Apple’s biggest WWDC 2021 announcements, in one handy list

WWDC 2021 happened today, and as usual, Apple had a ton of news to announce at the event. Then again, with no hardware to announce, it wasn’t exactly the most exciting WWDC of all time, but here’s the best of what we learned from the company’s virtual conference. iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 Apple announced iOS and iPadOS 15 today. Big surprise! The updates do bring some useful new features, including text recognition in images, new AR features in Apple Maps, revamped notifications, government ID integr...
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Apple Music Now Rolling Out Support for Spatial Audio and Lossless Audio

Following Apple's announcement during the WWDC keynote that Spatial Audio and Lossless Audio for Apple Music would be rolling out today, the feature now appears to be going live for some users. For many users, restarting their device appears to trigger activation of the feature, but others have reported that a restart hasn't helped, so users may just need to be patient until it becomes available to them. Once it's available, you'll see a new option in the Music section of the Settings app wh...
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Huge two-day underwater avalanche sent mud 1,000km into ocean

Event may have gone unnoticed had it not slowed data traffic between Nigeria and South AfricaA vast underwater avalanche sent mud and sand more than 1,000km out into the ocean over the course of two days, rupturing submarine cables and disrupting internet traffic on Africa’s western coast, scientists have revealed.The avalanche, the longest sediment flow ever recorded, travelled more than 1,100km from its source at the mouth of the Congo river along a deep ocean canyon, according to a new study....
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Les Canadiens de Montréal sont en demi-finale des séries éliminatoires de la Coupe St

I hope Google is correct... The Montreal Canadiens Are In The Semi-finals of the Stanley Cup Playoffs The Montreal Canadiens have swept their series with the Winnipeg Jets.  Final score was 3-2 in OT. They'll face the winner of Vegas/Colorado in the semi-finals. GWG is below. Continue reading "Les Canadiens de Montréal sont en demi-finale des séries éliminatoires de la Coupe St"
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Apple Music now rolling out Spatial Audio and Lossless songs for subscribers

Earlier today, Apple announced at WWDC 2021 that Apple Music Lossless and the Spatial Audio feature would be made available to all users...
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Apple’s new encrypted browsing feature won’t be available in China, Saudi Arabia and more: report

Apple announced a handful of privacy-focused updates at its annual software developer conference on Monday. One called Private Relay particularly piques the interest of Chinese users living under the country’s censorship system, for it encrypts all browsing history so nobody can track or intercept the data. As my colleague Roman Dillet explains: When Private Relay is turned on, nobody can track your browsing history — not your internet service provider, anyone standing in the middle of your requ...
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Reducing Poverty Can Actually Lower Energy Demand, Finds Research

An anonymous reader shares a report from The Conversation: As people around the world escape poverty, you might expect their energy use to increase. But my research in Nepal, Vietnam, and Zambia found the opposite: lower levels of deprivation were linked to lower levels of energy demand. What is behind this counterintuitive finding? [...] We found that households that do have access to clean fuels, safe water, basic education and adequate food -- that is, those not in extreme poverty -- can use ...
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iOS 15 'iCloud Private Relay' Feature Won't Be Available in China, Belarus, Saudi Arabia, South Africa and More

Alongside iOS 15, Apple introduced an iCloud+ service that adds new features to its paid ‌iCloud‌ plans. One of these features is ‌iCloud‌ Private Relay, which is designed to encrypt all of the traffic leaving your device so no one can intercept it or read it. Apple did not mention country limitations for the feature when announcing it, but Apple told Reuters that Private Relay will not be launching in China, Belarus, Colombia, Egypt, Kazakhstan, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Turkmenistan, Ugan...
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Here's Everything Apple Announced at WWDC 2021

Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference keynote is always jam-packed with announcements of new features coming to all of your Apple devices later in the fall, and this year’s event was no exception.Read more...
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Swift Playgrounds For iPadOS 15 Lets You Build Apps On the iPad, Submit Them To the App Store

For the first time, you can code, iterate and build apps on the iPad itself. 9to5Mac reports: Using Swift Playgrounds on iPadOS 15, customers will be able to create iPhone and iPad apps from scratch and then deploy them to the App Store. It remains to be seen how limited or not the development experience will be. It is probably notable that Apple chose not to rebrand this as "Xcode," signifying that you aren't going to be able to do everything you can do with Xcode on the Mac. TechCrunch highlig...
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Everything Apple Announced at Today's WWDC 2021 Keynote in 9 Minutes

Today's WWDC keynote event saw Apple introduce iOS 15, iPadOS 15, macOS Monterey, watchOS 8, and tvOS 15, all of which have exciting new features that will make the Apple ecosystem better than ever. Subscribe to the MacRumors YouTube channel for more videos. For those that did not get a chance to see the keynote event and don't want to spend close to two hours watching it later, we've condensed everything Apple announced into nine minutes, providing a quick overview of everything notable. I...
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iPad widgets are coming to iOS 15: Apple's revamped multitasking features from WWDC

Apple unveiled iPadOS 15 at WWDC 21, and new features include revamped multitasking and widgets.
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iOS 15 'iCloud Private Relay' Feature Won't Be Available in China, Belarus, Saudi Arabia, South Africa..

Alongside iOS 15, Apple introduced an iCloud+ service that adds new features to its paid iCloud plans. One of these features is iCloud...
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MoviePass Settles With FTC Over Fraud and Data Security Failures

On Monday, the Federal Trade Commission charged the executives of the long-defunct MoviePass app over allegations that they fraudulently blocked customers from using the service as advertised while failing to protect their data privacy. The FTC also announced that it had reached a settlement with MoviePass and its executives as a result of the investigation. The Verge reports: Under the proposed settlement, MoviePass, its parent company Helios and Matheson Analytics, its CEO Mitch Lowe, and chai...
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Creating A Niche Famous Brand

Ask anyone who has even a passing interest in New Orleans brass bands and they will tell you they know of The Dirty Dozen Brass Band. Ask pretty much anyone else, and you’re likely to get a shrug of the shoulders were you to mention their band name. You see, fame’s a funny thing really isn’t it. We all know of the type of fame you see in your Pacino’s, Beckham’s, and Beyonce’s of the world. But what’s easily forgotten is that there is a different type of fame – what we might call ‘niche fame’. ...
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Download the new macOS Monterey wallpapers right here

Apple announced macOS Monterey today at the opening keynote of WWDC 2021. This year’s update to the Mac operating system brought...
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PGP Turns 30

prz writes: PGP just hit its 30th birthday. Before 1991, the average person had essentially no tools to communicate securely over long distances. That changed with PGP, which sparked the Crypto Wars of the 1990s. "Here we are, three decades later, and strong crypto is everywhere," writes PGP developer Phil Zimmermann in a blog post. "What was glamorous in the 1990s is now mundane. So much has changed in those decades. That's a long time in dog years and technology years. My own work shifted to e...
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So long, wallets. In iOS 15, your iPhone will even hold your driver's license

Apple's Wallet app is taking big steps towards replacing your actual wallet. Here's what we heard at WWDC.
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iOS 15 Find My App Lets You Find Devices That Are Turned Off or Erased

Apple is making some major improvements to the Find My app in iOS 15, making it easier to keep track of your Apple devices and AirTags. With the ‌Find My‌ network, Apple says that you can locate devices even after they've been turned off, a feature that's helpful if a missing device is stolen and disabled or if a lost device has a low battery. It's not clear how this feature works, but it likely will show the last known location that your device was known to be at. Apple also says that the...
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The Bob Ross Virtual Art Gallery: A New Site Presents 403 Paintings from The Joy of Painting Series

“We don’t make mistakes. We have happy accidents,” the late Bob Ross soothed fans painting along at home, while brushing an alarming amount of black onto one of his signature nature scenes. His mellow on-camera demeanor and flowing, wet-on-wet oil painting style were perfectly calibrated to help tightly-wound viewers relax into a right-brained groove. The creators of the Bob Ross Virtual Art Gallery take a more left brained approach. Having collected data on Ross’ evergreen series, The Joy o...
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Apple finally launches a Screen Time API for app developers

Just after the release of iOS 12 in 2018, Apple introduced its own built-in screen time tracking tools and controls. In then began cracking down on third-party apps that had implemented their own screen time systems, saying they had done so through via technologies that risked user privacy. What wasn’t available at the time? A Screen Time API that would have allowed developers to tap into Apple’s own Screen Time system and build their own experiences that augmented its capabilities. That’s now c...
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HomeKit Secure Video Cameras Can Notify You When a Package Has Arrived Starting With iOS 15

Starting with iOS 15 and iPadOS 15, which will be publicly released in the fall, security cameras and video doorbells that support HomeKit Secure Video can now detect and notify you when a package has been delivered. HomeKit Secure Video, available on iOS 13.2 and later, leverages iCloud to securely stream and store video clips from compatible HomeKit-enabled indoor and outdoor cameras and doorbells, with end-to-end encryption. HomeKit Secure Video cameras and doorbells are managed through th...
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Apple and Google Go All In On Digital Car Keys

Apple today announced expanded support for digital car keys in iOS 15 during its WWDC keynote. Combined with Google’s recent Android announcements at its own developers conference, it’s clear that the big transition to digital car keys will begin in earnest later this fall.Read more...
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Microsoft's Kate Crawford: 'AI Is Neither Artificial Nor Intelligent'

An anonymous reader shares an excerpt from an interview The Guardian conducted with Microsoft's Kate Crawford. "Kate Crawford studies the social and political implications of artificial intelligence," writes Zoe Corbyn via The Guardian. "She is a research professor of communication and science and technology studies at the University of Southern California and a senior principal researcher at Microsoft Research. Her new book, Atlas of AI, looks at what it takes to make AI and what's at stake as ...
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Surface Pro X slashed by $200 during this early Prime Day deal

Staples is offering $200 off the Microsoft Surface Pro X, a gorgeous 13-inch Windows 10 tablet that converts quickly into a laptop with the wireless keyboard.
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Apple’s new App Store guidelines put scammers and bounty hunters on notice

The rules are clearer now; will the enforcement follow?
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6 career options for ex-founders seeking their next adventure

David Teten Contributor Share on Twitter David Teten is founder of Versatile VC and writes periodically at and @dteten. More posts by this contributor How to win consulting, board and deal roles with PE and VC funds 5 innovative fundraising methods for emerging VCs and PEs Hey, founders between gigs: What now? If you exited your last company for airplane money and are now independently...
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Windows 10 Notifies Users They Should Make Bing Their Browser's Default Search Engine (slashdot)

Today ZDNet's "Technically Incorrect" columnist Chris Matyszczyk discussed a new pop-up message that's now appearing in Windows 10's notification center. It's warning Windows users that "Microsoft recommends different browser settings. Want to change them?" The notification adds that you'll get "Search that gives you back time and money." And "fast and secure search results with Bing." Oh, yes. Bing, the MySpace to Google's Facebook, is still being pushed. I learned that this Bing-pushing is ...
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Apple announces iCloud+ with privacy-focused features (techcrunch)

Apple is rolling out some updates to iCloud under the name iCloud+. The company is announcing those features at its developer conference. Existing paid iCloud users are going to get those iCloud+ features for the same monthly subscription price. In Safari, Apple is going to launch a new privacy feature called Private Relay. It sounds a bit like the new DNS feature that Apple has been developing with Cloudflare. Originally named Oblivious DNS-over-HTTPS, Private Relay could be a better name for s...
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How to download MacOS Monterey beta

Apple announced the next version of its MacOS operating system. Known as Monterey, developers can begin downloading MacOS 12 in beta form right now.
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