China Plans To Build the World's First Waterless Nuclear Reactor

AltMachine shares a report from Interesting Engineering: Government researchers in China unveiled their design for a commercial molten salt nuclear reactor that is expected to be the first in the world to not utilize water for cooling. As the reactor won't need water it can be deployed in desert regions, allowing operators to utilize otherwise desolate spaces in order to provide energy for large populations. The molten salt reactor is powered by liquid thorium instead of uranium. Molten salt rea...
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Kuo: Mini-LED MacBook Air Coming in Mid-2022

Apple will release a new version of the MacBook Air around the middle of 2022, Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said today in note to investors seen by MacRumors. The upcoming ‌MacBook Air‌ will feature a 13.3-inch mini-LED display, which would make it the second Mac to gain mini-LED technology after the 2021 MacBook Pro, which is rumored to include a mini-LED display and is expected to launch later this year. Mini-LED display technology will bring a signifiant improvement in MacBook display qualit...
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Google Turns AlphaFold Loose On the Entire Human Genome

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Ars Technica: Just one week after Google's DeepMind AI group finally described its biology efforts in detail, the company is releasing a paper that explains how it analyzed nearly every protein encoded in the human genome and predicted its likely three-dimensional structure -- a structure that can be critical for understanding disease and designing treatments. In the very near future, all of these structures will be released under a Creative Commons licen...
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You’ll probably have to wait until 2022 for the Mini-LED MacBook Air

Once Apple introduced the Mini-LED iPad Pro, it seemed practically a given that the company would eventually bring this tech to its MacBooks. Rumors have suggested Mini-LED Mac Pros will arrive in the second half of 2021, leading some to hope the MacBook Air would get the same treatment. Now it seems like you’ll have to wait until next year. At least, that’s what reliable Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has to say (via MacRumors). The device is expected to offer an even thinner and lighter design whi...
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Steve Jobs’ 1973 job application is now in an unusual auction

A job application filled out by the late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs in 1973 is being auctioned as both a physical item and a non-fungible token.
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Kuo: Apple to announce new MacBook Air with 13-inch Mini-LED display in mid-2022

Ming-Chi Kuo says that a new MacBook Air is expected to be introduced in mid-2022 with a 13.3-inch Mini-LED display.
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CIA Director Says He Is Escalating Efforts To Solve 'Havana Syndrome' Mystery

CIA Director William Burns says he has redoubled the agency's efforts to uncover the cause of Havana syndrome -- the mysterious set of ailments that has afflicted more than 200 U.S. officials and family members around the world. NPR reports: That includes the assignment of a senior officer who once led the hunt for Osama bin Laden to lead the investigation and tripling the size of a medical team involved in the probe, Burns told NPR on Thursday in his first sit-down interview since being confirm...
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This amazing Milky Way image was taken on an iPhone

Astronomer and author Tom Kerss recently captured a wonderful shot of the Milky Way using his iPhone 12 Pro Max and its RAW capabilities.
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Jack Dorsey says bitcoin will be a big part of Twitter’s future

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey confirmed to investors that bitcoin will be a “big part” of the company’s future, as he sees opportunities to integrate the cryptocurrency into existing Twitter products and services, including commerce, subscriptions, and other new additions like the Twitter Tip Jar and Super Follows. Dorsey has been a staunch bitcoin advocate for years, but how it would be put into action on Twitter’s platform had not yet been spelled out in detail. However, Dorsey has often publicly to...
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MITRE Updates List of Top 25 Most Dangerous Software Bugs

An anonymous reader quotes a report from BleepingComputer: MITRE has shared this year's top 25 list of most common and dangerous weaknesses plaguing software throughout the previous two years. MITRE developed the top 25 list using Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) data from 2019 and 2020 obtained from the National Vulnerability Database (NVD) (roughly 27,000 CVEs). "A scoring formula is used to calculate a ranked order of weaknesses that combines the frequency that a CWE is the root cau...
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Breaking up Monopolies

In a comment to a recent post on monopolies, Viveka wrote, “I will cheer the day a Google or Amazon is broken up into a bunch companies. That day is not far off.” As the old witticism goes, be careful… Continue reading →
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Apple Supplier Corning Releases New Gorilla Glass for Camera Lenses

Corning, an Apple supplier known for its protective glass offerings, today announced the launch of new scratch resistant glass composite products designed for mobile device cameras. The Corning Gorilla Glass with DX and Corning Gorilla Glass with DX+ are designed to allow professional-grade image capture through what Corning says is a combination of advanced optical performance, superior scratch resistance, and durability. Corning says that with Gorilla Glass DX+, camera lenses can capture 98 ...
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Daily Crunch: Today’s widespread internet outage ‘not a result of a cyberattack,’ says Akamai

To get a roundup of TechCrunch’s biggest and most important stories delivered to your inbox every day at 3 p.m. PDT, subscribe here. Hello and welcome to Daily Crunch for July 22, 2021. Today we have a lot of news for you, but with a notable twist. Normally we have lots of startup news and a few notes from Big Tech companies. Today we have a lot from both, so strap in. Also, U.S. Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg is coming to Disrupt. Because TechCrunch covers the worlds of micromobilit...
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Apple to Pull 'iDOS 2' DOS Emulator From App Store

iDOS 2, an app designed to allow users to play classic DOS games, will soon be pulled from the App Store, the app's creator said today. According to iDOS developer Chaoji Li, he tried to submit an iDOS update with bug fixes to the ‌App Store‌, but was told that the update was rejected because it violated the 2.5.2 ‌App Store‌ guideline that says apps cannot install or launch executable code.During review, your app installed or launched executable code, which is not permitted on the App Store....
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Leaked Intel i9-12900K Benchmark Shows Gains Over the Ryzen 5950X

UnknowingFool writes: An engineering sample of Intel's next flagship processor, the i9-12900K, was shown to beat AMD's current flagship 5950X in Cinebench R20 by 18% in multi-core and 28% in single-core tests. The next generation of Intel processors is believed to use a hybrid big.LITTLE design where 8 of its 16 cores are for low power usage and 8 are for full power. The low power cores only run in single thread where the high power cores can run 2 threads. No official word on pricing or release...
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Commercial EV company Arrival to build electric buses for Anaheim

Arrival, the commercial electric vehicle company that is shaking up the traditional auto production line with AI-run microfactories, has been chosen to build electric buses for the City of Anaheim, California. The Federal Transportation Administration awarded Anaheim a $2 million grant in 2019, and on Thursday the city’s transportation network announced the plan to partner with Arrival to achieve its goal of running California’s first all-electric bus fleet by 2025. The U.K.-based company said A...
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How to Draw Yourself as a Peanuts Character

In this video, The Snoopy Show storyboard artist Krista Porter and Apple’s Anthony Jackson show us how to draw yourself as a Peanuts character. Once you get past all of the Apple synergy stuff (Pages! Pencil! Apple TV+!), this is actually pretty neat and you can obviously do it with any device/app or even pencil & paper. They’ve even included a PDF of drawing references to make it easier. See also Watch Charles Schulz Draw Charlie Brown — it takes him about 35 seconds. (via print) Tags:...
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Autonomy Founder Mike Lynch Can Be Extradited To US

The founder of UK software firm Autonomy can be extradited to the US to face charges of conspiracy and fraud, a London court has said. The BBC reports: Mike Lynch sold Autonomy to US computer giant Hewlett Packard (HP) for $11 billion in 2011. He denies allegations that he fraudulently inflated the value of Autonomy before the sale. Dr Lynch has been facing civil charges at the High Court in London, where HP is suing him for damages over the deal. But separately, the US Department of Justice (Do...
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Khosla Ventures leads Even’s $5M seed to give India the kind of healthcare their insurance doesn’t

The global pandemic highlighted inefficiencies and inconsistencies in healthcare systems around the world. Even co-founders Mayank Banerjee, Matilde Giglio and Alessandro Ialongo say nowhere is this more evident than in India, especially after the COVID death toll reached 4 million this week. The Bangalore-based company received a fresh cash infusion of $5 million in seed funding in a round led by Khosla Ventures, with participation from Founders Fund, Lachy Groom and a group of individuals incl...
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California Sues Activision Blizzard Over Unequal Pay, Sexual Harassment

An anonymous reader quotes a report from NPR: The video game studio behind the hit franchises Call of Duty, World of Warcraft and Candy Crush is facing a civil lawsuit in California over allegations of gender discrimination, sexual harassment and potential violations of the state's equal pay law. A complaint, filed by the state Department of Fair Employment and Housing on Wednesday, alleges that Activision Blizzard Inc. "fostered a sexist culture" where women were paid less than men and subjecte...
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Tech firm hit by giant ransomware hack gets key to unlock victims’ data

Kaseya’s universal key can free the files of hundreds of organizations, ending the worst of the attack’s falloutThe software company at the center of a huge ransomware attack this month has obtained a universal key to unlock files of the hundreds of businesses and public organizations crippled by the hack.Nineteen days after the initial attack over the Fourth of July weekend, the Florida-based IT management provider, Kaseya, has received the universal key that can unlock the scrambled data of al...
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Trouble in fandom paradise: Tumblr users lash out against its beta subscription feature

The Tumblr community often refers to itself as the Wild West of the internet, and they’re not wrong. A text post with over 70,000 notes puts it best: “Tumblr is my favorite social media site because this place is literally uninhabitable for celebrities. No verification system, no algorithm that boosts their posts, it’s a completely lawless wasteland for them.” But like any social media company, Tumblr needs to keep itself afloat in order for its users to continue sharing esoteric fan art, incomp...
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You Can Blame a Typo for Locking You Out of Your Chromebook

Typos can be pretty embarrassing, but in the case of a recent Chromebook bug, they can also lock you out of your laptop. The major Chrome OS bug is in version 91.0.4472.165, and there’s already another build rolling out to help fix the issue.Read more...
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I gifted my dad a Cameo video from a former NFL player - here are 3 things I enjoyed about the experience

When you buy through our links, Insider may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more. Watching the Cameo from Merril Hoge on my phone. Reece Rogers/Insider On Cameo, you can purchase personalized videos from numerous celebrities. As a gift, I got my dad a video message from a former player on his favorite NFL team. I enjoyed the fast turnaround time and appreciated the variety of options for different budgets. Table of Contents: Masthead Sticky Personalized Message (medium) Cameo is a ...
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This startup replaces your entire live-streaming production crew with AI

LiveControl is an interesting company. Its mission is to take the incredibly complex and ridiculously expensive world of video production and distill it to a format that just about anyone can use and afford. And, because it’s 2021, that means it’s an AI startup. We love startups here at Neural, but the vast majority of pitches we get come from crappy companies pushing pie-in-the-sky misrepresentations of what predictive algorithms and computer vision can accomplish. It’s refreshing when we come ...
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Teardown Shows Off What's Inside Apple's New MagSafe Battery Pack

Apple's MagSafe Battery Pack designed for iPhone 12 models came out this week, and Charger Lab has taken one of the new accessories apart to give us a look at its inner workings. The teardown has detailed information on how the ‌MagSafe Battery Pack‌ works and what each component inside does. There are two charging coils inside, shielding for heat dissipation, and a magnetic ring that allows it to attach to ‌iPhone 12‌ models. There are two batteries inside that are connected together, with th...
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United States: Google Antitrust Suit | Credit Card Surcharge Ban Lifted | California Clean Air Act Waiver Unconstitutional? - Cozen O'Connor

Here are last week's curated AG and federal regulatory news stories highlighting key areas in which state and federal regulators' decisions are having an impact across the US:
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PlayStation 5 Owners Get Access to Free Six Months of Apple TV+

PlayStation 5 owners were treated to a gift earlier today, as Sony announced on Thursday that owners of the new console will be able to get a six-month trial of Apple TV+ for free.   RELATED: The Big Door Prize: Apple Orders Series Adaptation from David West Read The promotion is available only to PlayStation 5 owners and requires both a PlayStation Network account and an Apple ID. PS5 owners can redeem the offer anytime between now and July 22, 2022, and must have at least some payment met...
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Cowboy Ventures’ Ted Wang: CEO coaching is ‘about having a second set of eyes’

Earlier this month, Cowboy Ventures’ Ted Wang joined us at TechCrunch Early Stage: Marketing and Fundraising, where he spoke about executive coaching and why he encourages founders in his portfolio to have a CEO coach. Wang, who has an executive coach himself, sees coaching as a key way to drive sustained personal growth, a factor that he believes separates the middling CEOs from the best ones. Why CEOs need coaching Just like professional athletes at the top of their game still need coaching,...
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The Morning Show Season 2: Release Date, Cast and More

(Welcome to …And More, our no-frills, zero B.S. guide to when and where you can watch upcoming movies and shows, and everything else you could possibly stand to know.) After a somewhat rocky start, the AppleTV+ drama The Morning Show recovered nicely and went on to become one of the most talked-about shows of Apple’s debut production slate. The second season is coming up, so let’s take a look at everything we know about The Morning Show season 2 so far. The Morning Show Season 2 Release Da...
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