When do you use et al. as opposed to listing out the authors? First names? Middle initials? Jr?

 If I was refering to the paper with bibtex entry: @misc{BCDDL-2018,  author    = {Jeffrey Bosboom and               Spencer Congero and               Erik D. Demaine and               Martin L. Demaine and               Jayson Lynch},  title     = {Losing at Checkers is Hard},  year      = {2018},  note      = {\newline\url{}},}(The paper is here.)I would write Bosboom et al.~\cite{BCDDL-2018} proved that trying to lose at checkers (perhaps you are playing a child...
Tags: Google, Seo, Erdos, Baker, Michael J Fox, Robinson, Julia, Jr, Stein, NP, Vanessa Williams, Michael Fox, Christos, Hilbert, Ryan Williams, Alan Baker

Eastward...Ho! Day 1 - The Saint Francis Motorcycle Museum

 We left the Metro Denver area just before 9AM, Martha and I, towing the Samurai and with Yagi on the VRRV's front rack.  We'll be taking our time and planning on attending a Suzuki Samurai Rally in Kentucky, take in a set of Whiskey Distillery Tours with friends Jane and Larry and then drive on to Virginia for a bit to visit with them at their home.By noon we were in the small town of Saint Francis, KS and touring the motorcycle museum Martha had found via Google.It's not a very big museum but ...
Tags: Google, Kentucky, Virginia, Motorcycles, Merkel, Kansas, Honda, Cleveland, Harley Davidson, Samurai, Larry, Jefferson, Martha, Jane, Fitchburg, Iver Johnson

Apple’s App Tracking Transparency Has Advertisers Scrambling, With Concern More Is to Come

Apple customers are among some of the most desirable for marketers, given their willingness to pay more than $1,000 for a cellphone. They also collectively generate more than $500 billion a year in revenue via in-app billings, a statistic that inspires advertisers to pay top dollar for real estate on an iPhone. However, on April...
Tags: Apple, Advertising, Magazine, The Future of Identity

Geologists Marvel at Alaska Glacier's Rare 'Surge' -- Up to 60 Feet a Day

The hills of ice at the base of Alaska's Muldrow Glacier "have sat undisturbed and covered by tundra for more than 60 years," reports the Washington Post, adding that in normal years the glacier only moves about three inches a day. But that's suddenly changed, and they're now moving between 360 and 720 inches a day (that is, 30 to 60 feet, every day). The rare phenomenon began last fall some 12 miles uphill. That's where the glacier initially started sliding, its smooth surface ice cracking u...
Tags: Washington Post, Tech, Alaska, Alaska Range, Muldrow, Alaska Glacier, Chad Hults

Sidewalk Robots are Now Delivering Food in Miami

18-inch tall robots on four wheels zipping across city sidewalks "stopped people in their tracks as they whipped out their camera phones," reports the Florida Sun-Sentinel. "The bots' mission: To deliver restaurant meals cheaply and efficiently, another leap in the way food comes to our doors and our tables." The semiautonomous vehicles were engineered by Kiwibot, a company started in 2017 to game-change the food delivery landscape... In May, Kiwibot sent a 10-robot fleet to Miami as part o...
Tags: Florida, Los Angeles, Tech, Miami, Berkeley, University Of California, Knight Foundation, Kiwi, Santa Monica, Miami Dade County, Broward County, Brickell, Sun Sentinel, Kiwibot, Kiwibot Miami Dade County, Carlos Cruz Casas

Boxing legend Floyd Mayweather faces YouTube star Logan Paul in a PPV match tonight - here's how to watch the fight live

If you buy through our links, we may earn money from affiliate partners. Learn more. Photo by Eva Marie Uzcategui / AFP via Getty Images Undefeated boxer Floyd Mayweather will fight YouTube star Logan Paul in a PPV event at 8 p.m. ET. The $50 pay-per-view (PPV) is available to order via Showtime, Fanmio, and most cable providers. A Showtime plan is not needed to order the PPV, and existing members still need to pay the $50 fee. Boxing PPV: Mayweather vs. Paul (small) YouTube star Logan...
Tags: Apple, Youtube, NFL, Trends, Showtime, Sony, Ufc, Floyd Mayweather, Conor Mcgregor, Afp, Chad Johnson, Badou Jack, PAUL, Jake, Logan, Miami Florida

Walmart Will Give 740,000 Employees a Free Smartphone

"Walmart will give 740,000 employees free Samsung smartphones by the end of the year," reports CBS News, "so they can use a new app to manage schedules, the company announced Thursday." The phone, the Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro, can also be used for personal use, and the company will provide free cases and protection plans. The phone's retail price is currently $499... Up until now, associates at Walmart stores used handheld devices they shared to communicate, but an initial test with employee s...
Tags: Cbs News, Samsung, Tech, Walmart

Cupid’s needle? UK under-30s wooed with dating app vaccine bonus

Apps such as Hinge and Bumble will offer benefits to vaccinated users amid fears of low take-up Coronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageFirst came the idea of making Covid vaccinations mandatory to go to the pub, while Israel offered free pizza and beer with a shot. Now UK officials have hit on what they hope is an even more persuasive reason for young people to get their jab: more chance of getting a date.In an eye-catching policy coinciding with the rollout of vaccinations ...
Tags: Health, Apps, Politics, UK, Technology, Tinder, Israel, Society, UK News, Public services policy, Dating, Infectious Diseases, Health policy, Vaccines and immunisation, Bumble, Department of Health and Social Care DHSC

Gillmor Gang: Fractured Fairy Tales

1971 is the name of the year and an Apple TV+ documentary series billed as The Year That Music Changed Everything. It’s also the number of hours the former President kept up his blog From the Desk Of. No, that’s not true. But it is satisfactual. The thesis of the movie 1971 is that music suddenly came into its own a year and a half past the Beatles’ sell date. In fact, the filmmakers make a very good case for this, with lots of studio footage of Elton John, Isaac Hayes, Andy Warhol and the Lo...
Tags: Apple, TC, Facebook, Twitter, Video, France, Tech, United States, Gillmor Gang, Joni Mitchell, Keith Richards, Beatles, Steve Gillmor, Keith Teare, Frank Radice, Kurt Vonnegut

WWDC 2021 rumor roundup: iOS 15 features, MacBook Pro update, more

WWDC 2021 will be a virtual event this year, and we expect Apple to unveil iOS 15, watchOS 8, and much more.
Tags: Apple

Elon Musk officially hits the brakes on Tesla Model S Plaid+

Tesla CEO Elon has made it official and publicly cancelled plans to produce the Model S Plaid+, a supercharged version of the upcoming Plaid version of the electric vehicle that will be delivered to the first customers this month. Musk’s reason: Plaid is so good that another variant isn’t needed. “Model S goes to Plaid speed this week,” Musk tweeted on Sunday. “Plaid+ is canceled. No need, as Plaid speed is just so good.” Model S goes to Plaid speed this week — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) June 6,...
Tags: TC, Transportation, Elon Musk, Tech, Tesla, Tesla Model S, Musk, Elon, Tesla Model S Plaid

Google’s Gradient Ventures leads $8.2M Series A for Vault Platform’s misconduct reporting SaaS

Fixing workplace misconduct reporting is a mission that’s snagged London-based Vault Platform backing from Google’s AI focused fund, Gradient Ventures, which is the lead investor in an $8.2 million Series A that’s being announced today. Other investors joining the round are Illuminate Financial, along with existing investors including Kindred Capital and Angular Ventures. Its $4.2M seed round was closed back in 2019. Vault sells a suite of SaaS tools to enterprise-sized or large/scale-up compani...
Tags: Google, London, La, US, Tech, Eu, SEC, Volkswagen, Boeing, Vault, SPAC, Panasonic Avionics, Meidav, Anna Patterson, Gradient Ventures, EU Whistleblower Protection Directive

RISC Vs. CISC Is the Wrong Lens For Comparing Modern x86, ARM CPUs

Long-time Slashdot reader Dputiger writes: Go looking for the difference between x86 and ARM CPUs, and you'll run into the idea of CISC versus RISC immediately. But 40 years after the publication of David Patterson and David Ditzel's 1981 paper, "The Case for a Reduced Instruction Set Computer," CISC and RISC are poor top-level categories for comparing these two CPU families. ExtremeTech writes: The problem with using RISC versus CISC as a lens for comparing modern x86 versus ARM CPUs is that...
Tags: Tech, Intel, Amd, TSMC, Slashdot, David Patterson, RYZEN, Dputiger, David Ditzel

Global G7 deal may let Amazon off hook on tax, say experts

Exclusive: communique from ministers suggests deal only applies to ‘profit exceeding a 10% margin’, which could rule out AmazonExperts have raised concerns that Amazon may escape paying significantly more tax in some of its biggest markets unless world leaders close a large loophole in a historic global deal.Finance ministers in London from the G7 group of wealthy nations, including representatives of the UK, US and EU, on Saturday agreed the landmark deal aimed at making the biggest companies s...
Tags: Apple, Google, Amazon, Facebook, Technology, London, Microsoft, Eu, World news, G7, UK US, Apple Microsoft Google

Windows 10 Notifies Users They Should Make Bing Their Browser's Default Search Engine

Today ZDNet's "Technically Incorrect" columnist Chris Matyszczyk discussed a new pop-up message that's now appearing in Windows 10's notification center. It's warning Windows users that "Microsoft recommends different browser settings. Want to change them?" The notification adds that you'll get "Search that gives you back time and money." And "fast and secure search results with Bing." Oh, yes. Bing, the MySpace to Google's Facebook, is still being pushed. I learned that this Bing-pushing is ...
Tags: Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Tech, Reddit, Bing, Chris Matyszczyk, Redmond, Zdnet

Will Labor Shortages Give Workers More Power?

It's been argued that technology (especially automation) will continue weakening the position of workers. But today the senior economics correspondent for The New York Times argues a "profound shift" happening in America is instead something else. "For the first time in a generation, workers are gaining the upper hand..." Up and down the wage scale, companies are becoming more willing to pay a little more, to train workers, to take chances on people without traditional qualifications, and to ...
Tags: Florida, America, Tech, New York Times, Ibm, Congressional Budget Office, Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Lorick, Obed Louissaint, Louissaint

ROM Site Owner Made $30,000 a Year -- Now Owes Nintendo $2.1 Million

An anonymous reader quotes Ars Technica: The now-unemployed owner of a shuttered ROM distribution site has been ordered to pay $2.1 million in damages to Nintendo after trying and failing to defend himself in the case. In September 2019, Nintendo filed a lawsuit against Los Angeles resident Matthew Storman over his operation of, which offered prominent downloads of "Nintendo Switch Scene Roms" and other copyrighted game files. At the time, Nintendo said that the site had been ...
Tags: Los Angeles, Tech, Ars Technica, Nintendo, Storman, Matthew Storman

Apple paid millions to woman after explicit photos posted online

Apple paid millions of dollars to a student after iPhone repair technicians posted explicit photos and videos from her phone to Facebook, legal documents have revealed.The tech giant agreed a settlement with the 21-year-old after... [Author: [email protected]]
Tags: Apple, Facebook, Business

GameStop earnings, Colonial Pipeline hearing and inflation data top week ahead

GameStop earnings, Apple's developer conference, and a hearing on the Colonial Pipeline hacking are among the big events that will capture investor attention in the coming week.
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Apple's MagSafe Devices May Affect Pacemakers

The American Heart Association is a research-funding nonprofit. One of its publications, The Journal of the American Heart Association, "has concurred with a previous report by the Heart Rhythm Journal which said close contact with an iPhone 12 affected certain implantable cardiac devices," writes Apple Insider. As with that report, the American Heart Association says the effect are solely when the iPhone is on or very near the implant... "Our study demonstrates that magnet reversion mode may b...
Tags: Apple, Tech, Apple Inc, Max, Heart Association, American Heart Association, Journal of the American Heart Association, Heart Rhythm Journal

Here's what to expect at Apple's WWDC this week

Revamped MacBooks. Updated iMessage features. An overhaul of the iPad operating system. These are among the announcements Apple may make this week during its Worldwide Developer Conference, a multi-day event that kicks off Monday.
Tags: Apple, Cnn

EFF Argues 'If Not Overturned, a Bad Copyright Decision Will Lead Many Americans to Lose Internet Access'

The EFF's senior staff attorney and their legal intern are warning that a bad copyright decision by a district court judge could lead many Americans to lose their internet access. "In going after ISPs for the actions of just a few of their users, Sony Music, other major record labels, and music publishing companies have found a way to cut people off of the internet based on mere accusations of copyright infringement." When these music companies sued Cox Communications, an ISP, the court got t...
Tags: Tech, Sony, Dmca, Zillow, Cox, District Court, Ninth Circuit, Cox Communications, Sony Music, Grady

Proven Against Coronavirus, mRNA Can Do So Much More

A long read in Wired argues that the mRNA vaccine revolution is just beginning. CNN explains why scientists are so excited: When the final Phase 3 data came out last November showing the mRNA vaccines made by Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna were more than 90% effective, Dr. Anthony Fauci had no words. He texted smiley face emojis to a journalist seeking his reaction. This astonishing efficacy has held up in real-world studies in the U.S., Israel and elsewhere. The mRNA technology developed for it...
Tags: Israel, Tech, Cnn, Anthony Fauci, Zika, Moderna, Pfizer BioNTech, BioNTech Pfizer

Tesco just slashed the price of Apple's iPhone 12 and that's not all - Daily Express

Tesco just slashed the price of Apple's iPhone 12 and that's not all   Daily Express
Tags: Apple, Shopping, Tesco

FBI Charges Woman With Writing Code For 'Trickbot' Ransomware Gang

Slashdot reader Charlotte Web summarizes a Department of Justice press release: The U.S. Department of Justice says "millions" of computers around the world were infected with the Trickbot malware, which was used "to harvest banking credentials and deliver ransomware." In February they arrested a 55-year-old woman in Miami, Florida, saying she and her associates "are accused of infecting tens of millions of computers worldwide, in an effort to steal financial information to ultimately siphon ...
Tags: Russia, Tech, Ap, Fbi, Department Of Justice, Max, Task Force, U S Department of Justice, Miami Florida, CLEVELAND Ohio, Witte, Lisa O Monaco, Charlotte Web, Eric B Smith, Cleveland Field Office In October ZDNet, Alla Witte

G7 deal is as much about balance of power as global tax reform | Richard Partington

The real story includes the reconciling of domestic interests with international demandsA historic agreement has been reached. For decades multinational corporations have abused gaps in an international tax system that has barely changed since agreements made at the League of Nations in the 1920s.After meetings in London at the weekend, the message from the G7 group of wealthy nations is clear: time is up on tax havens. In a landmark move, a global minimum rate of corporation tax has been agreed...
Tags: Google, Europe, Business, Politics, London, Economics, European Union, UK News, World news, Joe Biden, US news, Tax Avoidance, Corporate Governance, Brexit, G7, Facebook Apple

Elon Musk has been criticized for his 'trolling' crypto tweets in a video claimed to have been made by Anonymous

Elon Musk. NurPhoto/Contributor/Getty Images "Hacktivists" Anonymous may have been behind a video attacking Elon Musk's cryptocurrency comments. The video accuses Musk of constantly trolling the crypto markets that have "destroyed lives." It follows an 8% slide in bitcoin's value after Musk hinted at a split with the digital token. See more stories on Insider's business page. A YouTube video claimed to have been made by "hacktivist" group Anonymous targeted Elon Musk for "con...
Tags: Twitter, Spacex, Elon Musk, Trends, Tech, Tesla, Anonymous, Bitcoin, Musk, Forbes, Tech Insider, Minneapolis Police Department, Weekend BI UK, Zahra Tayeb

Apple employees have written a letter expressing their frustration over Tim Cook's order to return to the office

Apple CEO Tim Cook. Karl Mondon/Digital First Media/The Mercury News via Getty Images Apple employees are revolting against CEO Tim Cook over orders to return to the office. Workers say they feel "unheard" and "ignored" over the company's new work policy. According to The Verge, around 80 people were involved in writing and editing the message. See more stories on Insider's business page. Dozens of Apple employees have written a letter signaling their frustration with a policy as...
Tags: Apple, Facebook, Cook, Trends, Tech, Tim Cook, Big Tech, Tech Insider, Getty Images Apple, Tim Cook Karl Mondon, Weekend BI UK, Zahra Tayeb

A rare NASA camera lens created by Zeiss is going up for auction in Austria, while a Leica prototype by Apple's Jony Ive has been pulled from the sale

Carl Zeiss Planar 50mm lens with an aperture of 0.7f. Leitz Photographica Auction A rare Ziess lens designed for NASA's Apollo moon missions will go up for auction in Vienna. Germany lens maker Ziess produced 10 of the Zeiss Planar 0.7/50 lenses, selling most to NASA. The lens is expected to sell for between €100,000 and €120,000 in next weekend's auction. See more stories on Insider's business page. When one of the rarest photo lenses in the world goes up for auction next wee...
Tags: Apple, Germany, US, Trends, Nasa, Austria, Vienna, Stanley Kubrick, Nikon, Walker Evans, Jony Ive, Electric Motor, Leica, Zeiss, Vienna Austria, Hotel Bristol

"The moon in China has a special meaning. And when it's full, that represents the fullness and reunification of the family. So that poem struck the deep core of my heart whenever I miss my family."

Says Yuan Haiwang, author of "This Is China: The First 5,000 Years," quoted in "Li Bai and Du Fu: China's drunken superstar poets" (BBC). He was talking about a poem by Li Bai (701-762 AD).Moonlight in front of my bed I took it for frost on the ground I lift my head, gaze at the mountain moon Lower it, and think of home.I'm reading that this morning because a reader, K, saw my post about "tangping" and emailed:Tang was the greatest age of Chinese poetry and the greatest Tang poetry included atta...
Tags: Google, Law, China, Poetry, Bbc, Beijing, Language, The moon, Concord, Euclid, Tang, G.K. Chesterton, Thoreau, Walden Pond, Ann Althouse, Chesterton

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