What Happened After El Salvador Adopted Bitcoin as Legal Currency?

Foreign Policy magazine explores just what happened after El Salvador adopted bitcoin as legal currency and launched its official government-approved bitcoin wallet Chivo: Chivo launched just after midnight on Sept. 7. The system started failing at three a.m. Server capacity was increased, and app installations were not re-enabled until 11:30 a.m. Transactions failed through the day; customer service lines were jammed; Chivo ATMs ran out of cash. Shortly after ten a.m., the price of bitcoin cra...
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SpaceX's All-Tourist Crew Safely Splashes Back Down to Earth

Watch the video here! "SpaceX safely returned its Crew Dragon spacecraft from orbit on Saturday, with the capsule carrying the four members of the Inspiration4 mission back to Earth after three days in space..." reports CNBC: "Thanks so much SpaceX, that was a heck of a ride for us and we're just getting started!" Inspiration4 commander Jared Isaacman said from the capsule after touching down. Elon Musk tweeted his congratulations to the crew shortly after splashdown. The historic privat...
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Report: Boeing Official Expected to Face Criminal Charges Over Fatal Boeing 737 Max Issues

"Federal prosecutors plan to criminally charge a former Boeing Co. pilot they suspect of misleading aviation regulators about safety issues blamed for two fatal crashes of the 737 Max," reports the Wall Street Journal, citing "people familiar with the matter." Mark Forkner, who was Boeing's 737 Max chief technical pilot during the aircraft's development, is likely to face prosecution in the coming weeks, these people said... Boeing BA, admitted in a criminal settlement reached with prosecutors ...
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User’s Guide to TechCrunch Disrupt 2021

TechCrunch Disrupt 2021 approaches in just three days. Here’s your how-to guide for everything you can expect at Disrupt. Although the main show kicks off on Tuesday the 21st, there’ll be some sneak peeks and extras going down on Monday. Make sure to log in to Hopin by noon on Monday to catch it all, including a special series of speed networking sessions, where one attendee from each session will be selected to receive a limited edition TechCrunch Disrupt swag bag. All sessions are in Pacifi...
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Mozilla Experiment: Set Default Search Engine to Bing for 1% of Firefox Users

"Mozilla is running an experiment on 1% of the Firefox desktop population currently, which sets the default search engine to Bing in the web browser," reports Ghacks: [I]n most regions, it is Google Search. Mozilla and Google extended the search deal in 2020 for another three years. Google is paying Mozilla "between $400 and $450 million per year" so that its search engine is the default in Firefox in most regions. Google has been Firefox's default search engine since 2017, when Mozilla ended it...
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Boston Dynamics' Spot Becomes a Robotic Watchdog for Hyundai

CNET's Roadshow reports that a safety-oriented version of Boston Dynamics' headless dog-shaped robot "Spot" will begin patrolling a Kia plant in South Korea, "to survey industrial areas remotely and help identify issues before they happen." For example, Spot's new thermal camera and 3D lidar (courtesy of Hyundai's technology chest) can identify personnel near machinery with high temperatures. In this case, our robotic canine friend may be able to pinpoint a fire hazard before a human does. The ...
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Executive coaching for employees is complicated and emotional

Welcome to Startups Weekly, a fresh human-first take on this week’s startup news and trends. To get this in your inbox, subscribe here.  BetterUp, a reskilling and coaching platform for employees before and beyond the C-suite, is getting in touch with its emotions. This week, the richly funded unicorn startup announced a pair of acquisitions in the emotional artificial intelligence and people management space: Motive and Impraise . The terms of the deal weren’t disclosed.  BetterUp ann...
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FDA Approves Human Clinical Trials of a Possible CRISPR-Based HIV Cure

"A CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing technology that has shown promise in clearing HIV from mice is headed into human testing," reports Fierce Biotech: We don't like to throw the word "cure" around here. But Excision BioTherapeutics thinks the therapy could replace standard-of-care retroviral therapy, which keeps HIV from replicating but does not remove it from the body. That means patients stay on the treatment, which can cause serious side effects and affect quality of life. Now with the start of human...
Tags: Tech, Fda, Temple University, Jennifer Doudna, University of Nebraska Medical Center, Excision Biotherapeutics

Is Python About to Become the Most Popular Programming Language?

"According to one measure, Python is potentially on the verge of becoming the most popular computer programming language," reports ZDNet, joining C and Java as the only other two languages to attain the #1 spot. Of course, it depends on who's making the list... Python has been snapping at the heels of Java and C for the past few years on the 20-year-old Tiobe index and recently knocked Java off the second spot to rival C. Tiobe, a software testing company, bases its rankings on searches for pr...
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Instagram Defeats Copyright Claim Over Its Embedding Feature–Hunley v. Instagram

“In-line linking” uses the Internet’s magic to let a web page incorporate a file, such as a photo or video, into a page’s display without actually hosting it. In 2007, in Perfect 10 v. Amazon, the Ninth Circuit ruled that direct liability applied, if at all, to the server hosting the file (the “server” test), not the third-party website in-line linking the file (an “incorporation” test). The plaintiffs brought a class action lawsuit against Instagram for its “embedding” feature, which lets third...
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Medical cybersecurity: a virtual battleground that could cripple your practice

Imagine it’s early Monday morning, and you’re getting to your office. When you start up your computer to look at your schedule and bring up your first patient’s chart, you can’t get into your system. The next thing you see is a message from some hacker demanding bitcoin to release access to your data. You Read more… Medical cybersecurity: a virtual battleground that could cripple your practice originally appeared in
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Nike and Amazon among brands advertising on Covid conspiracy sites

Household names may have unwittingly helped spread fake news, investigation revealsDozens of the world’s biggest brands, including Nike, Amazon, Ted Baker and Asos, have been advertising on websites that spread Covid-19 misinformation and conspiracy theories, it has emerged. The companies, as well as an NHS service, are among a string of household names whose ads appear to have helped fund websites that host false and outlandish claims, for example that powerful people secretly engineered the pa...
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SEC Regional Director Erin Schneider is joining us at Disrupt

If ever there was a time when working at the Securities and Exchange Commission was a dull affair, that’s no longer true. The federal agency that’s responsible for protecting investors and maintaining fair and orderly functioning of our securities markets is busier than ever, thanks to the rise of SPACs, cryptocurrencies and new rules around how startups raise money. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. In just a few of its many cases, it this week charged App Annie, the mobile data and analy...
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Global Computing's Carbon Footprint Is Bigger Than Previously Estimated

An anonymous reader quotes a report from UPI: According to a new study, published Friday in the journal Patterns, information and communications technology, or ICT for short, is responsible for a greater share of greenhouse gas emissions than previously estimated. When researchers at Lancaster University analyzed earlier attempts to calculate ICT's carbon footprint, they determined scientists had failed to account for the entire life-cycle and supply chain of ICT products and infrastructure. T...
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The GoPro-ification of the iPhone

Hello friends, and welcome back to Week in Review! Last week, we talked about some sunglasses from a company that many people do not like very much. This week, we’re talking about Apple and the company 1,600 times smaller than it that’s facing similar product problems. Thanks for joining in — follow my tweets @lucasmtny for more. (Photo by Brooks Kraft/Apple Inc.) the big thing When you get deep enough into the tech industry, it’s harder to look at things with a consumer’s set of eyes. I’ve...
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Divining the real value of my favorite fintech sub-niche 

Welcome back to The TechCrunch Exchange, a weekly startups-and-markets newsletter. It’s inspired by what the weekday Exchange column digs into, but free, and made for your weekend reading. Want it in your inbox every Saturday? Sign up here.  Thank you for clicking on this email. With a subject line like that you are legend for being here. Of course, we’re talking buy-now-pay-later (BNPL) companies today, a particular part of the larger fintech world that is more than interesting. Thanks to recen...
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Deep impact: the underwater photographers bringing the ocean’s silent struggle to life

Kerim Sabuncuoğlu – just one winner in this year’s Ocean photography awards – tells the story behind his picture of a moray eel that also shows the wider perils of ‘ghost fishing’In July, off the Turkish port city of Bodrum, Kerim Sabuncuoğlu stepped from the edge of a boat into the azure Aegean Sea and began to descend. A scuba diver with more than 30 years’ experience, he took up underwater photography in 2002 and has since devoted considerable amounts of time and money to his “out-of-control ...
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Richard Stallman Shares His Concerns About GitHub's Copilot -- and About GitHub

destinyland writes: A newly-released video at shows an hour-long talk given by free software advocate Richard Stallman for the BigBlueBotton open source conference (which was held online last July). After a 14-minute clip from an earlier speech, Stallman answers questions from the audience — and the first question asked Stallman for his opinion about the AI Copilot [automated pair programming tool] developed for Microsoft's GitHub in collaboration with AI research and deployment company ...
Tags: Microsoft, Tech, GPL, Stallman, Richard Stallman, GNU, CoPilot

SoftBank’s Marcelo Claure is coming to Disrupt next week

SoftBank has been on a tear in Latin America. The Japanese investment conglomerate just announced it has launched its second Latin America-focused fund with a $3 billion capital commitment from the company that may grow as the fund explores “options to raise additional capital,” according to SoftBank. The vehicle follows hot on the heels of SoftBank’s debut Latin America-focused fund, announced in March 2019 with an initial $2 billion in committed capital. It’s easy to see what all the fuss is a...
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China Roundup: Beijing is tearing down the digital ‘walled gardens’

Hello and welcome back to TechCrunch’s China roundup, a digest of recent events shaping the Chinese tech landscape and what they mean to people in the rest of the world. This week, China gets serious about breaking down the walled gardens that its internet giants have formed for decades. Two major funding rounds were announced, from the newly established autonomous driving unicorn and fast-growing, cross-border financial service provider XTransfer. Tear down the walls The Chinese ...
Tags: TC, Asia, China, Southeast Asia, Tech, Beijing, Shanghai, Alibaba,, Tencent, WeChat, Alipay, Alibaba Group, Online Payments, Jack Ma, Anker

Despite 'Economic Distress', Two US Nuclear Power Plants Saved From Closing Through Subsidies

Slashdot reader oumuamua writes that two U.S. nuclear plants owned by Exelon "were almost shutdown prematurely...but were saved at the last minute by the Illinois Senate." The Illinois Senate has approved a clean energy deal which includes a subsidy for Exelon to keep the Byron nuclear plant in operation, after the House passed it last week. The plan gives Exelon $694 million to keep the Byron and Dresden plants operational. Exelon had previously begun drawing down the Byron plant with an ant...
Tags: Senate, US, Tech, House, Illinois, Dresden, Byron, Illinois Senate, Exelon, Dave Kraft, U S Securities and Exchange Commission Exelon, Nuclear Energy Information Service Kraft

WSJ: Facebook's 2018 Algorithm Change 'Rewarded Outrage'. Zuck Resisted Fixes

This week the Wall Street Journal reported that a 2018 algorithm change at Facebook "rewarded outrage," according to Facebook's own internal memos. But the Journal says the memos showed "that CEO Mark Zuckerberg resisted proposed fixes," and that the memos "offer an unparalleled look at how much Facebook knows about the flaws in its platform and how it often lacks the will or the ability to address them." In the fall of 2018, Jonah Peretti, chief executive of online publisher BuzzFeed, emailed ...
Tags: Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, Europe, Buzzfeed, Tech, Jonah Peretti, Wall Street Journal, Journal, Zuckerberg, Facebook Inc, Facebook Read, Peretti

Religion events in the San Fernando Valley area, Sept. 18-25

St. John Eudes Parish in Chatsworth holds an Oktoberfest on Sept. 25 with tickets purchased in advance. (Google Street View)   Here is a sampling of religious services in the San Fernando Valley area, Sept. 18-25.   Food drive for CSUN Food Pantry: The Community Concerns Committee at First Presbyterian Church of Granada Hills holds a non-perishable food drive to help stock the food pantry at Cal State University, Northridge, 10 a.m.-1 p.m. Sept. 18 and 9-11 a.m. Sept. 19. The pantry benefits s...
Tags: Google, Facebook, Religion, Charity, Sport, Soccer, Community, Chatsworth, Local News, Corinthians, Northridge, Andrew, Unity, St Andrew, Craig Peterson, Hosea

In Finland, Scientists Are Growing Coffee In a Lab

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Fast Company: [R]esearchers in Finland are experimenting with growing coffee from plant cells in bioreactors. There are several reasons why it might make sense to have such an alternative, says Heiko Rischer, a research team leader at VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, the state-owned organization developing the coffee. "Conventional coffee production is notoriously associated with several problematic issues, such as unsustainable farming methods, ...
Tags: Tech, Finland, Vietnam, VTT Technical Research Centre, Heiko Rischer, Rischer

Top Stories: iPhone 13, Apple Watch Series 7, New iPads, and More

Apple's highly anticipated "California Streaming" event on Tuesday had an interesting mix of expected and unexpected news, including the iPhone 13 lineup that largely followed expectations and the Apple Watch Series 7 that didn't get the expected flat-sided redesign but otherwise matched up with rumors pretty well. On the more unexpected front, we got updates to the iPad mini and entry-level iPad, something most people weren't expecting until a second autumn event in October or November. We a...
Tags: Apple, Featured, California, Top Stories, Monterey, Gpu, Facetime, MacRumors Newsletter Each, Sierra Blue, A15 Bionic, Apple Watch as Apple, Apple Pencil Orders

1 change that can fix the VC funding crisis for women founders

Claire Diaz-Ortiz Contributor Share on Twitter Claire Diaz-Ortiz is a venture capitalist and author of nine books that have been translated into 11 languages. Her next book is on women founders and funders. An early employee at Twitter, Wired once called her “The Woman Who Got the Pope on Twitter.” More posts by this contributor The rise of the winged pink unicorn Latin America takes the global lead in VC di...
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Poll: What’s your favorite announcement from the iPhone 13 event?

During this week, Apple presented its long-awaited iPhone 13 event. Of all the announcements, which was your favorite?
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Are You Helping Your Clients Reach Digital Marketing Maturity?

Think with Google is a new YouTube series that seeks to educate and inspire the next generation of marketers, advertisers, and creatives with tutorials from experts in privacy, digital transformation, and AI to name a few. In related news, the 2021 Forrester Digital Marketing Maturity survey, conducted on behalf of Google, found that nearly three-quarters […] The post Are You Helping Your Clients Reach Digital Marketing Maturity? appeared first on Adpulp.
Tags: Google, Advertising, Digital, Data, Agency Business, Industry Analysis, Forrester Digital Marketing Maturity

Google extends right-to-be-forgotten to app permissions on older Android devices

In December, Google plans to have app runtime permissions expire on older versions of Android for apps that haven't been opened for several months, extending the availability of a privacy protection feature introduced in Android 11.
Tags: Google, Linux

Android 12.1 will improve the foldable phone experience likely in preparation for the Pixel Fold

Android 12.1 will bring enhancements to the foldable phone experience, likely in preparation for the upcoming Google Pixel Fold.
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