Whatever Happened to Fired Covid-19 Data Manager Rebekah Jones?

"Outside were more than half a dozen officers in tactical vests brandishing a sledgehammer and automatic weapons. Hands held high, she opened the door..." A new article includes video of that moment — and describes not only what happened then, but what's happening now, and what's going to happen next: It was April 2020 when Rebekah Jones says they first asked her to change the numbers. Then a 30-year-old scientist at the Florida Department of Health (DOH), she'd spent nearly two months buildi...
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Finding Brave Podcast Appearance

Recently, I had the privilege of being a guest on the Finding Brave podcast hosted by Kathy Caprino. A therapist, career coach, and author, Kathy is on a mission to help listeners – particularly professional women – access the courage they need to honor their true passions, talents, and values in life and work.  Our conversation focused on the challenges of loneliness and rising stress sparked by the pandemic. We talked about what leaders can do to help support their team members during this c...
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Creator Shuts Down Popular Crypto Art Carbon Calculator for 'Abuse and Harassment', the popular crypto art carbon calculator that allowed us to see the real impact the NFT buying craze is having on our poor planet, is shutting down. Its creator, Memo Akten, stated that he decided to take the site down after information from it was used “as a tool for abuse and harassment.” Read more...
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What Is LVFS and How Do I Use It? (linux today)

With LVFS, Linux users have access to features like displayport over USB-C and fixes for the Thunderbolt Controller on their newer Lenovo ThinkPads.
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Syncing up With Chrome, Microsoft Accelerates Edge's Release Cycle to Every Four Weeks

Taking a page from Google’s book, Microsoft is speeding up the release schedule for its Edge browser and will issue updates every four weeks instead of six weeks, the company announced Friday.Read more...
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Early Study Results Suggest Experimental Drug Could Slow Cognitive Decline in Alzheimer's Patients

Eli Lilly and Company's experimental intravenous drug donanemab "could slow the cognitive decline of patients with Alzheimer's disease," reports CNN, citing early clinical trial results, published today in The New England Journal of Medicine: The study included 257 patients with early symptomatic Alzheimer's disease; 131 received donanemab, while 126 received a placebo. The researchers found donanemab slowed the decline of cognition and daily function in Alzheimer's patients by 32% after 76 wee...
Tags: Tech, Cnn, Eli Lilly and Company, Alzheimer, Alzheimer s Association, Carrillo, Maria Carrillo, Mark Mintun Eli Lilly

Google will face lawsuit over Incognito mode tracking

Google will have to face a lawsuit alleging that it didn't do enough to warn users it would still track them in Incognito mode.
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More San Francisco Tech Companies Cancel Leases Due to Remote Work

Salesforce canceled its 325,000-square-foot lease at the unbuilt Parcel F tower in San Francisco's Transbay neighborhood, reports SFGate: The company announced in February that more than half of its workforce will continue working remotely or on a flexible schedule after the pandemic is over... The lease termination is just the latest blow to San Francisco's downtown office footprint as more companies shrink or offload leases because of the persistence of remote work. The lease on Yelp's 161,...
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Two Companies are Now Selling Diamonds Made From Airborne CO2

"Two companies are selling diamonds made in a laboratory from CO2 that once circled the Earth," reports Scientific American: The sales pitch can be stunning. As Ryan Shearman, the founder and CEO of a New York-based company called Aether, recently explained to a reporter for Vogue magazine: Each carat of a diamond removes 20 tons of CO2. That, he said, is more invisible gas than the average person produces in a year. With the purchase of a 2-carat diamond, Shearman pointed out, "you're essent...
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'The U.S. Is Sitting On Tens of Millions of Vaccine Doses the World Needs'

"Tens of millions of doses of the coronavirus vaccine made by the British-Swedish company AstraZeneca are sitting idly in American manufacturing facilities," reports the New York Times, "awaiting results from its U.S. clinical trial while countries that have authorized its use beg for access." schwit1 shares their report: The fate of those doses of AstraZeneca's vaccine is the subject of an intense debate among White House and federal health officials, with some arguing the administration shou...
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NFTs don’t need crypto, but crypto needs NFTs

Spending millions for a digital work of art that could be screenshotted feels similar to traipsing around a strip of concrete as a tourist activity. The optics don’t make immediate sense — there’s hardly any appeal in something as accessible as a Google image or street. That’s my best bet at explaining at least some of the confusion around the explosive rise of NFTs, or nonfungible tokens. The token, minted on the blockchain, can give digital assets a unique signifier. In other words, anyone cou...
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Metrolinx Piloting Apple Pay on Toronto's UP Express, Working to Expand to TTC

Metrolinx this week announced that commuters can now use contactless payment options like Apple Pay to pay for their fare on UP Express, a train that connects Downtown Toronto with Toronto Pearson International Airport. Prior to boarding the train, commuters simply need to hold their iPhone or Apple Watch near the PRESTO payment terminal to pay for their fare with a credit card loaded in the Wallet app — or tap a physical credit card. At the end of the trip, riders must "tap off" with the sam...
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Wordpress Considers Dropping Support for Internet Explorer 11

Bleeping Computer reports: The most well-known and popular blogging platform, WordPress, is considering dropping support for Internet Explorer 11 as the browser's usage dips below 1%. Using three metrics to determine the number of people still using IE 11, WordPress has found that its cumulative usage is below 1%... WordPress is not alone in dropping support for IE 11. In August 2020, Microsoft announced that they would no longer support Internet Explorer on the Microsoft Teams web app, and M...
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Judge rules Google has to face lawsuit that claims it tracks users even in Incognito mode

Google tried unsuccessfully to have the lawsuit thrown out
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Why are Chatbots the future of marketing?

Brands speak the language of the masses. Behind the thought-provoking campaigns that we see on social media hides a computer program analysing consumer sentiments and user preferences. With automation taking over the monotonous tasks of businesses, the relevance of AI (Artificial Intelligence) in present-day business operations increased like never before. From customizing experiences to facilitating personalized customer interactions, AI has come a long way in transcending brand image.  With...
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Encrypted Messaging Service Cracked by Belgian Police, Followed by Dozens of Arrests

"The cracking of a previously-unbreakable encrypted messaging service popular with criminals involved in drug trafficking and organised crime delivered a major victory for the justice system on Tuesday," writes the Brussels Times, in a story shared by DI4BL0S: The cracking of the expensive messaging app, called "Sky ECC," was what allowed over 1,500 police officers across Belgium to be simultaneously deployed in at least 200 raids, many of which were centred around Antwerp and involved special ...
Tags: Tech, Netherlands, Belgium, Doj, Ecc, Antwerp, De Standaard, Brussels Times, Sky Global

Microsoft Criticized For Removing Exchange Exploit From GitHub

"Microsoft-owned GitHub has removed a proof-of-concept (PoC) exploit for critical ProxyLogon bugs in Microsoft Exchange, causing a backlash from security researchers," reports's Developer newsletter: The exploit has recently led to infections of as many as 100,000 servers. Microsoft rushed out patches last week for the vulnerabilities in response to a number of Chinese groups exploiting the bugs. "This is huge, removing a security researcher's code from GitHub against their own pr...
Tags: Google, Microsoft, Tech, Tavis Ormandy, Microsoft Exchange, Dave Kennedy

Apple Promotes iPhone 12 'Ceramic Shield' Display In New 'Cook' Ad

In a new ad on its YouTube channel, Apple is promoting the durability and water resistance of the iPhone 12 and the performance of the "Ceramic Shield" display. The ad, named "Cook," showcases a chef putting an ‌iPhone 12‌‌ through its paces by splashing it with liquids and flour, plus dropping it on its screen multiple times. The ad aims to highlight the "Ceramic Shield" display on the ‌iPhone 12‌, a new type of glass made by "introducing nano-ceramic crystals into the glass." Apple claims t...
Tags: Apple, Cook, Apple Ads, Iphone 12

Court blocks US ban on Xiaomi investment

US District Judge Rudolph Contreras has sided with Xiaomi in its lawsuit that challenged US authorities' decision to put it on a list of...
Tags: US, Xiaomi, Rudolph Contreras

Attacks Leveraging Microsoft Exchange Vulnerabilities 'Have Escalated', Doubling Every Three Hours

Attacks that leverage Microsoft Exchange vulnerabilities "have escalated," warns CNN. They cite a senior White House official saying the window for updating exposed servers is incredibly short -- "measured in hours, not days." On Thursday, Microsoft and security researchers warned that the vulnerabilities are now being combined with another potent cybersecurity threat: ransomware, which locks up a computer or a network's files and holds them hostage until the victim pays a fee. "We have detecte...
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Governments have been heaping attention and money on 'high tech' companies for years. But now that almost every company uses tech, it's time to spread the love.

Free Dominos Pizza is delivered at ManorCare Health Services in Spring Township, Pennsylvania, on July 10, 2020. Ben Hasty/MediaNews Group/Reading Eagle via Getty Images) There's no such thing as a "non-tech" company anymore. The pandemic has pummeled businesses but also forced them to use tech to survive. Policymakers and economic developers need to recognize and adjust to this reality. Ned Staebler has spent the last 15 years as an economic developer practitioner in Michigan. This is...
Tags: Google, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, Etsy, Trends, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Whirlpool, Alexa, Detroit Public Schools, Kellogg, Ben Franklin Technology Partners, MediaNews Group Reading Eagle, Home Depot Amazon

Saturday's Best Deals: Westinghouse 42" Roku TV, AutoFull Rabbit Ears Gaming Chair, Nutale Bluetooth Trackers, Mophie Power Banks, Dyson Humidifier + Fan, and More

A Dyson humidifier and fan and a 42-inch Westinghouse Roku TV lead Saturday’s best deals.Read more...
Tags: Google, Amazon, Ipad, Facebook, Science, Asus, Newegg, Macys, Kindle, Samsung, Walmart, Best Buy, Cuisinart, Liberty, Nba, Logitech

After 'Defiant' Reopening, Tesla Plant Had 450 Covid-19 Cases

The Washington Post reports: Tesla's Bay Area production plant recorded hundreds of covid-19 cases following CEO Elon Musk's defiant reopening of the plant in May, according to county-level data obtained by a legal transparency website. The document, obtained by the website PlainSite following a court ruling this year, showed Tesla received around 10 reports of covid-19 in May when the plant reopened, and saw a steady rise in cases all the way up to 125 in December, as the disease caused by th...
Tags: Post, Elon Musk, Washington Post, Tech, Tesla, Musk, Bay Area, Fremont Calif, Alameda County, Alameda County Public Health Department

Judge blocks US restrictions against Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi

The Trump administration claimed the company presented a security threat to the US
Tags: US, Xiaomi, Trump

Does Atlantic Canada have a blueprint for rural revival in the post-pandemic era?

Matthew Carpenter-Arévalo Contributor Share on Twitter Matthew Carpenter-Arévalo is a former Google and Twitter manager and current CEO of Céntrico Digital, a Latin American-based digital agency. More posts by this contributor In Latin America, the business of trolling threatens Twitter’s disruptive power Can Bitcoin find its practical use case as a currency in Latin America? When Mike Morriso...
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How To Find A Remote Front End Development Job?

Everything is online these days — and so is everyone! Moreover, ever since the infamous pandemic happened, those things/ services or even people who were not using the online platforms/ channels have joined the club. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the internet has now not only simplified the online interaction between people but has also provided relied-upon sources for all kinds of information/ assistance along with the tremendous number of services one could ever think of. Oh, and let’...
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Asahi's plan for Linux on Apple's new silicon shows Cupertino has gone back to basics with iOS booting

Open source project shows Apple has done some funky stuff with M1 The Asahi Linux project has published the first progress report detailing its effort to port Linux to the Apple Silicon platform.…
Tags: Apple, Software, Cupertino, Asahi, Asahi Linux

Poll: Do you think Apple will release a replacement for the discontinued HomePod?

Apple just discontinued the original HomePod. Do you think the company will ever release a replacement for this smart speaker?
Tags: Apple

Three Flaws in the Linux Kernel Since 2006 Could Grant Root Privileges

"Three recently unearthed vulnerabilities in the Linux kernel, located in the iSCSI module used for accessing shared data storage facilities, could allow root privileges to anyone with a user account," reports SC Media: "If you already had execution on a box, either because you have a user account on the machine, or you've compromised some service that doesn't have repaired permissions, you can do whatever you want basically," said Adam Nichols, principal of the Software Security practice at GR...
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Google will now let third party developers create custom Tiles for Wear OS

Its Jetpack Tiles library for developers is in alpha
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