Malaysian Gynecologist Creates “World’s First Unisex Condom”

Innovation has apparently been made in the world of contraception as a Malaysian gynecologist has developed what some are calling the “world’s first unisex condom”, allowing the user to prevent unwanted pregnancy regardless of “sex or sexual orientation”, as baffling as part of that statement sounds. The unisex condom can be worn by “either males […]
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Is Carbon Capture Here?

"Is carbon capture here?" asks a headline from the New York Times. A Swiss company named Climeworks "is operating a device in Iceland that sucks CO2 from the air and shoots it into the ground, where it turns into rock." [Stephan] Hitz and his small team of technicians are running Orca, the world's biggest commercial direct air capture (DAC) device, which in September began pulling carbon dioxide out of the air at a site 20 miles from the capital, Reykjavik. As the wind stirred up clouds of ...
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Tips to Create a Monthly Instagram Calendar for Indie Bloggers

When you’re an indie blogger or marketer, life can be a little hectic. There are a million things to consider as well as having to manage your personal life, and it can be difficult to find the balance. Creating a social media plan for your Instagram account may seem daunting at first, but there are effective ways to create a monthly calendar that are simpler than you think. If you’re looking for an easier way to plan your social media content but simultaneously gain new traffic to your web...
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How Marvin Chow’s Efforts Made Google an Authority in Purpose Marketing

Between a global social movement that raised the stakes around racial equity and the harrowing peak of the pandemic, the last year has made clear that a perfunctory approach to purpose-driven marketing is no longer going to cut it. With these wake-up calls in mind, Google vp of global marketing Marvin Chow has emerged as...
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Leaked Documents Reveal Facebook is Targeting Children as Young as 6

"Internal documents show that Facebook has been actively hiring employees to build products that target children as young as 6 to expand its user base," reports NBC News — apparently within just the last six months. "Our company is making a major investment..." begins an internal Facebook blog post seen by NBC. The blog post announces that the company was dedicating a team "to make safer, more private, experiences for youth..." It goes on to point out this marked a new direction for Facebook, ...
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Apple’s app tracking policy reportedly cost social media platforms nearly $10 billion

An investigation by The Financial Times found that Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube lost around $9.85 billion in revenue following Apple’s changes to its privacy practices. Last year,... #changes #investigation #thefinancialtimes #trackingusers #apple
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US Copyright Office Broadens Exemptions for Repairing Consumer Devices

The U.S. Copyright Office "is expanding a legal shield for fixing digital devices," reports the Verge, "including cars and medical devices." Earlier this week the office "submitted new exemptions to Section 1201 of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, which bars breaking software copy protection. The resulting rules include a revamped section on device repair, reflecting renewed government pressure around 'right to repair' issues." [T]his latest rulemaking adopts repair-related proposals fro...
Tags: Congress, Tech, Biden, Federal Trade Commission, Electronic Frontier Foundation, U S Copyright Office, Kevin Amer

Alleged 27-inch Apple iMac Pro specs, M1 SoC options, release date, and likely price divulged in weighty leak

A noted leaker has been offering up a wealth of details about a potential 2022 Apple iMac Pro that would be fitted with a choice between the M1 Pro and M1 Max processors. The supposed iMac Pro... #imac #max #leaker #m1pro #apple #silicon
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Leaked Lenovo Thinkbook Plus image shows a second screen next to the keyboard

Reliable tech gadget leaker Evan Blass on Sunday posted an image to Twitter that showed a 17-inch Lenovo ThinkBook Plus with a second screen to the right of the keyboard. The screen looks like it... #evanblass #laptop #trackpad #image #lenovothinkbookplus #keyboard
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Bitcoin White Paper's 13th Anniversary Celebrated with Decentralized Pizza (and Gilbert Gottfried)

Today the iconic Bitcoin white paper "celebrates thirteen years of financial disruption," notes Cointelegraph, "after being first published on Oct. 31, 2008, by an anonymous person or entity named Satoshi Nakamoto." (Here's a 2013 story from Slashdot about version 0.3.) Cointelegraph writes: The white paper, titled Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System, foresaw the need for a peer-to-peer online payment system that is self-governing, secure and limited in quantity. The Bitcoin network...
Tags: Tech, Bitcoin, United States, Btc, Satoshi Nakamoto, Anthony Pompliano, Satoshi, Slashdot, Pompliano, Gilbert Gottfried, Cointelegraph

Richard Dawkins, Jimmy Wales - Unlike Facebook, No One Gets Special Treatment on Wikipedia

"In a world of inequality, we are well accustomed to rich, powerful, connected people getting preferential treatment..." argues an opinion piece in the Washington Post. "The notable exception is Wikipedia." There, VIPs have been shouting "Do you have any idea who you are dealing with?!" for years, only to be told either, not really, or, don't care, and then take their objections to a Talk page where the community can weigh in... One reason the project is different from other...
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NASA Proposes New Methodology for Communicating the Discovery of Alien Life

"NASA scientists have just published a commentary article in Nature calling for a framework for reporting extraterrestrial life to the world," reports Cosmos magazine (in an article shared by Slashdot reader Tesseractic): "Our generation could realistically be the one to discover evidence of life beyond Earth," write NASA Chief Scientist James Green and colleagues. "With this privileged potential comes responsibility. As life-detection objectives become increasingly prominent in space sciences, ...
Tags: Tech, Nasa, Earth, Green, Slashdot, James Green, Cosmos, Tesseractic

Lenovo's rumored 17-inch ThinkBook Plus has a second screen for drawing

A leak hints Lenovo is prepping a 17-inch ThinkBook Plus with a second screen next to the keyboard for drawing and notes.. #lenovo #keyboard #leak
Tags: Lenovo

Apple Quietly Kills 21.5-inch iMac

Only one Intel-based iMac remains as Apple phases in its homegrown processors. #apple #imac #intel
Tags: Apple, Intel

Former Google CEO says Facebook's metaverse is 'not necessarily the best thing for human society' and expresses concerns about safety of artificial intelligence technology

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Facebook Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt said the metaverse is "not necessarily the best thing for human society." Schmidt spoke with the New York Times about his concerns about the future of artificial intelligence technology. The former executive said he believes AI technology like the metaverse will eventually replace human relationships. Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt is joining the sea of voices weighing in on Facebook's metaverse and expressing conce...
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Newly-Discovered 'AbstractEmu' Malware Rooted Android Devices, Evaded Detection

"New Android malware can root infected devices to take complete control and silently tweak system settings, as well as evade detection using code abstraction and anti-emulation checks," reports BleepingComputer. Cybersecurity company Lookout said on its blog that they'd spotted the malware on Google Play "and prominent third-party stores such as the Amazon Appstore and the Samsung Galaxy Store.... To protect Android users, Google promptly removed the app as soon as we notified them of the malw...
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Here’s where to find the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro in stock [Updated]

Here's where to find the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro in stock to buy Google's best and most hotly demanded phones for yourself. #google #pixel6
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34 Top LinkedIn Influencers

In a nutshell, LinkedIn influencers are people who excel at their professions. They come from various industries around the world and are selected by invitation only. They are innovators, experts and thought leaders in a number of industries who produce quality content. Following is a list of 34 of these top voices and some info on each. What is a LinkedIn Influencer? These thought leaders focus on more than promoting a personal brand. The type of content they write deals with issues and tren...
Tags: Google, Facebook, Japan, Microsoft, Yahoo, Youtube, Digital, Sales, Linkedin, CMO, David, New York Times, Bill Gates, Cigna, Cbs, Bill

Oracle's JDK 17 - Free Again for Commercial Use

The Oracle JDK "is available free of charge for production use again," reports InfoQ, under a new "Oracle No-Fee Terms and Conditions" license. The move, announced in mid-September, "reverses a 2018 decision to charge for Oracle JDK production use and does not affect Oracle's OpenJDK distribution," they write, noting that the new license "applies to the recently released version 17 of Oracle JDK and future versions." Donald Smith, Senior Director of Product Management at Oracle, explained the...
Tags: Tech, Smith, Oracle, GPL, Donald Smith

Google Home app gets new Photo Frame settings and possible Weather Frog display option

Google Home, the companion app for Google’s smart home products, is changing the way users interact with photos on the app and on Nest Hub devices. 9to5Google first noticed the changes, which... #googlehome #nesthub #album #9to5google #homeproducts #companionapp
Tags: Google, Google Home, Nest Hub

Studying the internet

This spring at CUNY, my colleague Douglas Rushkoff and I will teach a course in Designing the Internet. Students will propose and design a feature of the net they want to see. Some might start from the entrepreneurial perspective: a product, service, feature, or company. But I hope students will radically broaden their perspectives to design more: perhaps a regulatory regime, an ethical regime, a research agenda, a covenant of mutual obligation with the public for technology and media co...
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Scammers Are Creating Fake Students on and Using Them to Shill Brands

"According to his bio on, Mikao John was an erudite scholar: a medical student at the Harvard-MIT Program in Health Sciences and Technology who'd studied statistics and biochemistry at Yale and published research in the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine," reports Futurism: John was also a prolific author of blog posts on Harvard's site... But despite that veneer of academic authenticity, his posts didn't sound much like medical research. nstead, John's recent works carried...
Tags: Florida, Tech, Harvard, Idaho, Yale, John, Solar Power, Veritas, New England Journal of Medicine, Harvard edu, Shill Brands, Mikao John, Harvard MIT Program in Health Sciences, Cannabis Fintech Company, Mikao John Instead, Futurism Harvard

Why America is Experimenting With 'Postal Banking'

From the editorial board of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: In 1947, more than 4 million Americans owned $3.4 billion in saving deposits held not by a bank or credit union, but by the United States Postal Service. It's a largely forgotten part of American banking (and postal) history that the USPS ran the Postal Savings System for 56 years, from 1911 to 1967... [T]o this day postal services around the world provide small-scale financial services, from check cashing to savings accounts to e-commerc...
Tags: America, Tech, United States, Usps, Postal Service, East Coast, Pittsburgh Post Gazette, U S Postal Service, Sen Bernie Sanders I VT, Postal, U S Postal Service As Amazon

Apple quietly discontinues the 21.5-inch Intel-powered iMac

Apple has apparently pulled its 21.5-inch Intel-based iMac from shelves . Its discontinuation doesn’t come as much of a surprise, now that Apple is transitioning from using Intel processors to its... #imac #apple #intel #processors #imacapple
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China's economy may look like a mess. The under-the-radar reality is even worse.

Welcome back to Insider Weekly! I'm Matt Turner, the editor in chief of business at Insider.What does the peril facing the Chinese megadeveloper Evergrande mean for the rest of the world?Insider columnist Linette Lopez looked to spell that out in a recent analysis, bringing together her years of experience covering the Chinese economy with her trademark voice. As she explained, the Evergrande drama is part of a bigger story."Beijing is walking an economic high-wire act, trying to replace its...
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Faculty Vacancy Recruitment in VNIT Nagpur 2021

Faculty Recruitment in Visvesvaraya NIT Nagpur 2021 ( = || []).push({}); Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology (VNIT), Nagpur is an Institute of National Importance invites applications from Indian Nationals working in India / Abroad for the following various Sarkari Naukri faculty vacancy positions of Assistant Professor in various subjects/disciplines. (Advertisement No. VNIT/Faculty-Recruitment/01/2021). VNIT Nagpur Faculty Recruitment... Please ...
Tags: Technology, Jobs, Institute, Maharashtra, Nagpur, Faculty, Manisha, NIT, Faculty Recruitment, Institute of National Importance, Assistant Professor, Faculty Vacancy Recruitment, Visvesvaraya, India Abroad

Mac-shaped pillow makers are back so you can cover your couch in computers

A company called Throwboy is back with another Kickstarter for a collection of pillows shaped like classic Macs, following its 2018 line of Apple-inspired plushes. It’s fittingly called The Iconic... #lisa #historybuffs #powermac #computers #bedrooms #mac #apple #pillows #couch #throwboy
Tags: Apple, Mac, Kickstarter, Throwboy

Google Home app gets redesigned ‘Photo Frame’ settings menu that adds a preview

In addition to readying a new "Google Weather Frog" option for clock faces, the Google Home companion app recently redesigned Photo Frame... #googlehome #companionapp
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5 tips to become a long-term thinker and avoid being discouraged by short-term setbacks

Deciding what you want to be good at in life can help you become a long-term thinker. Portra/Getty Images Dorie Clark is a consultant who teaches education at Duke University and Columbia University. She says in order to excel at one thing in the long term, you have to accept you'll be bad at other things. Playing the long game also means building relationships, Clark says, by focusing on friendships instead of asking for favors. Dorie Clark is a consultant and keynote speaker who te...
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