Apple Announces Free Repair Program for Some iPhone 12 Models With Receiver Issues

While some of us have mostly abandoned calls for endless text messages, there are others who actually like or need to make and receive phone calls. That’s kind of hard to do with some iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro models right now though, which Apple says emit no sound when people make or receive calls. Good news is…Read more...
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An Olympics Sponsors' Self-Driving Bus Hit a Paralympic Athelete

"Toyota has apologised for the 'overconfidence' of a self-driving bus," reports the Guardian — after the slow-moving bus hit a Paralympic judo expert. Toyota added that it would temporarily suspend the service, with Toyota's president saying the event "shows that autonomous vehicles are not yet realistic for normal roads." The Japanese athlete, Aramitsu Kitazono, will be unable to compete in his 81kg category this weekend after being left with cuts and bruises following the impact with the "e-P...
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'Silent Majority' of Americans Don't Want to Work Remotely Full-Time

"While workers who want to stay at home forever have been especially vocal about their demands, a silent majority of Americans do want to get back to the office, at least for a few days a week..." reports the New York Times. The article, shared by long-time Slashdot reader gollum123, cites the opinions of workers in a variety of industries. In a national survey of more than 950 workers, conducted in mid-August by Morning Consult on behalf of The New York Times, 31 percent said they would prefer ...
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Internet Dating Services Scams by Beautiful Women

Advice on Internet Dating Services Scams by Fraudulent Single Women In my personal opinion, I sincerely believe one of the best ways to meet single women is by using one of the many large internet dating services. I won't mention their names, but go to Yahoo or Google search engines and type in the search words, (internet dating services). You'll find the big ones with large databases of single women.It's an easy way to meet lovely single women in your area or from afar. Plus, it's convenient. A...
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Google Report Shows 'Reverse Warrants' Are Swiftly Becoming Law Enforcement's Go-To Investigative Tool (techdirt)

Thanks to its never-ending collection of location data, Google has become a prime target for law enforcement investigators. Using so-called "reverse warrants," investigators ask Google to turn over information for all devices in a geofenced area, with the hope of working their way backward from these data points to actual criminal suspects. They're called "warrants" but they can't possibly be supported by probable cause. Treating everyone in the area of a suspected crime as a criminal suspect ...
Tags: Google, News, Tim Cushing, Zack Whittaker Will Teach 'Cybersecurity Hygiene' to Millions of Students

Long-time Slashdot reader theodp writes: Mr. President," founder Hadi Partovi told President Joe Biden and tech CEOs from Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Apple, and IBM at Wednesday's Presidential Summit on Cybersecurity, "America's cybersecurity problem is an education problem. I loved [Microsoft CEO] Satya Nadella's wonderful analogy to the car industry, and like Satya said, we need standards for seatbelts in every car for sure. But if none of the drivers took a course in basic safety skil...
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Google Play app store revenue hit $11.2 bln in 2019, lawsuit says

Alphabet Inc's Google generated $11.2 billion in revenue from its mobile app store in 2019, according to a court filing unsealed on...
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Programmer Apologizes For Sending Letters Claiming Patent on Age-Old Web Standard

"The director of a tiny UK company has apologised after sending letters to businesses suggesting they had infringed his patents that he claimed covered an age-old web standard," writes The Register. LeeLynx shares their report: The tech in question is the content security policy (CSP) mechanism that websites use to protect their visitors from cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks and similar exploits that steal data and hijack accounts. Specifically, the cryptographic nonce [number-used-once] fe...
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Google reportedly offered Netflix a special discount on Play Store fees

An unsealed lawsuit accuses Google of offering Netflix a sweeter deal on Play Store fees to keep it quiet..
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America's Stock Regulators Probe Gamification in Trading Apps

Possibly anticipating some new regulations, America's Securities and Exchange Commission is investigating "gamification and behavioral prompts used by online brokerages that encourage trading," reports CNBC. And SEC chairman Gary Gensler has specifically requested public input on two questions: First, the SEC chair wants to know how the financial regulator should protect investors against a potential conflict of interest. Online brokerages generate profits when their customers trade more often....
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CryptoPunks blasts past $1 billion in lifetime sales as NFT speculation surges

Hello friends, and welcome back to Week in Review! Last week we dove into Bezos’s Blue Origin suing NASA. This week, I’m writing about the unlikely and triumphant resurgence of the NFT market. If you’re reading this on the TechCrunch site, you can get this in your inbox from the newsletter page , and follow my tweets @lucasmtny . The big thing If I could, I would probably write about NFTs in this newsletter every week. I generally stop myself from actually doing so because I try my best to ...
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Gillmor Gang: Half a Loaf

When Salesforce announced its streaming platform Salesforce+, the CRM Playaz’ Paul Greenberg and Brent Leary interviewed Colin Fleming, SVP of Global Brand Experiences at the CRM company (disclosure: I work at Salesforce). Later, I asked Brent about his show on this episode of the Gang. Brent: With all the things going on with data privacy and cookies going away, companies are going to have to figure out a way to get first—and that third party, but first party data in a clean way. Me: Can you...
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Bitcoin-Mining Power Plant Secretly Launched in Alberta, Tapping Dormant Gas Well

"When residents of an affluent estate community in Alberta started hearing noise from a nearby power plant, they didn't expect their complaints of sleepless nights would lead to a months-long investigation that would find a bitcoin mining operation had set up shop without approval," reports the CBC: Now, Link Global, the company behind the site, is being ordered by the province's utility commission to shut down two plants until it can prove it's allowed to operate — a move the company says will ...
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Google Play App Store Revenue Reached $11.2 Billion in 2019, Lawsuit Says

By Paresh DaveOAKLAND, Calif. (Reuters) - Alphabet Inc's Google generated $11.2 billion in revenue from its mobile app store in 2019, according to...
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How Microsoft, Google, Apple, and IBM Will Help the US Improve Its Cybersecurity

Infosecurity magazine reports: Some of the world's biggest tech companies have committed tens of billions of dollars to improving supply chain security, closing industry skills gaps and driving security awareness among the public, according to the White House. As reported by Infosecurity yesterday, the Biden administration welcomed the CEOs of Microsoft, Apple, Google, IBM and others to a meeting yesterday to discuss the "whole-of-nation" effort needed to address cybersecurity threats." The re...
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Google Play App Store Revenue Hit $11.2 Billion in 2019, Lawsuit Says

By Paresh DaveOAKLAND, Calif. (Reuters) -Alphabet Inc's Google generated $11.2 billion in revenue from its mobile app store in 2019, according to a...
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Five iPhone 13 Rumors You May Have Missed

We're just weeks away from when Apple will announce the iPhone 13, which we're expecting to feature some considerable upgrades, including design, performance, cameras, and more. Like every year, rumors, leaks, and reports about what Apple has in store are abundant, with some more credible than others. Rumors about the next iPhone typically begin emerging early in the year, meaning they may get forgotten as the months go by and the new ‌iPhone‌ launch approaches. To help readers of MacRumors,...
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Want to be a more holistic healthcare company? Add some Ginger 

When , I was surprised. After all, Ginger raised $100 million in Series E funding just a few months ago — and last time I spoke to CEO Russell Glass, he stressed the importance of integrating into employer-paid health plans. To me, Headspace’s meditation app is about as direct to consumer as one could go, so what business did Ginger have to get into literal business with it? Fragmentation, much? Turns out, there’s precedent, and, per a slew of health tech investors and techies, there is more I...
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Google allegedly offered Netflix a break on the usual Play Store commission

Google is facing another claim of anti-competitive behavio
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Calls Grow to Discipline Doctors Spreading Virus Misinformation Online

The New York Times tells the story of an Indiana physician spreading misinformation about the pandemic. Public health officials say statements like his have contributed to America's vaccine hesitancy and resistance to mask-wearing, exacerbating the pandemic. His videos "have amassed nearly 100 million likes and shares on Facebook, 6.2 million views on Twitter, at least 2.8 million views on YouTube and over 940,000 video views on Instagram." His talk's popularity points to one of the more striki...
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The best Wear OS apps for your Google-powered smartwatch

Looking for some ways to spruce up your new Android smartwatch? Here are the best Wear OS apps available.
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LockFile Ransomware Bypasses Protection Using Intermittent File Encryption

A new ransomware family that emerged last month comes with its own bag of tricks to bypass ransomware protection by leveraging a novel technique called "intermittent encryption." Called LockFile, the operators of the ransomware have been found exploiting recently disclosed flaws such as ProxyShell and PetitPotam to compromise Windows servers and deploy file-encrypting malware that scrambles only [Author: [email protected] (Ravie Lakshmanan)]
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The remote work argument has already been won by startups

Welcome back to The TechCrunch Exchange, a weekly startups-and-markets newsletter. It’s inspired by what the weekday Exchange column digs into, but free, and made for your weekend reading. Want it in your inbox every Saturday? Sign up here.  The debate over remote work, office culture, how to manage teams of distributed staff and the like continues. With the delta variant of COVID-19 pushing back office return dates for many companies, there’s still a healthy argument over what the future of wor...
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Microsoft Warns of Widespread Phishing Attacks Using Open Redirects

Microsoft is warning of a widespread credential phishing campaign that leverages open redirector links in email communications as a vector to trick users into visiting malicious websites while effectively bypassing security software. "Attackers combine these links with social engineering baits that impersonate well-known productivity tools and services to lure users into clicking," Microsoft 365 [Author: [email protected] (Ravie Lakshmanan)]
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The race to give nuclear fusion a role in the climate emergency

Power from fusion has proved too hard to generate at scale. Can recent breakthroughs and massive investment change that?On 8 August 2021, a laser-initiated experiment at the United States National Ignition Facility (NIF), based at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California, made a significant breakthrough in reproducing the power source of the stars, smashing its own 2018 record for energy released from nuclear fusion reactions 23 times over. This advance saw 70% of the laser energy pu...
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Japan Successfully Tests Possible Deep-Space Rocket Technology

Futurism reports: Japan's space agency JAXA has announced that is has successfully demonstrated the operation of a "rotary detonation engine" in space, a world's first. Such an engine uses a series of controlled explosions that travel around a circular channel at its base. The result is a massive amount of thrust coming from a much smaller engine using significantly less fuel — a potential game changer for deep space exploration, according to JAXA. It's a lucrative endeavor and Japan isn't the...
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T-Mobile CEO Apologizes For Data Breach Affecting Over 53 Million Users

"T-Mobile CEO Mike Sievert published an open apology to customers Friday after hackers stole more than 50 million users' personal data, including their Social Security numbers and driver's license information," reports NBC News: "The last two weeks have been humbling for all of us at T-Mobile," he wrote. "To say we are disappointed and frustrated that this happened is an understatement." The incident is the fourth known breach at T-Mobile since 2018, and by far the largest. The full count of ...
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Apple’s App Store Class-Action Settlement: What Does It Mean for Developers?

The proposed settlement marks the latest step in legal battles Apple has had with small companies as well as larger entities.
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iPhone users could save money on app subscriptions after Apple loosens payment rules

Apple has agreed to let developers of iPhone apps email their users about cheaper ways to pay for digital subscriptions and media.
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How Amazon EC2 grew from a notion into a foundational element of cloud computing

Fifteen years ago this week on August 25, 2006, AWS turned on the very first beta instance of EC2, its cloud-based virtual computers. Today cloud computing, and more specifically infrastructure as a service, is a staple of how businesses use computing, but at that moment it wasn’t a well known or widely understood concept. The EC in EC2 stands for Elastic Compute, and that name was chosen deliberately. The idea was to provide as much compute power as you needed to do a job, then shut it down whe...
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