Apple Discontinues Original HomePod

An anonymous reader shares a report: Apple has discontinued its original HomePod after four years. It says that it will continue to produce and focus on the HomePod mini, introduced last year. The larger HomePod offered a beefier sound space but the mini has been very well received and clearly accomplishes many of the duties that the larger version was tasked with. The sound is super solid (especially for the size) and it offers access to Siri, Apple's assistant feature. Read more of thi...
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Google may slash Play developer fees in South Korea

Reportedly dangles same deal as Apple’s for smaller devs, in one of the few markets it doesn’t utterly dominate Google’s South Korean limb is reportedly on the cusp of slashing the cost of selling apps on its Play store.…
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How Backlinks Help Your Website’s SEO

The key to helping your content connect with the audience is first getting search engines such as Google to notice it.
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Power lies in Product Adoption

Power of system is realized when users adopts the system. Number of subscriptions or units sold is a great metric to calculate revenue and initial success of a product but the true to success of the product is based on how well it is adopted. Once a product is well adopted, it confirms all aspects of its success like product objectives, customer impact, profitability, market share etc. As product managers we must focus on adoption as the key goal/OKR besides the normal financial metrics. Most...
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A senior director at Google who leads a team of 30 and has 2 young kids shared her daily pandemic routine with us, from Peloton workouts in the garage to 10 daily video calls

Lilian Rincon. Lilian Rincon Lilian Rincon is the senior director of product management for the Google Assistant. In 2018, Rincon shared her daily routine with Insider, which included waking up at 5:30 a.m. and taking up to 12 meetings a day. We caught up with her in March 2021 to see how her day-to-day has changed in the pandemic. Visit the Business section of Insider for more stories. Before the pandemic, Lilian Rincon woke up at 5:30 a.m. every weekday to fit in a quick workout before ...
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Renewable Energy Growth Must Speed Up To Meet Paris Goals, Agency Says

An anonymous reader quotes a report from The Guardian: Renewable electricity production needs to grow eight times faster than the current rate to help limit global heating, according to a report. The International Renewable Energy Agency (Irena) said urgent action was needed to keep pace with rising demand for electricity, which could require a total investment of $131 trillion in renewables by 2050. Francesco La Camera, the director general of Irena, said the "window of opportunity" to achieve ...
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Telegram App Is Booming but Needs Advertisers -- and $700 Million Soon

Telegram is riding high, adding tens of million of users this year. Now the bill is coming due. WSJ: The messaging service and social-media platform owes creditors roughly $700 million by the end of April, according to people briefed on the company's plans and loan documents viewed by The Wall Street Journal. At the same time, Telegram Group must cover rising equipment and bandwidth expenses because of its rapid growth, despite going years without attempting to generate revenue. Telegram is one ...
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Okay Groogle

Perfume PosseOkay Groogle I think we’ve all had our share of disappointing relationships and breakdowns this year, and I’d like to share mine – with Google home. I admit, I’m not google’s sexiest, most imaginative relationship partner.  My questions tend to be simple… Continue Reading → Perfume PosseOkay Groogle
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China wants to dismantle Alibaba’s media empire: reports

Over the years, Jack Ma has accumulated a media portfolio in China that rivals that of Jeff Bezos in the United States. But now the future of Ma’s media empire is in the crosshairs of the Chinese government, which is wary of the billionaire’s increasing media clout. The Chinese authorities have ordered Alibaba to divest some of its media assets due to growing concerns about the company’s sway over public opinion in the country, The Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg reported citing sources. Aliba...
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Adobe Goes After 27-Year Old 'Pirated' Copy of Acrobat Reader 1.0 for MS-DOS

"Adobe doesn't want third-parties to pirate its software, so the company regularly sends out DMCA notices to remove infringing copies," reports TorrentFreak. In a recent tweet, F-Secure researcher Mikko Hypponen mentioned that the software company removed one of his tweets that linked to an old copy of Acrobat Reader for MS-DOS, which came out more than 27-years ago, shortly after the PDF was invented. From the report: The security researcher posted the tweet five years ago and at the time there...
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Southern California receives showers and snow; rest of week will be dry

Southern California residents woke up to chilly weather and showers Monday. But weather experts predict the rest of the week will be dry. The rain was due to a weather system that developed over Northern California and moved south down the coast into Southern California on Sunday night and Monday morning, according to Joe Sirard, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Oxnard, which covers Los Angeles County. Sirard said Monday morning he expected the San Fernando and San Gabriel V...
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Firefox Redesign Drops Compact Density Option

Firefox's "Compact density" option, which reduces the size of the user interface, is set to disappear when Mozilla rolls out its Proton visual redesign for the browser later this year. PCMag reports: A bug was posted on Mozilla's bug tracking system entitled "Remove compact mode inside Density menu of customize palette." The reasons given for its removal include the fact it's "currently fairly hard to discover" and "we assume gets low engagement." The development team wants to "make sure that we...
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Small number of Facebook users responsible for most Covid vaccine skepticism – report

Washington Post reported on the study which confirmed what researchers have long argued about: the echo chamber effectA small subset of Facebook users is reportedly responsible for the majority of content expressing or encouraging skepticism about Covid-19 vaccines, according to early results from an internal Facebook study.The study, first reported by the Washington Post, confirms what researchers have long argued about how the echo chamber effect can amplify certain beliefs within social media...
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What is a digital footprint? How to protect yourself online, and keep your data from being used against you

It's important to know what kind of traces, or digital footprint, your online activities leave behind. Yagi Studio/Getty Images Your digital footprint refers to all the personal data and information available about you online. Your active digital footprint includes your emails, social media posts, and other messages with your name attached. Your passive digital footprint is information you unintentionally leave behind, like your IP address. Visit Insider's Tech Reference library f...
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In 19 months of chasing the sunrise, today's was the #1 best.

I gave you some unretouched photos earlier today — here — but let me give you a few more. These are modestly tweaked in Apple's Photos — basically just moving the "Light" slider a bit to the left. The lake has been melting and cracking up, and wind/waves are driving shards of ice to pile up on the shore. This is 7:02, the earliest shot, which makes me wish I'd gotten out 10 minutes earlier.   What a broiler! This was the scene at 7:04, with the shoreline ice looking cobalt blue.  7:05, fram...
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Google Celebrates Pi Day With a Cute Calculator Easter Egg (gizmodo)

Happy Pi Day, fellow nerds! The yearly celebration of the mathematical constant π or pi, aka the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter (and here I thought I’d never get a chance to use 9th-grade geometry in real life!). It falls on March 14 because pi written out numerically is 3.14... and then goes on…Read more... [Author: Alyse Stanley]
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Sherpa raises $8.5M to expand from conversational AI to B2B privacy-first federated learning services

Sherpa, a startup from Bilbao, Spain that was an early mover in building a voice-based digital assistant and predictive search for Spanish-speaking audiences, has raised some more funding to double down on a newer focus for the startup: building out privacy-first AI services for enterprise customers. The company has closed $8.5 million, funding that Xabi Uribe-Etxebarria, Sherpa’s founder and CEO, said it will be using to continue building out a privacy-focused machine learning platform based on...
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Google's 'privacy-first' ad tech FLoC squawks when Chrome goes Incognito, says expert. Web giant disagrees

Chocolate Factory still stomping bugs out of its bird-themed post-third-party-cookie features Updated Google's effort at "building a privacy-first future for web advertising" already looks like it will require some privacy retrofitting.…
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WHO Points To Wildlife Farms In Southwest China As Likely Source of Pandemic

Thelasko shares a report from NPR: A member of the World Health Organization investigative team says wildlife farms in southern China are the most likely source of the COVID-19 pandemic. China shut down those wildlife farms in February 2020, says Peter Daszak, a disease ecologist with EcoHealth Alliance and part of the WHO delegation that travelled to China earlier this year. During that trip, Daszak says, the WHO team found new evidence that these wildlife farms were supplying vendors at the Hu...
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Fired GitHub employee reaches ‘amicable resolution’ with company

GitHub has reached an “amicable resolution” with the person the company fired in the aftermath of the attack on the U.S. Capitol in January, the former employee told TechCrunch. On the day a violent mob of Trump supporters stormed the U.S. Capitol, a worried GitHub employee warned his co-workers in the D.C. area to be safe. After making a comment in Slack saying, “stay safe homies, Nazis are about,” a fellow employee took offense, saying that type of rhetoric wasn’t good for work, the former emp...
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Forma I went with FORMA !! and now.....

BIG THANK YOU to everyone who helped me in being comfortable buying a Forma. IT's ordered and I pick it up later this week. Got a good sale on it ! In the end, the extras an Android E-Ink offered were more about wanting them because they can, not because I will use them (except I do wish there was contrast control in Kobo, and built in margin crop that retains it's page positioning after page turns). The simplicity, kobo environment, light weight and always on features of the Forma simply...
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India To Propose Cryptocurrency Ban, Penalizing Miners and Traders

According to Reuters, "India will propose a law banning cryptocurrencies, fining anyone trading in the country or even holding such digital assets." From the report: The bill, one of the world's strictest policies against cryptocurrencies, would criminalize possession, issuance, mining, trading and transferring crypto-assets, said the official, who has direct knowledge of the plan. The measure is in line with a January government agenda that called for banning private virtual currencies such as ...
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Daily Crunch: Stripe valued at $95B

Stripe gets a mind-boggling valuation, Facebook promotes COVID vaccines and Elon Musk has an interesting new title. This is your Daily Crunch for March 15, 2021. The big story: Stripe valued at $95B That’s right: The popular payments company has raised $600 million in new funding at a $95 billion valuation. It says it will use the money to expand in Europe while also growing its global payments and treasury network. “Whether in fintech, mobility, retail or SaaS, the growth opportunity for the ...
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Apple takes a jab at rival streaming services like Netflix and Hulu, says it has received more award recognitions faster than any competitor

Zack Van Amburg, Apple’s head of Worldwide Video Presley Ann/Getty Images Apple received its first Oscar nominations for "Wolfwalkers" and "Greyhound." Apple said it has received more award recognitions at a quicker rate than any other streaming service. Apple's subscriber growth has been much slower compared to Disney Plus. See more stories on Insider's business page. Apple is asserting its place among streaming services by raking up award nominations. The company received two Osc...
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How to speed up a video on an iPhone with iMovie or the Photos app to make any video faster

It's easy to speed up a video on your iPhone or return a Slo-Mo video to normal speed. Shutterstock To speed up a video on your iPhone, it's best to use iMovie or the Photos app. You can speed up a video with iMovie by using the Speed button in the video editing toolbar. You can speed up an iPhone video shot in Slo-Mo in the Photos app by dragging the vertical bars together in the Edit menu. Visit Insider's Tech Reference library for more stories. You can speed up a video on...
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Netflix Releases ‘The Irregulars’ Trailer (TV News Roundup)

In today’s TV news roundup, Netflix released the trailer for “The Irregulars,” and Apple TV Plus launched an interactive experience “Servant.” FIRST LOOKS Netflix unveiled its trailer for “The Irregulars,” out March 26. The dark, supernatural twist on the classic Sherlock Holmes tale follows a gang of troubled street teens who must come together to […]
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Elon Musk Crowns Himself 'Technoking' of Tesla, Drops Techno Track About NFTs

Elon Musk is getting in on the NFT gold rush by selling a new electronic music track he's apparently produced as an NFT. The Verge reports: Yes, you've heard that right -- it's a song about non-fungible tokens, which Musk appears to have minted (or plans to mint) on the blockchain. Musk did not include a link to the NFT, so it's not clear if it's already live or if Musk plans to initiate the sale at a later date. It's also not clear on which platform Musk intends to sell the NFT. We also don't...
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Bird to spend $150 million on European expansion plan

Shared micromobility startup Bird said it is investing $150 million into a European expansion plan that will including launching in more than 50 cities this year, a move that it says will double its footprint in the region. This growth plan is already underway with Bird recently bringing its scooters to Bergen, Norway, Tarragona, Spain and Palermo, Italy. Bird emphasized that its European expansion will be more than just a geographic one. Bird said it is adding more scooters to its fleets in exi...
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WeLeakInfo Leaked Customer Payment Info

A lapsed domain registration tied to WeLeakInfo, a wildly popular service that sold access to more than 12 billion usernames and passwords from thousands of hacked websites, "let someone plunder and publish account data on 24,000 customers who paid to access the service with a credit card," reports Krebs on Security. This comes after the service was seized a little over a year ago by the FBI and law enforcement partners overseas. From the report: In a post on the database leaking forum Raidforum...
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The NFT market is just getting started, but where is it headed?

Every once in a meme-ified blue moon, the wildly irrational cryptocurrency ecosystem gives birth to something that might outlive the hype. The crypto art hype may be silly and expensive, but it might also empower artists from emerging economies and underrepresented groups to access the global art market in ways that they couldn’t before. On March 5, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey auctioned off a blockchain receipt, called a nonfungible token (NFT), for a screenshot of his first tweet in 2006, and bids ...
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