Apple TV+ Hopes to Build on Rivals' Success With First Korean Series

By Minwoo Park(Reuters) - Hot on the heels of Netflix's breakout South Korean hit "Squid Game," Apple has rolled out its first Korean-language...
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IBM Claims Quantum Computing Breakthrough

Axios reports: IBM has created a quantum processor able to process information so complex the work can't be done or simulated on a traditional computer, CEO Arvind Krishna told "Axios on HBO" ahead of a planned announcement. Why it matters: Quantum computing could help address problems that are too challenging for even today's most powerful supercomputers, such as figuring out how to make better batteries or sequester carbon emissions. Driving the news: IBM says its new Eagle processor can h...
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TuneIn and Harman partner to create custom app for drivers

TuneIn has announced a new automotive collaboration with HARMAN International focused on connected technologies for automotive, consumer, and enterprise markets. HARMAN, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd, and TuneIn will create a pre-integrated implementation of the TuneIn app, bringing on-demand live sports, news, music, podcasts, and radio to the HARMAN Ignite Store. The store is a connected vehicle platform that enables automakers to develop, manage, and operate the...
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Elon Musk initiates another Twitter fight by squabbling with Bernie Sanders over extreme wealth

Bernie Sanders and Elon Musk Photo by Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images, left, Photo by Patrick Pleul/picture alliance via Getty Images Sen. Bernie Sanders tweeted Sunday that extremely wealthy Americans should pay their "fair share." Tesla CEO Elon Musk responded to Sanders by offering to sell more of the stock that he owns. Over the last week, Musk cashed in nearly $7 billion in Tesla stock. Elon Musk has a long history of publicizing his opinions on Twitter, On Sunday, he continued this trend ...
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Glitchy GTA Re-Release Still Unplayable on PC, Said to Contain Infamous 'Hot Coffee' Mini-Game

Kotaku reports: Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy — Definitive Edition was released on November 11 on all major platforms including the Switch. However, for folks who bought the game on PC, they've been unable to play the game since just shortly after it was released. Now three days later, [PC] fans are still unable to access the game they bought days ago with no update from Rockstar on when the GTA Trilogy will become playable again. The remastered Grand Theft Auto trilogy has had a very, very r...
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Check out this Pre-Black Friday Sale on 20 gifts for Apple lovers

We thank our sponsor for making this content possible; it is not written by the editorial staff nor does it necessarily reflect its views. Apple is a well-known and popular brand, to say the least. If you're trying to get ahead of the holiday rush, check out our Pre-Black Friday Sale, which features a 15% discount on each of these gifts for anyone in your life who loves their products. — Read the rest
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Will Cryptocurrency Face a Quantum Computing Problem?

"If current progress continues, quantum computers will be able to crack public key cryptography," writes CNET, "potentially creating a serious threat to the crypto world, where some currencies are valued at hundreds of billions of dollars." If encryption is broken, attackers can impersonate the legitimate owners of cryptocurrency, NFTs or other such digital assets. "Once quantum computing becomes powerful enough, then essentially all the security guarantees will go out of the window," Dawn Song...
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Increasingly Popular Ghost Guns Fuel an 'Epidemic of Violence', says NYT

Untraceable "ghost guns" assembled from parts bought online "can be ordered by gang members, felons and even children," writes the New York Times. They call the guns "increasingly the lethal weapon of easy access around the U.S., but especially California," based on interviews with law enforcement officials in Los Angeles, Oakland, San Diego and San Francisco: Over the past 18 months, the officials said, ghost guns accounted for 25 to 50 percent of firearms recovered at crime scenes. The vast...
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France Expands Open Source Use, Seeking Interoperability, 'Digital Sovereignty', and 'Democratic Confidence'

Euractive reports: The French government's roadmap for developing open source to make it a vector of digital sovereignty and a guarantee of "democratic confidence" was presented by Public Transformation and Civil Service Minister Amélie de Montchalin on Wednesday (10 November). EURACTIV France reports Montchalin spoke at the closing of the first edition of the "Open Source Experience", which took place from 9-10 November and brought together all players in the free software community in Paris....
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20 Creative Apps to Inspire and Get Unstuck

This is a great time to be an entrepreneur and let your creative small business ideas flow. Apps are a must-have. They can help you through a mental block with a variety of novel solutions when you’re stuck. Here’s a list of the best apps to spark your imagination. The Best Creative Apps Read on to find all the details about the best apps for 2021. This list will have all the editing features you need to get started. The ones we list here will help creative people when they are feeling stuck....
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Apple’s Business Essentials subscriptions target small businesses that only use Apple

This week Apple unveiled another beta program, but instead of offering early previews of software for your Mac, iPhone, or iPad, it’s a new initiative called Business Essentials. In line with... #fleetsmith #ipad #iphone
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Have Scientists Disproven Google's Quantum Supremacy Claim?

Slashdot reader AltMachine writes: In October 2019, Google said its Sycamore processor was the first to achieve quantum supremacy by completing a task in three minutes and 20 seconds that would have taken the best classical supercomputer, IBM's Summit, 10,000 years. That claim — particularly how Google scientists arrived at the "10,000 years" conclusion — has been questioned by some researchers, but the counterclaim itself was not definitive. Now though, in a paper to be submitted to a scienti...
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Id Software Tries To Stop A Man From Naming His Band 'Doomscroll'

Amazon employee Dustin Mitchell is also a metal guitarist in Texas who decided to name his band "Doomscroll," reports Kotaku — and in February Mitchell tried trademarking Doomscroll with America's Patent and Trademark Office. But then on October 13th, the last day of the trademark's 30-day public comment period, "he got an email from a lawyer who represented Id Software." The lawyer asked Mitchell to extend the 30-day USPTO trademark deadline in order to avoid any legal action. Mitchell fel...
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How to Download YouTube Videos

YouTube can help businesses in many ways. From skills you can learn on YouTube to the latest industry trends, there are many types of YouTube videos to consume. Its size is so big that YouTube is now considered the second largest search engine in the World. So, knowing how to download YouTube videos can be helpful in the event when you’re facing poor or no Internet connection. But can you really do that? Is it Possible to Download YouTube Videos? Yes, if you want to download YouTube videos, y...
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Can We Use Big Batteries to Power Our Trains?

Research studying the possibility of electrifying rail-based freight "finds that the technology is pretty much ready," reports Ars Technica, "and under the right circumstances, the economics are on the verge of working out." It helps that the price of batteries have dropped 87% over the last decade: In the U.S., the typical freight car travels an average of 241 kilometers per day when in operation. So the researchers created a battery big enough to move that distance as part of a large freigh...
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Elon Musk targets Bernie Sanders over tax: ‘I keep forgetting you’re still alive’

Tesla founder responds to senator’s ‘fair share’ tweetMusk sold nearly $7bn of stock after controversial Twitter pollBiden approval ratings plunge amid crisis over inflationElon Musk waded into yet another Twitter controversy on Sunday, the Tesla owner and world’s richest person responding to a tweet about tax from Senator Bernie Sanders by writing: “I keep forgetting that you’re still alive.”Sanders, 80, wrote: “We must demand that the extremely wealthy pay their fair share. Period.” Continue r...
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Should you buy a MacBook Air on Black Friday 2021?

The MacBook Air remains the best MacBook for the average buyer. But is it a good option to buy during Black Friday?
Tags: Apple, Trends, Computing, MacBook Air, MacBook Air Deals, Black Friday 2021, BF-EO-21, Bf-computing

Cerebras Systems' WSE-2 Chip: 2.6 Trillion Transistors + 850,000 Cores = 'the Fastest AI Processor on Earth'

SiliconANGLE reports on why investors poured another $250 million into Cerebras Systems Inc: Enterprises typically use graphics processing units in their AI projects. The fastest GPU on the market today features about 54 billion transistors. Cerebras Systems' chip, the WSE-2, includes 2.6 trillion transistors that the startup says make it the "fastest AI processor on Earth." WSE-2 stands for Wafer Scale Engine 2, a nod to the unique architecture on which the startup has based the processor. T...
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The US Department of Homeland Security Urges 'Digital Literacy'

In the war against misinformation and social media-inspired violence, ultimately the social media platforms are just one front. But what about the people consuming misinformation? In June America's National Security Council unveiled a "National Strategy for Countering Domestic Terrorism," which argued that "pursuing the goal of preventing, disrupting, and deterring acts of domestic terrorism... can mean, broader still, cultivating the type of digital literacy that can empower the American public...
Tags: America, Tech, National Security Council, Media Literacy, America s Department of Homeland Security

Faculty Vacancy Recruitment in SVPUAT Meerut 2021

Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel University of Agriculture & Technology (SVPUAT), Meerut (Uttar Pradesh) requires Faculty for its various academic Institutes and colleges under Faculty vacancy recruitment for the year 2021.  SVPUAT Meerut invites application on prescribed format from Indian Nationals possessing excellent academic background at the level of Assistant Professor for following 51 Faculty Vacancy Recruitment in College of Horticulture/College of Post... Please Click on the Title to Read Ful...
Tags: Technology, Jobs, College, University, Agriculture, Faculty, Manisha, Meerut, Sarkari Naukri in Uttar Pradesh (UP, Assistant Professor, Sarkari-Naukri for Ph.D qualified, Faculty Vacancy Recruitment

Should you buy an Apple Watch Series 6 on Black Friday 2021?

With the Series 7 just releasing, should you buy the Series 6 this Black Friday? We examine this question.
Tags: Apple, Mobile, Wearables, Trends, Apple Watch, Black Friday 2021, BF-EO-21, Black Friday 2022

Best Free and Open Source Alternatives to Apple GarageBand

GarageBand is a fully equipped music creation studio inside your Mac — with a complete sound library that includes instruments, presets for guitar and voice, and an incredible selection of session drummers and percussionists. Unfortunately the program is proprietary and not available for Linux. What are the best free and open source alternatives?
Tags: Apple, Linux, Garageband

Don’t wait until Black Friday to buy an Apple Pencil — Shop NOW

If you want to buy an Apple Pencil, consider getting it before the holiday rush through one of these early deals.
Tags: Apple, Deals, Trends, Apple Pencil, Apple deals, Amazon 2021, Black Friday 2021, Apple Pencil deals

Pixel 6 Magic Eraser shown off in 13 fun examples

Magic Eraser is a new feature on Google's Pixel 6 line-up. We tried to push it to its limits and got some ridiculous results. #pixel6
Tags: Google, Pixel

After years of struggling to get people to leave Facebook, tech recruiters say there's an exodus building at the company

Welcome back to Insider Weekly! I'm Matt Turner, the editor-in-chief of business at Insider.The company formerly known as Facebook has had a tough few years. Yet through most of that time, recruiters hoping to poach employees faced rejection."For years, the emails, calls, and messages you'd send to someone at Facebook were just ignored," one recruiter told Insider's Kali Hays. That might be changing. Kali's story, and another this week from Insider's Rob Price describing burn...
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Start Your Own Amazon Subscription Box Business

Shopping on Amazon and ordering subscription boxes are a match made in heaven for consumers. People can save money on just about anything under the sun by shopping on Amazon… without ever getting off the couch. Subscription box services also provide consumers with savings on items they regularly use, and they save time by subscribing once and forgetting about it, periodically receiving the items they need. Amazon’s subscription box services are also a match made in heaven for small businesses a...
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What Google’s €2.4 billion appeal loss says about Big Tech’s business models

Google is being fined €2.4 billion (£2.1 billion) for hindering competition in the EU after a 2017 decision has been upheld on appeal by the general court of the European Union. This is a saga dating back over 15 years, in which the European Commission has been accusing the tech giant of using its search results to give preferential treatment to its comparison shopping service over those of competitors. The fine, of which a share will directly go to the UK by virtue of the EU withdrawal agreemen...
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What Google’s €2.4 billion appeal loss says about Big Techs business models

Google is being fined €2.4 billion (£2.1 billion) for hindering competition in the EU after a 2017 decision has been upheld on appeal by the general court of the European Union. This is a saga dating back over 15 years, in which the European Commission has been accusing the tech giant of using its search results to give preferential treatment to its comparison shopping service over those of competitors. The fine, of which a share will directly go to the UK by virtue of the EU withdrawal agreemen...
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"Overcharging may please the public, but it can demolish a case. While jurors can convict on 'lesser included' offenses..."

"... the credibility of the prosecution is established by the lead charge. Jurors tend to start at the top and work their way down on the charges. If the first-degree charge is wildly out of reach, they are more likely to doubt the lesser charges, too. Even with some lesser included offenses, it will be hard for prosecutors in the Rittenhouse case to make this cat walk backward. They promised the jury that it would see a vigilante rampaging in utter disregard of human life. Instead, the jury sa...
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Google Nest Cam with floodlight review: good security camera, awkward design

If you’re going to install one outdoor security camera at your home, a floodlight camera is the best option. You get lights and a camera in one unit to capture all the action and you don’t have to... #floodlightcam #securitycamera #smarthomedevice
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