Atari VCS Game Console Finally Launches June 15

After being announced in 2017, the Atari VCS game console finally has a launch date: June 15th. HotHardware reports: However, pricing for the Atari VCS might leave many scratching their heads, especially considering that it is retro-centric and uses seriously underpowered hardware compared to modern gaming consoles from Sony and Microsoft. The base Onyx system is priced at $299, while an Onyx or Black Walnut All-in Bundle includes a wireless Classic Joystick and a wireless Modern Controller. Unf...
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Apple is planning an AirTag detector for Android, and oh do I have questions

I got something really wrong. I honestly believed that after the two year period of AirTag rumors, we would all forget about them until...
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How to use Google's new dependency mapping tool to find security flaws buried in your projects

Millions of Rust, JavaScript, Go, Maven repositories scanned and visualized Google has built an online tool that maps out all the dependencies in millions of open-source software libraries and flags up any unpatched vulnerabilities.…
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Sharks Nearly Went Extinct 19 Million Years Ago From Mystery Event

An anonymous reader quotes a report from The New York Times: Researchers believe they've now pinpointed a previously unknown planetary-scale reset that occurred about 19 million years ago. This extinction event transpired in the world's oceans, and decimated shark populations. The boneless fishes still have not recovered from the damage, the team suggests in a paper published Thursday in Science. Scales cover the bodies -- and even the eyeballs -- of sharks. Known as "dermal denticles," these sc...
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Rebranded Toyota Ventures invests $300 million in emerging tech and carbon neutrality 

Toyota AI Ventures, Toyota’s standalone venture capital fund, has dropped the “AI” and is reborn as, simply, Toyota Ventures. The fund is commemorating its new identity by investing an additional $300 million in emerging technologies and carbon neutrality via two early-stage funds: the Toyota Ventures Frontier Fund and the Toyota Ventures Climate Fund.  The introduction of these two new funds, each worth $150 million, brings Toyota Ventures’ total assets under management to over $500 million....
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Facebook To End Special Treatment for Politicians

Facebook plans to end its controversial policy that shields politicians from the content moderation rules that apply to other users, a sharp reversal that could have global ramifications for how elected officials use the social network. From a report: The change, which Facebook is set to announce as soon as Friday, comes after the Oversight Board -- an independent group funded by Facebook to review its thorniest content rulings -- affirmed its decision to suspend former President Donald Trump bu...
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Google Will Let You Opt Out of Being Tracked by Apps in Android 12

With Apple’s developer conference just around the corner, Google is reportedly planning to follow in its rivals footsteps by letting Android users opt out of being tracked by the apps they download from the Google Play store. Read more...
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HBO Max ditches tvOS API for homegrown solution, chaos ensues

A recent update to the HBO Max app on tvOS has reportedly introduced a number of bugs and broken compatibility with key Apple TV...
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Europe wants to go its own way on digital identity

In its latest ambitious digital policy announcement, the European Union has proposed creating a framework for a “trusted and secure European e-ID” (aka digital identity) — which it said today it wants to be available to all citizens, residents and businesses to make it easer to use a national digital identity to prove who they are in order to access public sector or commercial services regardless of where they are in the bloc. The EU does already have a regulation on electronic authentication sy...
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A new video platform offering classes about skilled trades begins to build momentum

Trade schools are nothing new, but a new startup called Copeland thinks it can build a big business by bringing education about plumbing, drywall, cabinetry and more to the masses through high-quality pre-filmed classes online that feature industry pros and professional educators. If it sounds like a kind of MasterClass for all things construction, that’s not an accident. Copeland sprung from the mind of renowned investor Michael Dearing, who wrote the first check to MasterClass (now reportedly ...
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Samsung Will Shut Down the v1 SmartThings Hub This Month

Samsung is killing the first-generation SmartThings Hub at the end of the month, kicking off phase two of its plan to shut down the SmartThings ecosystem and force users over to in-house Samsung infrastructure. "Phase one was in October, when Samsung killed the Classic SmartThings app and replaced it with a byzantine disaster of an app that it developed in house," writes Ars Technica's Ron Amadeo. "Phase three will see the shutdown of the SmartThings Groovy IDE, an excellent feature that lets me...
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FYI: Today's computer chips are so advanced, they are more 'mercurial' than precise – and here's the proof

Rarely seen miscalculations now crop up frequently at cloud hyperscale Computer chips have advanced to the point that they're no longer reliable: they've become "mercurial," as Google puts it, and may not perform their calculations in a predictable manner.…
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Using Fake Reviews To Find Dangerous Extensions

Brian Krebs: Fake, positive reviews have infiltrated nearly every corner of life online these days, confusing consumers while offering an unwelcome advantage to fraudsters and sub-par products everywhere. Happily, identifying and tracking these fake reviewer accounts is often the easiest way to spot scams. Here's the story of how bogus reviews on a counterfeit Microsoft Authenticator browser extension exposed dozens of other extensions that siphoned personal and financial data. After hearing f...
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Aurora brings in outsiders to boost safety efforts, public trust of driverless vehicles

Aurora, the autonomous vehicle company that acquired Uber ATG last year, has assembled a team of outside experts, shared new details about its operations in a self-assessment safety report and launched a website as part of a broader effort to win over consumers wary of the technology that they may someday share the road with, or even use. Aurora said Thursday it has tapped experts in aviation safety, insurance, medicine and automotive safety — all people from outside of the niche AV industry — t...
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How to Watch Apple's WWDC 2021 Keynote on June 7

Apple's 32nd Worldwide Developers Conference will be a digital-only event much like WWDC 2020, with developers worldwide able to participate for free. WWDC is aimed at and designed for developers who create apps for Apple's platforms, but Apple always holds a keynote event that's of interest to the general public. Apple's keynote event will take place on Monday, June 7, and it will provide us with our first look at new software that's coming this fall. Apple will unveil iOS 15, iPadOS 15, mac...
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Amazon's Cost Saving Routing Algorithm Makes Drivers Walk Into Traffic

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Motherboard: [T]he routing algorithm designed for its Flex app by Amazon's research scientists often makes [Amazon delivery drivers cross two- or three-lane highways], according to a source with direct knowledge of Amazon's routing algorithm. In North America and Europe, roughly 85,000 contracted delivery drivers rely on this algorithm to do their jobs. While crossing the street in a quiet suburban neighborhood is probably safe, doing so on a 50 mph highw...
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Biden bans US investment in Chinese military and tech surveillance sectors

Executive order will enforce a ban on 59 companies including Huawei and chip maker SMIC as president expands Trump-era policyJoe Biden has signed an executive order that bans American entities from investing in dozens of Chinese companies with alleged ties to defense or surveillance technology sectors.In a move that his administration says will expand the scope of a legally flawed Trump-era order, the US treasury will enforce and update on a “rolling basis” the new ban list of about 59 companies...
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WWDC 2021: What to expect from Apple’s next keynote

Software is usually the focus, but we'll probably see a new Mac chip.
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White House expands investment ban on Chinese tech and telecom companies

The Biden administration has replaced and expanded Trump-era restrictions on investing in certain Chinese firms deemed supportive of that country’s surveillance and military apparatus. Major tech, space and telecom companies are listed in the initial 59 covered by the executive order, with more to come by order of the Treasury. “I find that the use of Chinese surveillance technology outside the PRC and the development or use of Chinese surveillance technology to facilitate repression or serious ...
Tags: Hong Kong, Government, White House, China, Tech, Telecom, Treasury, Biden, Huawei, Defense Department, ZTE, Trump, China Mobile, China Unicom, PRC, SMIC

Miami Readies For Largest Bitcoin Conference In History

On Wednesday, crews were putting the final touches on the Bitcoin 2021 Convention, the world's largest-ever crypto-currency conference to be held this weekend at the Mana Convention Center in Wynwood. CBS4 Miami reports: Miami's crypto conference is expected to draw 50,000 people. The convention runs from Friday, June 4 through June 6th. The conference places Miami firmly in the landscape as the new Silicon Valley. "Miami is becoming the new capital of capital. It's becoming an innovative hub. I...
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Mark Penn's MDC-Stagwell merger faces more opposition

Hi and welcome to Insider Advertising for June 4. I'm deputy editor Lucia Moses, filling in for Lauren Johnson, and here's what's going on:MDC-Stagwell merger opposition. MoviePass settlement.If this email was forwarded to you, sign up here for your daily insider's guide to advertising and media.Tips, comments, suggestions? Drop me a line at [email protected] or on Twitter at @lmoses. Getty Images MDC Partners' proposed merger with Stagwell is facing growing investo...
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How to reset your AirPods when they're not syncing or charging

It's easy to reset your AirPods if they're not functioning properly. Carol Yepes/Getty Images You can reset your AirPods if you've been experiencing difficulty with syncing or charging the Bluetooth headphones. For regular AirPods, AirPods Pro, or AirPods Max, resetting your headphones can be a quick fix for any bugs you may be experiencing. Visit Insider's Tech Reference library for more stories. Apple's AirPods have been revolutionary in the world of Bluetooth headpho...
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Google's diversity strat lead who said Jews have 'insatiable appetite for war' is no longer diversity strat lead

Not a fan of homosexuality, either, judging from 2007 blog posts A Googler who was supposed to steer diversity efforts at the internet titan has been removed from his post – after netizens found a 2007 blog post in which he suggested Jewish people had an “insatiable appetite for war and killing" when acting in self-defense.…
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Google's diversity strat lead who said Jews show 'insatiable appetite for war' is no longer diversity strat lead

Not a fan of homosexuality, either, judging from 2007 blog posts A Googler who was supposed to steer diversity efforts at the internet titan has been removed from his post – after netizens found a 2007 blog post in which he suggested Jewish people had an “insatiable appetite for war and killing" when acting in self-defense.…
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Facebook will end special treatment for politicians after Trump ban - report

Reported change comes after the Facebook oversight board said that the same rules should apply to all usersFacebook is planning to end its policy that shields politicians from content moderation rules, the Verge reported on Thursday.The reported change comes as Facebook is expected to announce its response to recommendations made by the company’s oversight board when it ruled on the firm’s suspension of Donald Trump. Continue reading...
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For SaaS startups, differentiation is an iterative process

Jason VandeBoom Contributor Share on Twitter Jason VandeBoom is founder and CEO of ActiveCampaign, a customer experience automation (CXA) company. Software as a service has been thriving as a sector for years, but it has gone into overdrive in the past year as businesses responded to the pandemic by speeding up the migration of important functions to the cloud. We’ve all seen the news of SaaS startups raising large funding rou...
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Daily Crunch: Canada and Australia get first look at Twitter Blue subscription service

To get a roundup of TechCrunch’s biggest and most important stories delivered to your inbox every day at 3 p.m. PDT, subscribe here. Hello and welcome to Daily Crunch for June 3, 2021. If you are a startup founder or early employee or investor, there’s good news on the TechCrunch front today: The start of the Disrupt agenda is live! It’s going to be one hell of a show for anyone interested in startups and how they grow. See you there! — Alex The TechCrunch Top 3 United goes Boom: News broke t...
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As an early Prime Day 2021 deal, Prime members can get up to 6 months of Amazon Music Unlimited for free

If you buy through our links, we may earn money from affiliate partners. Learn more. Alyssa Powell/Business Insider Amazon Music Unlimited has a library of 70 million songs and HD audio support. All Prime Members who are new to Music Unlimited can now get four months for free. Prime members can get six months of Music Unlimited for free with select Echo purchases. Music Unlimited (small) Echo Dot (4th Gen) and 6 months of Amazon Music Unlimited (small) As part of an early Prime Day 20...
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Medium sees more employee exits after CEO publishes ‘culture memo’

In April, Medium CEO Ev Williams wrote a memo to his staff about the company’s shifting culture in the wake of a challenging year. “A healthy culture brings out the best in people,” he wrote. “They feel psychologically safe voicing their ideas and engaging in debate to find the best answer to any question — knowing that their coworkers are assuming good intent and giving them the benefit of the doubt because they give that in return.” A few paragraphs later, Williams wrote that while counterpers...
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This deep-dive course package can teach you American Sign Language for under $20

A Chicago-area kindergarten teacher is teaching it to her young students. A new AI-driven game is teaching it to families. And Apple is recognizing it with staff support in all of its retail outlets. Only Spanish and French are more widely studied languages in the U.S. — Read the rest
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