Amazon Hires Former Executive Adam Selipsky To Run AWS

Amazon has chosen Adam Selipsky to run its Amazon Web Services division. Currently, Selipsky is CEO of Salesforce-owned data-visualization software maker Tableau. Andy Jassy made the decision as the current head of AWS, after he was chosen to replace Jeff Bezos as CEO of Amazon. CNBC reports: Amazon rules the market for public cloud infrastructure that companies use to run internal and external applications, a modern alternative to relying on in-house servers, storage and networking equipment. I...
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Indian social network Public App raises $41 million

Public App, a location-based social network that connects individuals to people in their vicinity, has raised $41 million in a new round, just six months after as the hyper-local Indian startup looks to expand its presence in the world’s second largest internet market. A91 Partners led the new round in Public App, valuing the Indian startup at over $250 million (more than double since its last fundraise). The Indian startup, which also operates popular news aggregator app InShorts, said some o...
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Silicon Valley Firms in No Hurry to Open up Offices Despite Easing of Virus Ban

By Paresh DaveSAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Several of San Francisco Bay Area's largest technology companies including Twitter Inc and Google plan to...
Tags: Google, San Francisco Bay Area, Reuters, Twitter Inc, Paresh DaveSAN, Silicon Valley Firms

US Health Officials Question AstraZeneca Vaccine Data and Efficacy

whh3 writes: The NIAID issued a statement early Tuesday saying that they had concerns about the data that AstraZeneca included in their Monday-morning release touting the effectiveness of their Covid-19 vaccine. Slashdot reader phalse phace has shared additional information via The Hill. They write: U.S. health officials from the Data and Safety Monitoring Board issued an unusual statement that it was "concerned by information released by AstraZeneca on initial data from its COVID-19 vaccine cli...
Tags: US, Tech, Astrazeneca, U S Food and Drug Administration, New York Times Read, NIAID, Safety Monitoring Board, AstraZeneca Vaccine Data

‘The Banishing’ Trailer: Based on the True Story of England’s Most Haunted House

Dusty rooms, English accents, children’s games turned ominous, Sean Harris showing up and saying things with his creepy voice – The Banishing appears to have it all! This new Shudder horror film comes from director Christopher Smith (Creep, Severance, Triangle) and follows a family who move into an old manor only to discover the joint is haunted. And it’s “based on the true story” of England’s most haunted house. Watch The Banishing trailer below. The Banishing Trailer In The Banishing,...
Tags: Google, England, Movies, Horror, Amc, New Zealand, Essex, Movie Trailers, John Lynch, Christopher Smith, Harry Price, Sean Harris, Shudder, John Heffernan, US Canada UK Ireland Australia, The Banishing

Amazon Delivery Drivers Forced To Sign 'Biometric Consent' Form or Lose Job

Amazon delivery drivers nationwide have to sign a "biometric consent" form this week that grants the tech behemoth permission to use AI-powered cameras to access drivers' location, movement, and biometric data. From a report: If the company's delivery drivers, who number around 75,000 in the United States, refuse to sign these forms, they lose their jobs. The form requires drivers to agree to facial recognition and other biometric data collection within the trucks they drive. "Amazon may... use ...
Tags: Amazon, Tech, United States, Biometric Information

Consumer Reports: Tesla's In-Car Cameras Raise Privacy Concerns

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Reuters: Tesla's use of in-car cameras to record and transmit video footage of passengers to develop self-driving technology raises privacy concerns, influential U.S. magazine Consumer Reports said on Tuesday. Consumer Reports said the usage potentially undermines the safety benefits of driver monitoring, which is to alert drivers when they are not paying attention to the road. "If Tesla has the ability to determine if the driver isn't paying attention,...
Tags: Elon Musk, Tech, General Motors, Tesla, Consumer Reports, Ford Motor, Reuters, Jake Fisher, U S magazine Consumer Reports

Our favorite companies from Y Combinator’s W21 Demo Day: Part 2

We’ve reached the end of Y Combinator’s biggest Demo Day, which saw more than 300 companies pitching back-to-back over eight hours. Earlier, we highlighted some of the companies that caught our eye in the first half of the day . Now we’re back with our favorite companies from the second half. From a marketplace to help you resell formalwear to a startup that offers self-driving street cleaners, it’s quite the mix. Our favorite companies from Y Combinator’s W21 Demo Day: Part 1 ...
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DATASS got my attention

I was doing some online shopping on In a sea of iPhone charger cords, DATASS stood out: Sure, it’s puerile, but it worked. I do wonder what the story is behind that name. Is the name a random coincidence, or an intentional joke? The post DATASS got my attention appeared first on Sinosplice.
Tags: Iphone, Shopping, Tech, Personal, Linguistics, Humor

TechCrunch, still not dead

You may have seen an article over at Axios today about the rebrand of many of the Verizon Media products under a new Yahoo+ banner. I would like to congratulate all of the teams that have worked hard to build a cohesive brand identity and a new plan for a bunch of great properties with fine individuals at the helm. Unfortunately, some of the wording in the article, and a subsequent Techmeme headline on the old twitter dot com have led some people to believe that TechCrunch would now be YahooCrun...
Tags: TC, Verizon, Yahoo, Tech, Companies, Verizon Communications, TechCrunch, TechMeme, Axios, Verizon Media

Google Search sends more traffic to the open web every year

This week, we saw some discussion about a claim that the majority of searches on Google end without someone clicking off to a website — or what some have called “zero-click” searches. As practitioners across the search industry have noted, this claim relies on flawed methodology that misunderstands how people use Search. In reality, Google Search sends billions of clicks to websites every day, and we’ve sent more traffic to the open web every year since Google was first created. And beyond just ...
Tags: Google, Google Search, Search, Netflix, Who, Hulu, Danny Sullivan, Instagram Amazon Spotify

After Anti-M1 Ads, Intel Wants to Make Future Apple Silicon Chips

Apple in November started releasing Macs with Apple-designed M1 chips, and the Apple silicon technology will eventually replace all the Intel chips that Apple has used in its Mac lineup for years. Intel appears to be having a difficult time with Apple's transition. Last week, the company launched an anti-M1 Mac ad campaign starring Justin Long, and now, Intel is pinning its hopes on manufacturing Apple silicon chips for Apple in the future. Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger today shared some details o...
Tags: Apple, Europe, Featured, Intel, United States, Arizona, Justin Long, TSMC, M1, Pat Gelsinger, Harry McCracken, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company TSMC, James Sanders, Gelsinger, Intel Mac, Apple Silicon

Scientists will test the world’s first nuclear fusion reactor this summer

The International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER) will, if things go according to plan, move one step closer to becoming the world’s first functioning nuclear fusion reactor this summer when scientists conduct its inaugural test runs. Nuclear fusion has, traditionally, been used as the core scientific principle behind thermonuclear warheads. But the same technology that powers our weapons of mass destruction could, theoretically, be harnessed to power our cities. This would be the firs...
Tags: Startups, Science, Tech, Artificial Intelligence, ITER, Neural

The OnePlus 9 Pro Has a 120Hz Display, Hasselblad Cameras, and Costs $969

The OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9 Pro are OnePlus' newest smartphones powered by Qualcomm's latest Snapdragon 888 chipset. The flagship device is the OnePlus 9 Pro, featuring a 120Hz LPTO curved display, 8GB of RAM, 128GB storage, Hasselblad-branded cameras, and a starting price of $969. If that price is too much to stomach, the OnePlus 9 features slightly lower-end specs and a more affordable $729 starting price. The Verge has already called the OnePlus 9 Pro "the best Android alternative to Samsung....
Tags: Samsung, Tech, Sony, Qualcomm, Oneplus, Hasselblad, Hasselblad Cameras

A guide to 403 errors, and how to troubleshoot the 'forbidden' webpage

You can try a few different troubleshooting tricks to get around a 403 error on a website. zodchiy/Getty Images A 403 error occurs when a server won't allow you to access a webpage. You can't always fix a 403 error on your own, but simple tricks like refreshing your page or clearing your cache could help. If visitors to your webpage are getting 403 errors, you may have to reconfigure it. Visit Insider's Tech Reference library for more stories. A 403 "forbidden" error sounds mor...
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PSA: Update Android System WebView to fix crashing apps

Android users seeing constant app crashing can update the Android System WebView component and Google Chrome to fix the problem...
Tags: Google

Xiaomi's Black Shark 4 Is a Gaming Phone With Real Shoulder Buttons

Sometimes it feels like phone makers try to pander to mobile gamers by slapping RGB lighting on an otherwise blah phone stuffed with generic components, but with the Black Shark 4, Xiaomi is trying something new: adding built-in tactile shoulder buttons that might make a real difference.Read more...
Tags: Science, Asus, Samsung, Smartphones, Mobile Phones, Xiaomi, Black Shark, ROG Phone, Technology Internet, Rog Phone Ii, Draftiqoo

Colorcast Honored at 13th Annual SXSW Pitch

Colorcast takes the top prize in SXSW Best Alternative/One Minute Speed Pitch (AUSTIN, TX) March 20, 2021 — Colorcast, the first of its kind audio-only broadcasting app that allows anyone with a smartphone and a hint of wit to share their opinions, their analysis, and their emotions in real-time, took home first prize in the Alternative/One Minute Speed Pitch at the 13th annual SXSW Pitch®, the marquee event of South by Southwest® (SXSW®) Conference and Festivals March 16–20, 2021.SXSW Pitch ho...
Tags: Startups, News, Entertainment, Sports, Tech, Sxsw, Southwest, SxSW Pitch, Chris Valentine, Austin Startups, Colorcast, Evan Kirkham Founder

Google uses underwater fibre-optic cable to detect earthquakes

A team including researchers at Google has used one of the search giant's underwater fibre optic cables to detect earthquakes and ocean waves generated by storms, without needing any extra equipment
Tags: Google

Daily Crunch: OnePlus announces its first smartwatch

OnePlus unveils new hardware, Apple updates its educational offerings and Facebook reveals plans for its next developer conference. This is your Daily Crunch for March 23, 2021. The big story: OnePlus announces its first smartwatch The Chinese smartphone maker announced the OnePlus Watch today, a $159 smartwatch with a minimalist design and a new operating system. It also comes with a number of different sensors to measure things like heart rate and blood oxygen level. In addition, the company...
Tags: Apple, Google, Mobile, Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, New York, Hardware, Disney, Tech, House, Sony, West Coast, Jack Dorsey, Robinhood, Oneplus, Sundar Pichai

Prince Harry Joins Silicon Valley Start-Up

Prince Harry will become chief impact officer of BetterUp Inc., a professional coaching platform based in Silicon Valley with a goal to "fuel whole person growth through individual coaching and custom support." CBS News reports: "As a true citizen of the world, he has dedicated his life's work to bringing attention to the diverse needs of people everywhere and advocating for mental health initiatives: from founding the Invictus Games, a platform for service personnel to use sport as part of thei...
Tags: Cbs News, Tech, Silicon Valley, Harry, Lesotho, Botswana, BetterUp Inc, Prince Harry Joins Silicon Valley, Alexi Roubichaux

macOS Big Sur 11.3 Beta 5 Includes References to Two Unreleased iMacs

Apple is rumored to be working on new versions of the iMac desktop computer, and a launch could be coming in the near future, based on new signs found in the macOS Big Sur 11.3 beta that was released this morning. According to 9to5Mac, there are references to two new ‌iMac‌ models in macOS Big Sur 11.3 beta 5, identified as "iMac21,1" and "iMac21,2." The new Macs use the code names J456 and J457, which were first revealed earlier this year by Bloomberg. We don't yet know when Apple will refr...
Tags: Apple, Featured, Bloomberg, iMac

Our favorite companies from Y Combinator’s W21 Demo Day: Part 1

It’s that time again! Today is Demo Day for Y Combinator’s latest accelerator batch — its largest to date, with more than 300 teams getting a minute each to pitch their companies to an audience of investors. This is the third time YC has held its Demo Day via a Zoom livestream and the second time the entire program was entirely virtual. YC president Geoff Ralston outlined their thinking for this latest batch — and how/why they’ve expanded the program to over 300 companies — in a post this mornin...
Tags: Startups, TC, Y Combinator, Asia, Spotify, Navy, Southeast Asia, Nigeria, Tech, United States, Alex Wilhelm, BCG, ARR, Geoff Ralston, Blushh, EC Cloud and Enterprise Infrastructure

Uniswap Unveils Version 3 In Bid To Stay DeFi's Top Dog

An anonymous reader quotes a report from CoinDesk: Uniswap, the leading decentralized exchange (DEX) on Ethereum and a centerpiece of the $42 billion decentralized finance (DeFi) sector, is releasing its third iteration. In a Tuesday blog post, the firm behind the platform said its aim is to make Uniswap "the most flexible and efficient [automated market maker] ever designed." AMMs -- once nearly solely the domain of Uniswap -- have grown in stature along with DeFi's emergence last year. Rivals ...
Tags: Tech, Dex, Uniswap, Notably Uniswap

Cross-border fintech Airwallex raises $100M Series D extension at new valuation of $2.6B

Airwallex, the fintech company for cross-border businesses, announced today it has added $100 million more to its Series D round, bumping its valuation up to $2.6 billion. The extension was led by Greenoaks, with participation from Grok Ventures and returning investors Skip Capital and ANZi Ventures. Co-founder and chief executive officer Jack Zhang told TechCrunch that the new funding will be used for Airwallex’s United States launch in the second quarter of this year, expand its payment covera...
Tags: Fundings & Exits, Startups, TC, Asia, Australia, Finance, Tech, United States, Melbourne, Fintech, Latin America, Airwallex, Jack Zhang, Grok Ventures, Greenoaks, Middle East Africa Eastern Europe

Parler's Ex-CEO Sues, Claims He Was Told His Shares Were Only Worth Three Buckaroos

Parler, the pro-Donald Trump social media site that’s served as a sort of all-you-can-eat buffet for brain worms in the past few years, is being sued by its own co-founder and ex-CEO.
Tags: Google, Facebook, Science, United States, Donald Trump, Amazon Web Services, Trumpism, Youtubers, Mark Meckler, Florida Republicans, Dan Bongino, Rebekah Mercer, Parler, John Matze, Jeffrey Wernick, Alt Tech

Facebook’s Clubhouse rival looks a lot like Clubhouse right now

Facebook is building a Clubhouse rival, The New York Times reported in February. But what that product will look like or how it will work have been questions that have remained unanswered. However, new screenshots of a Facebook audio product, still under development, show what appears to be a live audio broadcast experience that’s more of an extension of Facebook’s existing Messenger Rooms, rather than a standalone app experience. Facebook confirmed with TechCrunch the images are indeed examples...
Tags: Social, Facebook, Apps, Mark Zuckerberg, Messenger, Instagram, Audio, Social Media, Tech, Snapchat, New York Times, Clubhouse, Zuckerberg, Social Software, Facebook Android, Facebook Group

GameStop named an ex-Amazon fulfillment director as its new COO as the company continues its 'transformation' under Chewy cofounder Ryan Cohen

GameStop has been the centre of markets' attention this week Spencer Platt/Getty Jenna Owens, Amazon's former fulfillment director, will be GameStop's new COO. The move marks yet another Amazon alum to join the gaming company. Owens' appointment comes as Chewy cofounder Ryan Cohen continues to usher in changes at the company. See more stories on Insider's business page. GameStop announced on Tuesday that it has hired a tech industry veteran to join its executive team.Je...
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Apple's Mixed Reality Headset Might Be Light AF

Apple prognosticator Ming-Chi Kuo is not done dispensing rumors about the company’s long-rumored mixed reality headset. This time, per , Kuo has details on the headset’s weight: reportedly less than 150 grams thanks to the use of hybrid ultra-short focal length lenses.
Tags: Iphone, Apple, Science, Oculus, Virtual Reality, Headset, Optics, Wearable Devices, Mixed Reality, Ming Chi Kuo, Kuo, Components, Fresnel Lens, Virtual Reality Headsets, Oculus Quest 2, Computer Peripherals

This Y Combinator startup is taking lab grown meat upscale with elk, lamb, and wagyu beef cell lines

Last week a select group of 20 employees and guests gathered at an event space on the San Francisco Bay, and, while looking out at the Bay Bridge dined on a selection of choice elk sausages, wagyu meatloaf, and lamb burgers — all of which were grown from a petrie dish. The dinner was a coming out party for Orbillion Bio, a new startup pitching today in Y Combinator’s latest demo day, that’s looking to take lab-grown meats from the supermarket to high end, bespoke butcher shops. Instead of focusi...
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