Q&A Sessions: Google’s SA country director tells us about his first 17 months in office

Alistair Mokoena has an impressive CV, but says his family will always be a priority The post Q&A Sessions: Google’s SA country director tells us about his first 17 months in office appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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Rugby: Head Impact Study Shows Cognitive Decline After Just One Season

Researchers from the University of South Wales found that over just one season a team of professional rugby players saw a decline in blood flow to the brain and cognitive function -- the ability to reason, remember, formulate ideas and perform mental gymnastics. The paper also suggests that rather than only concussions, repetitive contacts, or sub concussions, sustained through rugby have caused the declines seen in the players. The BBC reports: Some studies suggest professional rugby players ma...
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They've only gone and done it – South Korea forces Apple and Google to allow alternative payments

Big Tech warns privileging local players won't go down well – yet South Korea loves local software South Korea's parliament has passed a law that requires Apple and Google to offer third-party payment options in their app stores.…
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They've only gone and done it – South Korea forces Apple, Google to allow alternative app store payment systems

Big Tech warns favoring SK players won't go down well – yet South Korea loves its software South Korea's parliament has passed a law that requires Apple and Google to offer third-party payment options in their app stores.…

Reddit's Teach-the-Controversy Stance On COVID Vaccines Sparks Wider Protest

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Ars Technica, written by Jon Brodkin: Over 135 subreddits have gone dark this week in protest of Reddit's refusal to ban communities that spread misinformation about the COVID pandemic and vaccines. Subreddits that went private include two with 10 million or more subscribers, namely r/Futurology and r/TIFU. The PokemonGo community is one of 15 other subreddits with at least 1 million subscribers that went private; another 15 subreddits with at least 500,0...
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Why the Solana Cryptocurrency Is Surging

An anonymous reader shares a report from Fast Company, written by Michael Grothaus: One of the biggest movers on the cryptocurrency market in the past 24 hours is Solana. As of the time of this writing, Solana is up almost 20% over the past day, according to Coinbase. In the past week, it's up over 58%, and in the past month, it's up 275%. As for the past year, Solana has surged over 2,348%. What is Solana? Solana is a decentralized blockchain platform. It facilitates the transactions of the S...
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Fake Banksy NFT Sold Through Artist's Website For $336,000

A hacker has returned $336,000 to a British collector after he tricked him into buying a fake NFT advertised through the artist's official website. The BBC reports: A link to an online auction for the NFT was posted on a now-deleted page of The auction ended early after the man offered 90% more than rival bidders. The Banksy fan who got duped says he thought he was buying the world-famous graffiti artist's first ever NFT. The man who is in his 30s and wanted to remain anonymous exp...
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A Complete Database of African Law

I ran across an article this afternoon about three African legal tech startups, one being a multinational data base of law from across the continent of Africa. Senegal based, Sunulex.Africa was founded in 2014 by Nafissatou Tine, a lawyer and entrepreneur when she noted the absence of Senegalese and sub-regional legal information online. She created Sunulex to make legal texts accessible and understandable to citizens – and legal professionals. The problem? Access to African legal information i...
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Zoom-call blunders led to someone getting axed, 1 in 4 bosses say

By Matthew Boyle | Bloomberg Zoom-call blunders can be hazardous to your career. Nearly one in four executives have fired a staffer for slipping up during a video or audio conference, and most have levied some sort of disciplinary action for gaffes made in virtual meetings, a survey of 200 managers at large companies found. The survey, commissioned by Vyopta Inc., which helps companies manage their workplace collaboration and communication systems, also found that executives don’t fully trust a ...
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Judge In Nokia and Apple Lawsuit Owned Apple Stock During Proceedings

A federal judge was recently found to have owned Apple stock while presiding over a case brought against the tech giant by Nokia, though the discovery is unlikely to lead to further legal action. AppleInsider reports: Apple and Nokia were embroiled in a bitter patent dispute from 2009 to 2011, with both companies filing a series of legal complaints and regulatory challenges as competition in the smartphone market came to a head. The issue was ultimately settled in June 2011, and while terms of t...
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Here’s why Apple is making an app just for classical music lovers

Listening to classical music on streaming services can be a pain, to say the least. Sure, regular streaming services are fine if you only want the occasional hit of the Moonlight Sonata when you’re feeling emo, but most streaming services just aren’t built for the way classical enthusiasts regularly search for and listen to music. Apple wants to fix that. The company announced this week that it bought Primephonic, a streaming service that sought to address many of the common grievances classical...
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Daily Crunch: Databricks reaches $38B billion valuation with $1.6B Series H

To get a roundup of TechCrunch’s biggest and most important stories delivered to your inbox every day at 3 p.m. PDT, subscribe here. Hello and welcome to Daily Crunch for August 31, 2021. Today the TechCrunch machine was busy covering the first day of Y Combinator’s Demo Day event, so expect to see all sorts of coverage on the site after this hits your inbox. We’ll bring you a recap in tomorrow’s edition, though we do have a first taste down below. In Disrupt news, TechCrunch is and will have ...
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Apple Bans Pay Equity Slack Channel

Apple has barred employees from creating a Slack channel to discuss pay equity. The Verge reports: A member of the employee relations team, Apple's version of HR, said that while the topic was "aligned with Apple's commitment to pay equity," it did not meet the company's Slack Terms of Use. "Slack channels are provided to conduct Apple business and must advance the work, deliverables, or mission of Apple departments and teams," the employee relations representative told employees. The company's ...
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Google's Return to the Office Pushed Back As Covid-19 Cases Rise Again

It looks like Big Tech workers won’t be returning to a physical office this year after all. After exhaustively detailing the measures it would be taking to help ease employees back into the office, Google is pushing back the official return date from Oct. 18 to Jan. 10, 2022. Read more...
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Reframe your Metaphors, and other lessons from Y Combinator S21 Day 1

After a 17-hour marathon through nearly 200 startup pitches, the Equity team was fired up to get back on Twitter and chat through some early trends and favorites from the first day of Y Combinator’s demo party. We’ll be back on the air tomorrow, so make sure you’re following the show on Twitter so you don’t miss out. What did Natasha and Alex chat about? The following: First Impressions: We started by going through top-line numbers, geographic breakdown, and how the accelerator is doing when...
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Sanas aims to convert one accent to another in real time for smoother customer service calls

In the customer service industry, your accent dictates many aspects of your job. It shouldn’t be the case that there’s a “better” or “worse” accent, but in today’s global economy (though who knows about tomorrow’s) it’s valuable to sound American or British. While many undergo accent neutralization training, Sanas is a startup with another approach (and a $5.5M seed round): using speech recognition and synthesis to change the speaker’s accent in near real time. The company has trained a machine ...
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Our favorite startups from YC’s Summer 21 Demo Day, Part 1

Y Combinator kicked off its fourth-ever virtual Demo Day today, revealing the first-half of its nearly 400 company batch. The presentation, YC’s biggest yet, offers a snapshot into where innovation is heading, from not-so-simple seaweed to a Clearco for creators. The TechCrunch team stuck to its tradition of covering every single company live (but, you know, from home,) so you’ll find all of the Day 1 companies here. For those who want a sampling of standouts, however, we’re also bringing you a ...
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Back-to-school sales make the Lenovo Flex Chromebook ridiculously cheap

Right now, you can save big on the Lenovo Flex Chromebook when you take advantage of this deal from Walmart. Get the Lenovo Flex Chromebook for just $179.
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Docker Desktop No Longer Free For Large Companies

Docker will restrict use of the free version of its Docker Desktop utility to individuals or small businesses, and has introduced a new more expensive subscription, as it searches for a sustainable business model. The Register reports: The company has renamed its Free plan to "Personal" and now requires that businesses with 250 or more employees, or higher than $10m in annual revenue, must use a paid subscription if they require Docker Desktop. There are no changes to the command-line Docker Eng...
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Tribe and Arkam back Jar app to help millions in India start their savings journey

Even as hundreds of millions of people in India have a bank account, only a tiny fraction of this population invests in any financial instrument. Fewer than 30 million people invest in mutual funds or stocks, for instance. In recent years, a handful of startups have made it easier for users — especially the millennials — to invest, but the figure has largely remained stagnant. Now, an Indian startup believes that it has found the solution to tackle this challenge — and is already seeing good ear...
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Olsam raises $165M to buy up and scale consumer and B2B Amazon Marketplace sellers

On the heels of Heroes announcing a $200 million raise earlier today, to double down on buying and scaling third-party Amazon Marketplace sellers, another startup out of London aiming to do the same is announcing some significant funding of its own. Olsam, a roll-up play that is buying up both consumer and B2B merchants selling on Amazon by way of Amazon’s FBA fulfillment program, has closed $165 million — a combination of equity and debt that it will be using to fuel its M&A strategy, as well a...
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Retailer leak suggests Google’s Pixel 6 will have 23W wireless charging

A leaked photo suggests a new Pixel Stand is on the way.
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Elementary, Holmes

Elizabeth Holmes is set to go to trial for the massive Theranos fraud.  Oddly, I know an anti-fraud lawyer who was defrauded by her, and as is the case in so many frauds, it was hubris that greased the skids for the loss.  Back in May of 2016, I was asked about it.  I answered by text from the waiting room of a veterinarian’s office, where I was making some very difficult decisions about a very old dog. I actually think the black turtleneck is key. That's not a uniform; it's a costum...
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Google pushes its return to the office back to 2022

Google has yet again postponed a full return to the office, announcing that its employees can continue to work remotely until next year. The decision follows similar ones already made by the company's tech industry peers like Facebook and Amazon.
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Every Star Wars movie and show you can stream on Disney Plus - from 'A New Hope' to 'Visions'

When you buy through our links, Insider may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more. Alyssa Powell/Business Insider Disney Plus offers every Star Wars movie from the original trilogy through "The Rise of Skywalker." The service is also home to exclusive Star Wars shows, like "The Mandalorian" and "The Bad Batch." Disney Plus costs $8 a month or $80 a year. Monthly Subscription Service (small) The Disney Plus streaming service is home to a large selection of movies and TV shows from al...
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Wall Street Is Looking To Reddit for Investment Advice

Wall Street professionals tell everyday investors what stocks to buy. But now they have to follow some of these amateurs for signs of where the market is headed next. From a report: Venerable institutions Goldman Sachs Group and Morgan Stanley are tracking the retail trading frenzy, and hedge funds in New York and London have employees combing through the internet forum of Reddit, Twitter or chat startup Discord in search of trading opportunities. They turned to these sources following a period ...
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Companies like Apple, Disney, and ExxonMobil are swarming Capitol Hill in a desperate attempt to squash Biden's tax plan to pay for free college and childcare

President Joe Biden. AP/Manuel Balce Ceneta Business groups are stepping up efforts to crush Democrats' planned business tax hikes. The Washington Post reported that the Chamber of Commerce along with other major companies are organizing a lobbying campaign. Companies want to preserve the tax rules they locked in under Trump's 2017 tax law. See more stories on Insider's business page. Prominent business groups are unleashing a massive lobbying effort to squash parts of the Demo...
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How to make a group chat on iPhone and customize your name, members, and more

You can start a group chat on iPhone just like you'd start a regular text. Alistair Berg/Getty Images To make a group chat on iPhone, add multiple recipients to the address line of a new message. Once a group chat is created, you can add members or edit the name. There's three types of group messages: group iMessage, group MMS, and group SMS. Visit Insider's Tech Reference library for more stories. Group chats can be a useful tool in both your professional and personal life. W...
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Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 price slashed by $50 at Best Buy today

Right now, you can get the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 for just $230 when you order from Best Buy today. That's a $50 savings.
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This Standing Air Conditioner’s Quiet Cool Will Make Me Miss Working From Home

At my therapist’s office, there’s a small portable AC. It’s a loudly humming, short monster that grunts at me, disapprovingly, from a foot away. I’ve coped with this by annunciating my anxieties. It’s actually cathartic at 45-minute intervals. But for my work-from-home pandemic setup, that kind of pandemonium is…Read more...
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