McDonald's Leaks Password For Monopoly VIP Database To Winners

A bug in the McDonald's Monopoly VIP game in the United Kingdom caused the login names and passwords for the game's database to be sent to all winners. BleepingComputer reports: After skipping a year due to COVID-19, McDonald's UK launched their popular Monopoly VIP game on August 25th, where customers can enter codes found on purchase food items for a chance to win a prize. These prizes include 100,000 pounds in cash, an Ibiza villa or UK getaway holiday, Lay-Z Spa hot tubs, and more. Unfortuna...
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Choosing a new brand name ? Do an A.S.S. count.

ASSOCIATIONS + SLOGANS SCORE Let’s say you’ve got two metaphorical names under consideration for your new computer company, Apple and Strawberry. Both names meet your baseline brand positioning criteria: Simple, warm, human, approachable, organic, disruptive. Half your team champions Apple and the other half love the name Strawberry. It’s pointed out that the names couldn’t be more similar – they are both red fruits. So why not flip a coin and move on?  The Chief Obfuscation Officer calls f...
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Jagex Nixes Community-Built RuneScape HD Client, Massive Backlash Follows

New submitter Sauce Tin writes: In a blog post, Jagex announced the shutdown of a community-driven RuneScape HD graphics client. The announcement came at an inopportune time -- the community client was prepped for release this week and had been announced years beforehand, with 2,000+ hours of effort of a single individual behind it. The effort had been noticed by Jagex, however no opposition from the company was made -- until recently. Thousands of players vented on the game's subreddit, ultimat...
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Unity Patents 'Methods and Apparatuses To Improve the Performance of a Video Game Engine Using An Entity Component System'

slack_justyb writes: Unity has filed a patent with the USPTO for "Methods and apparatuses to improve the performance of a video game engine using an Entity Component System (ECS)." ECS methods are something that some other open source game engines already use. One example is Bevy for Rust. Some are already commenting on the ramifications of this patent application and indicating that this could be a massive overstep by Unity to attempt to patent something already used by other lesser-known game...
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PwC identifies top 3 cybersecurity priorities of Indian enterprises

PwC on Tuesday said it has identified top three cybersecurity priorities of Indian organisations – improving threat management capabilities, advancing Identity and Access Management solutions and securing the work-from-anywhere environment. Next, of the executives who selected advancing IAM as one of their top three cyber security priorities, over 42% prioritised enhancement of these solutions. Businesses are focusing on agile solutions for IAM-specific necessities and implementing various turn...
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8th-gen iPad shipping times slip to 3-6 weeks ahead of Apple event

Apple might also introduce a new entry-level iPad model at that event, as shipping times for the 8th-gen iPad have now slipped to 3-6 weeks.
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Indonesia-focused Intudo Ventures closes $115M third fund

Intudo Ventures, the “Indonesia-only” investment firm, announced today it has closed its third fund, totaling $115 million. Called Intudo Ventures Fund III, it was raised in less than three months and oversubscribed. Fund III’s limited partners include Black Kite Investments, the family office of Singaporean businessman Koh Bon Hwee; Wasson Enterprises, the family office of former Walgreens Boots Alliance chief executive officer Greg Wasson; and PIDC, the investment arm of Taiwan-based retail co...
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E-commerce aggregator Rainforest raises $20M just months after its last funding

Four months after its last funding announcement, Singapore-based e-commerce aggregator Rainforest has closed a $20 million pre-Series A round led by Monk’s Hill Ventures. Other participants included January Capital, Crossbeam Venture Partners, Amasia and Lo & Behold Group, along with returning investors Nordstar and Insignia Venture Partners. Rainforest announced in May that it had raised $6.55 million in equity and a $30 million debt facility to fund acquisitions. The company says its latest ra...
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Daily Crunch: Hyundai to provide hydrogen fuel cell versions of all commercial vehicles by 2028

To get a roundup of TechCrunch’s biggest and most important stories delivered to your inbox every day at 3 p.m. PDT, subscribe here. Hello and welcome back to the Daily Crunch for Tuesday, September 7, 2021! Your regular host Alex Wilhelm is AFK for the next few days, so I (Greg Kumparak) will be handling his newsletter duties. Alex may be smarter, nicer and generally a better human than I am, but I’m at least more … well, more not currently on vacation. I’ll do my best. Most of TechCrunch took ...
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I'm Lovin' IT

It’s not unusual for large companies to commit occasional data screw-ups, and McDonald’s, glorious provider of caloric excess to billions, is the most recent offender.Read more...
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LG Shows Off Foldable Plastic Display That Promises to Be As Hard As Glass

LG is done making smartphones, though that doesn’t mean it isn’t still attempting to one-up its biggest rival. Samsung beat the competition to the punch with foldable phones, but its bendable screens came with a preinstalled layer of protective film to keep the display from falling apart. LG’s solution to this…Read more...
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Facebook encryption could prevent detection of child abuse, NCA says

Police claim plans for end-to-end encryption will stop officers being able to access ‘incisive intelligence’Facebook’s plans to allow encrypted messaging across all its platforms could prevent the detection of up to 20m child abuse images every year, a senior investigating officer has claimed.Rob Jones, the director of threat leadership at the National Crime Agency, said the social media company’s goal of rolling out end-to-end encryption will stop officers from accessing “incisive intelligence”...
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UK’s Marshmallow raises $85M on a $1.25B valuation for its more inclusive, big-data take on car insurance

Marshmallow — a U.K.-based car insurance provider that has made a name for itself in the market by providing a new approach to car insurance aimed at using a wider set of data points and clever algorithms to net a more diverse set of customers and provide more competitive rates — is announcing a milestone today in its life as a startup, as well as in the bigger U.K. tech world. The London company — co-founded by identical twins Oliver and Alexander Kent-Braham and David Goaté — has raised $85 mi...
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Ford Hires Away Executive Leading Apple's Car Project

Ford is hiring the head of Apple's car project away from the iPhone maker, a stunning development that brings the 118-year-old automaker an executive with Silicon Valley chops. Bloomberg reports: Doug Field is coming aboard as chief advanced technology and embedded systems officer, Ford said in a statement. Field also previously worked as a top engineer at Tesla between two stints at Apple -- most recently as a vice president in its special projects group -- and played a major role at Tesla laun...
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Texas abortion ‘whistleblower’ website forced offline

Site was removed from GoDaddy before being censored by new host Epik, known for providing services to far-right groupsTroubles are mounting for a Texas website used to report violators of the state’s extreme anti-abortion legislation after the site was forced offline by two different web hosting platforms.The site was removed from its original web host by the provider GoDaddy on Friday before being suspended by its new host, an agency known for providing services to far-...
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Facebook Admits 'Trust Deficit' As It Looks To Launch Digital Wallet

Facebook says it's finally ready to launch its most ambitious new product in years: a digital wallet called Novi. But the man leading the charge says Washington could stand in its way. From a report: Facebook needs to convince regulators skeptical of its power that it's a good idea. "If there's one thing we need, it's the benefit of the doubt," Facebook's David Marcus said in an interview with Axios. "[W]e're starting with a trust deficit that we need to compensate." Much of Facebook's broader a...
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Meet retail’s new sustainability strategy: Personalization

Sindhya Valloppillil Contributor Share on Twitter Sindhya Valloppillil is the founder and CEO of Skin Dossier, a venture partner at Next Gen Ventures, a freelance writer and formerly a beauty industry executive and marketing professor. More posts by this contributor It may not be as glamorous as D2C, but beauty tech is big money We have been raised to believe in recycling, but it has mostly been a s...
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Howard University Announces Ransomware Attack, Shuts Down Classes On Tuesday

An anonymous reader quotes a report from ZDNet: Howard University announced on Monday that it has been hit with a ransomware attack, forcing the school to shut down classes on Tuesday, according to a statement from the prominent HBCU. The school said that on September 3, members of their technology team noticed "unusual activity" on the university's network and shut it down in order to investigate the problem. They later confirmed it was a ransomware attack but did not say which group was behind...
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New Studies Find Evidence Of 'Superhuman' Immunity To COVID-19 In Some Individuals

Some scientists have called it "superhuman immunity" or "bulletproof." But immunologist Shane Crotty prefers "hybrid immunity." "Overall, hybrid immunity to SARS-CoV-2 appears to be impressively potent," Crotty wrote in commentary in Science back in June. From a report: No matter what you call it, this type of immunity offers much-needed good news in what seems like an endless array of bad news regarding COVID-19. Over the past several months, a series of studies has found that some people mount...
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How an Accessible Website Can Accelerate Business Growth

An accessible website will boost your business growth through increased engagement, better conversion rates, and more potential customers. Sparking engagement among users is crucial for business success. Still, user experience (UX) designers face a unique challenge. Individuals in their audience have different abilities and disabilities. Each of these affects how visitors navigate their website. Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) regulations apply to all businesses that serve the public. The...
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The 20 most popular Coursea online courses that students actually finish

When you buy through our links, Insider may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more. Coursera; Alyssa Powell/Business Insider Coursera offers a wide range of online courses and the ability to audit classes for free. Coursera shared courses that have high enrollment numbers and high completion rates. Some of them are part of longer certificate programs, including several from Google. Coursera is a popular e-learning platform, offering thousands of courses administered by some of the to...
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Apple loses a leader of its long rumored car group to Ford

Ford on Tuesday announced that it has hired Doug Field away from Apple as it looks to bolster its self-driving and electric vehicle ambitions.
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Aerospace primes Northrop, Lockheed join in Orbit Fab’s over $10M funding round

San Francisco-based startup Orbit Fab wants to be the go-to source for orbital refueling, and now it has raised over $10 million in its quest to get there. The money will go toward funding a refueling trial that’s due to launch as early as the end of 2022, in which the company plans to send to space two refueling shuttles that will repeatedly perform a three-step dock, transfer fuel and undock process. The round was led by Asymmetry Ventures, with participation from existing investor SpaceFund a...
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Twitter is testing big ol’ full-width photos and videos

Twitter is exploring ways to build a more visually immersive experience with its latest test, which brings edge-to-edge tweets to the app on iOS. Full-width images and videos track for the direction the company has shown some interest in going lately. Twitter introduced bigger images with improved cropping controls for its pair of mobile apps earlier this year, making plenty of photographers and other visual artists happy that the social network was suddenly a much friendlier platform for sharin...
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Ford Hires Exec Formerly in Charge of Apple's Car Project

Ford Motor Co. has hired a former Apple and Tesla executive to be the company’s head of advanced technology and new embedded systems.
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Automakers race to design desire for luxury and tech

In late summer, car collectors converged in Monterey, Detroit and, most recently, Oxford, England, in an annual tradition focused on ogling over — and oftentimes bidding for — luxury and historic vehicles. The outdoor luxury automotive events ruled in 2021 after a universal pause the year before due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The events, which included the Goodwood Festival Speed in July, Monterey Car Week and Woodward Dream Cruise shows in August, and the Salon Privé that wrapped up Sunday, show...
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IBuyers on track to have record-setting sales in Q3

A new report from Zillow found that the nation's four largest iBuyers reached a 1 percent market share in the second quarter of 2021, setting the stage for record-breaking sales in Q3.
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AI as a service to solve your business problems? Guess again

Ralf Haller Contributor Share on Twitter Ralf Haller is the executive vice president of sales and marketing at NNAISENSE. SaaS, PaaS – and now AIaaS: Entrepreneurial, forward-thinking companies will attempt to provide customers of all types with artificial intelligence-powered plug-and-play solutions for myriad business problems. Industries of all types are embracing off-the-shelf AI solutions. According to industry experts, g...
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Apple loses automotive executive Doug Field to Ford

Add another wrinkle to Apple’s oft-rumored effort to build its own electric vehicle..
Tags: Apple, Ford, Doug Field

The Play Store is highlighting two Wear OS apps that don't exist anymore

Google is trying to revive Wear OS once again. And those efforts were clear during Google I/O 2021 earlier this year. There, Wear OS 3...
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