Facebook Apologizes After Its AI Labeled Black Men 'Primates'

Facebook users who watched a newspaper video featuring black men were asked if they wanted to "keep seeing videos about primates" by an artificial-intelligence recommendation system. From a report: Facebook told BBC News it "was clearly an unacceptable error", disabled the system and launched an investigation. "We apologise to anyone who may have seen these offensive recommendations." It is the latest in a long-running series of errors that have raised concerns over racial bias in AI. Re...
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Update] Google Clock scheduled alarms broken for many, leading to flurry of 1-star Play Store reviews

It appears that for many people out there, the scheduled alarms feature on the Google Clock app is flat-out broken at present.
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A New Rumor Says Apple Has No Immediate Plans to Create a Satellite iPhone

Reports that the iPhone 13 would allow users to text and call even when they don’t have cell coverage by connecting to satellites caused quite a stir last week, especially considering that Apple’s fall reveal event is right around the corner. Yet, another rumor now says that’s baloney, which means you shouldn’t get…Read more...
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Poorly Devised Regulation Lets Firms Pollute With Abandon

Athletes don't get advance warning of drug tests. Police don't share schedules of planned raids. Yet America's Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) does not seem convinced of the value of surprise in deterring bad behaviour [the link may be paywalled]. From a report: Every year it publishes a list of dates, spaced at six-day intervals, on which it will require state and local agencies to provide data on concentrations of harmful fine particulate matter (PM2.5), such as soot or cement dust. In t...
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Meet the Self-Hosters, Taking Back the Internet One Server at a Time

Through a growing movement of dedicated hobbyists known as self-hosters, the dream of a decentralized internet lives on at a time when surveillance, censorship, and increasing. My own self-hosting experiences include having a home server for recording TV and storing media for myself and my roommates, and more recently, leaving Dropbox for a self-hosted, free and open source alternative called Syncthing. Some self-hosters see the rising interest in decentralized internet tools as a direct result...
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IT firms choose multi-shore delivery to meet client needs

Indian IT services companies are opting for a multi-shore delivery model, a mix of onshore, nearshore, and offshore, to meet client needs in a digital world. Wipro has delivery centres in nearshore locations such as Romania, Australia, and Brazil that helps in serving the fast-changing needs of the clients. Tech Mahindra has built global delivery centres in the Philippines and development centres in the US, Europe, Canada, and Latin America. [Via]
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After years of inaction against adtech, UK’s ICO calls for browser-level controls to fix ‘cookie fatigue’

In the latest quasi-throwback toward ‘do not track‘, the UK’s data protection chief has come out in favor of a browser- and/or device-level setting to allow Internet users to set “lasting” cookie preferences — suggesting this as a fix for the barrage of consent pop-ups that continues to infest websites in the region. European web users digesting this development in an otherwise monotonously unchanging regulatory saga, should be forgiven — not only for any sense of déjà vu they may experience — b...
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Commerce platform ShopUp raises $75 million in Bangladesh’s largest funding

ShopUp, a startup that is digitizing neighborhood stores in Bangladesh, has raised $75 million in a new financing round that is also the largest in the South Asian market. Peter Thiel’s Valar Ventures led ShopUp’s $75 million Series B round. Prosus Ventures as well as existing investors Flourish Ventures, Sequoia Capital India, and VEON Ventures also invested in the round. The new investment, which brings the startup’s all-time raise to over $100 million, is also Valar’s and Prosus’ first deals ...
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Commerce platform ShopUp raises $75 million led by Valar in Bangladesh’s largest funding

ShopUp, a startup that is digitizing neighborhood stores in Bangladesh, has raised $75 million in a new financing round that is also the largest in the South Asian market. Peter Thiel’s Valar Ventures led ShopUp’s $75 million Series B financing round. Prosus Ventures as well as existing investors Flourish Ventures, Sequoia Capital India, and VEON Ventures also invested in the round. The new investment, which brings the startup’s all-time raise to over $100 million, is also Prosus’ first deal in ...
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H2O Hospitality secures $30M Series C to expedite hotel digital transformation

The pandemic has triggered more demand for contactless and staff-less operations in the hospitality sector, and now H2O Hospitality, the unmanned hotel management company, has closed a $30 million round on the back of that boost. The South Korea and Japan-based startup automates front and backend processes including accommodation reservation, room management and front desk duties, and it will be using the funds to continue expanding its business. The Series C round (equivalent to about 34 billio...
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Bitcoin mining consumes 0.5% of all electricity used globally and 7 times Google's total usage, new report says

Bitcoin - represented here by a physical coin - uses a tremendous amount of electricity. SOPA Images/Getty Images Bitcoin mining consumes roughly 0.5% of all energy consumption worldwide, according to the New York Times. That's roughly seven times more than Google's total energy consumption per year, the report said. Bitcoin's negative environmental impact is expected to become a bigger issue as cryptocurrency gains more popularity. See more stories on Insider's business pa...
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A.ID closes Pre-Seed funding for ID verification platform aimed at high-risk clients

A.ID, an identity and compliance platform with a focus on high-risk clients, has closed a pre-seed investment round of $500,000 from angel investors including former employees of RobinHood, Square and Snap. The startup says it is addressing a market that traditional Fintech companies and banking instutions can’t seem to deal with: namely the rise of apparently ‘risky’ customers who are simply dealing in products deemed problematic. A case in point is that the legal cannabis industry grows by 67%...
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Apple Executive Addresses Recent Employee Concerns in Internal Video

In a video broadcasted to staffers days before Labor Day, Apple's retail and people chief Deirdre O'Brien addressed the growing number of Apple employees voicing their opinions about workplace issues like pay inequality. For those unaware, over the last few weeks, some Apple employees have taken to Twitter to share their workplace frustrations, sparking the "AppleToo" movement. Created by a group of employees, the "Apple Too" initiative is pushing for Apple to "fulfill its promise of inclusio...
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Check out the highlights from the Indie Games Festival

Every year Google Play, hosts the Indie Games Festival, a competition that rewards high quality indie games with promotional opportunities and supports small mobile games developers. We also host the Indie Games Accelerator, an educational and mentorship program to help high potential studios grow their business. Last weekend, some of the best indie game creators from Europe, South Korea and Japan, as well as players from around the world, got together at the Festival’s finals. At this interacti...
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Financial automation startup Aurelia raises $3M Seed round led by Blossom Capital

Financial automation platform, Aurelia has raised $3 million in seed funding, led by Blossom Capital. Billing itself as a sort of “IFTTT for finance” aimed at small businesses that want to integrate their bank accounts with financial tools, Aurelia says this then gives them greater control over cash flow, taxes etc to automate normally manual tasks, with no knowledge of code needed. Angel investors include Guillaume Pousaz (Founder & CEO at through his Zinal Growth investment vehic...
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Challenges of Hiring Software Engineers and Developers

In the dynamics of the labor market today, the overarching theme is undoubtedly the labor shortage. Labor shortages in certain industries are so acute that many employers have shifted their focus to training and paid apprenticeships in lieu of searching for new candidates. According to statistics from the U.S Department of Labor, there has been […]
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Fractory raises $9M to rethink the manufacturing supply chain for metalworks

The manufacturing industry took a hard hit from the Covid-19 pandemic, but there are signs of how it is slowly starting to come back into shape — helped in part by new efforts to make factories more responsive to the fluctuations in demand that come with the ups and downs of grappling with the shifting economy, virus outbreaks and more. Today, a businesses that is positioning itself as part of that new guard of flexible custom manufacturing — a startup called Fractory — is announcing a Series A ...
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People are still working from home as the Delta variant pushes back employers' and workers' office plans

Gary Yeowell/Getty Images The Delta variant and coronavirus have forced some employees to stay working from home. In August, about 13% of employed people worked remotely because of the pandemic, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The number of remote workers stalled from the previous month after dropping earlier in the year. See more stories on Insider's business page. The Delta variant and the ongoing pandemic seem to still be affecting plans to have workers return to the o...
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Podcast #592: Being a Man in the Lousy Modern World

Emerson famously said “society everywhere is in conspiracy against the manhood of every one of its members.”  My guest today says things have gotten a lot worse since Emerson uttered those words over a century and a half ago. His name is Robert Twigger. We last had him on the show to discuss his book Micromastery. Today we discuss a book he wrote 20 years ago called Being a Man in the Lousy Modern World. We begin our conversation discussing how the modern world infantilizes men so they’re eas...
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Led by Tesla, EVs Drive Chip Industry's Shift Beyond Silicon

Abundant, easily processed silicon has been the material of choice for decades in the semiconductor industry, but electric vehicles are helping chip away at its dominance in the pursuit of energy efficiency. From a report: Tesla has been a catalyst for this change. The U.S. automaker became the first of its peers to use silicon carbide chips in a mass-produced car, incorporating them into some of its Model 3s. This move gave the power-saving material a boost of momentum in the EV supply chain, w...
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Germany wants Apple to update and repair iPhones for 7 years

The German government thinks Apple should require security updates and spare parts for iPhone for at least seven years.
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Automated Hiring Software is Mistakenly Rejecting Millions of Viable Job Candidates

Automated resume-scanning software is contributing to a "broken" hiring system in the US, says a new report from Harvard Business School. Such software is used by employers to filter job applicants, but is mistakenly rejecting millions of viable candidates, say the study's authors. It's contributing to the problem of "hidden workers" -- individuals who are able and willing to work, but remain locked out of jobs by structural problems in the labor market. From a report: The study's authors identi...
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The Station: Lyft, Uber take action in Texas, Van Moof charges up with capital, an eVTOL SPAC deal gets knocked

The Station is a weekly newsletter dedicated to all things transportation. Sign up here — just click The Station — to receive it every weekend in your inbox. Hello readers: Welcome to The Station, your central hub for all past, present and future means of moving people and packages from Point A to Point B. Before you jump into the transportation news of the week, a bit of TechCrunch company news! Private equity firm Apollo Global Management completed its acquisition of Yahoo (formerly known as V...
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Airfare is set to drop this fall and airlines have already started testing cheap pricing on expensive routes

Great deals on airfare can be had this fall as airlines entice leisure travelers to keep flying. Kit Leong / Airlines are bracing for a fall travel season with fewer business travelers after a lucrative summer. Airfares from September to November are expected to be lower than normal as a result. But holiday travel will likely be priced similarly to last year's levels as leisure demand rebounds. See more stories on Insider's business page. Travelers who missed the b...
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Apple Products Could See 'Noticeable' Price Rises Amid Increased Chip Costs

Apple will need to pay more for the chips in its devices and may pass rising costs on to its customers, according to sources speaking to Nikkei Asia. TSMC, Apple's main chip supplier, is in the process of increasing its prices following wider inflation in the industry caused by the global chip supply shortage. The company's planned price rises are said to be the most substantial chip price hikes in a decade. TSMC's chips were already around 20 percent more expensive than those from its direc...
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Apple iPhone 11 Smart Battery Case With Wireless Charging For $45.99 Shipped From Amazon After $84 Price Drop!
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Using Tunneling to connect Calbre Server over the internet

I'm a curator at a museum, and we have a pretty large pool of researchers who use our digital collections when they need it. I'm the one in charge of building an actual library anyone could use no matter where they are. Right now we have a local server where everything is stashed that can't be accessed off site and it honestly horrible to search through. I have been using Calibre for years on my own elibrary, so I started importing our digital collections to Calibre, added metadata, etc. Now ...
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NVIDIA GPU Prices Are Already Up By 18% In Chinese Markets After ETH Crosses $3900

A report from MyDrivers suggests that GPU prices will start rising again after reaching their all-time low in July. It looks like everything was improving, but the start of the second rally of Ethereum is a disaster for GPU prices. The post NVIDIA GPU Prices Are Already Up By 18% In Chinese Markets After ETH Crosses $3900 appeared first on
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AMD Ryzen 6000 “Rembrandt” APUs Are Already In Mass Production

A Twitter user/leakster, Greymon55, claims that AMD's updated Zen3 architecture (Zen3+) based on Ryzen 6000 "Rembrandt" APUs might be in mass production. The post AMD Ryzen 6000 “Rembrandt” APUs Are Already In Mass Production appeared first on
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Gigabyte Z690 AORUS Master With DDR4 Memory Listed In Australia

The recent Tweet of a renowned leakster, @momomo_us, suggests that Gigabyte has listed two motherboards with Z690 chipsets and DDR4 support in Australia. The post Gigabyte Z690 AORUS Master With DDR4 Memory Listed In Australia appeared first on
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