Cellebrite Hacking Tools Sold To Bangladesh Police Unit Known For Human Rights Abuses

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Al Jazeera: Documents obtained by Al Jazeera's Investigative Unit (I-Unit) and Israeli newspaper Haaretz reveal how the Bangladesh government spent at least $330,000 on phone-hacking equipment made by an Israeli company, even though the two countries do not have diplomatic relations. Developed by the Cellebrite security firm, UFED is a product that is capable of accessing and extracting data from a wide range of mobile phones. Its ability to hack encrypte...
Tags: Singapore, Tech, Bangladesh, Al Jazeera, Haaretz, Ministry of Home Affairs, Criminal Investigations Department, Cellebrite, Al Jazeera s Investigative Unit, Rapid Action Battalion Rab, UFED, Public Security Division

PUBG Mobile-developer invests $22.4 million in India’s Nodwin Gaming

Krafton, the developer of popular gaming title PUBG Mobile, has invested $22.4 million in Indian esports firm Nodwin Gaming, the two firms said Tuesday as the South Korean firm looks to maintain some presence in what was once its key overseas market. Nodwin Gaming, backed by local gaming giant Nazara, has established itself as one of the largest esports firms in India. The Gurgaon-headquartered firm today works with several firms including Blizzard Entertainment, Valve, Riot Games, ESL to help t...
Tags: Gaming, Asia, Microsoft, China, India, Funding, Africa, Tech, Tencent, New Delhi, Asia India, Corporate Development, Nazara, PUBG Mobile, Krafton, Nodwin Gaming

Apple Security Fixes Mean it's Time to Update Your iPhones, iPads, Macs and Watches

A newly released set of security fixes from Apple is “recommended for all users,” meaning that for anyone with an iPhone, iPad, Mac or Apple Watch, it’s probably time for an update. Read more...
Tags: Apple, Science

The Privacy Problem With Android's 'Choice' Screen

About a year and a half ago, Google began auctioning off the chance to be one of the search engines that European users could choose as their default on Android devices. And for the past year and a half, we’ve seen some familiar ad-targeting giants continue to take those expensive slots. Read more...
Tags: Google, Android, Google Drive, Science, Microsoft, Google Search, Chrome Os, Computing, Operating Systems, Alphabet Inc, Computer Architecture, Technology Internet, United Internet Ag

MIPS Technologies Joins RISC-V, Moves To Open-Source ISA Standard

MIPS Technologies, the company that had been synonymous with the MIPS processor architecture, will now be developing processors based on RISC-V architecture. TuxPhones reports: The MIPS silicon manufacturer is one of the oldest RISC chip manufacturers, used in several systems since the late 80s. Characterized by clean and efficient designs, allowing adaption in varied applications, this company has been considered one of the most innovative in the market during its golden age - to the point that...
Tags: Tech, MIPS, MIPS Technologies, Electronic Engineering Journal

'The New Google Pay Repeats All the Same Mistakes of Google Allo'

In regard to the new Google Pay app, "Google is killing one perfectly fine service and replacing it with a worse, less functional service," writes Ars Technica's Ron Amadeo. "The fun, confusing wrinkle here is that the new and old services are both called 'Google Pay.'" From the report: The old Google Pay service that has been around for years is dying. The app will be shut down in the US on April 5, and if you want to continue using New Google Pay, you'll have to go find and download a totally ...
Tags: Google, US, Tech, Ars Technica, Nfc, Ron Amadeo, Play Store Google, Google Pay app Google

Best cheap Google Pixel 4 deals for March 2021

In the wake of the Pixel 5 launch, now's perfect time to find Google Pixel 4 deals. We've got 'em right here.
Tags: Deals, Android, Mobile, Trends, Google Pixel, Google Pixel 4, Google Pixel 4 XL, Commerce 2020, Mobile Deals, Evergreen Deals

Best cheap student laptop deals for March 2021

A great student laptop doesn't have to cost a fortune. Here are some perfect picks for every budget and taste.
Tags: Apple, Deals, Trends, Computing, Laptops, SAH, Commerce 2020, Evergreen Deals

UK businesses caught buying five-star Google reviews

Consumer group Which? staged a sting operation to investigate fake Google reviews in the UK.
Tags: Google, UK, News

Apple will no longer produce the iMac Pro as the company reportedly works on innovative new tech, like foldable iPhones and virtual reality gear

Apple will discontinue its iMac Pro. Stephen Lam/Reuters Apple will discontinue the iMac Pro after supplies runs out, according to CNN Business. Apple released the $4,999 iMac Pro model in 2017. The announcement comes as reports speculate Apple is working on new products, like a foldable phone. Visit the Business section of Insider for more stories. Apple will discontinue the iMac Pro after current supplies runs out. The tech giant will stop making new iMac Pros after inventory runs out, ...
Tags: Apple, Hardware, News, Mac, Trends, Tim Cook, iMac, Dan Riccio, Tech Insider, Imac Pro, Statista Apple, Allana Akhtar, iMac Pro Stephen Lam Reuters Apple, CNN Business Apple

Daily Crunch: PayPal acquires Curv

PayPal acquires a cryptocurrency startup, Apple discontinues the iMac Pro and McAfee sells its enterprise business. This is your Daily Crunch for March 8, 2021. The big story: PayPal acquires Curv This deal will grow PayPal’s cryptocurrency team by bringing on Curv, a startup working with exchanges, brokers and over-the-counter desks to help their users store crypto assets securely and access their wallets without requiring additional hardware. The larger company already supports the buying an...
Tags: Apple, Google, UK, New York, Ipo, Tech, Paypal, Netflix, Jaguar, Cryptocurrency, Starling, Revolut, McAfee, Wade Davis, Monzo, Symphony Technology Group

Apple may announce AirTags and new iPads as soon as March 23

According to a couple of leakers with solid track records, including Chinese leaker ‘Kang’ (via @DuanRui1205) and John Prosser, Apple may hold its next event as soon as March 23. Incidentally, that’s the same day OnePlus is set to launch its new phones. Apple is expected to announce its long-awaited AirTags — a fancy item-tracking system — as well as new iPads. There’s a chance we’ll see new, third-gen AirPods as well. AirTags are expected to be a Tile-like item tracking system, but on steroids....
Tags: Apple, Startups, Insider, Kang, Plugged, Ultra Wideband, John Prosser Apple

BMW CFO on Apple Car: 'Competition is a Wonderful Thing'

Amid rumors that Apple is working on an Apple-branded car that will come out in the next decade, BMW Chief Financial Officer Nicolas Peter today told Bloomberg that he's not concerned about the threat of an Apple vehicle. "I sleep very peacefully," said Peter when Bloomberg asked for his opinion on Apple entering the car market. "Competition is a wonderful thing - it helps motivate the others." He went on to explain that BMW is in a "very strong position" and wants to "remain in a leading po...
Tags: Apple, Tesla, Bloomberg, Bmw, Peter, Apple Car, Hyundai Kia, Nicolas Peter, Oliver Zipse, Zipse Apple

Israel, Cyprus and Greece Agree To Link Power Grids Via Subsea Cable

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Reuters: Cyprus, Greece and Israel on Monday signed an initial agreement to build the world's longest and deepest underwater power cable that will traverse the Mediterranean seabed at a cost of about $900 million and link their electricity grids. The project, called the Euro-Asia interconnector, will provide a back-up power source in times of emergency, said Israeli Energy Minister Yuval Steinitz, who was in Nicosia to sign a memorandum of understanding w...
Tags: Asia, Greece, Israel, Tech, European Union, Cyprus, Mediterranean, Crete, Eurasia, Reuters, Nicosia, Yuval Steinitz, Cyprus Greece, Israel Cyprus, Cypriot Energy, Natasa Pilides

2022 400Z HP Revealed?

According to Project Cars 3, a video game from Slightly Mad Studios distributed by Bandai Namco, the new Nissan 400Z is shown in their latest downloadable content (DLC) power pack to possess some very serious horsepower. In its interpretation of the Power Pack, flaunts the numbers shown in the video, such as 445 horsepower […] The post 2022 400Z HP Revealed? appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
Tags: Japan, Design, Technology, Media, Autos, Nissan, Sports Cars, New Cars, Bandai Namco, Enthusiasm, News Blog, Future Vehicles, Project Cars, Tuners, Show Cars, Slightly Mad Studios

OpenAI's State-of-the-Art Machine Vision AI Fooled By Handwritten Notes

Researchers from machine learning lab OpenAI have discovered that their state-of-the-art computer vision system can be deceived by tools no more sophisticated than a pen and a pad. The Verge reports: As illustrated in the image above, simply writing down the name of an object and sticking it on another can be enough to trick the software into misidentifying what it sees. "We refer to these attacks as typographic attacks," write OpenAI's researchers in a blog post. "By exploiting the model's abil...
Tags: Tech

Apple TV+ Show 'Ted Lasso' Nominated for Additional Awards

Just after winning the Critics Choice Award for best comedy series, Apple TV+ series "Ted Lasso" has been nominated for additional awards from the Director's Guide of America (DGA) and the Producer's Guild of America (PGA). Zach Braff and MJ Delaney, who directed Ted Lasso episodes "Biscuits" and "The Hope That Kills You," respectively, have both been nominated for Outstanding Directional Achievement in Comedy Series awards. "Ted Lasso" will be competing against "The Flight Attendant," and "...
Tags: Apple, Zach Braff, Los Angeles, Jason Sudeikis, Creek, Guild of America, Schitt, Ted Lasso, Wolfwalkers, Apple TV shows, International Animated Film Association, Apple TV Plus, Apple TV Shows Apple, Guide of America DGA, Producer s Guild of America PGA, MJ Delaney

The new Google Pay repeats all the same mistakes of Google Allo (ars technica)

Enlarge (credit: Aurich Lawson / Ars Technica) The new Google Pay app came out of beta this week, and it marks the first step in a major upheaval in the Google Pay service. Existing Google Pay users are about to go through a transition reminiscent of the recent move from Google Music to YouTube Music: Google is killing one perfectly fine service and replacing it with a worse, less functional service. The fun, confusing wrinkle here is that the new and old services are both called "Google Pay."...
Tags: Google, News, US, Google Music, Nfc, Ron Amadeo, Aurich Lawson Ars Technica

Transactly secures $3M amid rapid transaction coordination growth

Transactly, a proptech that offers remote transaction coordination services across the country, announced that it has raised nearly $3 million in bridge funding.
Tags: Technology, Radio, Venture Capital, NAR, Select, News Brief, Tom Ferry, Transaction Management, Pandemic, Series A Funding, PROPtech, Bridge Loans, Bryan Bowles, Transactly, Transaction coordinators, Electronic Mortgages

Apple releases important iPhone, iPad, Mac and Watch security patches

Apple has released a set of security updates for iPhones, iPads, Macs and Watches. There are no new features — but these are updates you will still want to install. As part of these security fixes, iPhones and iPads will update to iOS and iPadOS 14.4.1, watchOS users will update to 7.3.2 and macOS Big Sur will update to 11.2.3. Those on older versions of macOS can install the latest version of Safari, bumping the version to 14.0.3. Apple says these are “important” security updates and are “recom...
Tags: Iphone, Apple, Ios, Google, Security, Florida, Microsoft, Tech, Smartphones, Ipads, Safari, Software, Computing, Operating Systems, Apple Inc, Mach

Google engineer urges web devs to step up and secure their code in this data-spilling Spectre-haunted world

'This is going to be a lot of work ... a reasonable set of mitigation primitives exists today, ready and waiting for use' After the disclosure of the 2018 Spectre family of vulnerabilities in modern microprocessor chips, hardware vendor and operating system makers scrambled to reduce the impact of data-leaking side-channel attacks designed to exploit the way chips try to predict future instructions.…
Tags: Google, Software

Max Q: Starship’s good landing (and less good post-landing)

Max Q is a weekly newsletter from TechCrunch all about space. Sign up here to receive it weekly on Mondays in your inbox. Sometimes even the biggest successes look like failures on video. That’s the theme of this week, because the biggest news by far was SpaceX’s test launch of its latest Starship prototype in South Texas. It looked fake – but the fireball proved it wasn’t SpaceX’s test flight was a launch of the 10th Starship prototype to a height of around 32,000 feet, at which point it used...
Tags: TC, Space, Spacex, Tech, Earth, Space Tourism, Virgin Galactic, Ian Osborne, Premier, Spaceflight, Aerospace, Chairman, Hyperloop, Spacecraft, Chamath Palihapitiya, Max

MyPillow Guy Says He’s Starting Some Kind of Little Twitter Platform That’s 'Not Just Like a Little Twitter Platform'

Mike Lindell, America’s pillow man, may be being sued for $1.3 billion for spreading hoax, pro-Donald Trump conspiracy theories claiming election tech manufacturer Dominion Voting Systems engaged in massive fraud to get Joe Biden into office. But soon that might only be a sliver of the MyPillow founder’s riches,…Read more...
Tags: Twitter, Science, Technology, Joe Biden, Software, Donald Trump, Operating Systems, Alphabet, Lindell, Mike Lindell, My Pillow, Charlie Kirk, Dominion Voting Systems, Mike Lindell America

Intel's Thunderbolt Pushes Into Mainstream as Fast Alternative To USB (slashdot)

Thunderbolt, Intel's super-speedy connection technology, isn't widely used. But that may change in the coming year, as more computer makers incorporate the USB competitor into their new models. From a report: Intel has hoped Thunderbolt, which debuted in 2011 on Apple's 2011 MacBook Pro, would become commonplace for computer users. A year later, the chipmaker forecast that "most PCs" would have Thunderbolt by 2015 to 2017. Despite the hype, only premium PCs carry the fast connection. To get a bo...
Tags: Apple, News, Intel, Ziller, Msmash, Jason Ziller

How to Disable Tab Previews in Safari on Mac

In Safari 14, Apple introduced a new feature called tab previews, where hovering your mouse pointer over a non-active browser tab shows an image preview of the tab's contents. Apple doesn't provide an option in preferences to disable tab previews, which isn't great if you find the feature less than useful or downright distracting. Fortunately, there's an undisclosed but fairly simple way to disable tab previews, which we're going to explain how to do here. The following steps guide you thr...
Tags: Apple, Safari

Tesla Is Plugging a Secret Mega-Battery Into the Texas Grid

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Bloomberg: Elon Musk is getting into the Texas power market, with previously unrevealed construction of a gigantic battery connected to an ailing electric grid that nearly collapsed last month. The move marks Tesla's first major foray into the epicenter of the U.S. energy economy. A Tesla subsidiary registered as Gambit Energy Storage LLC is quietly building a more than 100 megawatt energy storage project in Angleton, Texas, a town roughly 40 miles south ...
Tags: Elon Musk, Texas, Tech, Tesla, Bloomberg, Houston, Gambit, U S Securities and Exchange Commission, Fremont California, ANGLETON TEXAS, Angleton, Brazoria County, Gambit Energy Storage Llc, Texas Grid

HBO Max is available as a Hulu add-on for $15 a month - here's how it works

If you buy through our links, we may earn money from affiliate partners. Learn more. Alyssa Powell/Business Insider You can watch HBO on Hulu with the HBO Max add-on for an additional $15 a month.The add-on gives you access to HBO's entire catalog of shows and movies directly through Hulu.You also get access to HBO Max content through the HBO Max app. Monthly Subscription (small) Streaming Service (small) For years, HBO has been one of the most popular premium channels to add to you...
Tags: Reviews, Hbo, Entertainment, Trends, Tech, Streaming, Game Of Thrones, Harley Quinn, Warner Bros, Hulu, Staten Island, Max, Sex And The City, Tom, Kong, Succession

Solving 10,000 Year Google Quantum Problem in 5 Days Using 60 GPUs

60 graphical processing units (GPUs) have been used to solve the Google quantum supremacy computer problem. Researchers generated one million correlated bitstrings with some entries fixed, from the... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
Tags: Google, Innovation, Google Quantum Problem

Surface Pro 7 is unbelievably cheap today with this deal at Best Buy

With the Surface Pro 7, you’ll experience the pleasure of a touchscreen with the power of a laptop.
Tags: Deals, Mobile, Trends, Computing, Tablets, Tablet Deals, Microsoft Surface Pro 7, Surface Pro Deals, Best Buy 2021

iMac Pro officially retired, now unavailable from Apple and retail partners (Update: In-stock temporarily)

Update: As we noted earlier today, despite the iMac Pro being discontinued it would still likely go in and out of stock for a bit. It’s...
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