New Class of Drug Reverses Paralysis In Mice

An anonymous reader quotes a report from International Business Times: US scientists have developed a new form of drug that promotes the regeneration of cells and reversed paralysis in mice with spinal injuries, allowing them to walk again within four weeks of treatment. The research was published in the journal Science on Thursday, and the team of Northwestern University scientists behind it hope to approach the Food and Drug Administration as early as next year to propose human trials. [Northw...
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Which Ann Rule book was set in Buffalo? A little literary mystery

In our recent interview with Harold Schechter on the true crime genre, a book by Ann Rule came up in the conversation. The book was about a case in Buffalo. I can't remember anything else about the story, and Google isn't helping. Does anyone know the name of the book?     [Author: Laura James]
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SpaceX's Dragon Spacecraft Successfully Docks At ISS With Four Astronauts Onboard

SpaceX's Crew Dragon spacecraft successfully docked with the International Space Station on Thursday evening, less than 24 hours after it launched from NASA's Kennedy Space Center. Fox Business reports: NASA astronauts Raja Chari, Tom Marshburn, and Kayla Barron, as well as European Space Agency astronaut Matthias Maurer, will spend six months at the ISS conducting scientific research and monitoring the space station. The launch was supposed to occur nearly two weeks ago, but was delayed by bad ...
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Bitcoin's Taproot Upgrade Should Occur On Saturday

Bitcoin's long-awaited Taproot update will occur in the coming days, with most sources suggesting Saturday as its activation date. Crypto Briefing reports: Taproot is an upgrade that will improve Bitcoin's capacity for scripting, bringing it in line with competing blockchains like Ethereum that already have programmable smart contracts. Taproot will also introduce MAST (Merkelized Abstract Syntax Tree), which will make it more difficult to trace and analyze Bitcoin transactions. It does so by ma...
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Best Laptop Deals and Sales for November 2021

Looking for some of the best laptop deals today? We've gathered a list of the top laptop sales happening right now.
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Apple unveils subscription service aimed at small-business users

Apple Inc on Wednesday launched a new subscription service aimed at helping small-business owners manage the Apple devices used by their employees. The service will cost between $2.99 and $12.99 per month per user depending on how many devices a business wants to manage for each employee and how much cloud storage the business wants. For an additional monthly cost, Apple will also offer a service to repair or replace broken hardware at a business within four hours, though the company said it ha...
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Apps made with Google's Flutter may fritter away CPU cycles. Here's what the web giant intends to do about it

Chocolate Factory's cross-platform framework seems to struggle to craft efficient desktop software Google's Flutter cross-platform app framework appears to have a thinking problem: in certain situations, Flutter desktop apps consume too much processing power.…
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Google launches “Project Relate” to ease communication for people with speech impairments

Google’s Project Relate app is a new machine learning-based research app to make communication easier for people with speech impairments. In order to get to Project Relate, Google started a crowdsource data program back in 2019 called Euphonia, which gathered examples of how people with different speech disabilities sound like. With the Listen feature, the app transcribes the user’s speech to text in real-time, so they can copy-paste the text into other apps, or let people read what they wish t...
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Seoul Will Be the First City Government To Join the Metaverse

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Quartz: Seoul says it will be the first major city government to enter the metaverse. On Nov. 3, the South Korean capital announced a plan to make a variety of public services and cultural events available in the metaverse, an immersive internet that relies on virtual reality. If the plan is successful, Seoul residents can visit a virtual city hall to do everything from touring a historic site to filing a civil complaint by donning virtual reality goggles...
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The World's Largest Record Company Is Creating an NFT Super Group

The world's largest music company has created a band of four virtual apes. Bloomberg reports: Universal Music, the home to top-selling musicians like Drake and Taylor Swift, is working with collector Jimmy McNelis to convert four of his NFTs into a band called Kingship. Kingship consists of four digital characters -- three bored apes and one mutant ape -- all part of an NFT collection known as the Bored Ape Yacht Club. The club is one of the most successful NFT stories of the past year; it gave ...
Tags: Taylor Swift, Tech, Bloomberg, Drake, Joshua, NFT, Sotheby, McNelis, Celine Joshua, Bored Ape Yacht Club, NFT Super Group, Jimmy McNelis, Yuga Labs LLC

Philippines gov takes down passport application website amid privacy leak fears

Google searches reportedly produce applicants' personal information The Philippines' Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) has disabled its online passport application tracker, citing a "data privacy issue" and hinting that information could have leaked.…
Tags: Google, Software, Philippines, Philippines Department of Foreign Affairs DFA

MoviePass Might Return In 2022

MoviePass co-founder Stacy Spikes successfully bought back the company out of bankruptcy and wants to relaunch it next year. Insider reports: Spikes had placed a bid of an undisclosed amount to the trustee handling the bankruptcy of Helios and Matheson Analytics (HMNY), the former parent company of MoviePass. "I can confirm that we acquired MoviePass out of bankruptcy on Wednesday," Spikes said in a statement to Insider. "We are thrilled to have it back and are exploring the possibility of relau...
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Survey: Mortgage refi crush exposed dangers of digital-heavy approach

Digital self-service combined with live personal service is key to retaining younger mortgage customers, J.D. Power concluded, with faster approval times demonstrating that the application and approval process "still requires some level of human interaction."
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Apple should take a break from annual iOS and macOS updates

Apple’s fall software updates, iOS 15 and macOS Monterey, are officially out in the world for everyone. But Apple’s latest software has arrived with more of a whimper than a bang; the two updates... #ios15 #macos
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44 thoughtful and useful gifts under $25 you can buy on Amazon this holiday season

When you buy through our links, Insider may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more. Getty Images Amazon has wide selections and low costs, making it difficult to know what's worth buying. The Insider Reviews team shared the best things they've bought on Amazon for under $25. We unearthed some interesting finds, from a cheddar cheesy powder to a vintage puzzle. Amazon has become the one-stop shop for an unbelievable amount of online purchases. The e-commerce kingpin has a huge ...
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'Clifford the Big Red Dog' is now playing in theaters and on Paramount Plus - here's how to watch the family film at home

When you buy through our links, Insider may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more. Darby Camp and Jack Whitehall in "Clifford the Big Red Dog." Paramount Pictures You can now watch "Clifford the Big Red Dog" in theaters and on Paramount Plus. This is the first live-action adaptation of the classic children's book series. Ad-supported Paramount Plus costs $5 a month, and ad-free Paramount Plus costs $10 a month. Essential Monthly Plan (ad-supported) (small) Premium Monthly Plan (...
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The 5 best electric scooters of 2021

Table of Contents: Masthead Sticky Electric scooters are a convenient and fun way to commute to work or run errands around town. The best electric scooters should have a reliably long battery range and travel at speeds of up to 20-plus mph. Our top pick, the Ninebot KickScooter by Segway ES4, has a dual-battery design and up to 28 miles of range. Electric scooters have gone from curious novelties to a bonafide form of transportation thanks to advancements in tech and the rise of e-scooter renta...
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The Champions Will Star Ben Stiller And Cate Blanchett As Old School Superheroes

Do you remember the 30 episode run of the 1960s British espionage thriller/science fiction/occult detective fiction adventure television series known as "The Champions?" Don't worry, most don't, but that's what makes the announcement of the new film adaptation of the series starring Ben Stiller and Cate Blanchett so exciting.Based on the Dennis Spooner television show of the same name, "The Champions" centers on three United Nations agents whose plane crashes somewhere in the Himalayas. The grou...
Tags: Movies, News

Windows 11 SE Won't Be Sold Separately, Can't Be Reinstalled Once Removed

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Ars Technica: Microsoft is taking the fight to Chromebooks in schools with the $250 Surface Laptop SE, but inexpensive hardware is only part of the equation. One reason Chromebooks have succeeded in education is because of Chrome OS, which is well-suited for lower-end hardware, easy for IT administrators to manage, and hard to break with errant apps or malware. Microsoft's answer to Chrome OS is Windows 11 SE. Unlike past efforts like Windows in S mode (w...
Tags: Microsoft, Tech, Ars Technica, Chromebooks

Patreon's Building Native Video Hosting For Creators To Sidestep YouTube

Patreon is building a video hosting solution and native player. The Verge reports: CEO Jack Conte confirmed the project to The Verge, alongside news that he is joining many executives before him in launching a podcast called The Creator Economy. "We already host podcasts, and now we're starting to host video, as well," he says. "We're building a video product ... So in terms of how we've approached our strategy, and what exactly it is that we're building, we're building the horizontal architectu...
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Litera Names Winners Of The Changing Lawyer Awards, Including Innovator Of Year, Law Firm Of Year, Disruptor Of Year, And Lifetime Achievement

The awards recognize individuals, firms, and companies in the legal industry for their role in embracing and driving change through new technology, service models, or behavior across five different categories.
Tags: Technology, Law, Robert Ambrogi

Amazon is letting subscribers easily share clips from its Prime Video shows

Amazon is now letting Prime Video subscribers with Apple devices share clips from their favorite shows.
Tags: Apple, Amazon, Mobile, Trends, Ios Apps, Amazon Prime Video, Streaming Media Services

AI Skin Cancer Diagnoses Risk Being Less Accurate For Dark Skin

AI systems being developed to diagnose skin cancer run the risk of being less accurate for people with dark skin, research suggests. From a report: The potential of AI has led to developments in healthcare, with some studies suggesting image recognition technology based on machine learning algorithms can classify skin cancers as successfully as human experts. NHS trusts have begun exploring AI to help dermatologists triage patients with skin lesions. But researchers say more needs to be done to ...
Tags: Tech, NHS, University of Oxford, David Wen

The best 14-inch laptops for 2021

Good 14-inch laptops offer a little more display space while still being lightweight and portable. These are the best models for all sorts of needs.
Tags: Asus, Trends, Hp, Computing, Lenovo, Laptop Buying, 14-inch Laptops, Tier 4

A rare, original Apple-1 computer just sold for an unbelievable price

One of six original Apple-1 computers featuring a wood case was just sold at an auction for an astounding half a million dollars.
Tags: Apple, Mac, Trends, Computing, Apple-1

Houston Association of Realtors debuts home showing platform

Starting Thursday, HAR's 45,000 members can schedule and manage home showings through ShowingSmart. A mobile app will be available early 2022.
Tags: Technology, Radio, Home Tours, Homebuying, Houston Association of Realtors, Select, MLS & Associations, Bob Hale, Homeselling, Listing Tech, Listing Tours, Showing Platforms

Survey Results: Remote Working Tech Bridged The Gap During The Pandemic

In November 2021, it’s clear that remote work is here to stay for the short term, at the very least.
Tags: Technology, Law, Biglaw, Nicole Black, Coronavirus, COVID-19

This smart backpack made from recycled water bottles works with Apple's 'Find My' tracking tech to keep you from losing it

Targus A smart backpack made by Targus can connect to your iPhone so you can easily track it down. Tracking technology that uses Apple's crowdsourced "Find My" technology is built into the bag. The backpack is an honoree at a design and engineering competition. Targus, a computer accessories company, designed a smart backpack that connects to your iPhone and allows you to track the backpack and items inside it by using Apple's Find My technology.The backpack - called the Cypress E...
Tags: Apple, Trends, Targus, Heather Schlitz, Scott Elrich Targus

Apple Store App for iOS Adds Saved Item Lists for Easy Sharing With Product Specialists

The Apple Store app for iOS was updated today with a new feature that lets you easily save items to lists, share them with a specialist online or during a store visit, and then get a recap of your visit to help you later purchase your items. After you've saved items to a list, they can be found in a new Saved Items section on your account page accessible via your profile picture at the top right of the app interface, and once you've met with a specialist about a list, you'll be able to see no...
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Google Caught Hackers Using a Mac Zero-Day Against Hong Kong Users

Google researchers caught hackers targeting users in Hong Kong exploiting what were at the time unknown vulnerabilities in Apple's Mac operating system. According to the researchers, the attacks have the hallmarks of government-backed hackers. From a report: On Thursday, Google's Threat Analysis Group (TAG), the company's elite team of hacker hunters, published a report detailing the hacking campaign. The researchers didn't go as far as pointing the finger at a specific hacking group or country,...
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