World's Strongest Glass That's As Hard As Diamond Discovered

Hmmmmmm shares a report from The Independent: Scientists in China have developed the hardest and strongest glassy material known so far that can scratch diamond crystals with ease. The researchers, including those from Yanshan University in China, noted that the new material -- tentatively named AM-III -- has "outstanding" mechanical and electronic properties, and could find applications in solar cells due to its "ultra-high" strength and wear resistance. Analysis of the material, published in t...
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Google’s new hardware campus shows it’s trying to be more like Apple

I’ve been a Pixel fan since the original, but I can’t help but feel the phones have often been a bit of an afterthought for Google. The company has financial resources that few in the world can compare to, after all, yet its hardware has often paled in comparison to its Android siblings — let alone Apple. While Apple is often pushing the boundaries of hardware as well as software, people mainly buy Pixel phones for the software experience. But it finally feels like things might just be changing....
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Best cheap student laptop deals for August 2021

A great student laptop doesn't have to cost a fortune. Here are some perfect picks for every budget and taste.
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Make Coal History Says PM Boris Johnson After UN Climate Report

An anonymous reader quotes a report from the BBC: Coal needs to be consigned to history to limit global warming, says PM Boris Johnson, describing a UN report on climate change as "sobering." He said the world must shift to clean energy and provide finance to help countries at risk from changing climates. The landmark study found it was "unequivocal" that human activity was responsible for global warming. Green campaigners said the UK must halt planned new fossil fuel projects. Despite the cal...
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What Are Stores Even Thinking With All These Emails?

Your inbox is now a shopping mall. From a column: Email is one of the few ways companies can reach their customers directly. In fact, people overwhelmingly say that the way they want to hear from brands is by email, Chad S. White, the head of research for Oracle Marketing Consulting, told me. That's why the mailbox software started suppressing messages -- to protect people from companies' temptation to send too many emails. In response, email marketers obsess over "deliverability," or how the co...
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Why CAPTCHA Pictures Are So Unbearably Depressing

Clive Thompson: I hate doing Google's CAPTCHAs. Part of it is the sheer hassle of repeatedly identifying objects -- traffic lights, staircases, palm trees and buses -- just so I can finish a web search. I also don't like being forced to donate free labor to AI companies to help train their visual-recognition systems. But a while ago, while numbly clicking on grainy images of fire hydrants, I was struck by another reason: The images are deeply, overwhelmingly depressing. CAPTCHA images are neve...
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Android 12 starts showing ‘Ongoing call’ chip for Google Phone app in the status bar

Many parts of the redesign were shown off with Android 12 Beta 1, but Google is now rolling out an Ongoing call chip for the Phone app...
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Jennifer Lawrence and Paolo Sorrentino Project, About Hollywood Superagent Sue Mengers, Sparks Bidding War

Jennifer Lawrence‘s last film was Dark Phoenix in 2019. But she has a new movie with Leonardo DiCaprio coming this year, Don’t Look Up, and now a bidding war has opened over her next project, a biopic about talent agent Sue Mengers. Deadline reports that Lawrence is circling the Mengers project and director Paolo Sorrentino (The Young Pope) is already attached, with streaming services like Apple TV+ and Netflix looking to scoop it up. Lauren Schuker Blum, Rebecca Angelo, and John Logan wrote...
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Apple Announces It Will Scan Users iPhone and iCloud Photos for Signs of Child Abuse

Apple made a recent announcement that got more than a little attention in the photography press but is nonetheless a long time coming when you survey the general tech landscape on this issue.  Apple... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
Tags: Apple, Photography, Photography News, iCloud Photos for Signs of Child Abuse

DEF CON: Security Holes In Deere, Case IH Shine Spotlight On Agriculture Cyber Risk

chicksdaddy shares a report from The Security Ledger: A lot has changed in the agriculture sector in the last decade. And farm country's cybersecurity bill has come due in a big way. A (virtual) presentation at the annual DEF CON hacking conference in Las Vegas on Sunday described a host of serious, remotely exploitable holes in software and services by U.S. agricultural equipment giants John Deere and Case IH, The Security Ledger reports. Together, the security flaws and misconfigurations could...
Tags: Tech, Las Vegas, John Deere, Deere, Pegasystems, Pega Systems, U S agricultural equipment giants John Deere

Daily Crunch: Bangalore-based UpGrad becomes India’s newest unicorn with $185M funding round

To get a roundup of TechCrunch’s biggest and most important stories delivered to your inbox every day at 3 p.m. PDT, subscribe here. Hello and welcome to Daily Crunch for August 9, 2021. We are ever so glad that you are here. We have global startup news for you, rocket news, car-rental IPO news and more. And if you are a student, we even have Extra Crunch discounts for you. Call it a technology and money smorgasbord. All in one email. Let’s go! — Alex How to claim a student discount for Extra ...
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5 ways AI can help mitigate the global shipping crisis

Ahmer Inam Contributor Share on Twitter Ahmer Inam is the chief artificial intelligence officer (CAIO) at Pactera EDGE. He has more than 20 years of experience driving organizational transformation. His experience includes leadership roles at Nike Inc., Wells Fargo, Sonic Automotive and Cambia Health Solutions. With the fourth quarter now upon us, every industry faces a challenge in managing a holiday production calendar that ...
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Apple’s mythical AirPower shows up as a working prototype

We thought it’d never see the light of day, but we’ve finally gotten a good look at Apple‘s AirPower wireless charging pad. Unfortunately, it’s not via Apple — AirPower is still canceled. Instead, The Verge was able to access images of an AirPower prototype, courtesy of developer and Apple prototype collector Giulio Zompetti. It’s a glance at a dream that never was. Zompetti said he was able to buy the prototype — which is missing its outer shell but is otherwise functional — from e-waste source...
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AI Algorithms Uncannily Good At Spotting Your Race From Medical Scans

An anonymous reader quotes a report from The Register: Neural networks can correctly guess a person's race just by looking at their bodily x-rays and researchers have no idea how it can tell. There are biological features that can give clues to a person's ethnicity, like the color of their eyes or skin. But beneath all that, it's difficult for humans to tell. That's not the case for AI algorithms, according to a study that's not yet been peer reviewed. A team of researchers trained five differen...
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Apple Says It Won't Let the Government Turn Its Child Abuse Detection Tools Into a Surveillance Weapon

After facing a whole lot of criticism, Apple has doubled down and defended its plans to launch controversial new tools aimed at identifying and reporting child sex abuse material (or CSAM) on its platforms.Read more...
Tags: Apple, Ios, Science, Imessage, Software, Edward Snowden, Computing, Messages, Icloud, Child, Operating Systems, Webmail, Apple Inc, Matthew Green, Alex Stamos, CSAM

Life With a Foldable Phone Is a Game-Changer With One Terrible Downside

If you’ve been reading Gizmodo for awhile, you’ve probably realized that I’m bullish on flexible displays, due in large part to their ability to expand or enhance the capabilities of smartphones, laptops, and even smartwatches (OK, that last one’s a little iffy). So after I reviewed Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 2 last…Read more...
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Apple Says It Will Reject Government Demands To Use New Child Abuse Image Detection System for Surveillance

Apple defended its new system to scan iCloud for illegal child sexual abuse materials (CSAM) on Monday during an ongoing controversy over whether the system reduces Apple user privacy and could be used by governments to surveil citizens. From a report: Last week, Apple announced it has started testing a system that uses sophisticated cryptography to identify when users upload collections of known child pornography to its cloud storage service. It says it can do this without learning about the co...
Tags: Apple, Google, Microsoft, Tech, CSAM

Google Drops Bluetooth Titan Security Keys In Favor of NFC Versions

Google is discontinuing the Bluetooth Titan Security Key to focus on security keys with Near Field Communication (NFC) functionality. As part of this move, Google has also announced a new Titan Security Key with USB-C and NFC to go along with the previously available USB-A + NFC security key. Bleeping Computer reports: Google's Titan Security Keys were introduced in 2018 and are designed to help users prevent Google account takeover attempts using credentials stolen in data breaches or following...
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Bed Made of Balls

Innovative furniture made out of soft foam balls can be transformed into beds, sofas, and chairs of different shapes. Comfortable “feel seating system” designed by Animi Causa can change its form to reflect the emotional state of the body. You can sit on it, lay and relax or just lounge on it. Also check out: […]
Tags: Design, Tech, Animi Causa

Uber Asked Contractor To Allow Video Surveillance In Employee Homes, Bedrooms

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Ars Technica: Teleperformance, one of the world's largest call center companies, is reportedly requiring some employees to consent to video monitoring in their homes. Employees in Colombia told NBC News that their new contract granted the company the right to use AI-powered cameras to observe and record their workspaces. The contract also requires employees to share biometric data like fingerprints and photos of themselves, and workers have to agree to sh...
Tags: Apple, Amazon, Uber, Nbc, Nbc News, Tech, Ars Technica, Colombia, Amazon Apple, Teleperformance, Teleperformance Colombia

New Data Portability Tools Get Us Closer to Leaving Facebook the Website, but Not Facebook the Borg

If you’re morbidly curious about the reams of data Facebook collects on you, then good news: earlier today, Facebook announced that users could now move their data to two more destinations with the help of the company’s Transfer Your Information (TYI) Tool. Starting today, the company said, you can now move your pics…Read more...
Tags: Google, Facebook, Science, Social Networks, Social Media, Software, Computing, Biden, World Wide Web, Zuckerberg, Social Software, Facebook Group, John Smith, Borg, Facebook Platform, Data Portability

Apple Now Selling Refurbished 2020 iPad Pro Models Starting at $609

Apple today began offering refurbished versions of the second-generation 11-inch iPad Pro and fourth-generation 12.9-inch ‌iPad Pro‌ models that were originally released in March 2020. Pricing starts at $609 for the 11-inch iPad Pro models, which Apple says is a savings of $90. Pricing on the 12.9-inch models starts at $749, a $200 discount. The 2020 ‌iPad Pro‌ models preceeded the M1 ‌iPad Pro‌ models and introduced new camera technology with an included LiDAR Scanner for depth-sensing capa...
Tags: Apple, iPad Pro 12.9, Michael Burkhardt, iPad Pro 11

The future of privacy — and how you can prepare

With third-party cookies going away, Google's Privacy Sandbox invites the web community to collaborate on privacy-first alternatives.
Tags: Google, Advertising

Apple responds to critics of CSAM scan plan with FAQs - says it'd block governments subverting its system

Offer may not apply in China, or anywhere else warn experts Apple's announcement last week that it will soon be scanning photos on iPhones and iPads that sync to iCloud for child sexual abuse material (CSAM) prompted pushback from thousands of security and privacy professionals and a response from the company that attempts to mollify its critics.…
Tags: Apple, China, Software, CSAM

First Street Foundation to build property-specific fire risk model

The model will provide an analysis of how various factors will impact a property's wildfire risk over the next 30 years, giving property owners better insight into their home's future risk for wildfire.
Tags: News Brief, Technology, California Wildfires, Climate Change, Climate Risk Factors, First Street Foundation, Flood Risk, Property Damage, Wildfires

Thousands sign open letter arguing against Apple plan to scan US iPhones for child sexual abuse images

A group of security and privacy tech advocates are pushing back against Apple’s recently announced plan to scan iPhones and iPads for...
Tags: Apple, US

Google rolling out larger Material time picker across its Android apps

The time picker UI across Google's Android apps are getting updated to a new, more touch-friendly design. Ahead of the Material You...
Tags: Google

A number of Apple devices are on sale today, including new iPads and AirPods

Dealmaster also has Kindles, Switch and PS5 games, video doorbells, and more.
Tags: Apple, Dealmaster

Fortnite’s Ariana Grande concert offers a taste of music in the metaverse

Ariana Grande strutted and soared around a candy-colored series of Fortnite sets in Epic’s latest major in-game live music event. The multi-day “tour” offered gamers and Grande fans alike plenty to enjoy while showcasing Epic’s impressively smooth and visually inventive vision for live events that millions of people can enjoy simultaneously. Fortnite players have known an Ariana Grande event was in the works for a while, and the concert followed previous in-game events featuring rapper Travis Sc...
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iPhone 13 rumors: The latest buzz on Apple's 2021 iPhone (you don't want to miss it)

Here's all the hot gossip we know so far about the new iPhone's possible release date, features upgrades, color options, camera specs and more.
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