Senate Democrats To Introduce Legislation That Would Tax Energy Companies Responsible For Major Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Zack Budryk writes via The Hill: The Polluters Pay Climate Fund Act, sponsored by Sen. Chris Van Hollen (D-Md.), would require between 25 to 30 of the U.S. corporations responsible for the most greenhouse gas pollution to pay $300 billion into a fund over 10 years. The legislation would require companies to pay into the fund if they were responsible for at least .05 percent of global carbon dioxide and methane emissions between 2000 and 2019 based on data from the Treasury Department and Environ...
Tags: Senate, Tech, Exxon Mobil, Chevron, Democratic, U S Chamber of Commerce, New York Times Read, The Hill, American Petroleum Institute, Van Hollen, Sen Chris Van Hollen D Md, Zack Budryk, Shell ExxonMobil, Hill Van Hollen

Google co-founder Larry Page granted entry to New Zealand despite border closure, report says

Billionaire reportedly made trip after his child fell ill in Fiji and needed hospital treatment in New Zealand The billionaire co-founder of Google Larry Page was reportedly granted entry into New Zealand, despite the border being closed to non-residents.Stuff reported that Page, who is the sixth-richest person in the world, visited the country after his child fell ill in Fiji and required hospital treatment in New Zealand. Continue reading...
Tags: Google, World news, Larry Page, Asia Pacific, New Zealand, Fiji

Remember Google Plus? Remember its privacy blunder? Remember applying for a slice of a settlement?

Congrats, $2.15 is on its way to you. And millions on lawyers and admin costs Check your bank accounts this month. A settlement payment from Google, regarding a privacy hole in its now-defunct Google+ social network, may be winging its way to you. All $2.15 of it.…
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The State Department and 3 Other US Agencies Earn a D For Cybersecurity

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Ars Technica: Cybersecurity at eight federal agencies is so poor that four of them earned grades of D, three got Cs, and only one received a B in a report issued Tuesday by a US Senate Committee. "It is clear that the data entrusted to these eight key agencies remains at risk," the 47-page report stated. "As hackers, both state-sponsored and otherwise, become increasingly sophisticated and persistent, Congress and the executive branch cannot continue to a...
Tags: Microsoft, Congress, US, America, Tech, Ars Technica, Dhs, State Department, Social Security Administration, Federal, State, Senate Committee on Homeland Security, Governmental Affairs, US Senate Committee

Firefox Lost Almost 50 Million Users In 3 Years

An anonymous reader quotes a report from It's FOSS, written by Ankush Das: Mozilla's Firefox is the only popular alternative to Chromium-based browsers. It has been the default choice for Linux users and privacy-conscious users across every platform. However, even with all benefits as one of the best web browsers around, it is losing its grip for the past few years. I came across a Reddit thread by u/nixcraft, which highlighted more details on the decline in the userbase of Firefox since 2018. A...
Tags: Firefox, Tech, Mozilla, Reddit, Firefox Lost Almost

NYT Crossword Puzzle No Longer Works In Third-Party Apps

People will no longer be able to play the digital version of The New York Times daily crossword puzzle in third-party apps, according to an announcement made by the Times on Monday. The Verge reports: Starting August 10th, the crossword will be available digitally only via the NYT site or on its own crossword app. Downloadable PDFs, in addition to the physical newspaper, will still be available for people who want to print and play. Until now, crosswords were available in the Across Lite .puz fi...
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Apple Promoting Exclusive Deals for Apple Card Users in the Wallet App

Apple this week began highlighting exclusive offers that are available for Apple Card holders, with the offerings presented right in the Wallet app when accessing the ‌Apple Card‌. As noted by Bloomberg's Mark Gurman, Apple is offering ‌Apple Card‌ users free access to Apple News+ and unlimited coffee with any order from Panera bread. Looks like Apple is planning some sort of “Offers” feature for the Apple Card. I just saw a free News+ offer (sponsored by Panera Bread) in my Wallet app on i...
Tags: Apple, News, Bloomberg, Mark Gurman, Apple News, Panera Bread, Mark Gurman Apple, Apple Card

The IRS Has Seized $1.2 Billion Worth of Cryptocurrency This Fiscal Year

The U.S. government regularly holds auctions for its stockpile of bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin and other cryptocurrencies it seizes and then holds in crypto wallets. "In fiscal year 2019, we had about $700,000 worth of crypto seizures. In 2020, it was up to $137 million. And so far in 2021, we're at $1.2 billion," said Jarod Koopman, director of the IRS' cybercrime unit. CNBC reports: As cybercrime picks up -- and the haul of digital tokens along with it -- government crypto coffers are expected ...
Tags: Silk Road, Congress, Tech, Irs, Cnbc, U S, The IRS, KOOPMAN, Treasury Forfeiture Fund, Jarod Koopman, Department of Justice Assets Forfeiture Fund, Sharon Cohen Levin, Executive Office of Treasury

Google+ Class Action Starts Paying Out $2.15 For G+ Privacy Violations

Ron Amadeo writing via Ars Technica: Who remembers the sudden and dramatic death of Google+? Google's Facebook competitor and "social backbone" was effectively dead inside the company around 2014, but Google let the failed service hang around for years in maintenance mode while the company spun off standalone products. In 2018, The Wall Street Journal reported that Google+ had exposed the private data of "hundreds of thousands of users" for years, that Google knew about the problem, and that the...
Tags: Google, Facebook, Tech, Wall Street Journal, Ron Amadeo, Zak Harris, G Privacy Violations, Matt Matic

UCLA QB Dorian Thompson-Robinson absent for first practice in full pads

LOS ANGELES — UCLA quarterback Dorian Thompson-Robinson was described as “unavailable” Wednesday morning for a second consecutive practice. Coach Chip Kelly confirmed Thompson-Robinson’s absence from the Bruins’ first full padded practice but did not provide a reason during his semi-weekly press conference. The term “unavailable” is the catch-all term used by Kelly when answering personal questions the Bruins would like to keep in house such as an injury, an illness or academically ineligible am...
Tags: Google, Sports, Los Angeles, Sport, Soccer, Hawaii, College sports, Notre Dame, Rose Bowl, Ucla, Chip Kelly, Kelly, Bruins, UCLA Bruins, Rose Bowl Stadium, Thompson Robinson

Oh, Facebook changed its privacy settings again

Ever considerate of its users, Facebook has determined that its privacy settings needed a bit of a shuffle to keep things clear and easy to find. To that end they’ve taken the “privacy settings” settings and scattered them mischievously among the other categories. “We’ve redesigned our entire settings menu on mobile devices from top to bottom to make things easier to find. Instead of having settings spread across nearly 20 different screens, they’re now accessible from a single place,” writes Fa...
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Uber CEO calls Massachusetts gig economy ballot measure the ‘right answer’

Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi expressed his support Wednesday for a ballot initiative in Massachusetts that would keep gig economy workers classified as independent contractors, fulfilling a promise he made nearly a year ago to push for laws that preserve its business model. “In the state of Massachusetts, we think the right answer is our IC+ model, which is independent contractor with benefits,” Khosrowshahi said during the earnings call with investors. “Our drivers love it. Prop 22 has proven to ...
Tags: Transportation, Uber, Labor, California, Massachusetts, Tech, Coalition, Independent Contractors, AB, Dara Khosrowshahi, Khosrowshahi, Uber Drivers, Gig Workers Rising, Shona Clarkson, Prop 22, Massachusetts Khosrowshahi

Google Will Kill Off Very Old Versions of Android Next Month (slashdot)

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Ars Technica: Google has started emailing users of very old Android devices to tell them it's time to say goodbye. Starting September 27, devices running Android 2.3.7 and lower will no longer be able to log in to Google services, effectively killing a big portion of the on-rails Android experience. As Google puts it in an official community post, "If you sign in to your device after September 27, you may get username or password errors when you try to us...
Tags: Google, News, Ars Technica, BeauHD, Gmail YouTube

Yes, Actually, The 1st Amendment Does Mean That Twitter Can Kick You Off Its Platform, Wall Street Journal (techdirt)

Back in February, we did a thorough debunking of Columbia Law Professor Philip Hamburger arguing (bizarrely, and blatantly incorrectly) that Section 230 violates the Constitution in the pages of the Wall Street Journal. It was a nearly fact free opinion piece that got so much wrong I was vicariously embarrassed for anyone who ever got a law degree from Columbia University. In the intervening months, it does not appear that Prof. Hamburger has done anything to educate himself. Instead, he appears...
Tags: Google, Facebook, Twitter, News, Supreme Court, Court, America, Columbia University, Dc, Rupert Murdoch, Doj, Wall Street Journal, Columbia Law School, Nlrb, WSJ, Columbia

Award-winning work for Beats by Dre pushes Translation to the top during the pandemic

Marketing has always reflected the anxieties of an era, so it’s no surprise that the last year-and-a-half was awash in a tide of COVID PSAs and back-to-work bromides meant to soothe nervous shoppers and workers. The murder of George Floyd brought another national crisis to the fore, and brands—whether due to obligation or inspiration–weighed in too, expressing support for Black Lives Matter but often skirting the real issues of police violence and institutionalized racism. Not everyone stepped s...
Tags: Apple, New York, Kaiser Permanente, Advertising, Disney, America, Brooklyn, Michael Jordan, Espn, Solange Knowles, State Farm, Black, Cannes Lions, Campbell, Floyd, Dre

5 factors founders must consider before choosing their VC

Kunal Lunawat Contributor Share on Twitter Kunal Lunawat is the co-founder and managing partner of Agya Ventures, a venture capital firm focused on proptech, travel, hospitality and the future of the built world. Though 2021 is far from over, it’s already witnessed a record level of venture capital activity in the technology sector. With larger round sizes announced daily, founders may have their pick of term sheets — but they...
Tags: Startups, Column, Entrepreneurship, Funding, Tech, United States, Venture Capital, Brad Feld, Private Equity, Mark Suster, Jason Mendelson, EC Column, EC How To, Kunal Lunawat, Agya Ventures

A TikTok user came across a strange Amazon ad, but the e-commerce giant says it has nothing to do with it

Amazon's New York office. Mark Lennihan/AP Photo YouTuber Eddy Burback spotted a strange ad on TikTok that appeared to be from Amazon. Amazon says it had nothing to do with the video and is "looking into it with TikTok." The video features roasts interrupted by an "apple bottom jeans" edit inspired by Flo Rida's "Low." See more stories on Insider's business page. A TikTok user spotted a strange Amazon ad on the platform the other day - only it wasn't actually an Amazon ad....
Tags: Apple, Amazon, New York, Trends, Ad, Retail, Flo Rida, Facebook Google, Amazon Amazon, Mark Lennihan, Tech Insider, Sarah Jackson, Tiktok, Eddy Burback, YouTuber Eddy Burback, Burback

Miami Launches 'MiamiCoin' Cryptocurrency

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Motherboard: [Miami has] launched its own cryptocurrency, MiamiCoin, which claims to allow city citizens to earn Bitcoin "in their sleep." On Tuesday, Okcoin was the first crypto exchange to list MiamiCoin. The idea is to fill the city's coffers via speculation. People can mine the coin (which is less difficult and thus less energy intensive than mining Bitcoin or Ethereum), and revenue from the coin will be diverted to the city's treasury. As investors b...
Tags: San Francisco, Tech, Bitcoin, Miami, Suarez, Fox Business, Francis Suarez, Miami Launches MiamiCoin Cryptocurrency, MiamiCoin, Brady Swenson Head of Education

Daily Crunch: Second-day trading surge launches Robinhood stock into meme territory

To get a roundup of TechCrunch’s biggest and most important stories delivered to your inbox every day at 3 p.m. PDT, subscribe here. Hello and welcome to Daily Crunch for August 4, 2021. It’s been hectic: Robinhood’s stock lost its mind. Facebook made another chunk of the internet mad. And a new unicorn wants to go public? It’s been a great day for tech news. But before we get on with it, we’re excited to announce that TechCrunch is launching another newsletter! This Week in Apps by Sarah Perez ...
Tags: TC, Facebook, Spacex, New York, Amc, Tech, Atlanta, Dubai, Gm, Ryan Lawler, Boeing, Robinhood, Global Founders Capital, Gamestop, Bain Capital Ventures, Chevy Bolt

Colleges Across the US and Canada Are Adopting Virtual Student IDs

Apple Wallet is expanding access to its contactless student IDs, a feature it first debuted in 2018. A number of U.S. universities are adopting the new format for the first time. Apple Wallet student IDs will also arrive in Canada later this fall. The Verge reports: The University of New Brunswick and Sheridan College will be the first two Canadian schools to use Apple Wallet IDs. The new US roster includes Auburn, Northern Arizona University, University of Maine, and New Mexico State University...
Tags: Apple, US, Tech, Canada, University Of Alabama, New Mexico State University, Apple Wallet, Sheridan College, University of New Brunswick, Google Pay Apple

Ubuntu’s New Desktop Installer Is Now Available for Public Testing, Here’s How to Test It

The wait if finally over, and Ubuntu’s new graphical installer for the desktop is now available for public testing. The installer is written in Google’s Flutter software development kit (SDK) and promises a more modern installation experience.
Tags: Google, Linux, Ubuntu, Sdk

Apple Picks Up Matthew Vaughn’s Spy Movie ‘Argylle’ in Massive $200 Million Deal

Argylle is heading to Apple. Apple Original Films is reportedly “nearing completion” on the acquisition of Argylle, a new spy/action film from Kingsman: The Secret Service director Matthew Vaughn which is intended to launch a new film franchise. The company is shelling out around $200 million for the project, continuing the somewhat recent trend of streamers upending the established model by paying gargantuan up-front costs to entice talent instead of rewarding them with financial bonuses based...
Tags: Apple, Movies, News, Disney, Netflix, James Bond, Secret Service, Scarlett Johansson, Will Smith, Ridley Scott, Samuel L Jackson, Rian Johnson, Bryan Cranston, Napoleon, Martin Scorsese, Kingsman

Senators Propose Exclusion of Miners, Software Developers in Infrastructure Bill's Crypto 'Broker' Definition

A trio of U.S. senators is proposing a legislative exclusion for crypto companies, including miners and software developers, from a tax reporting provision in a long-in-the-making bipartisan infrastructure bill. From a report: The Wyden-Lummis-Toomey amendment, made public Wednesday, comes days after it first emerged that the trillion-dollar infrastructure bill included language aimed at tightening reporting requirements for "brokers" in the digital asset space. But critics quickly highlighted t...
Tags: Senate, Tech, Ron Wyden, Rob Portman, Senate Finance Committee, Wyden Lummis Toomey

Apple Lands Argylle in Near-$200 Million Deal, Wants to Start Franchise

Apple is on the cusp of adding another huge film to its streaming platforms, as Deadline is reporting that Apple Original Films is closing on the worldwide film rights to Argylle, the next film directed by Matthew Vaughn. RELATED: Brendan Fraser Joins Apple’s Killers of the Flower Moon & Legendary’s Brothers According to the report, Apple is set to close the deal somewhere around the $200 million mark, and while it is only a deal for one picture, the company hopes that it will be successful enou...
Tags: Apple, Movies, Action, Streaming, Vaughn, Brendan Fraser, Dua Lipa, Marv, Matthew Vaughn, Movie News, Apple Original Films, Argylle, Ellie Conway, Flower Moon Legendary 's Brothers According, Second Season, Apple Lands Argylle

HubSpot CEO moving to exec chairman role as company promotes Yamini Rangan to CEO

Boston-based CRM company HubSpot announced today that co-founder and CEO Brian Halligan would be stepping into the executive chairman role and CMO Yamini Rangan would be taking over as CEO next month on September 7th. Rangan joined the company in January 2020 after stints at Dropbox, Workday and SAP. Her strong background in engineering, sales and marketing should prove helpful as she takes over the chief executive role. It’s worth noting that Halligan suffered a snowmobile accident earlier this...
Tags: Cloud, Boston, Tech, Content Marketing, Sap, HubSpot, CRM, Wayfair, Leary, Brian Halligan, Dharmesh Shah, Personnel, Dharmesh, Brent Leary, Halligan, Boston startups

Google Pixel 5a 5G: Everything we know so far

The Google Pixel 5a 5G is likely launching in August. Here's everything we know so far about its specs, features, and capabilities.
Tags: Google, Android, Mobile, News, Trends, Google Pixel 5a, Google Pixel 5a 5G

Apple places female engineering program manager on administrative leave after tweeting about sexism in the of…

Ashley Gjøvik has been tweeting about sexism at Apple.
Tags: Apple, Ashley Gjøvik

Amazon’s IMDb TV Free Streaming Service Finally Launches iOS and Android Mobile Apps

More than two and a half years after IMDb launched its free, ad-supported streaming service, IMDb TV is now available on iOS and Android mobile devices. The IMDb TV app launched Tuesday for Apple’s iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android mobile devices in the U.S. The addition of the two major mobile platforms comes after […]
Tags: Apple, Ios, Amazon, Android, News, Imdb, IMDb TV

Uber shares fall despite revenue beat as its core operations continue to lose money

Today after the bell U.S. ride-hailing giant Uber reported its second-quarter financial results. The company’s numbers come a day after its domestic rival, Lyft, shared its own Q2 earnings. Notably while Lyft managed to generate positive adjusted EBITDA in the second quarter, Uber did not. However, Uber did generate positive net income of $1.14 billion in the quarter thanks to its investments in other companies like Didi and Aurora Innovation. From the top, Uber’s gross bookings totaled $21.9 bi...
Tags: TC, Transportation, Lyft, Uber, Yahoo, Tech, Canada, United States, Earnings, Latin America, Tpg Capital, EMEA, EBITDA, APAC, Didi, Aurora Innovation From

What’s the board’s role in an early-stage startup?

Gregg Adkin Contributor Share on Twitter Gregg Adkin is vice president and managing director at Dell Technologies Capital, the global venture capital investment arm of Dell Technologies. What’s the board’s role in an early-stage startup? Startup founders frequently ask me about the role of a board of directors. A board can be a crucial asset in an early-stage startup. Here’s a framework for how it can help drive success at y...
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