Hole Blasted In Guntrader: UK Firearms Sales Website's CRM Database Breached, 111K Users' Info Spilled Online

Criminals have hacked into a Gumtree-style website used for buying and selling firearms, making off with a 111,000-entry database containing partial information from a CRM product used by gun shops across the UK. The Register reports: The Guntrader breach earlier this week saw the theft of a SQL database powering both the buy-and-sell website and its electronic gun shop register product, comprising about 111,000 users and dating between 2016 and 17 July this year. The database conta...
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Maker of Dubious $56K Alzheimer's Drug Offers Cognitive Test No One Can Pass

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Ars Technica: Do you ever forget things, like a doctor's appointment or a lunch date? Do you sometimes struggle to think of the right word for something common? Do you ever feel more anxious or irritable than you typically do? Do you ever feel overwhelmed when trying to make a decision? If you answered "no, never" to all of those questions, there's a possibility that you may not actually be human. Nevertheless, you should still talk to a doctor about addi...
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New Update Lets You Block Spammers and Gross People on Google Drive

As with all things, the internet has its high points, such as adorable cats, and its low points, or spammers, trolls, and people who share abusive content. Many of us avoid these individuals, though it’s easier to do on some platforms than on others. Here’s some good news: If you’re having trouble with these kinds of…Read more...
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Parking Startups Are Cashing In On America's Traffic Surge

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Bloomberg: During the depths of the U.S. coronavirus pandemic, cars sat idly in driveways, city streets were deserted, onetime commuters worked from bed -- and it was much, much easier to find a parking spot. All of which was devastating news for the small cadre of tech startups dedicated to helping people find and reserve places to park. For SpotHero, which makes an app that helps drivers locate parking spaces, business was down 90% in April 2020 compare...
Tags: Lyft, Washington, America, Tech, Bloomberg, Inrix, Massachusetts Institute Of Technology, Lawrence, Federal Highway Administration, Mark Lawrence, Chicago Los Angeles New York, Eran Ben Joseph, Ben Joseph

Facebook Details Experimental Mixed Reality and Passthrough API

Facebook shared some details about its experimental Passthrough API to enable new kinds of mixed reality apps for Oculus Quest 2. UploadVR reports: The feature may also serve as the foundation for the company's long-term efforts in augmented reality, effectively turning Quest 2 into a $299 AR developer kit. When asked if the feature is coming to the original Oculus Quest, a Facebook representative replied "today, this is only available for Quest 2." The new feature will be available to Unity dev...
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Daily Crunch: Bitcoin ‘is a big part of our future,’ says Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey

To get a roundup of TechCrunch’s biggest and most important stories delivered to your inbox every day at 3 p.m. PDT, subscribe here. Hello and welcome to Daily Crunch for July 23, 2021. It’s been an interesting week for the crypto faithful. One eye-catching piece of news came from Twitter and Square CEO Jack Dorsey, who said that bitcoin will be a “big part” of the company’s future. In his view it’s the internet’s “native currency.” Kinda? I would have picked a more modern chain, but that’s just...
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Google is Finally Doing Something About Google Drive Spam

You can now block people in Google Drive. From a report: A notification pops up on your phone: "Click here for hot XXX action!" It's Google Drive again. Someone shared a document containing that title, and now your phone is begging you to look at it. Even if you ban Google Drive from generating phone notifications, you'll still get emails. If you block the emails, you'll have to see the spam when you click on the "shared" section of Google Drive. The problem is that Drive document sharing was bu...
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Judges Reject Viasat's Plea To Stop SpaceX Starlink Satellite Launches

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Ars Technica: SpaceX can keep launching broadband satellites despite a lawsuit filed by Viasat, a federal appeals court ruled Tuesday. Viasat sued the Federal Communications Commission in May and asked judges for a stay that would halt SpaceX's ongoing launches of low Earth orbit (LEO) satellites that power Starlink Internet service. To get a stay, Viasat had to show that it is likely to win its lawsuit alleging that the FCC improperly approved the satell...
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NSO Group CEO Says Law-Abiding Citizens Have 'Nothing To Be Afraid Of'

The CEO of NSO Group, whose spyware tools have reportedly been used to target journalists and activists, says that people who aren't criminals shouldn't be afraid of being surveilled AppleInsider reports: Shalev Hulio, 39, recently spoke to Forbes after investigations indicated that NSO Group's Pegasus spyware was used by authoritarian governments to hack and surveil the mobile devices of world leaders, high-profile journalists, and activists. NSO Group says that it sells its tools to government...
Tags: Apple, Google, Tech, Pegasus, Forbes, NSO Group, Shalev Hulio, Hulio, Bin Ladens, NSO Group CEO Says Law Abiding Citizens

Sequoia’s Mike Vernal outlines how to design feedback loops in the search for product-market fit

Sequoia’s Mike Vernal has worn many hats. He was VP of product and engineering at Facebook for eight years before getting into investment. His portfolio includes Houseparty, Threads, Canvas, Citizen, PicsArt and more, and he continues to invest in companies across a broad spectrum of stages and verticals, including consumer, enterprise, marketplaces, fintech and more. Vernal joined us at TechCrunch Early Stage: Marketing and Fundraising earlier this month to discuss how founders should think abo...
Tags: TC, Facebook, Events, Tech, Sequoia, Picsart, Vernal, Mike Vernal, Product Market Fit, Early Stage 2021, Event Recap, EC TechCrunch Early Stage

Apple could launch a new external monitor with its own dedicated processor

Could Apple's next-gen A13 Bionic-powered Pro Display make the Mac even more powerful for gaming? We may have to wait until the M1 Mac Pro launches to find out.
Tags: Apple, News, Trends, Computing, Monitors, Pro Display XDR

Hear Startup Alley companies pitch expert VC judges on the next episode of Extra Crunch Live

We know how much you love a good startup pitch-off. Who doesn’t? It combines the thrill of live, high-stakes entertainment with learning about the hottest new thing. Plus, you get to hear feedback from some of the smartest folks in the industry, thus learning how to absolutely crush it at your next pitch meeting with a VC. With all that in mind, we’re introducing a special summer edition of Extra Crunch Live that’s all pitch-off, all the time. On August 4, Extra Crunch Live will feature startups...
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With Alphabet's legendary commitment to products, we can't wait to see what its robotics biz Intrinsic achieves

Google parent hopes to inject AI into factory machines Alphabet today launched its latest tech startup, Intrinsic, which aims to build commercial software that will power industrial robots.…
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The Importance Of Efficient Organization

There’s always a place for getting more done if you can do so without a downside.
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Pro tips from the team behind Kickstarter’s most funded app

Alex Ruzh Contributor Share on Twitter Alex Ruzh is the CEO and co-founder of memoryOS, an edtech startup developing AI-powered gamified software teaching people how to remember anything. Here at memoryOS, we have a saying we repeat often: “Most of the Kickstarter happens before the actual Kickstarter.” Preparation is the key. But even if you understand that most of the work is done in advance, you should still prepare yoursel...
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Automakers have battery anxiety, so they’re taking control of the supply

Battery joint ventures have become the hot must-have deal for automakers that have set ambitious targets to deliver millions of electric vehicles in the next few years. It’s no longer just about securing a supply of cells. The string of partnerships and joint ventures show that automakers are taking a more active role in the development and even production of battery cells, . Automakers are taking a more active role in the development and even production of battery cells. And ...
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How to watch gymnastics at the Tokyo Olympics - the finals are free to stream on Peacock

When you buy through our links, Insider may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more. Simone Biles at the 2016 Olympics in Rio. AP Photo/Dmitri Lovetsky The 2020 Olympic gymnastics competition starts on July 23 and concludes on August 3. Select events featuring Team USA can be streamed for free via Peacock. NBC is rebroadcasting portions of its gymnastics coverage during primetime. Gymnastics are one of the most anticipated events at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Qualification subdivisions st...
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US stocks close at record highs as investors cheer blockbuster earnings

Xinhua/Wang Ying/ Getty Images US stocks finished the week at record highs after a blockbuster week of earnings. Shares of tech giants including Snap and Twitter soared after earnings came in above expectations. Bitcoin hovered just above $32,000, gold was little changed, and oil edged higher. Sign up here for our daily newsletter, 10 Things Before the Opening Bell. US stocks finished the week strong with all three major indexes closing at records Friday as investors cheered blockbuster t...
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How to watch swimming at the Tokyo Olympics - the qualifying heats begin on July 24

When you buy through our links, Insider may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more. Olympic swimming events will be broadcast live on NBC and USA. Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images Tokyo Olympic swimming events start on July 24 and conclude July 31. Swimming events will air on USA and NBC via live TV streaming services. On the USA team, expectations are high for Katie Ledecky and Caeleb Dressel. Table of Contents: Masthead Sticky TV (small) Swimming events at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics start ...
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Extra Crunch roundup: finding GTM, China’s edtech clampdown and how to define growth

Early-stage startups tend to claim that their go-to-market strategy is fully operational. In reality, GTM is a stark numbers game, and even with a solid plan in place, it can be easily foiled by common problems like turf battles and poor communication. Finding GTM fit is a milestone for any startup that includes everything from expanding the engineering team to launching your first media buy. But how do you know when you’ve reached that magic moment? “You have to consider three metrics: gross ch...
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Flexible Computer Processor is the Most Powerful Plastic Chip Yet

Could a flexible processor stuck on your produce track the freshness of your cantaloupe? That's the idea behind the latest processor from UK computer chip designer Arm, which says such a device could be manufactured for pennies by printing circuits directly onto paper, cardboard or cloth. From a report: The technology could give trillions of everyday items such as clothes and food containers the ability to collect, process and transmit data across the internet -- something that could be as conve...
Tags: UK, Tech, James Myers

The 5 best electric scooters of 2021 for high-mileage commuters, weekend riders, and kids

Table of Contents: Masthead Sticky An electric scooter is a convenient mode of transportation that's great for commuting or running errands. The best have enough range to get around town, travel at speeds of 20 mph and up, and are highly portable. Our top pick, the Ninebot KickScooter by Segway ES4, is a versatile scooter that gets up to 28 miles of range. Thanks to improvements in technology and design over the past few years, electric scooters have gone from curious novelties to a bonafi...
Tags: Travel, Reviews, Amazon, Outdoors, Transportation, Trends, Features, Buying Guide, Xiaomi, Bird, Commuting, Scooter, Electric Scooters, Maxx, Amazon Built, Amazon Lightweight

Court Calls Bulls**t On Cop Who Claimed He Could Smell Weed In Sealed Bags In A Moving Car From His Own Moving Cruiser

From the STEAMED-HAMS-but-it's-this-cop's-story dept.
Tags: Technology, Law, Drugs, Police, Court Calls Bulls

Google fixes 'Chromebork' one-character code typo that prevented Chrome OS logins

Programming blunder is the second such snafu this month Bug of the week Google has fixed a bug in Chrome OS version 91.0.4472.165 that surfaced on Monday and prevented some users from being able to login to their systems.…
Tags: Google, Software, Chromebork

A 3-degree Celsius World Has No Safe Place

The extremes of floods and fires are not going away, but adaptation can lessen their impact. Economist (paywalled): If temperatures rise by 3C above pre-industrial levels in the coming decades -- as they might even if everyone manages to honour today's firm pledges -- large parts of the tropics risk becoming too hot for outdoor work. Coral reefs and the livelihoods that depend on them will vanish and the Amazon rainforest will become a ghost of itself. Severe harvest failures will be commonplace...
Tags: America, Tech, Joe Biden, Paris, Antarctica, John Kerry, Greenland, Netherlands Rich

Everything New in the iOS 15 Maps App: Updated Details, AR Walking Directions, Globe View and More

Apple has made so many improvements to the Maps app in iOS 15 that it's almost an entirely different experience. There are better driving directions, improved transit directions, and more immersive AR-based walking directions. The Maps design has once again been updated, and you can see everything at an incredible level of detail that wasn't available before, especially in cities and in places where there was no detail before. This guide walks through all of the changes that have been introdu...
Tags: Apple, London, Featured, Globe, Golden Gate Bridge, Andes, San Francisco Los Angeles New York, Apple Park, Arrival Times, iOS 15, New Place Cards Place, Guide Updates Apple, Search Improvements Search in Maps

SEO 101 Podcast Ep 409: Google’s Page Experience Rollout, Slander Filters, and More

Google’s Page Experience rollout is finally underway. The hosts discuss the rollout in addition to news on a Google slander algorithm, improvements in Google Search Console reporting, changes at Google My Business (good and bad), some Mueller files, and more.     Noteworthy links from this episode: Google Page Experience Update Begins Rolling Out Google Algorithm Update Targets Slander Google Search Console Insights is now available to all Google My Business phases out short names Google A...
Tags: Google, Facebook, Seo, Ajax, Google Analytics, Larry Page, Canada, New York Times, Sergey Brin, John, Google News, AMP, Ross, Seo Podcast, Seo 101, Google Search Console

SEO 101 Podcast Ep 410: A Shopify SEO Improvement and The Summer of Google Updates

The hosts discuss a much sought after SEO feature recently released by Shopify. They also tackle whether you should or you should not pause your SEO, and the significant Google Updates that have all commenced in relatively short order this Summer. To tie it all up, they shared some excellent Mueller Files.     Noteworthy links from this episode: Finally, Shopify site owners can edit their robots.txt files How Google Cuts & Ranks Result Sets With Magic Signals Google July 2021 Core Update B...
Tags: Google, Seo, Cms, Canada, Sony, Reddit, John, Barry, Google News, Ross, Shopify, Rogers, Seo Podcast, Seo 101, Gary, Don

Startup Claims Breakthrough in Long-Duration Batteries

A four-year-old startup says it has built an inexpensive battery that can discharge power for days using one of the most common elements on Earth: iron. From a report: Form Energy's batteries are far too heavy for electric cars. But it says they will be capable of solving one of the most elusive problems facing renewable energy: cheaply storing large amounts of electricity to power grids when the sun isn't shining and wind isn't blowing. The work of the Somerville, Mass., company has long been s...
Tags: Amazon, Microsoft, Tech, Tesla, Bill Gates, Wall Street Journal, Form, Jim, ArcelorMittal, Powerwall, Jaramillo, Breakthrough Energy Ventures, Mateo Jaramillo, Jeff Bezos Form

Peer-to-peer car rental startup Getaround fined nearly $1M by DC’s Attorney General

Getaround was fined nearly $1 million by the Washington D.C. Office of the Attorney General for operating without a license and other violations, part of a settlement of what the peer-to-peer car rental startup calls “politically motivated allegations.” The AG’s office started investigating the company early last year, after it received reports of vehicle thefts of cars listed on the Getaround platform. The settlement, released Friday, requires the company to pay the city $950,000, in addition t...
Tags: TC, Transportation, Attorney General, Tech, Automotive, Dc, Getaround, Car Rental, Carsharing, District, AG, Turo, Karl Racine, Washington D C office, The AG

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