Disney Fires Back Against Scarlett Johansson's Black Widow Lawsuit

Disney has filed a motion to have Scarlett Johansson's lawsuit against the company moved to private arbitration, the latest in the ongoing saga of her complaint against the company over Black Widow's streaming release. The Verge reports: Disney's lawyers filed the motion Friday in Los Angeles Superior Court on the grounds that Periwinkle Entertainment, which negotiated her deal, agreed that any claims related to her role in the Marvel film would be handled in confidential arbitration. But the mo...
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Mathematical Model Predicts Best Way To Build Muscle

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Phys.Org: Researchers have developed a mathematical model that can predict the optimum exercise regime for building muscle. The researchers, from the University of Cambridge, used methods of theoretical biophysics to construct the model, which can tell how much a specific amount of exertion will cause a muscle to grow and how long it will take. The model could form the basis of a software product, where users could optimize their exercise regimes by enter...
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Apple AirPods Giveaway

We are giving away a pair of Apple AirPods with the wired charging case! AirPods are easy to use and you can take them with you anywhere without worrying about a mess of tangled cords. Apple AirPods with Wired Charging Case Automatically on, automatically connected Easy setup for all your Apple devices Quick access to Siri by saying “Hey Siri” Double-tap to play or skip forward New Apple H1 headphone chip delivers faster wireless connection to your devices Charges quickly in the case Case ca...
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Apple’s M1X Mac Mini may launch soon with new design and more ports

Prominent leaker Marc Gurman is at it again with another Apple rumor. This time around he’s corroborating earlier reports of a new Mac Mini with a few more details: it’ll come with more ports, a new design, and the M1X processor. And it’s coming “in the next several months.” The information comes from Gurman’s Power On newsletter; here’s the relevant quote in full: The Mac mini is used for more basic tasks like video streaming, but many people use it as a software development machine, as a serve...
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Access your iPhone on Linux with this open source tool

The iPhone and iPad aren[he]#039[/he]t by any means open source, but they[he]#039[/he]re popular devices. Many people who own an iOS device also happen to use a lot of open source, including Linux. Users of Windows and macOS can communicate with an iOS device by using software provided by Apple, but Apple doesn[he]#039[/he]t support Linux users. Open source programmers came to the rescue back in 2007 (just a year after the iPhone[he]#039[/he]s release) with Libimobiledevice (then called libiphon...
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The secret about board meetings

TL;DR: Board meetings are predictable so it serves Board members and CEOs well to know in advance which type of Board meeting they’re likely to be part of. That way the DJ can queue up the right soundtrack and make sure everyone is armed with tissues or boxing gloves. 2/39: I used to think that Board meetings were mysterious gatherings of powerful people in smoky rooms where fights would break out and massive company-making or breaking decisions were made. 3/39: I imagined that as a Boa...
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First US COVID Deaths Came Earlier Than Previously Thought

An anonymous reader quotes a report from The Mercury News, written by Harriet Blair Rowan: In a significant twist that could reshape our understanding of the early days of the coronavirus pandemic, death records now indicate the first COVID-related deaths in California and across the country occurred in January 2020, weeks earlier than originally thought and before officials knew the virus was circulating here. A half dozen death certificates from that month in six different states -- California...
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Xiaomi's 'Mi' brand reportedly comes to an end after more than a decade

Xiaomi is reportedly retiring its "Mi" brand with future product launches, following the company's recent rise to the top of the...
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Apple Has Been CSAM Scanning Your iCloud Mail Since 2019

According to 9to5Mac, Apple has confirmed that it's already been scanning iCloud Mail for Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM), and has been doing so since 2019. It has not, however, been scanning iCloud Photos or iCloud backups, which sent the internet into a frenzy when it announced its intents to begin doing so. From the report: The clarification followed me querying a rather odd statement by the company's anti-fraud chief [Eric Friedman]: that Apple was "the greatest platform for distributing ...
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GM says it will seek reimbursement from LG Chem for $1B Chevy Bolt recall losses

American automaker General Motors expanded its recall of Chevrolet Bolt electric vehicles on Friday due to fire risks from battery manufacturing defects. The automaker said it would seek reimbursement from LG Chem, its battery cell manufacturing partner, for what it expects to be $1 billion worth of losses. Following the news of the recall, the third one GM has issued for this vehicle, LG Chem shares fell by 11% on Monday, and its stock price lost $6 billion in market value. GM’s shares were dow...
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The World's Second-Largest Stablecoin Is Undergoing a Massive Change

Digital currency company Circle says it's changing the makeup of its dollar-pegged stablecoin's reserves to just cash and U.S. Treasury bonds. CNBC reports: Digital currency company Circle had claimed its stablecoin, USD Coin, was backed 1:1 by actual dollars in a bank account. In July, it was revealed this was no longer the case, with Circle disclosing in an "attestation" from auditors Grant Thornton that cash made up just over 60% of USD Coin's reserves. The other 40% was backed by various for...
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Fans of Joaquin Phoenix’s ‘Joker’ Can Celebrate with This Nightmare-Inducing Baby Figure

Nope. Don’t like that. Not one bit. There’s a lot to unpack when it comes to the Joaquin Phoenix Joker film. Some love it, some hate it, and we can debate all day long about its merits and where it sits in the modern superhero pantheon. But we, as a society, can all agree that whatever the hell JKBaby is, it’s a bad idea. Right? Listen, I’m not naive. I know there’s a lot of weird geek stuff out there. You want a sexy Freddy Krueger statue? It’s just a quick Google search away! And that’s ju...
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Japan’s B2B ordering and supply platform CADDi raises $73 million Series B funding

With COVID-19 disrupting the entire manufacturing supply chain including semiconductor shortages, companies across multiple industries have been struggling to seek a procurement solution that can rebalance the gap between supply and demand. CADDi, a Tokyo-based B2B ordering and supply platform in the manufacturing and procurement industry, helps both procurement (demand side) and manufacturing facilities (supply side) by aggregating and rebalancing supply and demand via its automated calculation...
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A Misused Microsoft Tool Leaked Troves of Data From 47 Organizations

New research shows that misconfigurations of a widely used web tool have led to the leaking of tens of millions of data records. Read more...
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Daily Crunch: Virgin Orbit rockets to $3.2B valuation in SPAC merger

To get a roundup of TechCrunch’s biggest and most important stories delivered to your inbox every day at 3 p.m. PDT, subscribe here. Hello and welcome to Daily Crunch for August 23, 2021. We’ve got a simply lovely bunch of news items for you below, but before we get into the mix, do note that Pfizer’s vaccine has been fully approved. Which is great news! And in other great news, the agenda is out for our October SaaS event. Which is going to kick maximum backside. See you there! — Alex Announc...
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Apple CEO Tim Cook to Meet With U.S. President Joe Biden to Discuss Cybersecurity

Apple CEO Tim Cook is set to join other tech executives in a cybersecurity meeting with U.S. President Joe Biden next week, reports Bloomberg. The meeting will focus on the efforts by private companies to improve cybersecurity following a surge in online attacks over the course of the last year, an official familiar with the event told Bloomberg.The executives could discuss efforts undertaken by critical infrastructure entities, including those in the banking, energy and water utility sectors...
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York Police Drone Damages Plane At Buttonville Airport

A plane has major damage after a York Regional Police (YRP) drone struck the aircraft at Toronto Buttonville Municipal Airport earlier this month. CTV News reports: On Aug. 10, a Canadian Flyers International Inc. Cessna plane was on a flight to the airport in Markham at an unknown time during the day. The small plane was about to land at the airport's runway when the pilot felt a jolt that "pushed them back on their seat," according to a report from Transport Canada issued this week. The pilot ...
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The best back-to-school sales and deals in 2021

When you buy through our links, Insider may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more. Target Right now, retailers across the internet are having back-to-school sales with major discounts. We've rounded up all of the best sales to shop for clothing, shoes, tech, and more. Read more about how the Insider Reviews team evaluates deals and why you should trust us. Table of Contents: Masthead Sticky While there is still time for students to soak up the summer sun, plenty of retailers are...
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Object to a Legal Blog Archive?

Object to a legal blog archive? C’mon.Archiving legal blogs is a no brainer. Like law journals and law reviews before them, legal blogs represent secondary law.Legal blogs are being deleted, leaving gaps in the law and leaving citations without a source. An archive represents a library of research for lawyers and the public. An archive gives visibility to the legal professionals giving of themselves by publishing blogs.Yet some lawyers and law firms, on their behalf, are objecting to their lega...
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Visa Buys a CryptoPunk As It Takes First Steps Into 'NFT Commerce'

Payments technology company Visa announced Monday that it has bought a CryptoPunk as it enters into the world of non-fungible token (NFT) commerce. The Block reports: Visa bought CryptoPunk 7610, one of 3,840 female punks, for around $150,000 last week. CryptoPunks are considered the original NFTs, launched in 2017 by Larva Labs. These are a collection of 10,000 pixel art images of misfits and eccentrics. Each CryptoPunk has its own personality and unique combination of features. "We felt that C...
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Touch ID Not Returning With iPhone 13, Despite Apple Testing Under-Screen Sensor (mac rumors)

Despite having tested and worked on the technology, Apple has decided not to include an under-screen Touch ID sensor with the upcoming iPhone 13, continuing to leave customers with Face ID as the only biometric authentication option for the iPhone. Apple had been testing ‌Touch ID‌ technology that would have allowed the company to place the sensor under the display on the ‌iPhone‌, allowing users to simply put their finger on the display to authenticate. While Apple regularly tests and rese...
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Apple Workers Collecting Stories of Abuse, Injustice In Workplace

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Motherboard, written by Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai: A group of Apple workers has announced a campaign to improve working conditions within the company. On Monday, company employees launched a Twitter account called Apple Workers to gather stories from colleagues about workplace issues such as "persistent patterns of racism, sexism, inequity, discrimination, intimidation, suppression, coercion, abuse, unfair punishment, and unchecked privilege." The acc...
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Apple’s Tim Cook, Microsoft’s Satya Nadella Plan to Visit White House

(Bloomberg) -- The chief executive officers of Apple Inc., Microsoft Corp. and Inc. plan to attend a White House meeting with...
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Back to the suture: The future of healthcare is in the home

Sumi Das Contributor Share on Twitter Sumi Das is a partner at CapitalG, Alphabet’s independent growth fund, where he leads healthcare tech and consumer fintech investments. Prior investments include Robinhood, Stripe, Convoy, Albert, Aye Finance, Next Insurance and Strive Health. Nina Gerson Contributor Share on Twitter Nina Gerson is a vice presid...
Tags: Health, Startups, Column, America, Tech, Healthcare, Telemedicine, Telehealth, CapitalG Alphabet, Strive Health, EC Insurtech, Sumi Das, EC Consumer Health, EC Market Map, EC Column, Nina Gerson

Hundreds of Thousands of Realtek-based Devices Under Attack from IoT Botnet

A dangerous vulnerability in Realtek chipsets used in hundreds of thousands of smart devices from at least 65 vendors is currently under attack from a notorious DDoS botnet gang. From a report: The attacks started last week, according to a report from IoT security firm SAM, and began just three days after fellow security firm IoT Inspector published details about the vulnerability on its blog. Tracked as CVE-2021-35395, the vulnerability is part of four issues IoT Inspector researchers found in ...
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How to Try Chrome's Tab Group Saving Feature Early

Chrome’s new tab groups is a polarizing subject among users, but Google continues to bolster the feature with new capabilities that make it worth trying. Tab groups let you organize open pages into different groups—which makes juggling all those tabs a lot easier—and now, Google is testing the ability to save tab g…Read more...
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SpaceX ships 100,000 Starlink terminals to customers, eyes future launches using Starship

Elon Musk’s Starlink project, which aims to provide global broadband connectivity via a constellation of satellites, has shipped 100,000 terminals to customers. 100k terminals shipped! — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) August 23, 2021 It’s a jaw-dropping pace for the capital-intensive service, which began satellite launches in November 2019 and opened its $99/month beta program for select customers around a year later. Since that period, SpaceX has launched over 1,700 satellites...
Tags: Space, Spacex, Elon Musk, Tech, EC, Falcon 9, Aerospace, Falcon, Starship, Federal Communication Commission, StarLink

Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip 3 is the foldable to beat

I took a long walk on Saturday. It’s become a routine during the pandemic, a chance to unwind after too many hours indoors, while seeing parts of the city that would otherwise be lost to subway rides in normal years. Saturday was more purpose-driven, heading to a newly opened Trader Joe’s before Henri unleashed itself on the Eastern Seaboard. Taking respite from the early rain, I found a food court in Long Island City, ordered a shawarma and pulled the Galaxy Z Flip from my pocket. I unfolded th...
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How to Install Microsoft Edge on Debian 11

Debian 11 Bullseye users currently, by default, are only limited to the Firefox Internet Browser. However, many alternatives can be installed. Microsoft Edge is one alternative that has been in development for over a year and has been getting quite a lot of good reviews amongst many Linux distribution communities and maybe an alternative compared to just switching to Google Chrome.In the following tutorial, you will learn how to install Microsoft Edge on Debian 11 Bullseye.
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Razer to fix Windows installer that grants admin powers if you plug in a mouse

Plus: Cloudflare tackles huge DDoS attack, Apple and CSAM, and more In brief Razer is working on an updated installer after it was discovered you can gain admin privileges on Windows by plugging in one of the gaming gear maker's mice or keyboards.…
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