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REvil Ransomware Hits 200 Companies In MSP Supply-Chain Attack

A massive REvil ransomware attack affects multiple managed service providers and their clients through a reported Kaseya supply-chain attack. Bleeping Computer reports: Starting this afternoon, the REvil ransomware gang targeted approximately eight large MSPs, with thousands of customers, through what appears to be a Kaseya VSA supply-chain attack. Kaseya VSA is a cloud-based MSP platform that allows providers to perform patch management and client monitoring for their customers. Huntress Labs' ...
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Latest ransomware attack appears to hit hundreds of American businesses

The US cybersecurity agency said it was investigating the attack after an incident at the Miami-based IT firm KaseyaHundreds of American businesses have been hit by a ransomware attack ahead of the Fourth of July holiday weekend, according to the cybersecurity company Huntress Labs.Huntress Labs said on Friday that 200 American businesses were hit after an incident at the Miami-based IT firm Kaseya, potentially marking the latest in a line of hacks destabilizing US companies. Continue reading...
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How To Fix Youtube Videos Black Display Screen

How To Fix Youtube Videos Black Display Screen In truth, in accordance with one stats, if you must watch every YouTube video uploaded till now, it’ll take virtually four hundred years in whole. Still, YouTube is a know-how created by humans that can run into problems. Sometimes, there could be a problem at Google’s data heart and customers would possibly face what is called a YouTube outage. Assuming everything is up and working, there are a few widespread issues that may interrupt your servic...
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Twitter Considers New Features For Tweeting Only To Friends, Under Different Personas and More

An anonymous reader quotes a report from TechCrunch: Twitter has a history of sharing feature and design ideas it's considering at very early stages of development. Earlier this month, for example, it showed off concepts around a potential "unmention" feature that would let users untag themselves from others' tweets. Today, the company is sharing a few more of its design explorations that would allow users to better control who can see their tweets and who ends up in their replies. The first o...
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Report: Hundreds of US companies hit by ransomware attack

By Frank Bajak, Eric Tucker and Matt O’Brien | Associated Press WASHINGTON — A ransomware attack paralyzed the networks of at least 200 U.S. companies on Friday, according to a cybersecurity researcher whose company was responding to the incident. The REvil gang, a major Russian-speaking ransomware syndicate, appears to be behind the attack, said John Hammond of the security firm Huntress Labs. He said the criminals targeted a software supplier called Kaseya, using its network management packag...
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Broadcom Charged By FTC of Illegal Monopolization, Agrees To Settlement

phalse phace shares a report from The Wall Street Journal: The Federal Trade Commission and Broadcom have agreed to settle charges that the company used its dominance in some chip markets to squeeze out potential rivals (Warning: source paywalled; alternative source). The FTC on Friday said that under a proposed consent order, Broadcom must stop requiring its customers to source three types of chips from the company on an exclusive or near-exclusive basis. The FTC said that Broadcom maintained i...
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California Police Officer Plays Taylor Swift Song To Try To Block Video From YouTube

Thelasko shares a report from the BBC: A US police officer played a Taylor Swift song on his phone in a bid to prevent activists who were filming him uploading the video to YouTube. The video platform regularly removes videos that break music copyright rules. However, the officer's efforts were in vain as the clip of the encounter in Oakland, California promptly went viral. Alameda County police told the BBC it was not "approved behavior." The video was filmed by members of the Anti Police-Ter...
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Daily Crunch: In one of India’s largest exits, Swedish media giant MTG buys PlaySimple for $360M

To get a roundup of TechCrunch’s biggest and most important stories delivered to your inbox every day at 3 p.m. PDT, subscribe here. Hello and welcome to Daily Crunch for July 2. We are heading into a holiday weekend here in the United States, so you might imagine that tech news slowed down. It did not, as we’ll see shortly. Looking ahead, TC Early Stage 2021: Marketing & Fundraising is next week and Disrupt is around the corner. Get hype! — Alex TC Early Stage 2021: Marketing & Fundraising ki...
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Meet Mighty, an online platform where kid CEOs run their own storefronts; a “digital lemonade stand”

For kids of a certain age — think 9 to 15 — options for enrichment are somewhat limited to school, sports, and camps, while the ability to make money is largely non-existent. A new startup called Mighty wants to provide them with a new alternative through a platform it’s building that, like a kind of Shopify for kids, enables younger kids to open their own store online and hopefully learn a bit in the process. In fact, Mighty — led by founders Ben Goldhirsh, who previously founded GOOD magazine,...
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This week in growth marketing on TechCrunch

TechCrunch is trying to help you find the best growth marketer to work with through founder recommendations that we get in this survey. We’re sharing a few of our favorites so far, below. We’re using your recommendations to find top experts to interview and have them write their own columns here. This week we talked to Kathleen Estreich and Emily Kramer of new growth advising firm MKT1 and veteran designer Scott Tong, and published a pair of articles by growth marketing agency Demand Curve. Dema...
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Meet Mighty, an e-commerce platform where kids are operating their own storefronts

Until children reach a certain age, enrichment programs are somewhat limited to school, sports, and camps, while money-making opportunities are largely non-existent. Now, a year-old, L.A.-based startup called Mighty, a kind of Shopify that invites younger kids to open a store online, aims to partly fill the void. In fact, Mighty — led by founders Ben Goldhirsh, who previously founded GOOD magazine, and Dana Mauriello, who spent nearly five years with Etsy and was most recently an advisor to Side...
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UK's Largest Chip Plant To Be Acquired By Chinese-Owned Firm Nexperia

According to CNBC, the UK's largest chip producer, Newport Wafer Fab, is set to be acquired by Chinese-owned semiconductor company Nexperia for around $87 million next week. The deal comes shortly after the crown jewl of the UK tech industry, Arm, agreed to be acquired by US chip giant Nvidia for $40 billion. From the report: Located in Newport, South Wales, privately-held NWF's chip plant dates back to 1982 and it is one of just a handful of semiconductor fabricators in the U.K. Nexperia is set...
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Passwords In Amazon Echo Dots Live On Even After You Factory-Reset the Device

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Ars Technica: Like most Internet-of-things (IoT) devices these days, Amazon's Echo Dot gives users a way to perform a factory reset so, as the corporate behemoth says, users can "remove any... personal content from the applicable device(s)" before selling or discarding them. But researchers have recently found that the digital bits that remain on these reset devices can be reassembled to retrieve a wealth of sensitive data, including passwords, locations,...
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Extra Crunch roundup: CEO Twitter etiquette, lifting click-through rates, edtech avalanche

Yesterday, China ordered ride-hailing company Didi to stop signing up new customers after regulators announced a cybersecurity review of the company’s operations. As of this writing, Didi’s stock price is down 5.3%. In today’s edition of The Exchange, Alex Wilhelm suggested that the move wasn’t a complete surprise, but it still “puts a bad taste in our mouths,” since the company went public days ago. Full Extra Crunch articles are only available to members. Use discount code ECFriday to save 20...
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Norway Law Forces Influencers To Label Retouched Photos On Instagram

Legislators in Norway have passed new regulations requiring influencers and advertisers to label retouched photos in a bid to fight unrealistic beauty standards. Motherboard reports: The new regulations were passed as an amendment to the nation's Marketing Act via a landslide 72 to 15 vote on June 2. The King of Norway will later decide when it will go into effect. Under the recently-passed rules, advertisements where a body's shape, size, or skin has been retouched -- even through a filter befo...
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Meet Mighty, an e-commerce platform where kids are the boss; a “digital lemonade stand”

Until children reach a certain age, enrichment programs are somewhat limited to school, sports, and camps, while money-making opportunities are largely non-existent. Now, a year-old, L.A.-based startup called Mighty, a kind of Shopify that invites younger kids to open a store online, aims to partly fill the void. In fact, Mighty — led by founders Ben Goldhirsh, who previously founded GOOD magazine, and Dana Mauriello, who spent nearly five years with Etsy and was most recently an advisor to Side...
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Qualcomm says it’s ready to compete with Apple’s M1 chips

Qualcomm is known for designing mobile chips, but the company is paving roads into the laptop market, eyeing Apple's M1 chip as the benchmark.
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Healthcare data sharing: How to improve patient care in the future

Paul Johnson Contributor Share on Twitter Paul Johnson is the CEO and co-founder of Redirect Health, a company that makes healthcare work end to end using technology and a passion for care. More posts by this contributor Moore’s Law And The 30-Year Rule Far too often, we see medical mixups and even deaths caused by interoperability obstacles in our healthcare system. In these situations, patients in ...
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Nothing Might Be Poised to Revive the Best Tech Trend of the '90s: Translucent Gadgets

Ever since Carl Pei left OnePlus to form Nothing, his new company has been promising a radical new approach to modern tech design and based on some new tidbits, it appears Nothing is going to lean heavily on a tech trend from the 90s: see-through gadgets.Read more...
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Netflix Has a Funny Idea of How Digital Assistants Should Work

In the first episode of season two of Netflix’s Too Hot to Handle, ten horny singles are partying on a beach until, up from the depths, shrouded in fog, emerges what looks like a fancy RGB aromatherapy diffuser. Cue flailing and anguished cries. This is no ordinary gadget. This is Lana, Netflix’s fake-as-hell voice…Read more...
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Everything New in the iOS 15 Photos App: Metadata Editing, Memories Improvements, Live Text, Visual Lookup and More

Apple made some major improvements to the Photos app in iOS 15, adding some long-awaited and requested features along with unique capabilities that enable you to do more with your images than ever. There's a new Memories feature that lets you relive your favorite moments, metadata info can be viewed and edited, Visual Lookup lets you identify plants, landmarks, and more, and with Live Text, you can copy and paste the text from any image on your iPhone. This guide highlights all of the new fe...
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I had my hair cut at the Amazon Salon, and lived to tell the tale

This is adapted from Big Spam, TNW’s twice-weekly newsletter. Subscribe to it (and our other great newsletters) here. When I found out Amazon was opening a hair salon near my home in east London, I immediately suspected some nefarious intent. Was Jeff Bezos reselling the chopped locks as wigs on Amazon? Or distilling Remy human hair into some form of demonic life extension therapy? I decided to investigate. Credit: Thomas MacaulayHello, Amazon. Amazon describes the salon as “an experiential venu...
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‘Ted Lasso,’ ‘Gossip Girl’: 7 TV and streaming shows we’re excited to see in July 2021

Summer is heating up, and so is our TV. The month of July brings several big events, including the always compelling Summer Olympics, along with the NBA Finals and not one, but two, fin-tastic programming jamborees — SharkFest and Shark Week Related Articles Matt Mauser, whose wife died in Kobe Bryant helicopter crash, to perform on ‘America’s Got Talent’ Stuart Damon, who played Dr. Alan Quartermaine on ‘General Hospital,’ dies at 84 ...
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Not Just OLED: LG is About To Release Its First Mini LED TVs

LG plans to introduce its first consumer Mini LED TVs sometime next month, according to a press release from the South Korean company. Mini LED is a new variant of LCD TV tech that offers better contrast ratios, among other improvements. From a report: The new lineup in the US includes one 4K TV (dubbed the QNED90) and one 8K variant (called the QNED99). Both are available in three sizes: 65 inches, 75 inches, and 86 inches. Much of the recent advertising and marketing muscle behind Mini LED T...
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Google has second thoughts about cutting cookies, so serves up CHIPs

Cookies Having Independent Partitioned State, no fish involved Last week, third-party cookies received a stay of execution from Google that will allow them to survive until late 2023 – almost two years beyond their previously declared decommission date. But the search-ads-and-apps biz is already planning a resurrection of sorts because third-party cookies are just too useful.…
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How to use the Bitmoji Chrome extension to type with your Bitmoji in Google Chrome

It's easy to use Bitmoji in Google Chrome. William Antonelli/Insider; Snap Inc. The Bitmoji Chrome extension allows users to import pictures of their custom avatars in Google Chrome. Using the extension, you can copy and paste your Bitmoji icons into any text field that allows images. You'll need to create a Bitmoji with the Bitmoji or Snapchat app before you can use the Chrome extension. Visit Insider's Tech Reference library for more stories. Bitmoji allows users to create an...
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DHS Adds Hundreds of New Cyber Professionals To Its Ranks

The US Department of Homeland Security on Thursday announced that it is onboarding nearly 300 cybersecurity professionals and has extended job offers to 500 others in what it refers to as "the most successful cybersecurity hiring initiative in DHS history." From a report: The hiring spree is part of the department's 60-day cybersecurity workforce sprint that aimed to add 200 new cybersecurity personnel by July 1. As The Record reported in May, DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas told attendees of a...
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Facebook is testing a Twitter-like ‘threads’ feature on some public figures’ pages

Get your spool-of-yarn emojis ready — threads might be coming to Facebook soon. Facebook has been spotted testing a new feature that gives public figures on Facebook the ability to create a new post that’s connected to a previous one on a related subject. This feature ties the posts together more visually so fans can more easily follow updates over time. When the new post appears on followers’ News Feeds, it will be shown as being connected to the other posts in a thread. Social media consultant...
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Resetting Your IoT Device Before Reselling It Isn't Enough, Researchers Find

As IoT devices like Amazon Echo become more and more popular, it isn’t unusual for users to re-sell them. Indeed, it’s increasingly common to come across them on eBay or even at the occasional yard sale. Amazon suggests that, when users are done with a product, they factory reset the device so as to erase any personal…Read more...
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