The Greek Alphabet Will No Longer Be Used To Name Hurricanes

The Greek alphabet has been retired as a way of identifying tropical storms, the World Meteorological Organization said on Wednesday. The New York Times reports: The decision was made after nine Greek letters were pressed into service last year during the record-breaking 2020 Atlantic hurricane season, which exhausted the normal list of 21 storm names prepared by the organization. Greek letters had been used to name storms only once before, in 2005, another busy hurricane season that produced Hu...
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Kuo: Apple's Mixed Reality Headset to Feature Eye Tracking System, Iris Recognition a Possibility

Apple's upcoming mixed reality headset will be equipped with an advanced eye tracking system, Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said this evening in a note to investors that was seen by MacRumors. The eye tracking system will feature a transmitter and receiver that can detect and analyze eye movement information, providing users with images and information based on algorithms.Apple's eye tracking system includes a transmitter and a receiver. The transmitting end provides one or several different wav...
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Festival Pass: A new Southern California venue for drive-in events

Festival Pass is a newsletter that lands in your inbox weekly. But during prime festival season you get bonus editions, too! Subscribe now. Years ago, when my main gig was being the pop culture and music writer at The Press-Enterprise, I covered a lot of shows at the Fox Performing Arts Center in downtown Riverside. The city had spent a whopping $32 million to turn the former movie house (which actually held the first public screening of “Gone With the Wind” in 1939) into a concert and Broadway...
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The US Government Finally Gets Serious About IoT Security

An anonymous reader quotes a report from IEEE Spectrum, written by Stacey Higginbotham: The IoT Cybersecurity Improvement Act of 2020 has given the nation an excellent framework that will influence IoT security across the world. So, what's to like about the law? Two things, as it turns out. First, the law isn't focused on securing individual devices by dictating password requirements or encryption standards, both of which will need to evolve. Instead, it relies on the National Institute of Stand...
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Zuck Slowly Shrinks and Transforms Into a Corncob Ahead of Apple's Looming Privacy Updates

Facebook has pushed back against Apple’s planned rollout of anti-tracking tools at every possible opportunity, but now the social media giant seems to be changing its tune in a last-ditch effort to save face. On Thursday, CEO Mark Zuckerberg said Facebook may actually be in a “stronger position” after the privacy…Read more...
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Indian MP calls for Australian-style pay for news laws

Calls for YouTube to cough up, plus Facebook and Google India may be on the way to adopting Australia’s legislation that compels Facebook and Google to pay local news publishers or face forced arbitration.…
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Gillmor Gang: Clubhouse Style

Let’s stipulate the storm of user media (social audio, newsletters, live streaming) is evidence of something real and lasting. When this citizen media migrates to small business and the enterprise, we see that as confirmation, validation. Most of these efforts are in the investment phase, where startups and platforms consolidate ecosystems around the various disruptions. Clubhouse is moving to a more careful onboarding process that eschews mandatory gobbling of your contacts data and your pho...
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Facebook is building an instagram app for kids under 13, led by the former head of YouTube Kids

The log of the Instagram app on a smartphone. Photothek/Getty Images Facebook is building an Instagram app for kids under 13, BuzzFeed News reported Thursday. The project will be led by Pavni Diwanji, who previously led YouTube's kid-focused products. Facebook has faced backlash over the safety and mental health impacts of such products. See more stories on Insider's business page. Facebook-owned Instagram is planning to build a version of its app targeted specifically toward child...
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Security Researcher Hides ZIP, MP3 Files Inside PNG Files On Twitter

A security researcher has discovered a novel steganography technique for hiding data inside a Portable Network Graphics (.PNG) image file posted on Twitter, a tactic that could be exploited by threat actors to hide malicious activity. Threatpost reports: Researcher David Buchanan heralded his discovery on Twitter earlier this week, accompanied by a photo declaring: "Save this image and change the extension to .zip!" He made the source code for his method available in a ZIP/PNG file attached to t...
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There's a Hidden Code in Intel's New Graphics Card Teaser

Intel posted a cryptic teaser on Twitter this morning that seems to suggest the chipmaker is getting ready to release more details about its long-awaited gaming graphics card, the Xe HPG.Read more...
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Police Report That White Supremacists Are Attacking Cell Phone Towers

According to The Intercept, conspiracy theorists and far-right white supremacist groups are increasingly targeting cellphone towers and other critical infrastructure "to incite fear, disrupt essential services, and cause economic damage with the United States and abroad." The Hill summarizes the findings: In more than one case, they've succeeded in interrupting resources for law enforcement and emergency services personnel, according to the report [by the New York Police Department], which lists...
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The Apocookielypse

In this Marketing Over Coffee: In this episode Apocookielypse, Death of 1 to 1, Summer Surge and more!! Direct Link to File Brought to you by our sponsors: Upfluence and LinkedIn Daniel Johnson Jr. asks "What tech will replace cookies for Google?" The death of 1 to 1 Marketing? Brand is the true inbound marketing Pandemic’s Impact on Email 7:06 – 8:48 With Upfluence, marketers can triple the number of influencers they work with and run campaigns in half the time. From finding ...
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Apple accused of unfairly banishing Watch keyboard app for the visually impaired from its software souk

FlickType claims it's being squeezed to force an acquisition A tiny startup that develops virtual keyboards for the visually impaired has accused Apple of unfair competition and negligence by booting its software out of the App Store.…

Oscars 2021 ceremony will be in-person and Zoom-free, producers say

Academy Awards producers have insisted video-link will ‘not be an option’ for attendees in the wake of ratings slumps for other recent major awards showsThe Oscars ceremony in April will be an intimate, in-person gathering, held without Zoom and limited to nominees, presenters and their guests, the producers said on Thursday.Due to the coronavirus pandemic, events to hand out the highest honours in the film industry will held at both the Union Station in downtown Los Angeles and the traditional ...
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Daily Crunch: YouTube’s TikTok rival launches in the US

YouTube Shorts comes to the U.S., Amazon starts testing electric delivery vans in San Francisco and new data suggests the impact of Google Play’s recent changes. This is your Daily Crunch for March 18, 2021. The big story: YouTube’s TikTok rival launches in the US The YouTube Shorts product allows users to record, edit and share videos of 60 seconds or less, which can be accompanied by licensed music from a variety of industry partners. The company has been testing the feature in India while mak...
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How to download and install Google Chrome on your computer and iPhone, and sync your content across devices

It's easy to download the Google Chrome web browser on any device. d3sign/Getty Images You can download Google Chrome on your Mac, PC, or iPhone. When you use Google Chrome with the same Google account across devices, your history and favorites will be synced. Google Chrome should already be downloaded on Android phones and Chromebooks. Visit Insider's Tech Reference library for more stories. Google Chrome is one of the most popular web browsers because of its fast performance, st...
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The best drawing apps for the iPhone

If the iPhone is the camera you always have in your pocket, it's also your always-available sketchpad. Here are the best drawing apps available for iPhone.
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How to save Instagram videos and download them to your iPhone or Android

It's possible to save your own Instagram videos, and other people's videos, so they're never lost. lechatnoir/Getty Images You can save Instagram videos posted to your story and download them to your iPhone or Android. You can also save any Instagram video post or reel to Collections. It's possible to download Instagram videos with a third-party app or record your screen to save them. Visit Insider's Tech Reference library for more stories. There are many ways to cre...
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NYC Man Sells Fart For $85, Cashing In On NFT Craze

A Brooklyn-based film director is simultaneously mocking and attempting to profit off the cryptocurrency craze for non-fungible tokens (NFTs) by selling a year's worth of fart audio clips recorded in quarantine. The New York Post reports: "If people are selling digital art and GIFs, why not sell farts?" Alex Ramirez-Mallis, 36, told The Post of his dank addition to the blockchain-based NFT market. His NFT, "One Calendar Year of Recorded Farts," began incubating in March 2020 when, at the beginni...
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Zuckerberg Now Claims Apple's App Tracking Transparency Rules Could Benefit Facebook

Despite campaigning heavily against Apple's upcoming anti-tracking rules, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg today said that Facebook will "be in a good position" when Apple begins enforcing App Tracking Transparency and could even benefit from the changes. "It's possible that we may even be in a stronger position if Apple's changes encourage more businesses to conduct more commerce on our platforms by making it harder for them to use their data in order to find the customers that would want to use...
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Facebook Teases Futuristic Wrist-Based Wearable That Will Let You Control AR With Your Mind

Facebook is really, really serious about augmented reality. Last year, the company showed off a frankly ambitious framework for the future of AR, and now the social media giant has revealed some of the advanced gadgets it’s designing to help people interact with the AR world.Read more...
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Ford to build some F-150 trucks without certain parts due to global chip shortage

Ford said Thursday that some some Ford F-150 pickup trucks and Edge crossover without certain electronic modules due to a twofold punch of a global semiconductor shortage and a lack of parts caused a winter storm. Ford said it will build and hold the vehicles for a number of weeks, then ship the vehicles to dealers once the modules are available and comprehensive quality checks are complete. The automaker also said it is canceling shifts tonight and Friday at Louisville Assembly Plant due to the...
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Exploiting Spectre Over the Internet

Google has demonstrated exploiting the Spectre CPU attack remotely over the web: Today, we’re sharing proof-of-concept (PoC) code that confirms the practicality of Spectre exploits against JavaScript engines. We use Google Chrome to demonstrate our attack, but these issues are not specific to Chrome, and we expect that other modern browsers are similarly vulnerable to this exploitation vector. We have developed an interactive demonstration of the attack available at ; the cod...
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Intel Puts Apple's 'Mac Guy' Into New Ads Praising PCs (slashdot)

Intel has hired Apple's former "I'm a Mac" actor Justin Long to create new ads praising PCs. From a report: Long starts each commercial with "Hello I'm a... Justin," with the typical white background you'd find on Apple's Mac vs. PC ads from the 2000s. Naturally, the ads focus on Mac vs. PC again, with Long mocking Apple's Touch Bar, lack of M1 multiple monitor support, and the "gray and grayer" color choices for a MacBook. One even goes all-in on Apple's lack of touchscreens in Macs or 2-in-1 s...
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Fort raises $13M for its robotics safety software

Fort Robotics today announced a $13 million raise. Led by Prime Movers Lab, the round also features Prologis Ventures, Quiet Capital, Lemnos Labs, Creative Ventures, Ahoy Capital, Compound, FundersClub and Mark Cuban. The Philadelphia-based company was founded in 2018 by Samuel Reeves, who previous headed up Humanistic Robotics. That fellow Pennsylvania startup is focused on landmine and IED-clearing remote operating robotic systems. The newer company is focused more on safety software, for coll...
Tags: Startups, Tech, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Robotics, Reeves, Recent Funding, Prime Movers Lab, Fort Robotics, Samuel Reeves

MrBeast’s management company, Night Media, has a new venture fund that’s backed by creators

MrBeast’s management company is getting into the venture business. Night Media, the six-year-old, Dallas-based multimedia talent management company, is closing a debut fund with $20 million in capital commitments from the same, powerful, family-friendly online influencers who it manages, along with other social media stars. The idea, says Night Media CEO Reed Duchscher, is to write initial checks of up to $300,000 into three categories: consumer-facing startups; gaming startups, especially those...
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How to AirDrop a file from your iPhone or iPad to a Mac computer

Once you've set up AirDrop on your Apple devices, you can send files back and forth with just a few taps. Ivan Pantic/Getty Images AirDrop lets you quickly share and receive photos, videos, and more from other Apple devices nearby. Before you use AirDrop, turn on sharing permissions in Finder on Mac and in Settings on iPhone or iPad. Apple devices need to be in range of each other - about 30 feet - for AirDrop to work. Visit Insider's Tech Reference library for more stories. Toda...
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Redfin exec Scott Nagel announces retirement

Nagel has been with the tech-oriented brokerage for almost 14 years. Adam Wiener, Redfin's current chief growth officer, will take his place.
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Surveillance Company Wants To Sell Over 15 Billion Car Locations To the US Military

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Motherboard: A surveillance contractor that has previously sold services to the U.S. military is advertising a product that it says can locate the real-time locations of specific cars in nearly any country on Earth. It says it does this by using data collected and sent by the cars and their components themselves, according to a document obtained by Motherboard. "Ulysses can provide our clients with the ability to remotely geolocate vehicles in nearly ever...
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Fortify raises a $20M Series B for its composite manufacturing 3D printer

There’s been quite a bit of movement in the additive manufacturing space in recent months. If I had to pinpoint a reason, I would say that — much like robotics (another space I follow fairly closely) — the category has gotten a boost in interest from the pandemic. Medical applications are understandably of interest lately, as is alternative manufacturing. Desktop Metal, Markforged and new-comer Mantel have all made pretty big announcements in recent weeks, and now Fortify is making the round wit...
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