Biden DOJ Halts Trump Admin Lawsuit Against California Net Neutrality Rules

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Ars Technica: The Biden administration has abandoned a Trump-era lawsuit that sought to block California's net neutrality law. In a court filing today, the US Department of Justice said it "hereby gives notice of its voluntary dismissal of this case." Shortly after, the court announced that the case is "dismissed in its entirety" and "all pending motions in this action are denied as moot." The case began when Trump's DOJ sued California in September 201...
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20 Types of Digital Marketing that Works

Digital marketing has been a key element in the overall marketing strategy of businesses. Marketers usually combine numerous strategies in campaigns, especially since new and improved digital marketing developments are emerging.These digital marketing strategies include various methods and tools for targeting online users, getting leads and increasing conversions.Using various channels of digital marketing will help you create a well-rounded plan that will achieve the best results. 20 Effecti...
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German Institute Develops 'Powerpaste' That Stores Hydrogen Energy At 10x the Density of a Lithium Battery

A German research organization has developed a magnesium-based "Powerpaste" with an energy density ten times more than current battery technology. Hackaday reports: We've been promised hydrogen-powered engines for some time now. One downside though is the need for hydrogen vehicles to have heavy high-pressure tanks. While a 700 bar tank and the accompanying fuel cell is acceptable for a city bus or a truck, it becomes problematic with smaller vehicles, especially ones such as scooters or even fu...
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Reddit raises $250 million in Series E funding

Reddit has raised a new funding round, totalling $250 million. This is the company’s Series E round of financing, and it comes hot on the heels of renewed public attention on the site that has dubbed itself ‘the front page of the Internet,’ owing to the role the subreddit r/WallStreetBets played in the recent meteoric rise (and subsequent steep fall) of the value of GameStop stock. Reddit also ran a 5-second Super Bowl ad on Sunday, consisting of. a single static image that looked like a standar...
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Maya, a startup focused on accessible healthcare in Asia, raises $2.2 million seed for regional expansion

Maya is dedicated to making it easier for women to get healthcare, especially for sensitive issues like reproductive and mental health. Now the startup, based in Bangladesh and incorporated in Singapore, is expanding into new countries. Maya announced today it has raised $2.2 million in seed funding, which it said is the largest raised by a Bangladeshi health tech company so far. The round was led by early-stage fund Anchorless Bangladesh and The Osiris Group, a private equity firm focused on im...
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Bangladesh-based Maya, a startup focused on accessible healthcare, raises $2.2 million seed round

Based in Bangladesh, Maya is dedicated to making it easier for women to get healthcare, especially for sensitive issues like reproductive and mental health. The startup announced today it has raised $2.2 million in seed funding. The round, which Maya said is the largest raised by a Bangladeshi health tech company so far, was led by early-stage fund Anchorless Bangladesh and The Osiris Group, a private equity firm focused on impact investing in Asian markets. The funding will be used to introduce...
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[Update: Tweaks] Google Podcasts for Android gets redesigned Now Playing screen

The latest Google app beta is rolling out with a redesign to the player in Google Podcasts. Simplification is the focus with more spacing...
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How to Enable HTTP/2 with Apache in Ubuntu

In this guide you are going to learn how to enable HTTP/2 with Apache. This setup is tested on a Google cloud compute engine instance with Ubuntu 20.20 OS and Apache 2.4.41.
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Intel Benchmarks Say Apple's M1 Isn't Faster

PCWorld reviews Intel's recently-released benchmarks claiming Apple's M1 isn't faster than their 11th gen Core i7-1185G7 processor, among other things. Here are the claims Intel makes (visit the article to read PCWorld's "take" on each claim): MacBook M1 is slower than Core i7: Intel says in the WebXPRT 3 test, using the same version of Chrome for both the Core i7 system as well as the Arm-native MacBook, Intel takes the lead. The Intel chip was largely ahead in WebXPRT 3, and the x86 chip was n...
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A former NEA partner and a former Uber exec just closed their $140 million debut VC fund

In hindsight, Dayna Grayson and Rachel Holt didn’t have the best timing. It was late in 2019 when the two, both Washingtonians who met six years ago through a mutual acquaintance, decided to act on earlier conversations and start a fund together. At the time, Grayson spied an opportunity to create a new venture brand that focused largely on the types of manufacturing-related deals that she was funding inside of the investing giant, NEA, which she joined in 2012. Holt, who’d joined Uber in 2011, ...
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Wear a mask, wash your hands, don’t reuse your password!

Parenting was especially challenging in 2020. Our families needed to learn new habits like social distancing, wearing masks and frequently washing our hands. As a large part of our everyday lives moved online, it was necessary to teach our children to take extra precautions as well.I am part of a team at Google that teaches online safety habits to people from all walks of life. Parents have always been concerned for the digital safety of their families, and with online learning becoming the main...
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Tesla’s Bitcoin investment could be bad for the company’s climate reputation and its bottom line

Tesla’s $1.5 billion investment in Bitcoin may be good for Elon Musk, but it’s definitely risky for the company that made him the world’s richest man, according to investors, analysts and money managers at some of the country’s largest banks. As a standard bearer for the consumer electric vehicle industry and the broader climate tech movement rallying around it, Tesla’s bet to go all in on crypto could damage its climate bonafides and its reputation with customers even as other automakers pour i...
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Fitbit App Now Tracks Your Blood Sugar Levels

Newly Google-owned Fitbit has introduced blood sugar tracking to its mobile app, helping you manage diabetes or any other health issue related to your glucose levels. Android Authority reports: The feature isn't available from Fitbit's current wearables, unfortunately. You'll have to either import or manually log blood sugar data in the Fitbit app yourself. When you do, though, you can set custom target ranges and check trends both throughout the day and over the long run. You can see if a chang...
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Daily Crunch: DoorDash acquires Chowbotics

DoorDash acquires a salad-making robotics startup, Twitter confirms subscription plans and Tesla makes a big bet on bitcoin. This is your Daily Crunch for February 8, 2021. The big story: DoorDash acquires Chowbotics DoorDash has acquired the Bay Area startup behind Sally, a salad-making, vending machine-style robot that added contactless ordering last fall. DoorDash says the acquisition will “improve consumer access to fresh and safe meals, and enhance our robust merchant offerings and logist...
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IBM, Palantir Forge Partnership In Low-Code AI Data Processing Space

IBM and Palantir have announced a partnership to merge hybrid cloud, artificial intelligence (AI), data processing, and operational technology in a new enterprise offering. ZDNet reports: On Monday, the companies said the new solution, Palantir for IBM Cloud Pak for Data, will "simplify how businesses build and deploy AI-infused applications with IBM Watson and help users access, analyze, and take action on the vast amounts of data that is scattered across hybrid cloud environments without the n...
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Ex-Salesforce manager alleges microaggressions and inequity

Cynthia Perry, a former design research senior manager at Salesforce who left earlier this month, posted her resignation letter on LinkedIn that detailed her negative treatment at the company, Protocol first reported. In it, Perry, a Black woman, alleges she experienced “countless microaggressions and inequity” during her time there. Ultimately, Perry said she left her job because she had been “Gaslit, manipulated, bullied, neglected, and mostly unsupported” by folks she chose not to name. “Sale...
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NoxPlayer Android Emulator Supply-Chain Attack

It seems to be the season of sophisticated supply-chain attacks. This one is in the NoxPlayer Android emulator: ESET says that based on evidence its researchers gathered, a threat actor compromised one of the company’s official API ( and file-hosting servers ( Using this access, hackers tampered with the download URL of NoxPlayer updates in the API server to deliver malware to NoxPlayer users. […] Despite evidence implying that attackers had access to BigNox ser...
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Hyundai: The carmaker aiming to become a tech firm

Hyundai is making a name for itself as an innovator, even though talks with Apple have fizzled out.
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How to bring back Chrome's native notifications (and get rid of the duplicate desktop ones)

Notifications on Google Chrome are basically dead... well, at least the ones the browser itself generates. A while ago, the company made...
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This human genome does not exist: Researchers taught an AI to generate fake DNA

File this one under: While the rest of the world was busy trying to get virtual assistants to tell dad jokes, researchers in Estonia figured out how to Deepfake people at the molecular level. We’ve seen a delightful onslaught of AI-generated content over the last few years from generative adversarial networks (GANs) attempting to create so-called “Deepfake” imagery. There’s this person does not exist. And this cat does not exist. You can even generate feet, resumes, and waifu that does not exist...
Tags: Startups, Science, Tech, Artificial Intelligence, Estonia, Neural

'Controlly' App Turns a Game Controller Into a Remote Control for Macs

Controlly, a new app available in the Mac App Store, is designed to turn a gaming controller into a full-featured remote control that can be used with a Mac. With the app installed and a gaming controller connected, the different keys on the controller can be mapped to various functions such as displaying the desktop, adjusting screen brightness, tweaking volume, controlling media playback, accessing Launch Pad, launching Mission Control, and more. There's even an option to use the controlle...
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Blair launches $100M facility to fund ISAs for students

Income-share agreements, or ISAs, have been gathering force as an alternative financial model for students, particularly at non-traditional schools like coding boot camps and trade schools. We’ve done over the years in terms of how these loan products incentivize students and colleges to work together for better professional outcomes. Given their novelty though, one of the largest barriers to wide adoption remains the lack of capital for these models. That’s starting to change, and com...
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OnePlus Might Partner with Hasselblad to Give Its Next Flagship Phone a Huge Camera Upgrade

OnePlus phone cameras simply can’t compare to what you get on Apple and Samsung phones, but according to a new leak, help might be on the way. The company is reportedly partnering with Hasselblad on the upcoming OnePlus 9 Pro.Read more...
Tags: Apple, Science, Samsung, Mobile Phones, Oneplus, Oneplus 2, Camera Phone, Hasselblad, OnePlus 3, Pete Lau, Technology Internet

FOMO: Lawyer Edition

Working all night is encouraged and is one of a plethora of bad practices in the legal industry. Why is this the norm?
Tags: Technology, Law, In-House Counsel, Olga V. Mack

Bullish analysts send Zillow stock soaring to record high

The company's stock surged to a new all-time high Monday, after multiple analysts upped their price target ahead of the company's Wednesday earnings report.
Tags: Technology, Radio, Deutsche Bank, Earnings, Goldman Sachs, Stock Market, Zillow, Markets & Economy, Select, Rich Barton, Heath Terry, Lloyd Walmsley

Catching Up With Chris Cheng About His Debut on TBS’s “Go-Big Show”

Photo credit: Courtesy of TBS U.S.A. –-( Cheng is not your average gun guy. For one, he is from the very gun unfriendly city of San Francisco, where he worked for Google. He decided to leave his job at the tech giant to pursue his passion for marksmanship. Without any formal training, he applied to be on the fourth season of “Top Shot.” The History Channel accepted his application and invited him on the show. Cheng had the odds stacked against him, but that didn’t stop him ...
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Hacker Increased Chemical Level At Florida City's Water Supply, Police Say

An anonymous reader quotes a report from WTSP: hacker gained access to Oldsmar's water treatment plant, bumping the sodium hydroxide in the water to a "dangerous" level, according to Pinellas County's sheriff. In a press conference Monday, Sheriff Bob Gualtieri said his deputies, along with the FBI and U.S. Secret Service, are investigating the breach as it is unclear if it came from within the U.S. or from a foreign actor. The incident first occurred on Feb. 5 at the city's water treatment pl...
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Donald Trump ruled Facebook, Twitter before he was banned. Will @realdonaldtrump log into Gab or somewhere else?

Not long ago Donald Trump could send tremors with a single tweet. Now banned from Twitter, Facebook and Google's YouTube, where will he turn up next?         [Author: USA TODAY]
Tags: Google, Usa, News, Usa Today, Donald Trump, Facebook Twitter, Twitter Facebook

Terraria Port To Google Stadia Cancelled After Creator's Google Account Locked

New submitter Pibroch(CiH) writes: Andrew Spinks, the creator of Terraria and lead developer for Re-Logic, has been trying to find out why his Google account (which encompasses YouTube, Gmail, and many other important services) was suddenly banned and locked with no warning. According to Ars Technica: "Spinks says his entire Google account has been down for three weeks now, and Google has 'done nothing but given me the runaround.' You can view the quality of Google's support on Twitter for your...
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