Nikkei: 2022 iPhone SE to Feature A15 Chip, 5G, and 4.7-Inch Display

The next version of Apple's budget iPhone SE could arrive in the first half of 2022 and look very similar to the current design that's based on the iPhone 8, according to a new report from Nikkei Asia. The main upgrades in the new model will be Apple's A15 chip that will appear first in the 2021 flagship iPhone 13 lineup, as well as 5G support provided by Qualcomm's X60 modem chip. Just yesterday, a report from DigiTimes claimed that the 2022 ‌iPhone SE‌ will include an A14 chip rather than t...
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Mastercard Will Use the USDC Stablecoin As a Bridge Asset For Cardholders Who Want To Pay For Goods Using Cryptocurrencies

An anonymous reader quotes a report from CoinDesk: Mastercard has named the first stablecoin and a handful of partner companies that will help cryptocurrency holders spend their digital assets at merchants that accept the payment giant's cards. In the pilot announced Tuesday, Circle's USDC will serve as a bridge between the cryptocurrency in consumers' digital wallets and the fiat currency paid to merchants. USDC is a digital token that almost always trades at $1 because the issuer promises to r...
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AirPods 3 Mass Production Said to Kick Off in August

Mass production of the third-generation AirPods will kick off in August, according to a new report from Nikkei Asia. They will reportedly join a number of other products such as the iPhone 13 lineup and redesigned MacBook Pro models as launches coming before the end of the year. Renderings of rumored third-generation ‌AirPods‌ design Rumored launch dates for the third-generation ‌AirPods‌ have varied significantly over the past year, with some having pointed to a launch in the first half of ...
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South Korea tables law to remove app stores' in-app purchase monopolies

Perhaps coincidentally, Google extended deadline of enforced Play-to-Pay on the very same day South Korea will attempt to pass a law that gives app developers the right to use in-app payment services other than those offered by app stores.…
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Apple to Release All 5G Enabled IPhones for 2022 Lineup - Nikkei

(Reuters) - All iPhones released next year will be 5G-capable, including Apple's first revamp of its budget handset in two years, Nikkei reported...
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Bitcoin price slides amid EU call to make transfers traceable, and rise of ‘stablecoins’

European regulator want banks to hold personal details of cryptocurrency clients, while US wants swift work to establish less volatile ‘stablecoins’Bitcoin has slipped below $30,000 as calls grew among regulators in the US, Europe and Asia for tighter checks on cryptocurrencies, and the less volatile digi-currency known as “stablecoins”.Bitcoin, the world’s largest cryptocurrency fell as much as 5% to $29,300, its lowest since 22 June, and investors said it was likely to test the $28,600 level t...
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Denuvo DRM Removed From Upcoming Strategy Game, Dev Blames 'Performance Impact'

A video game developer is abandoning the Denuvo DRM platform for its upcoming game's PC version, blaming Denuvo-related performance issues for the decision. An anonymous reader shares an article written by Ars Technica's Sam Machkovech: Amplitude Studios, a French studio known for PC-exclusive 4X strategy games, had previously announced that its next game, Humankind, would ship with a Denuvo implementation in August 2021. This prompted a post titled "The day Amplitude broke my heart" on Amplitud...
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LG Might Sell iPhones In Its Stores After Quitting Android Devices

LG will reportedly start selling iPhones and iPads in its South Korean stores this August -- mere months after the company quit making Android devices. Android Authority reports: According to MacRumors, the Herald Economic Daily claims LG has struck a deal with Apple to sell the iPhone and iPad in 400 stores across South Korea starting in August. LG may have to overcome some hurdles to make this happen. The company reportedly signed a "win-win" agreement with the country's National Mobile Commun...
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Why does Jeff Bezos’s rocket look like that? An inquiry

Experts weigh in on the ‘anthropomorphic’ design of New Shepard, the Amazon CEO’s Blue Origin rocketJeff Bezos’s 11-minute trip aboard a Blue Origin rocket to the edge of space on Tuesday left the world’s richest man feeling “unbelievably good” and his crew “very happy”. But afterwards, as he wondered aloud how fast he could refuel, the rest of the world was left pondering just why the New Shepard rocket had such a distinctive shape.As social media erupted with innuendo, we contacted a few exper...
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Samsung will announce new foldables on August 11

Samsung just sent out invites for its next Unpacked event. There are those companies that like to sneak hints into their invites — and then there’s Samsung. The note leads with the big, bold words “Get ready to unfold” and features a pair of flat-colored objects that can reasonably be said to resemble the form factors of the Galaxy Z Fold and Flip, respectively. In keeping with…the general state of the world over the past year-and-a-half, the event will be held virtually on Wednesday, August 11....
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Elon Musk: Tesla to open up global charging network to other EVs later this year

Tesla will allow other electric vehicles to access its global network of chargers later this year, CEO Elon Musk tweeted Tuesday. The comment follows years of chatter by Musk that signaled the company was amenable to the idea. Until now, there has never been any details about how or when the company would open up its SuperCharger network of 25,000 chargers. Details are still slim. For instance, it’s unclear where it would initially open up, which automakers have reached agreements with Tesla and...
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Daily Crunch: Jeff Bezos and 3 guests share Blue Origin’s first crewed flight

To get a roundup of TechCrunch’s biggest and most important stories delivered to your inbox every day at 3 p.m. PDT, subscribe here. Hello and welcome to Daily Crunch for July 20, 2021. The markets have been active in the last few days, with stocks dropping yesterday before rebounding today. Cryptos have also been suffering from ups and downs. A bit like Jeff Bezos, though his were planned. More on that in a second. — Alex The TechCrunch Top 3 Bezos blasts off: The billionaire space race reac...
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Jeff Bezos On Critics of Billionaires Going To Space: 'They're Mostly Right'

An anonymous reader quotes a report from CNBC: Jeff Bezos has heard the complaints about billionaires like himself funneling their money into private rocket companies instead of donating to causes on Earth, and he doesn't disagree. In an interview with CNN ahead of his planned Tuesday morning space voyage in a rocket built by his company Blue Origin, Bezos was asked for his thoughts on critics who call the extraterrestrial flights "joyrides for the wealthy, and [who say] you should be spending y...
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'Flexgate' Class Action Lawsuit Over Faulty MacBook Pro Displays Dismissed by Judge

A class action lawsuit that Apple was facing over "Flexgate" issues affecting MacBook Pro displays has been dismissed by a California federal judge, reports Law360. Filed in May 2020, the lawsuit accused Apple of knowingly concealing an alleged flex cable display defect impacting some 13 and 15-inch MacBook Pro models. The judge overseeing the case said that because the defect appeared after the warranty period, Apple was not required to disclose it because it was not a safety issue. While t...
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Netflix lays out mobile games plan that could set a collision course with Apple

"We really see this as an extension of our core product offering" and not as a separate profit pool, Netflix Chief Operating Officer...
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Stockfish Sues ChessBase

Slashdot reader Hmmmmmm shares a blog post from Stockfish announcing a lawsuit against ChessBase: The Stockfish project strongly believes in free and open-source software and data. Collaboration is what made this engine the strongest chess engine in the world. We license our software using the GNU General Public License, Version 3 (GPL) with the intent to guarantee all chess enthusiasts the freedom to use, share and change all versions of the program. Unfortunately, not everybody shares this vis...
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Best Free and Open Source Alternatives to Google Docs Editors (linux today)

Google Docs Editors is a freeware, web-based productivity office suite within the Google Drive service. What are the best open-source alternatives?   The post Best Free and Open Source Alternatives to Google Docs Editors appeared first on Linux Today. [Author: Web Webster]
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New iOS 14.7, tvOS 14.7, and watchOS 7.6 updates expand ECG support and more (ars technica)

Enlarge / The MagSafe Battery pack attached to iPhone 12 Pro models. (credit: Apple) Apple pushed out new versions of its iOS, tvOS, and watchOS operating systems for iPhone, Apple TV, and Apple Watch devices on Monday. Dubbed iOS 14.7, tvOS 14.7, and watchOS 7.6, the updates are relatively small and include tweaks, bug fixes, and a minor new feature or two. The primary impetus for the iOS update seems to be added support for the recently launched MagSafe Battery Pack that is compatible with t...
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A fix is coming for those locked out of their Chromebooks by Google’s update

Users report boot loops and not being able to log in.
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‘Part-time adventurers’: amateur fossil hunters get record haul in Cotswolds

More than 1,000 scientifically significant specimens taken from former quarry after discoveryWhen Sally and Neville Hollingworth started going stir crazy in lockdown, rather than baking bread or doing quizzes on Zoom, the amateur palaeontologists turned to Google Earth.The couple passed the time planning for their next trip – using the satellite images to inspect sites that had previously yielded fossils – when they stumbled across a quarry in the Cotswolds. From the exposure of the geology Nevi...
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Apple delays recalling staff to offices until October as Delta variant romps across US

Twitter, Salesforce, Google, Microsoft have reopened, kind of Apple has pushed back the reopening of its offices to October, allowing staff to work from home for an extra month as coronavirus cases increase across the US.…
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Instagram adds new controls for limiting ‘sensitive’ content in the Explore tab

Instagram is giving its users a tiny bit more power to see what they want — and not see what they don’t want — in its content discovery hub. The company introduced a new toggle called “Sensitive Content Control” on Tuesday that allows anyone to screen posts that it thinks could be offensive, hiding them from the Explore tab. The new feature appears in the settings menu and lets users choose to either allow more content that could be “upsetting or offensive,” limit that content or “limit even mor...
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Instagram adds new controls for limiting sexual and violent content in the Explore tab

Instagram is giving its users a tiny bit more power to see what they want — and not see what they don’t want — in its content discovery hub. The company introduced a new toggle called “Sensitive Content Control” on Tuesday that allows anyone to screen posts that it thinks could be offensive, hiding them from the Explore tab. The new feature appears in the settings menu and lets users choose to either allow more content that could be “upsetting or offensive,” limit that content or “limit even mor...
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Google Assistant is going goth, with dark mode coming to a future Chrome OS update

It's been almost a year since Google started working on giving Chrome OS some darker hues. Despite dark mode's long development time, it...
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Bitcoin Crashes Below $30,000 As Cryptocurrency Free-Fall Accelerates

The price of bitcoin has come crashing below the $30,000 mark for the first time in a month. "At the time of this writing, Bitcoin is trading at $29,694.34," writes Paul Lilly via HotHardware. "That's down from around $31,000 yesterday, and less than half of where Bitcoin peaked at in April of this year, when it topped $60,000." From the report: Will it go back up? Probably, but for Bitcoin investors, there are definitely reasons to be cautious, outside of the normal volatility associated with c...
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Consumer Reports concerned Tesla uses owners to test unsafe self-driving software

A Tesla in full self-driving mode makes a left turn out of the middle lane on a busy San Francisco street. It jumps in a bus lane where it’s not meant to be. It turns a corner and nearly plows into parked vehicles, causing the driver to lurch for the wheel. These scenes have been captured by car reviewer AI Addict, and other scenarios like it are cropping up on YouTube. One might say that these are all mistakes any human on a cell phone might have made. But we expect more from our AI overlords....
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iOS 15: What's New With Notifications

Apple in iOS 15 made some updates to notifications, improving how they look, how they're delivered to you, and the control that you have over them. This guide covers all of the changes that Apple made to notifications in the iOS and iPadOS 15 updates. New Look for Notifications Notifications from apps now display larger app icons so it's easier to see what's what at a glance. When you get a text from someone from an app like Messages, it will include their contact photo to make it easier ...
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Netflix Games Will Be Free For Subscribers

After a few reports and a high-profile hiring, Netflix has officially spoken about its upcoming foray into the video game space. These games will included in the subscription and will only be on mobile devices for now. No release date or window was given. Netflix revealed this in a letter to its . On the fourth page, it cited Bandersnatch and the (poorly received) Stranger Things game from 2019 as two examples to build around. Netflix views gaming as “another new content category” and likened t...
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One Thing COVID Hasn’t Killed? Sexual Harassment

Remote working hasn't ended this problem.
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