Clubhouse app: what is it and how do you get an invite to the audio app Elon Musk uses?

The exclusive invitation-only social networking app is a hybrid of conference calls, talkback radio and HousepartyPart talkback radio, part conference call, part Houseparty, Clubhouse is a social networking app based on audio-chat. Users can listen in to conversations, interviews and discussions between interesting people on various topics – it is just like tuning in to a podcast but live and with an added layer of exclusivity. Continue reading...
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Monkey Sees A Magic Trick

Happy Wednesday…. h/t Allie Monkey Sees A Magic Trick is a post from: Open Culture. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus, or get our Daily Email. And don't miss our big collections of Free Online Courses, Free Online Movies, Free eBooks, Free Audio Books, Free Foreign Language Lessons, and MOOCs.
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Epic's New MetaHuman Tool Lets You Craft Realistic Faces Inside a Browser

Epic Games has announced a new, browser-based software tool powered by its Unreal Engine called the MetaHuman Creator that can craft highly realistic human faces and help power more realistic body movements and facial animations. The Verge reports: Epic says the MetaHuman Creator can be used in conjunction with modern motion capture and animation techniques for creating lifelike movements and human interactions scenes built for video games, film, TV, and other formats. The company says these pho...
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Celebrating Fredy Hirsch’s queer legacy of bravery

The day I first learned about Fredy Hirsch was a normal workday in 2017. I’d just gotten off the bus and was walking to my home in south Tel Aviv. I’d recently been spending my commutes listening to the six-hour testimony of Dina Gottliebová Babbitt, an artist and Holocaust survivor, on the USC Shoah Foundation’s YouTube channel. I was absorbed in the story of her heroic and traumatic experiences as a young woman in the Theresienstadt ghetto and Auschwitz-Birkenau. Then she started talking about...
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Australia: Think twice before leaving a Google review - Coleman Greig Lawyers

Google reviews may be a forum for opinions and criticism, but false reviews can result in legal battles and defamation.
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How to sell your old smartphone in 2021

If you have an old smartphone you’re not using, you should turn it into cash. Find out what it’s worth, where to sell it, and how to prepare it in our guide.
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[Update: Fixed] Google apps on iOS are showing sign-in warnings amid lack of updates

Google hasn't updated the vast majority of its iOS apps since December. A Google app 'out of date' warning is appearing...
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Metro: ‘Congestion pricing’ freeway tolls will be studied in 4 LA areas

Metro, the regional transportation agency, is exploring four locations — mostly located in the city of Los Angeles — where tolls could be used during peak hours. The strategy: Reduce the time people spend stuck in traffic. The concept, to be scrutinized during a two-year feasibility study, is known as “congestion pricing.” Among  the thoroughfares being studied are roads that cross the Santa Monica Mountains, commonly used by commuters to travel between the San Fernando Valley and the Los Angele...
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Lawsuit Accusing Apple of Recording of Confidential Siri Requests Without User Consent Dismissed

A Northern California judge today dismissed a class action lawsuit that accused Apple of the "unlawful and intentional" recording of confidential Siri communications without user consent. The class action lawsuit was first filed in August 2019 after it became known that Apple had employed contractors to listen to and grade some anonymized ‌Siri‌ conversations for product improvement purposes. Those contractors told The Guardian that they overheard confidential medical details, drug deals, an...
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Android 12 Leak Appears To Show Major Redesign With Color-Changing UI

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Ars Technica: The final version of Android 12 should be released sometime in September, but the first developer preview is expected any day now. Our first hint of what Google's new release might have in store comes to us from XDA Developers' Mishaal Rahman, who has some pictures of what looks like a major UI overhaul for Android 12. According to the report, these images represent mockups, not screenshots, of Android 12. The mockups appear in a document de...
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Gmail iOS App Has Out of Date Warning After 2 Months of No Updates as Google Delays Privacy Labels

Though Google has promised to update its suite of apps with App Privacy labels to comply with App Store rules that Apple began enforcing in December, many of its major apps have gone months without an update and still list no privacy information. It's been so long since Google last updated the Gmail app, in fact, that Gmail now displays a warning that the latest security features are unavailable. As discovered by MacRumors reader Spencer Dailey, when you go to log into a new account in the Gm...
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Gmail iOS App Has Out of Date Warning After 2 Months of No Updates as Google Delays Privacy Labels [Updated]

Though Google has promised to update its suite of apps with App Privacy labels to comply with App Store rules that Apple began enforcing in December, many of its major apps have gone months without an update and still list no privacy information. It's been so long since Google last updated the Gmail app, in fact, that Gmail now displays a warning that the latest security features are unavailable. As discovered by Techmeme editor Spencer Dailey, when you go to log into a new account in the Gma...
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Apple Studios Acquires Dolly With Florence Pugh Set to Star

Apple Studios acquires Dolly with Florence Pugh set to star Coming on the heels of landing the rights to the Sundance favorite CODA, Apple Studios is continuing to build its roster of upcoming films as it has won a sci-fi package entitled Dolly with Oscar nominee Florence Pugh (Midsommar, Black Widow) attached to star, according to Deadline. RELATED: The Maid: Florence Pugh to Star in Universal’s New Murder Mystery Film if ( ! ezoic_test() ) { PB ...
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Chrome Will Soon Lose Support For Some Ancient CPUs

If you're one of the few people still using a PC with an x86 processor more than 15 years old, here's another reason to upgrade: the devices will not work with future Chrome releases, starting with version 89 of the world's most popular browser. TechSpot reports: The Chromium development team announced that CPUs older than the Intel Core 2 Duo and AMD Athlon 64 would not work with Chrome 89 and future versions as they do not meet the new minimum instruction set requirement of SSE3 (Supplemental ...
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Google’s own iOS apps are now literally begging for updates that don’t exist

Many of Google’s iOS apps haven’t been updated in weeks.
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Intel Benchmarks Say Apple's M1 Isn't Faster (slashdot)

PCWorld reviews Intel's recently-released benchmarks claiming Apple's M1 isn't faster than their 11th gen Core i7-1185G7 processor, among other things. Here are the claims Intel makes (visit the article to read PCWorld's "take" on each claim): MacBook M1 is slower than Core i7: Intel says in the WebXPRT 3 test, using the same version of Chrome for both the Core i7 system as well as the Arm-native MacBook, Intel takes the lead. The Intel chip was largely ahead in WebXPRT 3, and the x86 chip was n...
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Bumble prices IPO at $43 per share

This afternoon Bumble priced its IPO at $43 per share, ahead of its raised IPO range of $37 to $39 per share. Bumble filed to go public in mid-January, and offered up its first price range on February 2. That range, $28 to $30 per share, wound up coming up short. Bumble raised its price range to $37 to $39 per share earlier this week. Before counting a possible underwriters’ option, Bumble raised $2.15 billion by selling 50,000,000 million shares in its public offering. The company will begin to...
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Daily Crunch: Facebook tests a News Feed with less politics

Facebook tries to get less political, Oracle’s TikTok acquisition may not be happening and Twitter says Donald Trump is banned forever. This is your Daily Crunch for February 10, 2021. The big story: Facebook tests a News Feed with less politics Facebook announced today that it’s testing changes to the News Feed that would downrank political content. The company says the results will help determine how it treats such content in the future; content from health organizations and official governmen...
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Viral 'I'm Not a Cat' Filter Is Decades-Old Software

Footage of a Texan lawyer denying he was a cat as he appeared with a feline filter on a live call was created using a decades-old piece of software pre-installed on some Dell laptops. The BBC reports: The Live Cam Avatar software was also available for people to download. It is not clear how the lawyer found himself speaking through the face of a worried-looking cat. But it seems even in its heyday, there was a history of people becoming trapped as the avatar and finding it hard to remove. One...
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Zillow is taking the Zestimate from ‘fantasy to reality’

Previously an automated valuation model, the Zestimate will be a "live offer" in many markets in 2021. The company also revealed that it's finally making money on the homes it buys and sells through Zillow Offers.
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New Sling TV subscribers can now receive $25 off their first month - here's how to sign up

When you buy through our links, we may earn money from our affiliate partners. Learn more. Alyssa Powell/Business Insider Sling TV is one of the most affordable live TV streaming services on the market.For a limited time, new members can get a $25 discount on their first month of service.If you prepay for two months at the normal cost, Sling will throw in a free TiVo Stream 4K or AirTV Mini.Read more: A full breakdown of what channels you get with every Sling TV package If you're look...
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There's a Tantalizing Sign of a Habitable-Zone Planet in Alpha Centauri

An international team of astronomers has found signs that a habitable planet may be lurking in Alpha Centauri, a binary star system a mere 4.37 light-years away. It could be one of the closest habitable planet prospects to date, although it's probably not much like Earth if it exists. From a report: The new findings: The Alpha Centauri system's potential to host life-bearing worlds has always intrigued scientists, but no known exoplanets have ever been established there -- in part because the cl...
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Beacons debuts a ‘link in bio’ mobile website builder that helps creators make money, not just list links

Today, there are a number of website builders aimed at creators who want to point fans to a dedicated landing page from their social media profile. If you’ve spent any time on TikTok or Instagram, you’ve likely come across one of these simplified “link in bio”-style websites — like those hosted by Linktree, for example. A new startup called Beacons is now entering this market with the goal of making “link in bio” websites even more powerful. Its website builder offers creators an expanded set of...
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Border Agents Can Search Phones Freely Under New Circuit Court Ruling

A U.S. appeals court has ruled that Customs and Border Protection agents can conduct in-depth searches of phones and laptops, overturning an earlier legal victory for civil liberties groups. The Verge reports: First Circuit Judge Sandra Lynch declared that both basic and "advanced" searches, which include reviewing and copying data without a warrant, fall within "permissible constitutional grounds" at the American border. Lynch ruled against a group of US citizens and residents objecting to inva...
Tags: US, Tech, Nasa, Aclu, Customs, Donald Trump, Electronic Frontier Foundation, Border Protection, American Civil Liberties Union, Lynch, Esha Bhandari, Sidd Bikkannavar, Sandra Lynch

Apple Inks Deal for 'Dolly' Film Starring Florence Pugh

Apple has picked up "Dolly," an upcoming film that's set to star Florence Pugh, known for her roles in "Midsommar" and "Little Women," reports Deadline. Apple purchased the rights to the film after a "competitive bidding war," but the project has not yet been greenlit because the script has not yet been written and a director has not been picked. The script is being penned by Vanessa Taylor and Drew Pearce. Taylor worked on screenplays for "Hillbilly Elegy" and "The Shape of Water," while Dr...
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Scalarr raises $7.5M to fight mobile ad fraud

Scalarr, a startup that says it uses machine learning to combat ad fraud, is announcing that it has raised $7.5 million in Series A funding. The company was founded by CEO Inna Ushakova and CPO Yuriy Yashunin, who previously led the mobile marketing agency Zenna. Ushakova told me that while at Zenna, they realized that ad fraud had grown to the point that it posed a real threat to their business. At the same time, the team wasn’t impressed by any of the existing anti-fraud solutions, so it built...
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How to delete and manage Google location history

Your location history tells the story of your life (and travels). Here's what to do if you want to delete it or stop Google from logging all location data.
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The best MacBook to buy in 2021

With three MacBook models to choose from, which should you buy? Our guide examines the performance, battery life, design, and more to find your answer.
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