Amazon Killed the Name Alexa

An anonymous reader quotes a report from The Atlantic: Alexa used to be a name primarily given to human babies. Now it's mainly for robots. Seven years ago, Amazon released Alexa, its voice assistant, and as the number of devices answering to that name has skyrocketed, its popularity with American parents has plummeted. In fact, it has suffered one of the sharpest declines of any popular name in recent years. "Alexa stands alone as a name that was steadily popular -- not a one-year celebrity won...
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Policy Groups Ask Apple to Drop Plans to Inspect IMessages, Scan for Abuse Images

By Joseph Menn(Reuters) -More than 90 policy and rights groups around the world published an open letter on Thursday urging Apple to abandon plans...
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Netflix is rolling out Spatial Audio — here’s why that’s great news for iOS users

Watching Netflix content on Apple’s mobile devices is about to get much more immersive. The streaming service today confirmed (via 9to5Mac) that it’s rolling out Spatial Audio support on iPhone and iPad devices, which essentially lets you listen to surround sound and Dolby Atmos using just your headphones. The feature is showing up on devices running iOS 14 and above, although users in the iOS 15 beta have the added benefit of trying out the new Spatialize Stereo feature. This allows Spatial Aud...
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New ‘The English Patient’ Adaptation in the Works and as ‘Seinfeld’ Predicted, It Will Be Longer

There was a time in the 1990s when not liking Anthony Minghella’s Oscar-winning film, The English Patient, could lead to social ostracization, at least for sitcom characters on a show called Seinfeld. Now comes word that the BBC is developing a television adaptation of the Michael Ondaatje novel that provided the source material for The English Patient film. Deadline reports that The English Patient TV adaptation will be “a new interpretation of Ondaatje’s book, which follows four dissimilar...
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Apple Now Selling Refurbished 24-Inch M1 iMacs in the United States

Apple this evening began offering refurbished versions of the 24-inch M1 iMac in its U.S. online store, one day after starting to sell refurbished ‌M1‌ iMacs in the UK. Apple has over a dozen ‌M1‌ iMacs available at the current time, and this is the first time the ‌M1‌ iMacs have been available through the refurbished store in the U.S. since the machines launched in April. The entry-level model with 8-core GPU, 7-core GPU, and 256GB SSD is available for $1,099, which is a $200 discount from ...
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Apple Is Preparing To Begin Construction Activities At Its North San Jose Office With a Portion Devoted To Affordable Housing

NicknamesAreStupid writes: As a follow-up to [last week's story about a large homeless encampment growing on the site Apple earmarked for its North San Jose campus], Apple appears to be using the promise of building affordable homes as a part of moving the current homeless encampment out. [According to Patently Apple, "Apple is preparing construction activities at its huge north San Jose office campus, a move that could bring thousands of jobs to the mixed-use tech hub." The company says it "wou...
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NASA’s Mars rover signs up with Google Photos, sort of

NASA's Perseverance rover has been on Mars for half a year. To celebrate, Google imagined what it'd be like if it had its own Google Photos account.
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Samsung Galaxy S22 leaks paint a picture of a refined S21

Samsung's Galaxy S22 is expected to launch in early 2022, but early reports paint a picture of a phone that's more of an evolution than a revolution.
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Daily Crunch: T-Mobile confirms ‘highly sophisticated cyberattack’ affecting 47M customer accounts

To get a roundup of TechCrunch’s biggest and most important stories delivered to your inbox every day at 3 p.m. PDT, subscribe here. Hello and welcome to Daily Crunch for August 18, 2021! Good news up top: A big welcome to Kate Park, who recently joined the TechCrunch family. She’s helping expand our coverage of Asia, with a special eye on South Korea. Make sure to follow her on Twitter and say hello. Now let’s talk Apple and crypto and startups! — Alex The TechCrunch Top 3 Apple under fire: ...
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Facebook releases a glimpse of its most popular posts, but we don’t learn much

Facebook is out with a new report collecting the most popular posts on the platform, responding to critics who believe the company is deliberately opaque about its top performing content. Facebook’s new “widely viewed content reports” will come out quarterly, reflecting most viewed top News Feed posts in the U.S. every three months — not exactly the kind of realtime data monitoring that might prove useful for observing emerging trends. With the new data set, Facebook hopes to push back against c...
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Google Nest Thermostats get a sweet deal at Amazon today

Smart thermostats can be a great way to not only moderate temperature in your home, but to save tons of money.
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TSMC Overtakes Tencent To Become Asia's Most Valuable Company

The world's largest chipmaker Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) has overtaken Chinese tech behemoth Tencent to become Asia's most valuable firm. CNBC reports: It comes as Beijing's regulatory crackdown on the country's tech sector in the past few months has slammed the valuations of Chinese tech giants Tencent and Alibaba. TSMC, a major supplier to Apple, overtook Tencent earlier in August. The Taiwanese chipmaker is now sitting at the top spot by market capitalization -- among A...
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Three Former Netflix Software Engineers Charged With Insider Trading By SEC

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Deadline: Three former Netflix software engineers are among those who have been charged by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission for alleged insider trading. In a complaint (PDF) filed in federal court in Seattle, the regulatory agency says the engineers and two associates generated more than $3 million in profits from a "long-running scheme." The cornerstone of the setup, according to the complaint, was confidential information they obtained about ...
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Google's Fuchsia OS Is Rolling Out Widely To 1st-Gen Nest Hubs

More owners of the first-generation Nest Hub are receiving the update to Google's Fuchsia operating system as it expands beyond the Preview program. 9to5Google reports: Back in May, Google formally released Fuchsia, its effort to develop a "not Linux" operating system from scratch, which has been years in the making. The first device to receive the new OS was Google's 2018 smart display, the Nest Hub -- not to be confused with the second generation Nest Hub with sleep tracking released earlier t...
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Remember That Alternative Apple TV Remote? It's Now Available Through Deutsche Telekom

Back in November, Universal Electronics announced the launch of a third-party Apple TV Remote that was meant to be provided to cable, satellite, and MVPD customers. At the time, there was no word on which cable companies might offer the remote, but now it appears that it's available through T-Mobile parent company Deutsche Telekom. According to Universal Electronics, Deutsche Telekom will be providing the remote to German customers who subscribe to its MagentaTV service, which comes with an A...
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Apple is changing Mail Privacy Protection and email marketers must prepare

Melissa Sargeant Contributor Share on Twitter Melissa Sargeant is CMO at Litmus, where she runs worldwide marketing initiatives including corporate and product branding, demand generation, product marketing, public relations and event management. The most critical phase in a marketing team’s mix and overall multichannel strategy happens after you press send on an email campaign: the post-send and performance pillars of email ...
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Intel’s leaked Raptor Lake-S lineup looks to threaten AMD and Apple

Intel's Raptor Lake S CPUs look to make impressive performance gains while being much more power-efficient.
Tags: Apple, News, Trends, Intel, Computing, Amd, Intel CPU, Raptor Lake, Raptor Lake S

The best iPad Pro deals and sales for August 2021

Shopping for the absolute best and beefiest tablet money can buy? Look no further than these iPad Pro deals.
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The hottest fintech market you aren’t paying attention to

Hello and welcome back to Equity, TechCrunch’s venture-capital-focused podcast, where we unpack the numbers behind the headlines. For our Wednesday show this week, Natasha and Alex and Danny had colleague Tage Kene-Okafor on the show to chat about the burgeoning African startup scene. Tage has become TechCrunch’s key correspondent in the area, chronicling the continent’s expanding venture capital totals, public company performance and startup ecosystem. Given that we’ve paid attention to just...
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47 truly unique gift ideas available on Amazon, from lightsaber chopsticks to agate stone bookends

When you buy through our links, Insider may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more. Amazon stocks just about any product you can think of, including plenty of fun and unique gifts. From handmade goods to funny finds, we found the best unique gift ideas on Amazon. Amazon When looking for unique gift ideas with that extra personal feel, Amazon may not be the first place that pops into your head to look. But it turns out you can find great options if you're willing to dig. Amazon ha...
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Intel Is Giving Up On Its AI-Powered RealSense Cameras

In a statement to CRN, Intel said it was "winding down" RealSense and transferring the talent and computer vision tech to efforts that "better support" its core chip businesses. Engadget reports: Questions surfaced about the fate of RealSense after the team's leader, Sagi Ben Moshe, said he was leaving Intel two weeks ago. RealSense aimed to make computer vision more flexible and accessible. A company or researcher could buy cameras to aid everything from robot navigation through to facial recog...
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Tim Robbins to Star in Upcoming Apple TV+ Dystopian Series 'Wool'

Tim Robbins is set to star in upcoming Apple TV+ dystopian drama series "Wool," reports Variety. Robbins will play the role of Bernard, who serves as head of IT for the Silo, and he will star alongside Rebecca Ferguson, who is set to play main character Juliette. "Wool" is based on the Hugh Howey novel of the same name. "Wool" is set in the distant future, where the post-apocalyptic earth has become toxic and unable to sustain life. People live in subterranean silos that extend 140 stories be...
Tags: Apple, Star, Rebecca Ferguson, Hugh Howey, Bernard, Jacob, Tim Robbins, Mystic River, Apple TV shows, Apple TV Plus, Apple TV Shows Apple, Variety Robbins, Juliette Wool

The best Verizon tablet deals and sales for August 2021

These Verizon tablet deals are a great way to score a big discount on a new Apple iPad or Samsung Galaxy Tab.
Tags: Deals, Mobile, Verizon, Samsung, Trends, Tablets, Commerce 2021, Verizon tablet deals

Apple didn't engage with the infosec world on its CSAM scanning – so get used to a slow drip feed of revelations

Starting with: Neural net already found in iOS, hash collisions, and more Analysis Apple's system to scan iCloud-bound photos on iOS devices to find illegal child sexual abuse material (CSAM) is supposed to ship in iOS 15 later this year.…
Tags: Apple, Software, CSAM

Apple didn't engage with the infosec world on CSAM scanning – so get used to a slow drip feed of revelations

Starting with: Neural net already found in iOS, hash collisions, and more Apple's system to scan iCloud-bound photos on iOS devices to find illegal child sexual abuse material (CSAM) is supposed to ship in iOS 15 later this year.…
Tags: Apple, Software, CSAM

Apple didn't engage with the infosec world on CSAM scanning

Starting with: Neural net already found in iOS, hash collisions, and more
Tags: Apple, CSAM

VC Geoff Lewis on moving to Austin and popping Silicon Valley’s ‘self-referential’ bubble

Austin has made headlines over the past year for a number of reasons: It’s home to Oracle’s new headquarters. Tesla is building a massive gigafactory in the Texas capital. People, mostly tech workers, are leaving the Bay Area in droves to settle in the city, driving up home prices in the process. But, it’s not just tech workers. A number of venture capitalists have set up shop in Austin, including Jim Breyer of Breyer Capital and Palantir co-founder Joe Lonsdale, who said last year he was moving...
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Apple AirPods Pro Now Just $179.99 And Apple AirPods With Charging Case For $114.99 From Amazon!
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Would the math work if Databricks were valued at $38B?

Databricks, the open-source data lake and data management powerhouse has been on quite a financial run lately. Today Bloomberg reported the company could be raising a new round worth at least $1.5 billion at an otherworldly $38 billion valuation. That price tag is up $10 billion from its last fundraise in February when it snagged $1 billion at a $28 billion valuation. Databricks declined to comment on the Bloomberg post and its possible new valuation. The company has been growing like gangbuster...
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Two senators urge the FTC to investigate Tesla over “Full Self-Driving” statements

Two Democratic senators have asked the new chair of the Federal Trade Commission to investigate Tesla’s statements about the autonomous capabilities of its Autopilot and Full Self-Driving systems. The senators, Edward Markey (D-Mass.) and Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.), expressed particular concern over Tesla misleading customers into thinking their vehicles are capable of fully autonomous driving. “Tesla’s marketing has repeatedly overstated the capabilities of its vehicles, and these statements ...
Tags: Transportation, Elon Musk, US, Tech, Tesla, Automotive, Federal Trade Commission, Musk, Ftc, Autopilot, Nhtsa, National Highway Traffic And Safety Administration, Edward Markey, Richard Blumenthal D Conn, Lina Khan, Center for Auto Safety and Consumer Watchdog

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