This 11-course bundle will teach you how to build a killer Android app

As you scroll through hundreds of apps on the Google Play store, you might feel like every great app idea has already been done. Just remember that good ideas pop up all the time, and there's always something new to be created and explored. — Read the rest
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The importance of technology competence when communicating electronically

Here is a recent Daily Record column. My past Daily Record articles can be accessed here. ***** The importance of technology competence when communicating electronically I’m sure that by now you’ve already seen the now infamous cat filter court hearing video. If not, Google it and watch it. I’ll wait. Now that you’re back, let’s talk about how you can avoid replicating that unfortunate predicament. The short answer? By maintaining technology competence when using electronic methods to comm...
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Apple buys a company every three to four weeks

The technology giant has bought around 100 companies in six years, chief executive Tim Cook has revealed.
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How To Turn Your Crafting Into A Full Time Career

Having a creative hobby is healthy in so many ways. It relieves stress, helps keep your mind sharp and can help you pass the time without sitting in front of a TV. As you craft more often, you also get very good at it. You may have been noticing that your crafts look as good as anything that you see for sale in stores or online.  Which should make you think. Maybe your seasonal craft projects could be sold and make you some extra Christmas money. Or, if you have a lot of people asking a...
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Apple M1 Mac Users Report Excessive SSD Wear

Over the past week, some M1 Mac users have been reporting alarming SSD health readings, suggesting that these devices are writing extraordinary amounts of data to their drives. From a report: Across Twitter and the MacRumors forums, users are reporting that M1 Macs are experiencing extremely high drive writes over a short space of time. In what appear to be the most severe cases, M1 Macs are said to be consuming as much as 10 to 13 percent of the maximum warrantable total bytes written (TBW) val...
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Australian Lawmakers Expected to Pass Amendments to Facebook, Google Law

By Colin PackhamCANBERRA (Reuters) - Australian lawmakers are expected to approve amendments to landmark legislation to force Alphabet's Google and...
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Australia's Antitrust Chief Claims Victory After Facebook Standoff

By Byron Kaye and Colin PackhamCANBERRA (Reuters) - The architect of Australia's laws forcing Google and Facebook to pay media companies for...
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Daily Crunch: Facebook brings news sharing back to Australia

The Facebook-Australia news battle seems to have reached an end, Android gets an update and Lucid Motors is going public via SPAC. This is your Daily Crunch for February 23, 2021. The big story: Facebook brings news sharing back to Australia Last week, Facebook responded to the Australian government’s proposed law requiring internet platforms to strike revenue-sharing agreements with news publishers by blocking news sharing and viewing for users in the country. But with the government amending t...
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Agencies scramble for billions in ad dollars

Hi and welcome to this weekly edition of Insider Advertising, where we track the big stories in media and advertising.Remember you can sign up to get this newsletter daily here. This week: Ad billions in playMicrosoft, news savior?Trump's enablers Riccardo Savi/Getty Images for Concordia Summit Ad budgets up for grabs Billions in advertising will be up for grabs this year as brands that held back on changing their ad agencies last year restart the process, Lindsay Rittenhouse and Patr...
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Flash Version Distributed in China After EOL is Installing Adware

Although the Flash Player app formally reached its end of life on December 31, 2020, Adobe has allowed a local Chinese company to continue distributing Flash inside China, where the application still remains a large part of the local IT ecosystem and is broadly used across both the public and private sectors. From a report: Currently, this Chinese version of the old Flash Player app is available only via, a website managed by a company named Zhong Cheng Network, the only entity authoriz...
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Apple Bought Another Company Every 3 to 4 Weeks for Last 6 Years, Tim Cook Says

Apple has bought out just short of 100 small businesses over the last six years as part of its corporate acquisition spree, CEO Tim Cook told shareholders at a virtual meeting on Tuesday.Read more...
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SolarWinds hack was work of 'at least 1,000 engineers', tech executives tell Senate

True scope of the breach, which affected 100 companies and several federal agencies, is still unknownTech executives revealed that a historic cybersecurity breach that affected about 100 US companies and nine federal agencies was larger and more sophisticated than previously known. Continue reading...
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Web-Based PDFBear Tools: An Ultimate Guide to Manage Your Files Productively

The advancement of technology continues to help people to enjoy the ease and convenience of life every day. It’s even evident in handling so much paperwork and other file-related tasks. Gone are the days when people got bombarded with tons of files, forms, and other printed materials on their office desks. Today, everything becomes digital that’s so much easier to create, use, open, and even share with other devices.  However, many people still have different struggles in dealing with electro...
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PDFBear Guide: The Prime Tool On How To Add A Page Number In PDF For Free!

You will always need to have a reliable and easy access tool for altering and editing a specific document. Since almost everything is attempting to go paperless, there are certain times wherein it’s harder not to avoid particular issues when handling several copies all at once.  It’s a good thing, PDFBear is always around the corner to assist and help you whenever there’s uncertainty with documents. You don’t need to have extreme skills and knowledge as PDFBear is developed to be streamlined ...
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Software Bug Keeping Hundreds Of Inmates In Arizona Prisons Beyond Release Dates

According to Arizona Department of Corrections whistleblowers, hundreds of incarcerated people who should be eligible for release are being held in prison because the inmate management software cannot interpret current sentencing laws. From a report: KJZZ is not naming the whistleblowers because they fear retaliation. The employees said they have been raising the issue internally for more than a year, but prison administrators have not acted to fix the software bug. The sources said Chief Inform...
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Google announces a bunch of new features coming to Android before version 12

Google may be hard at work on Android 12, but you won’t have to wait that long to get some new features on Android devices. The company today announced six new features coming to various devices running older versions of the mobile OS with a littany of independent updates. For people using Android Messages — the texting app included with Pixel phones and a few other devices approximating ‘stock’ Android — Google will now let you schedule messages to send at specific times. It can be use for remi...
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Sensibo Air Gains HomeKit Compatibility

The Sensibo Air smart air conditioning controller was recently updated with HomeKit support, allowing Sensibo Air owners to access air conditioning controls through the Home app in addition to using Siri commands. Priced at $139, the Sensibo Air is compatible with standalone air conditioning units rather than central air conditioning options. It works with in-window units, introducing smart controls that can be accessed through a HomeKit-enabled device. The Sensibo Air uses sensors paired wi...
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Apple Facing Antitrust Probe Over 'Sign in With Apple' and Other Developer Complaints

The U.S. Department of Justice is investigating complaints from developers over Apple's "Sign in with Apple" option, reports The Information. Introduced in iOS 13, ‌Sign in with Apple‌ is a privacy-focused login option that lets users opt to sign in to an app with their Apple ID, without the need to create a username or share an email address with developers. Apple requires all App Store apps that offer Google, Facebook, and Twitter sign-in options to also provide a ‌Sign in with Apple‌ alte...
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Spain’s ten-year plan to put startups in the economic driving seat

Spain is preparing to push forward with pro-startup legislation, having recently unveiled a big and bold transformation plan with the headline goal, by 2030, of turning the country into ‘Spain Entrepreneurial Nation’, as the slightly clumsy English translation has it. Prime minister Pedro Sanchez took a turn on Web Summit’s stage in December to announce the introduction of the forthcoming Startup Act — and to trumpet a new role, a high commissioner, tasked with bringing off a nationwide entrepre...
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Join a conversation and AMA with Run The World on virtual events now and post COVID

Join TechCrunch for its first 2021 installment of the Ask Me Anything series, where TechCrunch interviews experts and answers your burning questions about virtual events. Our first guest is Xiaoyin Qu, co-founder and CEO of Run The World .  Friday, February 26, 1 p.m. PT Register here Run The World is a one-stop shop virtual events platform with a focus on community engagement. TechCrunch has written about Run The World in the past. It launched in 2019, with backers like Andreess...
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MacBook Pro 2021: No Touch Bar, return of MagSafe, a mini-LED display, and more

This year will be a huge one for the MacBook Pro, which could see the return of better port selection and a brand-new chassis design.
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SpaceX’s new $850 million raise confirmed in SEC filing

SpaceX hasn’t issue any public statement about the $850 million in fresh funding it raised last week, but a filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) published today confirms the round. SpaceX’s funding was said to value the company at around $74 billion, with a per-share value moon the round set at around $420. Investment firm Sequoia led the considerable raise, and has now put over $600 million into the Elon Musk-led space company overall between this and a round it parti...
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The best time to buy a laptop (and the worst time to buy) in 2021

Laptop discounts may feel random, but they often happen at specific times of the year. Here's when to plan a big purchase for the best deals and when to avoid.
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From food delivery to housing: Former Favor founders raise millions for Sunroom Rentals

Real estate tech startup Sunroom Rentals, which leases units on behalf of property managers and apartment owners, has raised $11 million in a Series A round of funding led by Gigafund. Ben Doherty and Zachary Maurais, former founders of the delivery app Favor, launched Sunroom in May 2018 with the mission of “boosting the profitability” of mid-size property managers and apartment owners by giving them a way to outsource their leasing operations. The pair sold Favor to Texas grocer H-E-B in 2018 ...
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Iced Tea Company That Pivoted to Blockchain Has Its License Pulled by the SEC

I’ve got that deja vu feeling. In 2017, the price of bitcoin exploded, prompting a bunch of random companies to announce their business was pivoting to “blockchain” in some form or another before being forgotten when the mania subsided. Three years later, we’re seeing bitcoin’s price fall from another record high and…Read more...
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Square Buys $170 Million Worth of Bitcoins

Square said today it has purchased approximately 3,318 bitcoins at an aggregate purchase price of $170 million. From a statement: Combined with Square's previous purchase of $50 million in bitcoin, this represents approximately five percent of Square's total cash, cash equivalents and marketable securities as of December 31, 2020. Read more of this story at Slashdot.
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Amy Poehler and Tina Fey host the 2021 Golden Globes this Sunday - here's how to watch the show on NBC

If you buy through our links, we may earn money from affiliate partners. Learn more. NBC The Golden Globes will air on February 28 at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.The annual awards show honors the best movies and TV shows of the year.If you don't have cable, you can watch the show through services like Sling, Fubo TV, and Hulu Live TV.Despite a roughly two-month delay due to the pandemic, the Golden Globe Awards are set to air live on February 28. Although the past year has seen a notable drop in th...
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Apple Offers Developers Clarification on Some App Privacy Data Reporting Requirements

Apple today informed developers that it has introduced additional guidance for App Store privacy labels, a feature that Apple has been requiring for all apps since December. Apple says that rules surrounding data types like email, text messages, and gameplay content have been expanded to make it easier for developers to understand and comply with requirements.Additional details have been published on completing your ‌App Store‌ privacy labels, including more information about data types, such...
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Data Breach Plaintiff Doesn’t Have Standing in the Absence of Fraud or Identity Theft–Tsao v. Captiva

This is a data breach lawsuit. Plaintiff was a patron of a restaurant (PDQ) that suffered a breach that compromised credit card payment information. The breach occurred because a hacker gained access to customer data through “an outside vendor’s remote connection tool.” Plaintiff made purchases at PDQ using two different cards (a Wells Fargo Home Rebate card and a Chase Sapphire Reserve card). Both cards offered types of rewards and one of the two also charged a fee. Upon learning of the breach...
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Coursera is one of the top online learning platforms, with thousands of courses from schools like Yale and companies like Google - here's how it works

If you buy through our links, we may earn money from affiliate partners. Learn more. Coursera; Alyssa Powell/Business Insider Coursera is an online learning platform with thousands of free courses as well as professional certificate and degree programs. Course topics range from computer science and IT support to art history and positive psychology, and are offered by top universities and companies.Below, find answers to Coursera FAQs, reviews, and every article we've written about the co...
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