Merchant commerce platform Pine Labs valued at $3 billion in new fundraise

Pine Labs, a startup that offers merchants payments terminals, invoicing tools and working capital, said on Monday it is raising $285 million in a new financing round as the nearly two-decade-old firm looks to expand its business. Baron Capital Group, Duro Capital, Marshall Wace, Moore Strategic Ventures and Ward Ferry Management financed the new funding round, while existing investors Temasek, Lone Pine Capital and Sunley House Capital also participated in it, the Indian startup said. The new r...
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US Lawmakers Could Restrict the Use of Non-Compete Agreements

Politico's technology site Protocol reports that some U.S. lawmakers are getting angry about an unpopular but widespread corporate policy -- the non-compete agreement: Non-compete agreements prohibit employees who leave their jobs from taking similar positions with potential competitors for a certain period of time. In the U.S., somewhere between 27.8% and 46.5% of private-sector workers are subject to non-compete agreements, according to a 2019 Economic Policy Institute study. Such agreemen...
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Apple Store looks set to retain mask mandate for now

Despite some major stores relaxing rules regarding face masks, Apple has reportedly decided that shoppers at its stores will still need to wear a face covering.
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Error with Apple .epub file

I get the following error when I try to load in an epub from Apple. calibre, version 5.17.0 WARNING: Errors while adding: There were problems adding some files, click "Show details" for more information ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Failed to add the file /Users/Kay/Pictures/iPad User Guide iPadOS 14.5.epub to the book: /Users/Kay/Pictures/iPad User Guide iPadOS 14.5 With error: Traceback (most recent call last): File "calibre/gui2/", line ...
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Aluminum-Ion Battery Claimed to Charge 60 Times Faster, Hold 3X the Energy

Graphene aluminum-ion battery cells from Brisbane-based Graphene Manufacturing Group "are claimed to charge up to 60 times faster than the best lithium-ion cells and hold three time the energy of the best aluminum-based cells," writes a transportation correspondent for Forbes: They are also safer, with no upper Ampere limit to cause spontaneous overheating, more sustainable and easier to recycle, thanks to their stable base materials. Testing also shows the coin-cell validation batteries also l...
Tags: Tech, Brisbane, Nicol, Craig Nicol, Graphene Manufacturing Group

Apple Music Teaser References 'Hi-Res Lossless' and 'Dolby Atmos'

Earlier today, Apple Music began teasing a special announcement with the tagline "Get Ready – Music is About to Change Forever." This teaser comes amid a rumor that Apple is preparing to announce the third-generation AirPods alongside a HiFi, or lossless audio streaming tier for Apple Music on Tuesday, May 18. Now, references to "Apple Lossless," "Free Lossless," "Hi-Res Lossless," and "Dolby Atmos" have been found within the ‌Apple Music‌ web app by 9to5mac and confirmed by MacRumors. These...
Tags: Apple, Apple Music, Dolby Atmos, Atmos, Hifi, Apple Music Teaser References Hi Res Lossless, Apple Lossless Free Lossless Hi Res Lossless

Apple TV 4K Orders Now Preparing to Ship Ahead of May 21 to 27 Delivery Estimates

Apple is getting ready to send out second-generation Apple TV 4K devices to those who preordered on April 30, with orders now shifting to "Preparing to Ship." Apple began charging credit and debit cards earlier today, and orders should start shipping out soon. The earliest Apple TV 4K preorders have estimated delivery dates between Friday, May 21 and Thursday, May 27. The second-generation ‌Apple TV‌ 4K is identical in design to the original ‌Apple TV‌ 4K, but it supports high frame rate H...
Tags: Apple, Siri, Apple TV

The Bizarre Story of the Man Who Invented Ransomware in 1989

Slashdot reader quonset writes: To this day no one is sure why he did it, but in 1989 a Harvard-taught evolutionary biologist named Joseph Popp mailed out 20,000 floppy discs with malware on them to people around the world. At the time he was doing research into AIDS and the discs had been sent to attendees of the World Health Organization's AIDS conference in Stockholm. Eddy Willems was working for an insurance company in Belgium and his boss asked him to see what was on the disc... CNN p...
Tags: US, Tech, Cnn, Harvard, Belgium, World Health Organization, Panama, Stockholm, CSO, G DATA, Popp, Willems, Joseph Popp, Eddy Willems

Apple Is Said to Be Maintaining Mask Requirements in Its Stores Despite Recent CDC Guidance

Over the past year and then some, one of the unorthodox ways to gauge the severity of the pandemic has been to look at one tech giant: Apple. That might be changing, though. A recent report states that Apple will maintain a mask mandate in its U.S. Apple Stores despite the new guidance from…Read more...
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Clubhouse Announces That Its App Will Be Available on Android Worldwide by Friday

Faced with plummeting app downloads on iOS in recent months, Clubhouse has one thing to say: Hello, Android. Read more...
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Update for Followers: Some Housekeeping at ARMCHAIR GOLF BLOG

Hi. Thanks for reading ARMCHAIR GOLF BLOG. 1. If you've visited here in recent days, you may have received a security warning about this site (url address: I did on Friday. I have since made adjustments to ensure this site's url is secure. Please continue to read ARMCHAIR GOLF. 2. In the next few days, I'll be changing my subscription service from Feedburner to Why? Because Feedburner (by Google) is going away soon. Please note: If you...
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US Considers Law Requiring Companies to Report All Cyberattacks

The Colonial Pipeline cyberattack has spurred new efforts in the U.S. Congress "to require critical companies to tell the government when they've been hacked." Politico reports: Even leading Republicans are expressing support for regulations after this week's chaos — a sharp change from past high-profile efforts that failed due to GOP opposition. The swift reaction from lawmakers reflects the disruptive impact of the ransomware attack on Colonial... The vast majority of private companies don'...
Tags: Wales, Congress, Senate, Politico, US, Tech, Gop, United States, Colonial, Cisa, Solarwinds, Colonial Pipeline, Brandon Wales, Senate Intelligence Chair Mark Warner D Va, Republican Sen Marco Rubio of Florida Warner

Elon Musk giveth and taketh away

Hello friends, and welcome back to Week in Review! Last week, I wrote about Facebook’s never-ending Trump problem. This week, I’m looking at Elon Musk’s wild week of whipping crypto markets. If you’re reading this on the TechCrunch site, you can get this in your inbox from the newsletter page , and follow my tweets @lucasmtny . The big thing This week, Elon Musk may have crashed the crypto markets with a tweet. Musk has always been anything but predictable but retail and institutional inve...
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California City Apologizes for Wrongly Accusing Bloggers of Criminal Hacking

To settle a lawsuit, the city of Fullerton California "has agreed to pay $350,000 and take back its accusations of criminal computer hacking" against two local bloggers, reports the Orange County Register. The settlement ends what the newspaper calls "a contentious fight over censorship and freedom of speech." The lawsuit accused Joshua Ferguson and David Curlee of stealing computerized personnel files from a Dropbox account to which the city had mistakenly given them access. Some of the files ...
Tags: Tech, Ferguson, Orange County, California City, Curlee, Aviles, Fullerton California, Joshua Ferguson, Kelly Aviles, David Curlee

Apple Music Teaser: 'Get Ready – Music is About to Change Forever'

The Browse tab in the Music app across Apple's platforms has started displaying a prominent teaser hinting at an upcoming major announcement for Apple Music. Under the heading "Coming soon," the headline says "Get ready – music is about to change forever." An accompanying video simply shows an animated ‌Apple Music‌ logo. Rumors have indicated that Apple is preparing to launch a new "Hi-Fi" tier of ‌Apple Music‌ involving lossless audio and perhaps a Spatial Audio experience on compatible ha...
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Apple Music Teaser: 'Get Ready

The Browse tab in the Music app across Apple's platforms has started displaying a prominent teaser hinting at an upcoming major...
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Google readying Gboard redesign with lighter themes for Pixel on Android 12 [Gallery]

Gboard 10.6 reveals a significant redesign for Pixel devices running Android 12. It comes as for the past several versions...
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Huawei Could Eavesdrop on 6.5 Million Dutch Cellphone Users Without their Knowledge

"Chinese technology provider Huawei was recently accused of being able to monitor all calls made using Dutch mobile operator KPN," writes the Conversation. Long-time Slashdot reader schwit1 shares their report: The revelations are from a secret 2010 report made by consultancy firm Capgemini, which KPN commissioned to evaluate the risks of working with Huawei infrastructure. While the full report on the issue has not been made public, journalists reporting on the story have outlined specific con...
Tags: Europe, UK, China, Tech, Legislation, Netherlands, Huawei, Slashdot, Capgemini, KPN

These refurbished iPad models are on sale at up to 65% off their regular price

Just last month, Apple unveiled its newest iPad Pro model, which features a new and improved screen as well as a faster processor. Upgrades are par for course with any Apple product, but even with those innovations, they usually aren't leaps and bounds better than last year's model … or the year before that. — Read the rest
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How one founder’s startup journey began with dropping out of school to work with Drake

This week’s episode of Found features Courtne Smith, founder of NewNew, a social app where people pay to vote on your decisions. The platform takes the concept of social polling to the next level, essentially allowing everyone to monetize their choices by turning them into a kind of social stock market where others can purchase shares to accumulate more or less decision power based on what they’re willing to spend. Courtne’s was immediately preceded by the creation of Surprize, a social trivia ...
Tags: Google, Toronto, Tech, Drake, Courtne Smith, Courtne

Improvements Finally Made in How We Name Asteroids

RockDoctor (Slashdot reader #15,477) writes: For a number of years the administrative process for giving asteroids names has had a worsening logjam. Important or "interesting" bodies (such as `Oumuamua, the first definitely interstellar object identified) would still get names rapidly assigned, but in the background myriads of unspectacular objects would persist with "names" based on their discovery date like "1981 GD1". Which is adequate for managing databases, but less than satisfactory for m...
Tags: Tech, Rutherford, Paul Erdős, RockDoctor Slashdot, Working Group for Small Body Nomenclature, RTFA

the NFT bandwagon

A couple months after NFTs caught the public imagination with the $69 million auction of a JPEG, it has been fascinating to see how brands have scrambled to jump on the NFT bandwagon. As Cathy Hackl put it, “everyone is talking about NFTs, and few people actually understand them.” In the luxury world, brands like Gucci and RTFKT created NFTs for virtual sneakers.  The very high-end luxury fragrance house Krigler even introduced a virtual perfume with “inspirational artwork corresponding t...
Tags: Technology, Gucci, Branding, Taco Bell, Ann Handley, NFT, Cathy Hackl, Cart Corporate Blog Sponsored Post

After 35 Years, Classic Shareware Game 'Cap'n Magneto' Finally Fully Resurrected

A newspaper in Austin, Texas shares the story behind a cult-classic videogame, the 1985 Macintosh shareware game "Cap'n Magneto." It was the work of Al Evans, who'd "decided to live life to the fullest after suffering severe burn injuries in 1963" at the age of 17. Beneath the surface, "Cap'n Magneto" is a product of its creator's own quest to overcome adversity after a terrible car crash — an amalgamation of hard-earned lessons on the value of relationships, being an active participant in s...
Tags: Facebook, Australia, Tech, Evans, Moss, Austin Texas, Slashdot, Cap, Magneto, Richard Moss, Al Evans, Cea Evans, Magneto Evans

Why do countries and companies invest their own money (or is it?) in Quantum Computing (Non-Rhetorical)

 There have been some recent blog posts by Scott (see here) and Lance (see here)  about the hype for SHORT TERM APPLICATIONS of Quantum Computing, which they both object to. I have a question that has been touched on but I want to get it more out there.PREAMBLE TO QUESTION:  The following scenarios, while distasteful, do make sense: a) A researcher on their grants exaggerates or even out-right lies about the applications of their work. b) A journalist in their articles exaggerates or even out-ri...
Tags: Google, America, Seo, Quantum, Quantum Computing, Scott, Lance, Quantum Crypto

How Equinox is transforming into the 'HBO of fitness'

Fitness companies found themselves pivoting last year after the pandemic forced the sudden closure of gyms, which upended people's workout routines. They turned to apps — and, as Peloton's success and Apple's Fitness+ entrance prove, users aren't turning back.
Tags: Apple, Hbo, Cnn, Equinox, Peloton

MITRE Security Tests Reveal Built-in Advantage of First-Gen Antivirus Vendors

Slashdot reader storagedude writes: The MITRE cybersecurity product evaluations use adversarial attack techniques instead of basic malware samples, and as a result are the best tests of enterprise security products — particularly in light of dramatic recent attacks on SolarWinds and Colonial Pipeline. What's especially interesting is just how well first-generation antivirus vendors like Symantec, McAfee and Trend Micro have fared in the MITRE tests. An eSecurity Planet article analyzes the dat...
Tags: Tech, Symantec, First Gen Antivirus Vendors, Symantec McAfee

How Working Wardrobes is helping women out of the ‘she-cession’

In 1990, Jerri Rosen was helping women find jobs and independence after they left violent domestic relationships. Thirty years later, the founder and CEO of Working Wardrobes never thought she’d be back in the trenches helping so many women find jobs, this time as a pandemic shut down big chunks of the economy. Working Wardrobes new office and break room at their new offices in Santa Ana, a year following a devastating fire, on Thursday, May 13, 2021. (Photo by Mark Rightmire, Orange County ...
Tags: Business, Technology, Workplace, California, La, New York City, Uncategorized, Sport, Soccer, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Orange County, Halifax, Facetime, Nonprofits, Hgtv

How Should a Company Handle a Ransomware Attack?

ITWire reports on how Norwegian firm Volue Technology handled a ransomware attack that began on May 5th: The company has set up a Web page with information about the attack and also links to frequent updates about the status of its systems. There was no obfuscation about the attack, none at all. The company said: "The ransomware attack on Volue Technology ('Powel') was caused by Ryuk, a type of malware usually known for targeting large, public-entity Microsoft Windows systems." What is even m...
Tags: Microsoft, Tech, Ryuk, Powel, Volue Technology, Trond Straume

Evaluating technology tools for clinical use

It will not come as a surprise to my fellow clinicians that the pandemic has spurred a boom in digital health and health technology innovation, evidenced by the increasing sales pitches we receive for these new solutions. Our practice has experienced both successful and unsuccessful technology partnerships, and we have developed a framework for evaluating the solutions Read more… Find jobs at Careers by Search thousands of physician, PA, NP, and CRNA jobs now. Learn more.
Tags: Health, Tech, Mobile Health, Primary Care, PA NP, CRNA

Crypto and blockchain must accept they have a problem, then lead in sustainability

Monica Long Contributor Share on Twitter Monica Long is the GM of RippleX. As the price of bitcoin hits record highs and cryptocurrencies become increasingly mainstream, the industry’s expanding carbon footprint becomes harder to ignore. Just last week, Elon Musk announced that Tesla is suspending vehicle purchases using bitcoin due to the environmental impact of fossil fuels used in bitcoin mining. We applaud this decision, ...
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