Apple details how Spatial Audio works on Apple TV with tvOS 15

Apple has finally explained how Spatial Audio for AirPods users will work on Apple TV with the tvOS 15 update coming this fall.
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The First 'Google Translate' For Elephants Debuts

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Scientific American: Elephants possess an incredibly rich repertoire of communication techniques, including hundreds of calls and gestures that convey specific meanings and can change depending on the context. Different elephant populations also exhibit culturally learned behaviors unique to their specific group. Elephant behaviors are so complex, in fact, that even scientists may struggle to keep up with them all. Now, to get the animals and researchers ...
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Democrats plan to take on big tech with 5 major antitrust bills aimed at making it easier to weaken monopolies

ANGELA WEISS/AFP via Getty Images/Rich Fury/Getty Images/Stephen J. Cohen/WireImage/Mateusz Wlodarczyk/NurPhoto via Getty Images House Democrats plan to introduce five bills aimed at weakening big tech monopolies, Politico reported. The bills would let regulators block mergers between rivals and unwind past ones, and bar some anticompetitive practices. The bills reflect recommendations from the House's landmark antitrust investigation and report last year. See more stories on Insider&...
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Instagram CEO Says Facebook Will Help Users Get Around Apple's Cut of Transactions

An anonymous reader quotes a report from CNBC: Facebook is setting its sights on the creator economy, hoping to allow millions of people to make a living off its family of apps. But the company wants to promote offline transactions between creators and companies in order to avoid Apple's 30% cut of in-app purchases, Instagram head Adam Mosseri said Wednesday. "When there are digital transactions that happen on iOS, Apple insists that they take 30% of that. There's a very few number of exceptions...
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Would You Buy a Black’s Law Dictionary for $84.95?

Would you buy a Black’s Law Dictionary for $84.95? Or $41.95 for the Pocket Edition? Or $150 for the Deluxe Edition? West Publishing, now part of Thomson Reuters, has been publishing Blacks Law Dictionary since 1890. One hundred and thirty-two years. For only fifteen of those years have we had an Internet equipped with enough legal information for lawyers to turn to the Internet for a lot of what they are looking for. Talking to a group of lawyers yesterday in a blog consultation, one of the pa...
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Dolby Atmos Music through Apple’s $549 headphones left us shrugging

We take Apple Music's new Dolby Atmos spatial audio catalog of tracks for a spin to see if the immersive format actually delivers a better music experience.
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Android 12 Beta 2: Pixel 5 finally gets ‘Columbus’ double-tap back gesture with ‘Quick Tap’

Google has finally activated the feature we reported on over a year ago, "Columbus," now known as "Quick Tap on the Pixel 5 in Android 12.
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What is spatial audio? Apple’s 3D sound feature fully explained

Apple is officially rolling out support for spatial audio to Apple Music and more. Here's your guide to everything you need to know about this new audio format.
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Google Used Reinforcement Learning To Design Next-Gen AI Accelerator Chips

Chip floorplanning is the engineering task of designing the physical layout of a computer chip. In a paper published in the journal Nature, Google researchers applied a deep reinforcement learning approach to chip floorplanning, creating a new technique that "automatically generates chip floorplans that are superior or comparable to those produced by humans in all key metrics, including power consumption, performance and chip area." VentureBeat reports: The Google team's solution is a reinforcem...
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Rediscover your city through a new Lens this summer

With warmer weather upon us and many places reopening in the U.K., it’s the perfect time to go out and reconnect with your surroundings. Whether it’s soaking up that panoramic view of a city skyline that you’ve really missed, or wondering what that interesting tree species was that you pass every day on your park walk, many of us feel ready to reconnect with our cities in new ways. British cities are especially ripe for rediscovery. As the country emerges from a long lockdown and people start...
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Americans Pocketed $4 Billion In Bitcoin Profits In 2020, Analysis Reveals

Americans got richer off bitcoin than any other country last year -- pocketing $4.1 billion in profits as the price of the volatile cryptocurrency soared to $29,000 from under $10,000, according to a new analysis. The New York Post reports: The US was followed by China, which cashed out some $1.1 billion in profits in 2020, according to data published Monday by blockchain firm Chainalysis. Japan came in third with $900 million, followed by the United Kingdom with $800 million and Russia with $60...
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BukuWarung, a fintech for Indonesian MSMEs, scores $60M Series A led by Valar and Goodwater

BukuWarung, a fintech focused on Indonesia’s micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs), announced today it has raised a $60 million Series A. The oversubscribed round was led by Valar Ventures, marking the firm’s first investment in Indonesia, and Goodwater Capital. The Jakarta-based startup claims this is the largest Series A round ever raised by a startup focused on services for MSMEs. BukuWarung did not disclose its valuation, but sources tell TechCrunch it is estimated to be between $225 m...
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Trump just shat on 46M Bitcoin HODLers — Good luck in 2024

The last US presidential election featured the highest voter turnout in the nation’s history. The candidates received a combined 155.4 million votes with just over seven million separating them. That’s a margin of about 4%. By that math it would seem like incredibly poor judgment if a candidate were to intentionally disrespect a group of people representing as much as 20% of the US adult voting population. Enter the 45th president of the United States of America, Donald Trump. Despite his numero...
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‘Invasion’ Trailer: New Apple TV+ Series Explores an Alien Invasion From Around the World

What would you do if aliens threatened to land on Earth? It’s one of the most frequently-posed questions across all of science fiction, and the upcoming Apple TV+ series Invasion is poised to ask it one more time. Simon Kinberg, the producer behind many of the X-Men movies and Star Wars Rebels, is teaming up with David Weil, the showrunner of Amazon’s Hunters and Solos, for a ten-episode streaming show with a sprawling cast that “will make you question what you would do under extraterrestrial t...
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Apple might’ve leaked the ‘M1X MacBook Pro’ on YouTube, and no one noticed

Here’s a fascinating little mystery. Going into WWDC 2021, it seemed quite likely Apple would announce the rumored redesigned MacBook Pro, along with a more powerful update to the M1 processor, perhaps called the M2. That didn’t happen, so many concluded the leakers just got it wrong this time. But then @maxbalzer_ on Twitter noticed something interesting about the WWDC live stream on YouTube: Apple tagged it with the keywords ‘M1X’ and ‘M1X MacBook Pro.’ OK OK OK Everyone stay calm… but I just ...
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I Would Rather Die Than Let Facebook Monitor My Heart Rate

Facebook is reportedly developing a smartwatch to take on Apple, and while those of us who have been paying attention to Facebook’s shenanigans for several years now are cringing, clearly there’s a market for Facebook hardware—look at the success of its smart display, Portal.Read more...
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The Circles of Friendship

This chart caught my eye yesterday: It’s from Robin Dunbar’s recent book, Friends: Understanding the Power of Our Most Important Relationships. You might recall the author’s name from his concept of Dunbar’s number:1 that on average people can maintain about 150 friendships with others, a limit that is determined by human brain size and function. The chart is a more detailed version of the concept: it shows, roughly, the number of people we can have meaningful relationships with at various le...
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Daily Crunch: A crowded market for exits and acquisitions forecasts a hot AI summer

To get a roundup of TechCrunch’s biggest and most important stories delivered to your inbox every day at 3 p.m. PDT, subscribe here. Hello and welcome to Daily Crunch for June 9, 2021. Today was TC Sessions: Mobility, a rollicking good time and one that we hoped you enjoyed. Looking ahead, we’re starting to announce some speakers for Disrupt — including Accel’s Arun Mathew. Mark your calendars, Disrupt is going to be epic this year. — Alex The TechCrunch Top 3 Biden tears down Trump’s Chines...
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macOS Monterey Allows You to Erase a Mac Without Needing to Reinstall the Operating System

It's been a few days since Apple announced macOS Monterey, and we continue to dig through new features that weren't mentioned during the WWDC keynote, including a much more convenient way of erasing a Mac. Following in the footsteps of the iPhone and iPad, the Mac has gained an "Erase All Content and Settings" option on macOS Monterey. The option allows you to erase all user data and user-installed apps from your Mac without needing to reinstall the macOS operating system, making it far easie...
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Motional CEO hints at an autonomous future in logistics

Motional, the $4 billion joint venture between Aptiv and Hyundai, is exploring the company’s potential involvement in autonomous trucking or logistics, its CEO said today during a live session at TechCrunch’s 2021 Mobility Event. “The beauty of what’s on the other side of the coin is that the same core technology can of course apply to multiple use cases,” said Karl Iagnemma on the panel led by TechCrunch transportation editor Kirsten Korosec, who asked about Motional’s intention to expand its b...
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Conservatives Want Common Carriage. They're Not Going to Like It. (techdirt)

From calls to break up Big Tech to Florida’s latest anti-tech law, one thing is clear—America’s lawmakers and bureaucrats are looking to regulate the online world. Building on the momentum of the Facebook Oversight Board’s recent ruling on President Trump and Justice Thomas’s concurrence in Biden v. Knight Institute, alternative proposals like common carriage are gaining traction among conservative lawmakers looking for new regulatory solutions. More and more conservatives critique social medi...
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Does what happens at YC stay at YC?

Community has never felt louder in startupland. Bringing people together over a shared interest is innate to human nature. And, coming out of a lonely, draining pandemic, every startup wants to find a way to cultivate community, conversation and camaraderie as part of its value proposition. Last week, though, the outside world got a look at how Y Combinator, one of Silicon Valley’s most famed and feared accelerators, deals with the intricacy and nuance of a scaled, yet still ultra-exclusive, ...
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Apple's First AR Headset To Launch In Q2 of 2022

According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple is planning to debut its first augmented reality headset in the second quarter of 2022. MacRumors reports: The research report focuses on prospects for key Apple supplier Genius Electronic Optical, and notes that the company will benefit from a number of upcoming VR and AR products from the likes of Facebook, Sony, and Apple: "We predict that Apple will launch AR HMD [head-mounted display] devices in 2Q22. The device will provide a video see-through AR ex...
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What Would You Pay For Autonomous Driving? Volkswagen Hopes $8.50 Per Hour

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Ars Technica: The future of driving may cost you $8.50 per hour if Volkswagen follows through on its boardroom musings. The German automaker is considering charging an hourly fee for access to autonomous driving features once those features are ready. The company is also exploring a range of subscription features for its electric vehicles, including "range or performance" increases that can be purchased on an hourly or daily basis, said Thomas Ulbrich, a ...
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Apple Explains How Spatial Audio Head Tracking Will Work on Apple TV

With tvOS 15, Apple is bringing Spatial Audio to the Apple TV when the set-top box is used with AirPods Pro or AirPods Max. It has been unclear how this feature will work because the ‌Apple TV‌ does not have a U1 chip for head tracking purposes, but Apple recently gave an explanation to Engadget. When you’re watching a TV show or movie on the ‌Apple TV‌, the head tracking feature (powered by ‌AirPods Pro‌ or Max) detects that you’ve been looking in the same direction, calculates your probable...
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Linux X86/x86_64 Will Now Always Reserve the First 1MB of RAM

AmiMoJo shares a report from Phoronix: The Linux x86/x86_64 kernel code already had logic in place for reserving portions of the first 1MB of RAM to avoid the BIOS or kernel potentially clobbering that space among other reasons while now Linux 5.13 is doing away with that 'wankery' and will just unconditionally always reserve the first 1MB of RAM. The Linux kernel was already catering to Intel Sandy Bridge graphics accessing memory below the 1MB mark, the first 64K of memory are known to be corr...
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Ring Refuses To Say How Many Users Had Video Footage Obtained By Police

Ring gets a lot of criticism, not just for its massive surveillance network of home video doorbells and its problematic privacy and security practices, but also for giving that doorbell footage to law enforcement. While Ring is making moves towards transparency, the company refuses to disclose how many users had their data given to police. From a report: The video doorbell maker, acquired by Amazon in 2018, has partnerships with at least 1,800 U.S. police departments (and growing) that can reque...
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Where To Buy A Bandana Near Me?

Looking for a place where you can buy bandana scarves? There are many different solutions to find them. The easiest is to buy them in a specialized internet store or website. You can find them already used at the flea market or in a frippery store (Frippery). Bandanas are also available on Amazon, eBay, and other websites, the problem is that you can not be sure that they are of good quality. Plus, depending on your styles, you may want a large selection to choose from. We will now c...
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Why It’s Important to Look Beyond the Surface of Things

The MIT professor Sherry Turkle has long been a maverick in the computer science world. From a young age, she began asking questions that no one else seemed to want to ask: How does the proliferation of personal computers affect our sense of self and our relationships? Are computers simply tools or are they more significant players influencing culture? Is technology making us lonelier—and does it have to be that way? In previous books, like Alone Together and Reclaiming Conversation, she has wr...
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Android 12 Beta 2: Google gives Pixel 4 a little love w/ new face unlock animation

Google just gave the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL a little love with a new face unlock animation present in Android 12 Beta 2.
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