Wing names the drone-delivery capital of the world

Wing has been testing its drone-delivery service in several countries for the last few years, but one place in particular seems to be really taking to it.
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Pixel Buds update adds a handy widget for quick access to settings

Google's Pixel Buds are cool, even if they're not the absolute best in the market or the most feature-rich. The second-gen Pixel Buds...
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Google ties up with fintech to let its users open FDs on GPay

Google has teamed up with Setu, a fintech specialising in providing application programming interfaces, to allow its users to book fixed deposits through Google Pay, a person with knowledge of the matter said on the condition of anonymity. In the initial roll-out, FDs of Equitas Small Finance Bank will be offered for up to one year. The beta version of the API offers FDs of various tenors including 7-29 days, 30-45 days, 46-90 days, 91-180 days, 181-364 days, and 365 days, with interest rates r...
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The World's First 3D-Printed Steel Bridge

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Popular Mechanics, written by Laura Rider: After four long years of planning, the world's first 3D-printed steel bridge debuted in Amsterdam last month. If it stands up to the elements, the bridge could be a blueprint for fixing our own structurally deficient infrastructure in the U.S. -- and we sorely need the help. Dutch Company MX3D built the almost 40-foot-long bridge for pedestrians and cyclists to cross the city's Oudezijds Achterburgwal canal. It r...
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US Plans COVID-19 Booster Shots At Six Months Instead of Eight

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Reuters: U.S. health regulators could approve a third COVID-19 shot for adults beginning at least six months after full vaccination, instead of the previously announced eight-month gap, the Wall Street Journal reported on Wednesday. Approval of boosters for three COVID-19 shots being administered in the United States -- those manufactured by Pfizer and partner BioNTech, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson -- is expected in mid-September, the report said, citing...
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South Korea To End Its Controversial Gaming Curfew

South Korea is ending a law it announced in 2011 that blocked young gamers from accessing game websites after midnight. "South Korea's Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, as well as the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family, say that they're ending the law to respect children's rights and encourage at-home education," reports Engadget. "The country aims to abolish the law by the end of the year when it revises its Youth Protection Act." From the report: The news doesn't mean underage gamer...
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No sound on lookup pages (eg Google translate)

Hi. I have a problem with audio in the Calibre e-book reader on the lookup pages. I select the word in the e-book reader, then click "lookup [L]" icon. Then I get the google translate page and everything fine except for the audio. There's no sound when I click to pronounce the word. How can I fix that? Calibre 5.25 on linux (Ubuntu 20.04)
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The SEC and the DOJ just charged this startup founder with fraud, saying he lied to Tiger and others

Today, both the U.S. Department of Justice and the Securities and Exchange Commission charged Manish Lachwani, cofounder of a mobile app testing company Headspin, with fraud. The SEC says he violated antifraud provisions and the civil penalties it’s seeking include a permanent injunction, a conduct-based injunction, and an officer and director bar of Lachwani. The DOJ, which arrested Lachwani earlier, has accused him of , and the associated penalties if he’s found guilty are are more harsh, inc...
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Facebook Said To Consider Forming An Election Commission

Facebook has approached academics and policy experts about forming a commission to advise it on global election-related matters, said five people with knowledge of the discussions, a move that would allow the social network to shift some of its political decision-making to an advisory body. The New York Times reports: The proposed commission could decide on matters such as the viability of political ads and what to do about election-related misinformation, said the people, who spoke on the condi...
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Amazon’s Formula For Asymmetric Competition

Amazon remains one of the most predictably revolutionary leaders in business. Accelerating growth through innovative ways and leveraging revenue streams competitors lack. Asymmetric competition has become Amazon’s trademark. How does the company do it? First, consider its legacy. Amazon launched as an online bookstore slightly ahead of the dot-com frenzy, and it used a distinct business model to up-end a staid industry. Through collecting payment from buyers well before it paid suppliers, and...
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How to Share Files in Google Drive with Multiple Users

The Google Drive API makes it easy to share files and folders with other users programmatically with the help of Apps Script.For instance, here’s a snippet of code that will let you share the file with another Google Account user and provide them edit access to the file. Replace the role from writer to reader to give them read-only access. const shareFilesInGoogleDrive = ( fileOrFolderId , emailAddress ) => { Drive . Permissions . insert ( { role : "writer" , ...
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More support for women founders in Asia

Ketty Lie remembers her college graduation like it was yesterday. Her mother held her hand tightly as they walked across the lawn to the ceremony and told her how proud she was that Ketty had achieved the dream she never got to fulfill herself.That investment in education led Ketty to become an entrepreneur. Today, her company ErudiFi is focused on expanding access to education for young people across Southeast Asia. And Ketty is getting ready to start the twelve-week Women Founders Academy with...
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US PC Market Grows 17% In Q2 2021 As Notebook Popularity Booms

According to analysts at Canalys, the PC market in the United States is booming. Sales in Q2 2021 have grown 17% with 36.8 million units shipped. "Notebooks and desktops led the way with a growth in shipments of 27% and 23% respectively compared to last year," reports ZDNet. From the report: HP was the leading company in the US, delivering more than 8 million devices to customers and dominating the Chromebook sector with a 42% market share. Apple suffered a 3% decline in devices shipped but stil...
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Dawn Aerospace conducts five flights of its suborbital spaceplane

While the rocket launch sector is quickly becoming crowded, the same can’t be said for companies developing suborbital spaceplanes. This means there’s plenty of room to grow for startups like Dawn Aerospace, which has now completed five test flights of its Mk-II Aurora spaceplane that is designed to fly up to 60 miles above the Earth’s surface. The flights, which took place at the Glentanner Aerodrome in New Zealand’s South Island in July, were to assess the vehicle’s airframe and avionics. Whil...
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Apple Plans to Develop Program to Improve Supply Chain Security

Apple CEO Tim Cook this morning attended a cybersecurity meeting with U.S. Joe Biden and executives from other tech companies like Microsoft, Google, and Amazon. Following the summit, the White House said that the companies in attendance pledged their help to bolster U.S. cybersecurity efforts, with Apple planning to develop a program to make security improvements across its technology supply chain (via Bloomberg and CNBC). Apple will work with suppliers to adopt multi-factor authentication,...
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Peter Beck on Rocket Lab’s public listing debut, space SPACs and the Neutron rocket

Peter Beck’s earliest memory is standing outside with his father in his hometown of Invercargill, New Zealand, looking up at the stars, and being told that there could very well be people on planets orbiting those stars looking right back at him. “For a three or four year old, that was a mind-blowing thing that got etched into my memory and from that point onwards, that was me destined to work in the space industry,” he said at the Space Generation Fusion Forum (SGFF). Of course, hindsight is 20...
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California Expands Lawsuit Against Activision Blizzard

California has expanded its anti-discrimination lawsuit against Activision Blizzard, adding temporary workers to the female full-time employees of whom it is suing on behalf. The state's Department of Fair Employment & Housing also alleges the game maker has interfered with its investigation. Axios reports: The amended complaint was filed Monday and redefines the "group" it says was wronged by the gaming giant. A copy reviewed by Axios specifically mentions that California's protections against ...
Tags: California, Tech, Activision Blizzard, Wilmerhale, DFEH, Axios, Department of Fair Employment Housing integrates a cloud native API gateway and service mesh into its enterprise platform

Connecting to all the services and microservices that a modern cloud native enterprise application requires can be a complicated task. It’s an area that startup  S is trying to disrupt with the new release of its Gloo Mesh Enterprise platform. Based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Solo has had focus since its founding on a concept known as a service mesh. A service mesh provides an optimized approach to connect different components together in an automated approach, often inside of a Ku...
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Microsoft Is Going to Make it Difficult for Chromebook Owners to Use Word Offline

Microsoft plans to end support for its Android-based Office apps for Chrome OS users. Beginning Sept. 18, Chromebooks that rely on the Android versions of Office, Outlook, OneNote, and OneDrive will need to migrate over to the web to access files and folders.Read more...
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Political Consultant Misrepresents Nearly Everything In Arguing That The Gov't Should Make Google/Facebook Pay News Orgs (techdirt)

If you don't know who Doug Schoen is, he's a quintessential political/lobbying insider, who has worked for the Clintons and more recently for Mike Bloomberg's presidential campaign. It might surprise some people to find that he also was a regular on Fox News... before switching to propaganda purveyor Newsmax, where he was hired earlier this year as an "analyst." In previous lives he worked for political trickster Dick Morris, and was a partner with another political dirty trickster, Mark Penn, i...
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Misaligned Factory Robot May Have Sparked Chevy Bolt Battery Fires

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Ars Technica, written by Tim De Chant: GM announced last Friday that it was recalling every Chevrolet Bolt it had ever made, including the new electric utility vehicle model that debuted this year. After a string of fires affected Bolt models, the company traced the problem to two simultaneously occurring defects in the cars' LG Chem-made batteries. The automaker initially discovered the problem in batteries from one of LG's Korean plants, and it recalled...
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Daily Crunch: South Korea’s parliament delays final vote on ‘anti-Google law’

To get a roundup of TechCrunch’s biggest and most important stories delivered to your inbox every day at 3 p.m. PDT, subscribe here. Hello and welcome to Daily Crunch for August 25, 2021. If you wanted to know just how fast the technology news cycle is running today, look no further than our lead story. You’ll note that it is a complete reversion of the week’s previously most important news item! What a world! — Alex The TechCrunch Top 3 OnlyFans backtracks, will allow adult content: So much ...
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Google and Microsoft promise billions to help bolster US cybersecurity

The meeting follows major cyberattacks against the US
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Using AI to reboot brand-client relationships

Michael Gorman Contributor Michael Gorman is SVP of Product, Business Development and Marketing at , a data company focused on mapping comprehensive global consumer interest insights. Marketing automation has usually focused on driving sales, mainly using past purchase or late funnel behavior (e.g., paid search) as a predictor of an imminent purchase. While effective at boosting sales numbers, this widely implemented strategy can result in a diss...
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Little-Known Federal Software Can Trigger Revocation of Citizenship

An anonymous reader writes: Software used by the Department of Homeland Security to scan the records of millions of immigrants can automatically flag naturalized Americans to potentially have their citizenship revoked based on secret criteria, according to documents reviewed by The Intercept. The software, known as ATLAS, takes information from immigrants' case files and runs it though various federal databases. ATLAS looks for indicators that someone is dangerous or dishonest and is ostensibly ...
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Where to buy an Nvidia or AMD graphics card - select Best Buy stores will have Nvidia RTX 30 cards in stock on August 26

When you buy through our links, Insider may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more. Nvidia's RTX 30 series graphics cards launched in September 2020, but they've been nearly impossible to find in stores. Nvidia New Nvidia and AMD graphics cards have driven a PC gaming boom amid an international chip shortage. RTX 30 and RX 6000 series cards are made at a variety of price points and performance levels. Best Buy will sell RTX 30 cards on August 26 at select retail locations. Tab...
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FOX adds soccer to Tubi, first impressions of Serie A on CBS and how LaLiga is a slow burn

In the NEW episode, number 232, Christopher Harris and guest co-host Chris Wittyngham cover a range of topics including: • FOX announces launch of sports streaming service • The slow burn of La Liga on ESPN+ • Our thoughts about CBS’s coverage of Serie A after week 1 • What it’s like commentating alongside Ray Hudson • MLS TV ratings get a boost • And your feedback in the Listener Mailbag segment. Listen to the show via the player above or via this link. Launched in 2006, the World Soccer Talk ...
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Where to buy a PlayStation 5 - Walmart will reportedly restock consoles at 9 p.m. ET on August 25

When you buy through our links, Insider may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more. Sony's PlayStation 5 remains hard to find months after its release. Sony Sony's PlayStation 5 launched with two models- the $500 standard PS5 and a $400 digital edition. The PS5 has been consistently sold out since release, but retailers have been restocking regularly. Walmart will restock PS5 consoles at 9 p.m. ET on August 25, based on reporting from CNET. Table of Contents: Masthead Sticky ...
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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 Review: The foldable future is now ready for everyone

Samsung says the Galaxy Z Flip 3 is a mainstream folding smartphone. Is it right? Surprisingly, yes, it is.
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Why we’re committing $10 billion to advance cybersecurity

We welcomed the opportunity to participate in President Biden’s White House Cyber Security Meeting today, and appreciated the chance to share our recommendations to advance this important agenda. The meeting comes at a timely moment, as widespread cyberattacks continue to exploit vulnerabilities targeting people, organizations, and governments around the world.That’s why today, we are announcing that we will invest $10 billion over the next five years to strengthen cybersecurity, including expan...
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