Volkswagen CEO Says He's Not Scared of Apple

Volkswagen's CEO Herbert Diess isn't intimidated by Apple, even though the tech company potentially has an electric car on the way. From a report: "The car industry is not a typical tech sector that you could take over at a single stroke," Diess said in an interview with German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. "Apple will not manage that overnight." For years, industry observers have speculated that Apple will release its own electric, self-driving car. That conversation was reignited i...
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Vegan Winter Casserole with Apples, Winter Squash and Chickun

We really enjoyed this casserole. It is slightly sweet from the apples but it is also a hearty and filling main meal. Serving Size: 4 Ingredients: creamy cheesy pumpkin sauce: 1½ cups pumpkin puree (winter squash) ¼ cup nutritional yeast ¼ cup dry mustard powder ¼ teaspoon nutmeg ¼-⅓ cups vegetable bouillon 1 teaspoon thyme 1 teaspoon cornstarch salt and pepper to taste for the casserole: 3 cups pumpkin (winter squash), cubed and steamed 2 apples, chopped 1 small red bell pepper, about 1.2 c...
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Australia's Political Opposition to Support Facebook, Google Legislation: Sources

By Colin PackhamCANBERRA (Reuters) - Australia's political opposition will support proposed legislation that would force Alphabet's Google and...
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A Sticker Sent On Telegram Could Have Exposed Your Secret Chats

Cybersecurity researchers on Monday disclosed details of a now-patched flaw in the Telegram messaging app that could have exposed users' secret messages, photos, and videos to remote malicious actors. The issues were discovered by Italy-based Shielder in iOS, Android, and macOS versions of the app. Following responsible disclosure, Telegram addressed them in a series of patches on September 30 [Author: [email protected] (Ravie Lakshmanan)]
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France Says Russian State Hackers Targeted IT Monitoring Firm Centreon's Servers in Years-Long Campaign

France's cyber-security agency said that a group of Russian military hackers, known as the Sandworm group, have been behind a three-years-long operation during which they breached the internal networks of several French entities running the Centreon IT monitoring software. From a report: The attacks were detailed in a technical report released today by Agence Nationale de la Securite des Systemes d'Information, also known as ANSSI, the country's main cyber-security agency. "This campaign mostly ...
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How Spammers Avoid the Gmail Spam Filter through Google Forms

Gmail is very effective at filtering spam emails but spammers seem to have figured out a new way to bypass the spam filters and send emails that land right in the user’s inbox. The emails are sent through Google Forms and because the messages originate from Google’s own email servers, they do not get caught in the spam filters. Here’s how spam emails are sent through Google Forms.A public form is created with Google Forms.The form creator uploads images for the various ...
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Apple offering free repairs for some Apple Watch owners with charging issue

Some Apple Watch owners are having trouble charging their device after it enters the Power Reserve mode, and now Apple is offering free repairs in some cases.
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With Ironspring Ventures, Texas gets a $61 million new fund focused on ‘industrial’ technologies

From the chemical refineries that line the Gulf Coast to oilfields of West Texas, heavy industry has always been a big part of the economy in the Lone Star State. Now, as venture capital moves in to the state as part of an exodus from California, a new fund is combining Texas’ industrial past with its high technology future. That fund is Ironspring Ventures, which has closed its first investment vehicle with $61 million nearly two years after it launched its fundraising efforts. The fruit of a...
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Google and Facebook: the landmark Australian law that will make them pay for news content

Despite protestations from both companies, the Australian parliament is set to pass legislation it says is needed to boost public interest journalismThe Australian parliament is poised to pass a landmark media law that would make Google and Facebook pay news publishers for displaying their content.The Australian law is separate to a deal Facebook made to pay mainstream UK news outlets millions of pounds a year to license their articles, but has a similar motivation. Continue reading...
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5 Steps To Business Reinvention

We’ve seen how tech-oriented companies have thrived in the pandemic, from Amwell in telemedicine to Zoom in tele-everything. But what about the rest of the economy? One fast-growing pizza chain shows that Covid can create a Great Reboot for all kinds of industries. The story of this company – rooted in five key steps taken by leadership – holds lessons for all types of organizations seeking to use this moment as an opportunity for reinvention. Marco’s Pizza is one of America’s fastest-growing...
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Daily Crunch: Parler is back online

Parler returns from limbo, Uber lobbies Europe and we have more details about Notion’s outage. This is your Daily Crunch for February 15, 2021. The big story: Parler is back online The social network known for its far-right user base was dropped by infrastructure provider Amazon Web Services for posts advocating violence. Now it’s back online, albeit with all old posts and content removed for reasons that are currently unclear. The company says the new site is built with “sustainable, independ...
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Apple Says It Will Fix Apple Watches That Don’t Charge in Power Reserve Mode for Free

If you’ve got an Apple Watch Series 5 or SE that doesn’t charge after entering Power Reserve mode, Apple will fix it for free. Read more...
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Didn’t get the ‘2021 Heart Month Challenge’ Apple Watch achievement? Here’s how to fix it

Apple Watch users had another activity challenge last Sunday, February 14, which was a celebration of Heart Month. However, some users...
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Parler is Back Online, More Than a Month After Tangle With Amazon Knocked it Offline

Parler is back online following several weeks of darkness after the social media site popular with supporters of former president Donald Trump was knocked offline. From a reportL: Parler effectively fell off the Internet in January when Amazon refused to provide technical cloud computing support to the site after the tech giant determined Parler was not doing enough to moderate and remove incitements to violence. The site was not fully functional on Monday, and some users reported technical glit...
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Deliberately Playing Copyrighted Music to Avoid Being Live-Streamed

Vice is reporting on a new police hack: playing copyrighted music when being filmed by citizens, trying to provoke social media sites into taking the videos down and maybe even banning the filmers: In a separate part of the video, which Devermont says was filmed later that same afternoon, Devermont approaches [BHPD Sgt. Billy] Fair outside. The interaction plays out almost exactly like it did in the department — when Devermont starts asking questions, Fair turns on the music. Devermont backs awa...
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10 months later, Google’s Pixel Buds are still my favorite earbuds

I first reviewed Google’s Pixel Buds — the second generation, “true wireless” model — back in April of 2020. At the time, I was impressed by their tight integration with Android devices, solid sound quality, and reliable controls. But my review was written after only a few days with the earbuds; though that’s normally long enough to make a useful assessment, sometimes my impressions of a product change over the course of long-term usage. In the case of the Pixel Buds, my impressions have only ch...
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4 strategies for deep tech startups recruiting top growth marketers

Jessica Li Contributor Share on Twitter Jessica is on the growth marketing team at Zageno, a multivendor, online marketplace for life science products, and is head of content at Elpha, a Y Combinator-backed community of 40,000+ women in tech. More posts by this contributor 4 strategies for deep tech founders who are fundraising How and when to build marketing teams at deep tech companies In an ...
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Jerrod Carmichael’s Sundance Prize Winner ‘On the Count of Three’ Gets Picked Up By Annapurna Pictures

On the Count of Three, the feature directorial debut of stand-up comedian Jerrod Carmichael, could count on being picked up for distribution soon after its buzzy premiere at this year’s Sundance Film Festival. A potent drama that premiered to raves in the Dramatic Competition section and won the Waldo Salt Screenwriting Award for its writers, Ari Katcher and Ryan Welch, On the Count of Three has been acquired by Annapurna Pictures in a hefty deal worth millions. Annapurna Pictures has acquir...
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Best Story Wins

Morgan Housel, on the art and power of storytelling: C. R. Hallpike is a respected anthropologist who once wrote a review of a young author's recent book on the history of humans. It states: "It would be fair to say that whenever his facts are broadly correct they are not new, and whenever he tries to strike out on his own he often gets things wrong, sometimes seriously ... [It is not] a contribution to knowledge." Two things are notable here. One is that the book's author doesn't seem to di...
Tags: Washington Post, Tech, New York Times, Charles Darwin, Ken Burns, Bill Bryson, Sapiens, Yuval Noah Harari, Harari, Morgan Housel, Hallpike, John Burr Williams, Benjamin Graham But Graham

After raising $150 million in equity and debt, Nature’s Fynd opens its fungus food for pre-orders

Nature’s Fynd, the food technology company with a new food offering cultivated from fungus found in the wilds of Yellowstone National Park, is releasing its first products for pre-order.  Pitching both a non-dairy cream cheese and meatless breakfast patties, Nature’s Fynd had managed to attract some serious investors including Al Gore’s Generation Investment Management and the Bill Gates-backed investment fund, Breakthrough Energy Ventures. The company most recently raised $80 million in its l...
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Scientists say Jupiter was responsible for the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs

One of the galaxy‘s oldest whodunits may have finally been solved thanks to some simulation-powered super sleuthing from Harvard University. In this case, we may now know the origin of the Chicxulub crater. Experts have long believed the majority of dinosaur species went extinct after a massive asteroid, responsible for the Chicxulub crater near Mexico, impacted the Earth some 66 million years ago. But a new theory indicates the particular asteroid scientists believe ended the reign of Rex wasn’...
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Climate Activist Jailed in India as Government Clamps Down on Dissent

Before anyone outside her hometown knew her name, Disha Ravi spent four years raising awareness among young people in Bangalore about the effects of climate change. Now the 21-year-old activist is jailed in New Delhi. The allegation: She distributed a "tool kit" in the form of a Google Doc containing talking points and contact information for influential groups to drum up support for farmers who have been protesting against the Indian government for months. The New York Times: The document -- wh...
Tags: Google, India, Narendra Modi, Tech, New York Times, New Delhi, Kashmir, Bangalore, Environmental Justice, Punjab, Ravi, Greta Thunberg, Disha Ravi, Manshi Asher

Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus vs. Note 10 Plus

They may not be current-generation any more, but the Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus and Note 10 Plus are still seriously great phones. We find out which one is best.
Tags: Android, Mobile, Samsung, Trends, Samsung Galaxy, Buying Guides, Spec Comparison, Galaxy Note 10 Plus, Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus, Galaxy S20 Plus, Galaxy Unpacked 2020, Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus

Google Pixel phones may gain face-based Auto-Rotate with Android 12

We’ve learned that Google Pixel phones may be gaining a new face-based option for Auto-Rotate with Android 12.
Tags: Google, Google Pixel

01 Advisors, the venture firm of Dick Costolo and Adam Bain, has closed fund two with $325 million

Dick Costolo and Adam Bain, renowned early Twitter execs who served as company’s CEO and its chief operating officer, respectively, have quietly closed a second venture fund just one-and-a-half years after disclosing they’d secured $135 million for a debut fund under their firm, 01 Advisors. According to an SEC filing, they wrapped up their second fund late last week with $325 million in capital commitments from 81 investors. We’ve reached out to the firm and hope to share more soon. In the mean...
Tags: TC, Twitter, Dick Costolo, Israel, San Francisco, Tech, Virgin Galactic, Venture Capital, SEC, DST Global, Bain, Felicis Ventures, Adam Bain, Browns, SPAC, Kovacs

RE/MAX exec dispels ‘myths’ around Zillow’s ShowingTime acquisition

Nick Bailey, the chief customer officer at RE/MAX, has a message for agents concerned about the move: "Don't panic."
Tags: Technology, Radio, Agent, Zillow, Don, RE/MAX, Brokerage, Select, Zestimate, Nick Bailey, Showingtime, Agent Reaction

If your Apple Watch still won’t charge after the latest update, Apple will fix it for free

watchOS 7.3.1 is intended to fix the issue, but if it doesn’t, Apple will repair affected watches.
Tags: Apple

The 10 Best Deals of February 15, 2021

Monday’s Best Deals | Kinja Deals
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This AI-powered gadget could completely disrupt the ridiculous hearing aid market

Hearing loss sucks. It’s exhausting. I’ve suffered from partial hearing loss in both ears since the mid 2000’s. In order to function in the real world, I’m forced to exist in a state of constant vigilance. I have to actively listen all the time in order to avoid creating an environment where people are constantly raising their voice at me. Over time I developed a methodology for interpreting physical and verbal cues to understand what people were saying to me in situations where it was difficult...
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Rev. Frederick K.C. Price, prosperity gospel pastor who build LA’s FaithDome, dies from COVID-19 at 89

By Bob Smietana | Religion News Service The Rev. Frederick K.C. “Fred” Price, a prominent Los Angeles pastor who built one of the largest church buildings in the country, has died at 89. “Our Husband, Father & your Apostle has gone to be w/ the Lord this evening,” the Price family said Friday, Feb. 12, in a statement posted on social media. “We accept his decision to go as he got a glimpse of glory a few weeks ago. We are sad. Please allow us some time to process. He fought the good fight of fai...
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