' or — banned from App Store

Receiving reports that Parler is down, not long after Trump banned Twitter and a host of other accounts related to the armed insurrection at the Capitol on Wednesday. No report on why yet. Could be traffic overload? My guess. Meanwhile, Parler is down. — Read the rest
Tags: Apple, Twitter, Post, Technology, News, App Store, Trump, Capitol, Parler

Parler is down, and Apple just gave Parler 24 hours to 'Improve Moderation' or they are banned from App Store

Receiving reports that Parler is down. Apple has threatened to remove Parler, the social networking service favored by right-wing extremists, from the Apple App Store unless Parler changes its content moderation policies, Parler Chief Executive John Matze told Reuters on Friday. — Read the rest
Tags: Apple, Post, Technology, News, App Store, Reuters, Parler, John Matze

McDonald's CEO calls insurrection at the US Capitol an attack on things people 'associate with America,' including McDonald's

McDonald's CEO Chris Kempczinski condemns "unimaginable attacks on democratic norms and institutions in Washington D.C." AP Photo/Richard Drew McDonald's CEO Chris Kempczinski condemned insurrection by pro-Trump supporters in an internal memo viewed by Business Insider.  "As a quintessentially 'American brand,' McDonald's has always benefitted from the respect and admiration that consumers hold for the ideals of this nation," Kempczinski wrote. "It was an attack on all those things tha...
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[BREAKING] Parler App Down Minutes After Trump's Twitter Suspension

Just minutes after the news broke that Apple had given Parler, the social network favored
Tags: Apple

Intel Talks With TSMC, Samsung To Outsource Some Chip Production

Intel has talked with TSMC and Samsung about the Asian companies making some of its best chips, but the Silicon Valley pioneer is still holding out hope for last-minute improvements in its own production capabilities. Bloomberg reports: After successive delays in its chip fabrication processes, Santa Clara, California-based Intel has yet to make a final decision less than two weeks ahead of a scheduled announcement of its plans, according to people familiar with the deliberations. Any components...
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Google has banned Parler from its app store for failing to remove violent content

OLIVIER DOULIERY/AFP via Getty Images Google has banned Parler from the Play Store for allowing content "that seeks to incite ongoing violence in the US," a spokesperson told Business Insider on Friday. "In light of this ongoing and urgent public safety threat, we are suspending the app's listings from the Play Store until it addresses these issues," Google told Parler. Google said it had reminded Parler of its policies recently, which "require that apps displaying user-generated content ...
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Google kicks Parler out of Play Store over failing to remove violent content

OLIVIER DOULIERY/AFP via Getty Images Google has banned Parler from the Play Store for allowing content "that seeks to incite ongoing violence in the US," a spokesperson told Business Insider on Friday. "In light of this ongoing and urgent public safety threat, we are suspending the app's listings from the Play Store until it addresses these issues," Google told Parler. Google said it had reminded Parler of its policies recently, which "require that apps displaying user-generated content ...
Tags: Apple, Google, Google Play, Politics, US, Trends, Social Media, Play Store, Business Insider, Tech Insider, Olivier Douliery, Parler, Getty Images Google, Tyler Sonnemaker, Capitol Siege, Parler Google

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