Apple Appeals Corellium Copyright Lawsuit Loss After Settling Other Claims

Back in December, Apple lost a copyright lawsuit against security research company Corellium, and today, Apple filed an appeal in that case, reports Reuters. The judge in the copyright case determined that Corellium was operating under fair use terms and that its use of iOS was permissible, throwing out several of Apple's claims. For those unfamiliar with Corellium, the software is designed to replicate iOS exactly to allow security researchers to find bugs and vulnerabilities. Apple claimed...
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Microsoft Envisions a Blockchain-Based Bounty System to Catch Pirates

A new paper (PDF) published by Microsoft's research department proposes to tackle piracy with a blockchain-based bounty system titled "Argus." The system allows volunteers to report piracy in exchange for a reward. It uses the Ethereum blockchain and is transparent, practical, and secure, while limiting abusive reports and errors. TorrentFreak reports: Argus is a transparent system built on the Ethereum blockchain that allows people to anonymously report piracy in exchange for a bounty. Pirated ...
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Laser Fusion Experiment Unleashes an Energetic Burst of Optimism

An anonymous reader quotes a report from The New York Times: Scientists have come tantalizingly close to reproducing the power of the sun -- albeit only in a speck of hydrogen for a fraction of a second. Researchers at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory reported on Tuesday that by using 192 gigantic lasers to annihilate a pellet of hydrogen, they were able to ignite a burst of more than 10 quadrillion watts of fusion power -- energy released when hydrogen atoms are fused into helium, the sam...
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Unpatched Remote Hacking Flaw Disclosed in Fortinet's FortiWeb WAF

Details have emerged about a new unpatched security vulnerability in Fortinet's web application firewall (WAF) appliances that could be abused by a remote, authenticated attacker to execute malicious commands on the system. "An OS command injection vulnerability in FortiWeb's management interface (version 6.3.11 and prior) can allow a remote, authenticated attacker to execute arbitrary commands [Author: [email protected] (Ravie Lakshmanan)]
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RaRa Delivery gets $3.25M for its ambitious on-demand delivery plans in Indonesia

RaRa Delivery’s ambitious goal is to offer same-day deliveries in Indonesia without burning cash like many on-demand logistics providers. The company announced today it has raised $3.25 million in seed funding led by Sequoia Capital India’s Surge program and East Ventures. Other participants included 500 Startups, Angel Central, GK Plug and Play and angel investors Royston Tay and Yang Bin Kwok. Launched in 2019, RaRa Delivery relies on a proprietary engine that batches orders and optimizes deli...
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Watch this FPV drone take on the world’s highest waterfall

Ace FPV drone pilot Ellis van Jason has captured some fabulous footage of Angel Falls, the highest waterfall in the world.
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COVID slows Apple and Google production shift away from China

Suppliers say tighter border controls are hindering output expansion in Vietnam
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Substack Likely to Put a Fork in Medium

I have never used Substack nor Medium, but being a student of digital publishing, I can’t help but feel that Substack is killing off Medium.The New York Times report that Michael Moore is joining other prominent writers on Substack is further evidence. Substack, founded in 2017, is a publishing, payment, analytics, and design infrastructure that allows writers to send digital newsletters directly to subscribers.Earlier this year, Legal tech columnist, Bob Ambrogi blogged about Substack being u...
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UPDATE 1-Apple appeals against security research firm while touting researchers

Apple Inc on Tuesday appealed a copyright case it lost against security startup Corellium, which helps researchers examine programs like...
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ByteDance, TikTok's Parent Company, Joins the Open Invention Network

ByteDance, TikTok's parent company, has joined the Open Invention Network (OIN), the world's largest non-aggression consortium that protects Linux and related open-source software and the companies behind them from patent attacks and patent trolls. ZDNet reports: The OIN recently broadened its scope from core Linux programs and adjacent open-source code by expanding its Linux System Definition to other patents such as the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) and the Extended File Allocation Table ...
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Substack a Likely Alternative to Medium for Many Writers

I have never used Substack nor Medium, but being a student of digital publishing, I can’t help but feel that Substack is killing off Medium.The New York Times report that Michael Moore is joining other prominent writers on Substack is further evidence. Substack, founded in 2017, is a publishing, payment, analytics, and design infrastructure that allows writers to send digital newsletters directly to subscribers.Earlier this year, Legal tech columnist, Bob Ambrogi blogged about Substack being u...
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Critical Bug Impacting Millions of IoT Devices Lets Hackers Spy On You

An anonymous reader quotes a report from BleepingComputer: Security researchers are sounding the alarm on a critical vulnerability affecting tens of millions of devices worldwide connected via ThroughTek's Kalay IoT cloud platform. The security issue impacts products from various manufacturers providing video and surveillance solutions as well as home automation IoT systems that use the Kalay network for easy connectin and communication with a corresponding app. A remote attacker could leverage ...
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Daily Crunch: Salesforce rolls out initial post-acquisition Slack integrations

To get a roundup of TechCrunch’s biggest and most important stories delivered to your inbox every day at 3 p.m. PDT, subscribe here. Hello and welcome to Daily Crunch for August 17, 2021. Today we have what struck us as the most interesting collection of startup news in some time. And we’re keeping an international perspective, diving into Brazil’s IPO market and — see below — fintech industry, while also looking at what’s ahead for Nigeria’s burgeoning startup industry. (Africa is busy!) Before...
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How to unlock a Boost Mobile phone and use it with other carriers

If your Boost Mobile account is in good standing, you might be eligible for a phone unlock. Dragana Gordic/Shutterstock To unlock a Boost Mobile phone, you'll need to call the Boost Mobile Customer Care line at 1-888-266-7848. Before you can unlock your phone, it needs to have been connected to your Boost Mobile account for at least a year. Military personnel who are deployed overseas can unlock their Boost Mobile phones without waiting a year. Visit Insider's Tech Reference librar...
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CES 2022 To Require Proof of Vaccination For Attendees, Exhibitors

CES 2022 will be a hybrid event with in-person and digital components. However, in order to attend the event in person, the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) says you'll need to provide proof of vaccination against COVID-19. The Verge reports: As far as those who are not vaccinated, whether by their own choice or because they live somewhere without access to vaccines, the CTA says it's "assessing the acceptance of proof of a positive antibody test as an alternative requirement." It's also un...
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Taking consumer subscription software to the great outdoors

Eric Crowley Contributor Share on Twitter Eric Crowley is executive director in the San Francisco office of global investment bank GP Bullhound. The pandemic has been extremely painful for many. But as lockdowns lifted and people began resuming their outdoor hobbies, mobile-first businesses have seen growth accelerate as consumers turned to digital tools to improve their time outdoors. The Dyrt, for example, is the top campin...
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People Now Spend More at Amazon Than at Walmart

Amazon has eclipsed Walmart to become the world's largest retail seller outside China, according to corporate and industry data, a milestone in the shift from brick-and-mortar to online shopping that has changed how people buy everything from Teddy Grahams to teddy bears. From a report: Propelled in part by surging demand during the pandemic, people spent more than $610 billion on Amazon over the 12 months ending in June, according to Wall Street estimates compiled by the financial research firm...
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The M1X Mac Mini may have been delayed to 2022, contradicting recent reports

Many people are looking forward to the launch of the M1X Mac Mini. Unfortunately, it may get pushed back to next year.
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12 startups vie for $15K at NAR’s ‘Pitch Battle’ for real estate tech

Contestants offered tools for staging, rentals, listing presentations, keeping up with clients post-close, real estate development, affordable housing, risk assessment and accounting.
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South Korean online secondhand marketplace Danggeun Market raises $162M at a $2.7B valuation

Danggeun Market, the publisher of South Korea’s hyperlocal community app Karrot, announced it has raised $162 million in a Series D round of funding with a valuation of $2.7 billion. (By the way, Danggeun means carrot in Korean.) This round of funding was led by DST Global, with additional participation from Aspex Management, Reverent Partners, and existing investors such as Goodwater Capital, Altos Ventures, SoftBank Ventures Asia, Kakao Ventures, Strong Ventures, and Capstone Partners. The lat...
Tags: South Korea, Japan, UK, Toronto, Tech, Canada, Kim, DST Global, Goodwater Capital, DST, FSS, Eric Kim, Paul Kim, Manchester Birmingham, John Lindfors, Danggeun Market

Boston Dynamics Teaches Atlas Robot Parkour

An anonymous reader quotes a report from PCMag: Boston Dynamics taught its robots to dance last year, now one of them can complete a parkour course. The robot company, which is owned by Hyundai, has released two new videos today. The first shows off how well the Atlas robot can perform parkour, while the second video takes us behind the scenes and explains how Atlas works. It's actually the first time Atlas has managed to complete the complex obstacle course flawlessly, and Boston wants to celeb...
Tags: Boston, Tech, Atlas, Hyundai, Boston Dynamics

Apple says its CSAM scan code can be verified by researchers. Corellium starts throwing out dollar bills

Here's $15,000 to make that third-party inspection happen, says Florida outfit Last week, Apple essentially invited security researchers to probe its forthcoming technology that's supposed to help thwart the spread of known child sexual abuse material (CSAM).…
Tags: Apple, Florida, Software, CSAM

Alexa Chung’s YouTubes haven’t helped my hair – but they have helped me through lockdown

Sinead Stubbins is the first to admit she might know a bit too much about the British personality. Is it creepy? Maybe. Maybe not? Who knows• Internet Wormhole is a new column where Guardian Australia writers take you on a tour of their online obsession. Click here for moreLast year, I spent a lot of time staring intently into a computer screen at a person who does not know I exist. Let’s just say if restraining orders were determined by hours spent watching someone’s YouTube channel, British mo...
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Extra Crunch roundup: The Nuro EC-1, early-stage growth tactics, understanding Salesforce+

In 2010, Google’s autonomous vehicle project placed self-driving cars on Bay Area streets and freeways, but practical applications were thought to be at least a decade away. The futurists were right on schedule: In 2020, Mountain View-based Nuro was testing its second-generation R2 robotic vehicle, the first to earn a federal exemption to operate an autonomous vehicle. But before Nuro could even consider reaching product-market fit, its founders had to overcome technological challenges, win over...
Tags: Google, Security, Startups, TC, Transportation, Finance, Tech, Getty Images, Venture Capital, Self-driving Cars, EC, Salesforce, Houston, Ryan Lawler, Neo, Alex Wilhelm

YouTube Premium members can get three free months of Stadia Pro

Google has started a new promotion to entice YouTube Premium subscribers to check out its Stadia Pro service..
Tags: Google

Everything New in iOS 15 Beta 6: SharePlay Disabled, Safari Redesigned and More

Apple released the sixth beta of iOS 15 just a week after the fifth beta, but the new update brings some of the most significant tweaks that we've seen to ‌iOS 15‌ during the beta testing period. Safari Redesign Apple in ‌iOS 15‌ beta 6 has added a toggle to move the Safari address bar to the top of the interface, which returns Safari to an iOS 14-like design and mitigates all of the Safari changes introduced in earlier betas. Those who prefer the bottom bar can still opt to have that t...
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Firewalls and Middleboxes Can Be Weaponized For Gigantic DDoS Attacks

An anonymous reader writes: In an award-winning paper last week, academics said they discovered a way to abuse the TCP protocol, firewalls, and other network middleboxes to launch giant distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks against any target on the internet. Authored by computer scientists from the University of Maryland and the University of Colorado Boulder, the research is the first of its kind to describe a method to carry out DDoS reflective amplification attacks via the TCP protoco...
Tags: Tech, University Of Maryland, TCP, University of Colorado Boulder

How to set up YouTube parental controls, like Restricted Mode and the YouTube Kids app

To filter what your kids watch on YouTube, you can set parental controls. Klaus Vedfelt/Getty Images You can set YouTube parental controls to make sure your child only watches appropriate videos. On a web browser, you can enable YouTube Restricted Mode, which hides mature content. You can also download the YouTube Kids app and allow pre-approved content or block specific videos. Visit Insider's Tech Reference library for more stories. From cartoons to educational videos and everythi...
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Apple Seeds Sixth Beta of watchOS 8 to Developers

Apple today seeded the sixth beta of the upcoming watchOS 8 update to developers for testing purposes, with the update coming one week after Apple released the fifth watchOS 8 beta. To install ‌‌watchOS 8‌‌, developers will need to download the configuration profile from the Apple Developer Center. Once installed, ‌‌watchOS 8‌‌ can be downloaded through the dedicated Apple Watch app on the iPhone by going to General > Software update. To update to new software, an Apple Watch needs to have 5...
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A Deepfake Bruce Willis is Now Starring in Russian Phone Commercials

Bruce Willis can be a very good actor when he tries. Unfortunately, he hasn’t really tried in a long time. When was the last genuinely good Willis performance, where he was clearly engaged with the material and not just cashing a paycheck? Looper, perhaps? A movie that’s almost 10 years old? Or perhaps Moonrise Kingdom, which is also almost a decade old. Now, it looks like Willis’ laziness has transcended film into commercials, with the actor agreeing to let Russian company MegaFon use a deepfa...
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