Walk the Great Wall of China in Google’s latest virtual tour

Check out Google's latest virtual tour that lets you walk China's Great Wall and also offers lots of interesting information on the famous structure.
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Biden Administration Plans For Massive Expansion of Wind Farms Off US Coasts

An anonymous reader quotes a report from CNN: The Biden administration is planning to aggressively expand offshore wind energy capacity in the United States, potentially holding as many as seven new offshore lease sales by 2025. The move was announced Wednesday by US Interior Secretary Deb Haaland and first reported by The New York Times. Haaland said the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management is exploring leasing sales along the Atlantic and Pacific coasts, in the Gulf of Maine, New York Bight, cent...
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Shrinking: Jason Segel To Star In Apple TV Series From Ted Lasso Team

Bless the "Ted Lasso" gods: A 10-episode comedy series, "Shrinking," is coming from the beloved series' writers, Bill Lawrence and Brett Goldstein. Apple TV+ greenlit the series, which will star Jason Segel, on October 13.According to Deadline, "Shrinking" will follow "a grieving therapist," played by Segel, "who starts to break the rules and tell his clients exactly what he thinks. Ignoring his training and ethics, he finds himself making huge, tumultuous changes to people's lives ... including...
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How Coinbase Phishers Steal One-Time Passwords

An anonymous reader quotes a report from from Krebs on Security: A recent phishing campaign targeting Coinbase users shows thieves are getting smarter about phishing one-time passwords (OTPs) needed to complete the login process. It also shows that phishers are attempting to sign up for new Coinbase accounts by the millions as part of an effort to identify email addresses that are already associated with active accounts. Coinbase is the world's second-largest cryptocurrency exchange, with roughl...
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Apple Argues Against Allowing App Sideloading By Pointing Out Android's Malware Figures

Apple said today that one of the reasons it does not allow app sideloading or the use of third-party app stores on iOS is because of privacy and security reasons, pointing to the fact that Android sees between 15 to 47 times more malware compared to its app ecosystem. The Record reports: Apple says that the reason its iOS devices are locked into the App Store as the only way to install applications is for security reasons, as this allows its security teams to scan applications for malicious cont...
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Apple warns sideloading iOS apps will ruin everything

Opening the iOS ecosystem to competition would harm security and privacy, company says Analysis Apple, besieged by regulators and rivals challenging its exclusive control over its iOS App Store, has published a 31-page defense of its ostensibly benevolent monopoly that warns of disastrous consequences if Cupertino is forced to allow competition.…
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Aspirin Use To Prevent 1st Heart Attack or Stroke Should Be Curtailed, US Panel Says

Doctors should no longer routinely start most people who are at high risk of heart disease on a daily regimen of low-dose aspirin, according to new draft guidelines by a U.S. panel of experts. The New York Times reports: The proposed recommendation is based on mounting evidence that the risk of serious side effects far outweighs the benefit of what was once considered a remarkably cheap weapon in the fight against heart disease. The U.S. panel also plans to retreat from its 2016 recommendation t...
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Apple Quietly Extends AirPods Pro Repair Program That Addresses Crackling/Static

Back in October of 2020, Apple introduced a service program to address AirPods Pro issues that could cause them to experience static, crackling sounds, or problems with Active Noise Cancellation. At the time, Apple said the program would cover the ‌AirPods Pro‌ for two years after the retail sale of the unit. Apple has now extended the program, quietly updating the accompanying support document back at the beginning of October. As noted on Reddit, the "Additional Information" section of the p...
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Some of Verizon's Visible Cell Network Customers Say They've Been Hacked

Verizon's Visible network has confirmed that some accounts were accessed without authorization. Visible is a cell service owned and operated by Verizon that "pitches itself as a less expensive, 'all-digital' network, meaning there aren't any physical stores like you'd get with a tradtiional carrier," notes The Verge. From the report: Starting on Monday, customers on both Twitter and Reddit reported en masse that they'd been getting emails from the company about changed passwords and addresses, a...
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Review: The Surface Laptop Studio is the most versatile PC ever made

Let’s get this out of the way: The Surface Laptop Studio isn’t the laptop you buy if you want the best specs for the money. If that’s what you’re looking for, you can stop reading. Microsoft says it’s the most powerful Surface ever, but the device simply isn’t going to provide you with the performance per dollar you’d get from some traditional laptop Windows competitors, let alone Apple’s MacBooks and their overpowered ARM chips or gaming PC’s with mega-powerful GPUs. There’s not much sense in c...
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20 Years Later, Xbox Creator Apologizes To AMD CEO For Last-Minute Switch To Intel

The original Xbox was released 20 years ago next month, and to mark the upcoming anniversary, the console's designer has apologized to AMD's engineers and its CEO for Microsoft's last-minute decision to drop AMD for rival Intel. GameSpot reports: Seamus Blackley apologized on Twitter to the AMD engineers who worked with Microsoft to create the prototype Xbox consoles that the company used in the lead-up to the OG Xbox's release in November 2001. To AMD CEO Lisa Su, Blackley said, "I beg mercy." ...
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Report: Apple short of 10 million iPhone 13s this year due to ongoing chip shortage

Broadcomm,Texas Instruments, and more buckling under supply crisis Apple may be short of hitting its annual iPhone 13 handset production target by ten million units due to current global chip shortages.…
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US leads world in bitcoin mining after China crackdown sends industry overseas

Industry’s huge use of electricity could present an awkward question for Joe Biden ahead of the Cop26 climate talksThe United States has overtaken China to account for the largest share of the world’s bitcoin mining, according to data published by researchers at Cambridge University.The figures demonstrate the impact of a crackdown on bitcoin trading and mining launched by the Chinese government in late May, which devastated the industry and caused miners to shut up shop or move overseas.
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Are you Googleable? 5 simple steps to upgrade your online presence

These days, agents have to win clients over from the first moment they type "real estate" into their search bar. How can you build trust with prospects online? Here are a few tips to help ensure that when your ideal clients search for a real estate agent, they'll find you.
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Adobe Gives a Free PDF Editor for Google Chrome and Edge Users

Adobe announced via a blog post that Acrobat extension for Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge now have basic PDF editing features, right inside the browser. That means, another option to edit PDF or Linux users.
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AI Fake-Face Generators Can Be Rewound To Reveal the Real Faces They Trained On

An anonymous reader quotes a report from MIT Technology Review: Load up the website This Person Does Not Exist and it'll show you a human face, near-perfect in its realism yet totally fake. Refresh and the neural network behind the site will generate another, and another, and another. The endless sequence of AI-crafted faces is produced by a generative adversarial network (GAN) -- a type of AI that learns to produce realistic but fake examples of the data it is trained on. But such generated fac...
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Scientists may have discovered a way to make us forget bad memories

Researchers at Cambridge University have discovered a protein in the brain of mice that may act as a biomarker for malleable memories. In other words, they may be able to determine which memories we can erase and which we are, for whatever reason, stuck with. Up front: The researchers conditioned laboratory mice by simultaneously shocking them and making a clicking noise. The mice naturally associated the sound with the shock and, thus, developed a fear response. Because the mice remembered bein...
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I use this $29 wireless mouse every day when working from home and it's a huge upgrade from my laptop trackpad

When you buy through our links, Insider may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more. Reece Rogers/Insider I enjoy working from home on a laptop, but using the trackpad is not efficient for my daily tasks. I needed a lightweight, wireless mouse with Bluetooth capabilities for a reasonable price. For less than $30 on Amazon, I bought the Logitech Pebble M355 and now I use it every day. M355 Portable Wireless Mouse (small) I love working from home on a Macbook Pro, but I hate using the t...
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Netflix reportedly spent $21 million on 'Squid Game,' its all-time biggest hit. Here's how that compares to other show budgets.

"Squid Game." Youngkyu Park Netflix reportedly spent $21.4 million on "Squid Game," its biggest hit series ever. It's a small sum compared to some of Netflix's other hits like "Stranger Things" and "The Crown." Streaming shows at other companies like Disney and Apple have movie-like budgets. The surge in streaming platforms in recent years has caused a content arms race, inflating costs as media companies try to lure subscribers with big-budget IP.But the biggest show in the world ...
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China's Solar Power Has Reached Price Parity With Coal

Like everywhere else, China has seen the cost of solar power dive over the last decade, with a 63 percent drop between 2011 and 2018 alone. In line with that, the installation of solar has risen dramatically. From a report: Currently, a third of the entire planet's new solar capacity is being commissioned in China; the country passed the installed capacity of the US in 2013 and Germany in 2015, and it now has over 250 GW active -- well more than double what its economic plan had specified by thi...
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Activision Unveils Ricochet Anti-cheat System for Call of Duty

Activision unveiled its Ricochet anti-cheat system for Call of Duty games as it tries to attack a longstanding cheating problem that has frustrated a lot of players. From a report: The new system will get rid of players cheating in Call of Duty: Warzone later this year and it will debut with Call of Duty: Vanguard, the new premium game coming on multiple platforms on November 5. Activision, whose parent company Activision Blizzard has been sued for having an alleged toxic culture of its own, sai...
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Captain Kirk Safely Goes To Space and Back

New submitter pele writes: Captain Kirk alias William Shatner has just safely completed his first trip to space and back, and in the process has become the oldest person ever to have been to space. More news and coverage at BBC and Evening Standard. Blue Origin took the 90-year-old just about 60 miles (100km) above the Earth's surface where those aboard got to experience a short period of weightlessness. The trip only lasted about 10 minutes. "Everybody in the world needs to do this," the Cana...
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These easy-to-install cord covers help me hide all my TV's pesky cables

When you buy through our links, Insider may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more. Steven Cohen/Insider I love my home theater system, but it requires a bunch of long cables in my living room. To help keep all these unruly cords out of sight, I bought some affordable cable covers from Amazon. I got models for my floor and wall, and they cost about $15 each depending on the size you want. TV Cord Cover (small) Floor Cord Cover (small) There's really no getting around it: Home en...
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Cisco Wants To Climb Back the Way Microsoft Did

The networking giant says it has turned a corner in its attempt to adapt to the cloud era. From a report: Cisco is hardly a failure. It produces billions of dollars in annual profits and is generally regarded as stable and well-run. But investors feared that its steady operations could lead to a slow-motion descent into obsolescence in an industry that can be brutal to anyone who falls a half-step behind. The best example of a tech giant stumbling then regaining its dominance is probably Microso...
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Why do my apps keep closing? How to troubleshoot malfunctioning apps on any mobile device

You may need to try a handful of troubleshooting methods to fix apps that close unexpectedly. DenPhotos/Shutterstock If an app keeps closing on your mobile device, there are several ways to troubleshoot the problem and prevent it from happening. To make sure the app isn't buggy or incompatible with the latest version of the operating system, install the latest updates. Restart the mobile device, and if the problem persists, you can reinstall the app, clear the cache, and free space on ...
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Google Nest Cam (wired) Review: Keeping watch with confidence

You won't have to deal with frequent false alerts with the Google Nest Cam (wired). It's just that smart.
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RE/MAX debuts revamped, mobile-first agent education platform

Agent and broker education platform RE/MAX University has gotten a major makeover. The platform now has a mobile version on iOS and Android where RE/MAX professionals can access thousands of training videos, downloadable resources, webinars, certification courses and help from a virtual coaching bot at the touch of a button.
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Apple CEO, NBA's Dwyane Wade Help LGBTQ Group Build Homes

Apple CEO Tim Cook and retired NBA All-Star Dwyane Wade have joined Utah leaders to announce the completion of a local advocacy group’s campaign to build new homes that provide services for LGBTQ youth.
Tags: Apple, Utah, Tim Cook, Nba, Dwyane Wade Help LGBTQ Group Build Homes, NBA All Star Dwyane Wade

How to set or change your 'Home' location on Google Maps and get quick directions to your residence

Google Maps treats your home like a major landmark. Mateusz Slodkowski/SOPA Images/LightRocket/Getty Images To set or change your Home location on Google Maps, head to the "Labeled" menu. You can find the Labeled menu in the "Saved" section of the Google Maps mobile app or website. Your Google Maps Home location always appears on the map, and can be a waypoint when asking for directions. Visit Insider's Tech Reference library for more stories. There are millions of individual business...
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Muji's stores are hard to come by in the US - fortunately, you can shop the Japanese retailer's home goods on Amazon

When you buy through our links, Insider may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more. Amazon Muji is a Japanese retailer that sells affordable, quality household and lifestyle products. In addition to its stores and website, you can now find its well-designed products on Amazon. From skincare to dinnerware and stationery, many items cost less than $20. In my fantasy, I'd live in a mid-century John Lautner home filled with high-end, minimalist furnishings, but my limited budget preve...
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