Ford Recalls Mustang Mach-Es Over Risk of Glass Roof Flying Off

Ford has issued a recall of 5,000 Mustang Mach-E electric SUVs in Canada over a risk of the glass roof and windshield potentially coming loose and falling off. Ironically, the automaker mocked Tesla for the same problem just a year ago. Electrek reports: The automaker just issued two recalls in Canada, and one of them is specifically about the risk of the glass roof coming off: "On certain vehicles, the glass panel of the panoramic sunroof may not be properly attached. Over time, the glass could...
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Need a new iPhone 13 display? Better read this first

Owners of Apple’s latest iPhone, take note. If you replace your iPhone 13 display via an unauthorized third-party service, Face ID will stop working.
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Google blasted by Australian Competition and Consumer Commission for misusing advertising market dominance

Internet giant Google is misusing its market dominance in digital advertising in ways that cause "likely harms" to advertisers, publishers, and "ultimately consumers" by forcing up prices for all three, according to Australia's competition... [Author: [email protected]]
Tags: Google, Business, Australia, Australian Competition and Consumer Commission

Australian regulator finds Google dominates adtech, seeks powerup to fight back

Calls for global approach to curtail self-preferencing behaviour, unhelpful opacity that crimps competition Google utterly dominates Australian advertising, and only new rules can curb the harm its dominance does to local and global markets.…
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Why Does the iPhone Still Use Lightning?

An anonymous reader shares a report from Daring Fireball, written by John Gruber: Chaim Gartenberg, writing for The Verge, "The Lightning Port Isn't About Convenience; It's About Control": "Notably absent from Apple's argument, though, is the fact that cutting out a Lightning port on an iPhone wouldn't just create more e-waste (if you buy Apple's logic) or inconvenience its customers. It also means that Apple would lose out on the revenue it makes from every Lightning cable and accessory that wo...
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A Tesla Big Battery Is Getting Sued Over Power Grid Failures In Australia

Tesla's Big Battery, located in southern Australia, just got hit with a federal lawsuit for failing to provide the crucial grid support it once promised it could. Motherboard reports: Built by Tesla in 2017, the 150-megawatt battery supplies 189 megawatt-hours of storage and was designed to support the grid when it becomes overloaded. Now operated by French renewable energy producer Neoen, it supplies storage for the adjacent Hornsdale wind farm, using clean energy to fill gaps that coal power l...
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Find Product Prices in Google Sheets with Vlookup and Match Functions

You run a coffee shop and you are looking for a spreadsheet formula to quickly look up prices of the product that your customer has ordered. You have the price matrix stored in a Google Sheet with the names of beverages in one column and the quantity-wise prices in the adjacent columns.When a customer selects their favorite beverage and the cup size, you can use the MATCH function to find the relative position of the column and row in the price table that matches the selected beverage and quanti...
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YouTube 'Valuable' For Teens' Mental Health, Says CEO

YouTube Chief Executive Officer Susan Wojcicki said Google's video platform is beneficial to adolescents' mental health, amid growing concern that rival Instagram may be "toxic" for teenage girls. From a report: "We certainly do see for a lot of really tough issues that YouTube can be a really valuable resource," Wojcicki said in a Bloomberg Television interview. "So body positivity, mental health, we see a lot of creators actually talk about mental health and that, for a lot of kids, really it ...
Tags: Google, Tech, Susan Wojcicki, Bloomberg Television, Wojcicki, YouTube Valuable For Teens Mental Health

Apple’s former design chief Jony Ive to work with Ferrari

Done with designing iPhones and iMacs, the tech giant's former design guru Jony Ive is starting a multi-year collaboration with Ferrari.
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Goodbye, Last-Click Attribution: Google Ads Changes Default To Data Modeling

Google will no longer use last-click attribution as the default conversion model in Google Ads, its buy-side ad network, the company announced in a blog post on Monday. The change will mean that, going forward, the default attribution method for any conversion touchpoint – a new product purchase page, app install campaign, display ad landing page – will fall into what Google calls “Data-driven attribution,” its algorithmic solution that assigns credit to different impressions over time. Google w...
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Google for Jobs

You use Google to search for everything else, why not Google for jobs?  Many job seekers have not heard of Google for Jobs, but it is an incredibly powerful tool for job search that leverages Google's search algorithms for your job search. 
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Google Dominance in Australia Online Advertising Harms Businesses - Regulator

SYDNEY (Reuters) - Alphabet Inc's Google dominates Australia's online advertising market to the point of harming publishers, advertisers and...
Tags: Google, Australia, Sydney, REUTERS Alphabet Inc

Australia Challenges Google's Ad Dominance, Calls for Data-Use Rules

By Byron KayeSYDNEY (Reuters) -Australia's antitrust watchdog called for powers to curb Google's use of internet data to sell targeted ads, joining...
Tags: Google, Byron KayeSYDNEY Reuters Australia, Australia Challenges Google

Australia Takes on Google's Online Ad Dominance, Calls for Data Shakeout

By Byron KayeSYDNEY (Reuters) -Australia's antitrust watchdog said it wants the power to curb Google's use of internet data to sell targeted ads,...
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Gmail for Android on Chrome OS finally updated with latest app icon as well as Material You

On Chromebooks, you can access most Google services with either the website or the Android app. Gmail for Android on Chrome OS now has the...
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US To Open Program To Replace Huawei Equipment In US Networks

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Reuters: The U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) on Monday said it would open a $1.9 billion program to reimburse mostly rural U.S. telecom carriers for removing network equipment made by Chinese companies deemed national security threats like Huawei and ZTE. The program, which was finalized in July, will open Oct. 29 for applications through Jan. 14, 2022. Last year, the FCC designated Huawei and ZTE as national security threats to communicati...
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iPad Mini vs. iPad Air Buyer's Guide

Apple recently introduced the sixth-generation iPad mini, featuring a complete redesign, a larger display, the A15 Bionic chip, and more. The ‌iPad mini‌ now effectively shares the design of the iPad Air, with both devices possessing many of the same features such as an all-screen design with no Home button, Touch ID in the top power button, and stereo speakers. Since the ‌iPad Air‌ was released a whole year ago in September 2020, should you buy the more expensive, older, bigger-screened ‌iPa...
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Apple Increases Price of Beats Flex Headphones From $50 to $70

Apple today increased the price of its Beats Flex headphones from $49.99 to $69.99, a pricing shift that is likely due to chip shortages and supply chain constraints that have raised the costs of components like the W1 chip. First released last October, the Beats Flex made headlines at launch because of their low price compared to other Apple headphone options, and they have been a popular purchase option since. The Beats Flex are a followup to the BeatsX, and feature an in-ear design with a ...
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Robinhood CEO Unwittingly Inspired $1 Million Meme Stock Fraud

According to the SEC, Robinhood CEO Vlad Tenev unwittingly inspired brokerages to engage in a scheme involving illegal wash trading, or trading with yourself. An anonymous reader shares the report from Bloomberg: The SEC accused Suyun Gu and Yong Lee of improperly pocketing more than $1 million of rebates from stock exchanges from February through April, after placing thousands of options trades for hot shares like GameStop, AMC , BlackBerry and Nokia. The U.S. equity market, including the relat...
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Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Buddies Tried To Get The VA To Sell Access To Veterans’ Medical Records

This article was originally published in ProPublica, a Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative newsroom. Former President Donald Trump empowered associates from his private club to pursue a plan for the Department of Veterans Affairs to monetize patient data, according to documents newly released by congressional investigators. As ProPublica first reported in 2018, a trio based at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort weighed in on policy and personnel decisions for the federal government’s second-...
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Students Don't Know What Files And Folders Are, Professors Say

University students in courses from engineering to physics are having to be taught what files and folders are, The Verge reports, because that's not how they've grown up using computers. Whenever they need a file, they just search for it. PCGamer summarizes the findings: "I tend to think an item lives in a particular folder. It lives in one place, and I have to go to that folder to find it," astrophysicist Catherine Garland said. "They see it like one bucket, and everything's in the bucket." Str...
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Democratic senators urge Biden to curb lethal drone strikes after 10 civilians were killed in Kabul

Men look at wall graffiti depicting a U.S. drone along a street in Sanaa, Yemen, November 9, 2013. REUTERS/Mohamed al-Sayaghi In August, a US drone strike in Kabul killed 10 Afghan civilians. The US military admitted the mistake earlier this month. The Biden administration is currently conducting a review of US policy on drones. See more stories on Insider's business page. Two of the top Democrats in the Senate are urging President Joe Biden to "make a decisive shift away" from US pol...
Tags: Politics, Isis, News, Senate, White House, US, International, Trends, Joe Biden, War, Afghanistan, United States, Drones, New York Times, Kabul, Leahy

What It's Like To Spend 40-50 Hours In VR Every Week

Technologist, physicist, and virtual reality professional Paul Tomlinson shares what it's like to spend 4,500+ hours "banging away at real work on virtual screens." Slashdot reader Keighvin shares an excerpt from his report, with the caption: "Portions of the 'metaverse' have leaked into 2021 from the future." Tomlinson writes: I float in space, surrounded on all sides by a grand view of the Milky Way Galaxy. A movie-theater-sized screen hangs before me, gently curved, everything at the perfect ...
Tags: Tech, Slashdot, Tomlinson, Ernest Cline, Paul Tomlinson, Keighvin

Groundfloor’s new app Stairs lets real estate investors get in for $1

Investors can earn an annualized return of 4-6 percent on investments into a secure pool of funds using the Stairs app, 600 times more than the average savings account a traditional bank.
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How advertising technology is helping power our digital economy

Advertising technology (or ‘ad tech’ as it’s known) is helping support our digital economy and has given Australian businesses and publishers new ways to reach their customers and grow their audiences online. The innovation of technologies like ad tech has provided a lifeline for many businesses during the pandemic, and an online ecosystem for businesses to compete and thrive. While our global, national and local economies continue to experience considerable impacts from COVID-19, we know that m...
Tags: Google, Australia, Google Australia, GVA, COVID, Australia Team

Best Chromebook in 2021: 7 best Chromebooks starting under $300 - CNET (cnet)

Whether it's for work, school or play, these devices will let you experience the best of Google's Chrome OS. [Author: Joshua Goldman]
Tags: Google, News, Cnet, Joshua Goldman

'Free Guy,' starring Ryan Reynolds, will hit streaming services while it's still in theaters - here's where to watch it

When you buy through our links, Insider may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more. Ryan Reynolds and Jodie Comer in "Free Guy." 20th Century Studios "Free Guy" is still in theaters, but you can stream the movie at home starting September 28. Starring Ryan Reynolds, "Free Guy" is an action comedy about a non-player character (NPC) in a video game. You can preorder the movie through VOD retailers like Prime Video, Vudu, and Apple TV for $20. Free Guy (small) "Free Guy" will be availabl...
Tags: Apple, Microsoft, Australia, Disney, US, Trends, Ryan Reynolds, Guy, Variety, NPC, Jodie Comer, Shang Chi, Free Guy, Disney Plus, 20th Century Fox Disney, HBO Max

How to use the new Hide My Email feature in iOS 15 to keep your email address private on online forms and services

The "Hide My Email" feature in iOS 15 can help keep your data safe online. Tomohiro Ohsumi/Getty Images Apple's "Hide My Email" feature lets you create fake email addresses that keep your real email private. You can use Hide My Email when signing up for new services with your Apple ID or when filling out forms. Any email sent to your fake addresses can be forwarded to your real one. Visit Insider's Tech Reference library for more stories. Online privacy is incredibly important, but...
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HP ZBook Studio G8 Review: Rock Solid Performance, Painful Price Tag

HP’s ZBook lineup — which encompasses the lightweight ZBook Firefly, the affordable ZBook Power, the powerful ZBook Fury, and the best-of-all-worlds ZBook Studio brands — doesn’t attract a lot of attention. As a mobile workstation-class device, the ZBook Studio is not as flashy as most gaming laptops or as affordable as most “creator” laptops, but in many ways, it’s better than both.In the parlance of the tech nerd, the HP ZBook Studio G8 is a “mobile workstation.” On the hardware side, that typ...
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MediaLab Acquires Imgur

In a blog post, Imgur announced that it has been acquired by a company called MediaLab. "It's the beginning of a new chapter, and we're excited to share the news with you," writes the Imgur team. From the post: We've been acquired by MediaLab! MediaLab, based in Santa Monica, CA, is a company that owns great internet brands like Whisper, Kik, WorldStarHipHop, Amino, Genius and others. They're a team of technologists, product managers, designers, and community builders who geek out over building ...
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