VR Treatment For Chronic Pain Gets FDA Authorization

An anonymous reader quotes a report from The Verge: The Food and Drug Administration authorized a virtual reality system as a prescription treatment for chronic back pain, the agency announced today. The therapy, called EaseVRx, joins the short list of digital therapeutics cleared by the agency over the past few years. EaseVRx includes a VR headset and a device that amplifies the sound of the user's breath to assist in breathing exercises. It uses principles from cognitive behavior therapy, whic...
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The media platform helping Indonesians donate for good

Editor’s note from Ludovic Blecher, Head of Google News Initiative Innovation: The GNI Innovation Challengeprogram is designed to stimulate forward-thinking ideas for the news industry. The story below by Andrias Ekoyuono, Chief of Corporate Strategy at kumparan, is part of an innovator seriessharing inspiring stories and lessons from funded projects.As an avid news reader, I would read stories in the media every day about social problems and natural disasters, which made me want to help by dona...
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Boondocking in Arizona, Day 7: Owl Creek BLM Campground

 Today I displaced out of the Hot Well Sand Dunes Rec Area, detouring through Safford for errands, and now am dry camping in the Owl Creek Campground managed by the BLM.Small campground, seven sites in all I think, and it's perhaps 1/3 full...the sites are pretty well spaced apart and there's some privacy provided by large sage brush bushes. Once I got camp set up, and not finding any fee payment envelopes available, I rode out on Yagi, my TW200 Dualsport for a quick recce of the area. Here...
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IBM announces Call for Code 2021 grand prize winner

IBM and David Clarke Cause just announced Saaf Water as this year’s 2021 grand prize winner! Saaf Water is the first team from India to take the grand prize and their amazing story represents everything that’s good and necessary about the Call for Code challenge. Per an IBM press release: Saaf Water will receive $200,000 and support to incubate, test, and deploy their solution from the IBM Service Corpsand expert partners in the Call for Code ecosystem. The India-based team will also receive ass...
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Microsoft Will Not Bring x64 Emulation to Windows 10 on ARM

Microsoft has confirmed that x64 emulation will no longer be offered in future Windows 10 Insider Preview builds (or release builds). Paul Thurrott reports: "We have received questions about the status of x64 emulation in Windows 10," a Microsoft spokesperson told me. "Microsoft wants to share an update that x64 emulation for Windows is only generally available in Windows 11. For those interested in experiencing x64 emulation, a PC running Windows 11 on Arm is required. Microsoft is committed to...
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Epic CEO blasts Apple and Google, calls for a universal app store

Epic Games Inc. Chief Executive Officer Tim Sweeney renewed his attack on Apple Inc. and Alphabet Inc.’s Google as the world’s dominant mobile duopoly before calling for a universal app store that works across all operating systems as the solution. Legal filings from Epic this week alleged Google set up an internal task force to confront the issue of Fortnite sidestepping the company’s app store and fees. Epic Games operates its own Epic Games Store for PC gamers, which also charges a platform ...
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JPMorgan sues Tesla for $162m after Musk tweets soured share deal

Investment bank says it lost millions because of tweets by Elon Musk that he might take electric carmaker privateJPMorgan has sued Tesla for $162.2m, accusing Elon Musk’s electric car company of “flagrantly” breaching a 2014 contract relating to stock trading options that Tesla sold to the bank.The options, or warrants, give the holder the right to buy a company’s stock at a set “strike” price and date. The suit, filed in a Manhattan federal court, centres on a dispute over how JPMorgan repriced...
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iPhone 13 DIY screen replacements don’t break Face ID in iOS 15.2 beta

Apple told The Verge last week that it would be rolling out a software update to iPhone 13 devices to make it easier to replace their screens without breaking Face ID, but it didn’t specify when... #repairexperts #theverge #iphone #ios #handsets
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How to Import Lodash in your JavaScript Projects for Lowest Bundle Size

Lodash is an extremely popular JavaScript library that provides a lot of useful functions for working with strings, arrays and objects in your web projects.Some of the Lodash functions are now supported natively in modern JavaScript, but the library still adds value and saves you time.For instance, if you want to generate a random number between 1 and 10, the _.random(1, 10) function is a great way to do it, similar to the RANDBETWEEN function of Google Sheets. The _.shuffle() function can help ...
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How to Use the Silencer Shop Kiosk

How to Use the Silencer Shop Kiosk U.S.A. -( I have always wanted a .30 caliber suppressor for my .300blk pistol that I affectionately call “Black Betty.” I have multiple .300blk firearms, but this one was the first I built, so it has a special place in my heart. The Blackout and Whisper (which came first as a wildcat round) are made to be suppressed. I am not sure why I never picked up a suppressor for my firearms chambered in .300blk. That isn’t to say that I don’t have suppre...
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Bilibili, China's YouTube, Joins the Open Invention Network

An anonymous reader quotes a report from ZDNet: Bilibili has joined other Chinese technology powerhouses such as ByteDance, TikTok's parent company, and its rival Kuaishou, in joining the Open Invention Network (OIN). The OIN is the world's largest patent non-aggression consortium. It protects Linux and related open source software and the companies behind them from patent attacks and patent trolls. The OIN recently broadened its scope from core Linux programs and adjacent open source code by ex...
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Where the Rich Use Public Transportation…

I ran across this quote while reading about what makes Tokyo work as a city: A developed country is not a place where the poor have cars. It’s where the rich use public transportation. It’s a great quote and the piece attributes it to the former mayor of Bogotá, Colombia, Gustavo Petro. But he never said it (even though the vast majority of the results on Google say he did). The original quote (from 2012) is from another former mayor of Bogotá, Enrique Peñalosa, and it reads: Una ciudad avanz...
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Edward Snowden dunks on Search gurus in hilarious Twitter clapback

I don’t usually pass along Twitter gossip like it’s news, but it isn’t everyday the world’s most famous whistle-blower gets into a tissy with the underground rulers of all things search. Let me rewind: Edward Snowden, everybody’s favorite fugitive-turned-technology-critic, shot out a seemingly off-the-cuff post on Twitter today professing his disdain for the current state of internet search: Is it just me, or have search results become absolute garbage for basically every site? It's nearly impos...
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What is spatial audio? Apple’s 3D sound feature fully explained

Apple is officially rolling out support for spatial audio to Apple Music and more. Here's your guide to everything you need to know about this new audio format.
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Brave Browser Now Includes a Built-In Crypto Wallet

Brave has updated its desktop browser with a built-in crypto wallet that lets you buy, sell and swap with "almost any" asset. Engadget reports: While this won't always be more convenient, Brave claims the included wallet should carry fewer security risks and performance penalties than the usual browser add-ons. This is a self-custody wallet that still allows use of other wallets (such as Brave's legacy Crypto Wallets) and ties into hardware wallets from the likes of Trezor and Ledger. You can tr...
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U.S. Senate Confirms Google Critic Kanter to Head Justice Dept Antitrust Division

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. Senate voted on Tuesday to confirm Google critic Jonathan Kanter, who was backed by progressives, to head the...
Tags: Google, Washington, Reuters The U S Senate, Kanter, Jonathan Kanter, U S Senate Confirms Google, Head Justice Dept Antitrust Division

Google Maps Warns You About Crowded Areas With Updated 'Busyness' Feature

Google today announced the launch of new iOS Google Maps features aimed at helping holiday shoppers, including Area Busyness and Directories. With Area Busyness, Google combines the busyness trends of businesses and locations that are near each other to let you know when a neighborhood or a part of town is at its busiest. Google says that this feature can help you identify busy areas to avoid, or highlight the hot spots when you're new to an area. Google says Area Busyness will roll out "in t...
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Google Maps is adding new shopping tools for the holiday season

Google has several new features in Google Maps to help you avoid crowds, find your way around malls, and get your holiday dinner shopping done.
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Robinhood Hack Also Included Thousands of Phone Numbers

The recent hack at app-based investment platform Robinhood also impacted thousands of phone numbers, Motherboard has learned. From the report: Originally, Robinhood said that the breach included the email addresses of 5 million customers, the full names of 2 million customers, and other data from a smaller group of users. Motherboard obtained a copy of the stolen phone numbers from a source who presented themselves as a proxy for the hackers. The file includes around 4,400 phone numbers. When ...
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Is your Apple Mac running macOS Monterey leaking memory? It may be due to mouse cursor customization

Sleuthing leads to suspected RAM-gobbling culprit Apple's macOS Monterey, the iGiant's latest desktop operating system release, turns out to have an insatiable appetite for memory if you use certain apps.…
Tags: Apple, Software, Apple Mac

Watch Mark Zuckerberg play Jenga and fist-bump in virtual reality using 'haptic gloves' that Facebook, now Meta, is building to let people feel objects in the metaverse

Mark Zuckerberg showing his 'metaverse' avatar during Connect 2021Facebook Mark Zuckerberg posted a video of a device in development for the metaverse. Haptic gloves would let people feel things like pressure and texture when touching virtual objects. The clip shows Zuckerberg using the gloves to virtually roll dice, play chess, and shake hands.  Mark Zuckerberg has been spotted wearing a VR headset many times before to see things in virtual reality. Now, a new video shows the CEO of ...
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The Long Game: Holiday Gifts for Ultrarunners

The post The Long Game: Holiday Gifts for Ultrarunners appeared first on iRunFar. So many miles, so much time. We’ve pulled together the best gifts for the ultrarunner in your life: the person who gets up early and stays out late cranking out double-digit training days up steep slopes and through the desert while training for their next 100-mile race. These products are aimed at making your loved one’s next long run or ultramarathon more comfortable and convenient. Be sure to check out our other...
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Lucid Air Named MotorTrend Car of the Year

An anonymous reader quotes a report from CNN: The Lucid Air, the first model from California-based electric car start-up company Lucid Motors, has been named MotorTrend's 2022 Car of the Year. It's the first time any automaker has won the award with its first car. MotorTrend's panel of judges lauded the Lucid Air for its extraordinary range and efficiency -- some versions can go up to 520 miles on a single charge -- as well as its performance and luxurious interior. In its announcement, MotorTre...
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The metaverse isn’t a place – it’s a mandatory upgrade for reality

When Facebook announced it was changing its name to “Meta,” it was immediately clear the company was doing more than just pivoting – it was evolving. In the weeks since, the metaverse has become the hottest topic in tech. The last time I saw a planet-scale conversation about technology of this magnitude was when blockchain and cryptocurrency entered the mainstream periphery around the middle of 2017. Unfortunately, it seems like most people don’t “get” the metaverse. It’s being referred to as a ...
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The 5 best 4K TVs in 2021 for sharp, colorful images and reliable streaming

Table of Contents: Masthead Sticky 4K TVs are available at many price points and performance levels. The best 4K TVs balance picture and smart features for stunning images and reliable streaming. With its sharp OLED panel and advanced gaming support, LG's C1 is our pick for best 4K TV overall. Read more about why you can trust our tech team to provide the best product recommendations. 4K Ultra HD (UHD) TVs have become the norm for any buyer looking to purchase a new display in 2021. However...
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Apple's Arm chip experts quit to form Nuvia. Qualcomm buys Nuvia. Now Nuvia works on Apple M1-class Windows chips for Qualcomm

Funny how these things turn out Qualcomm saw what Apple's M1 chip could do for performance and battery life, and claims its next Arm-compatible microprocessors will do exactly that for Windows PCs.…
Tags: Apple, Software, Qualcomm, Nuvia Qualcomm

Arm'd with ex-Apple engineers from Nuvia, Qualcomm hopes to make Apple M1-matching chips for Windows PCs

Funny how these things turn out Qualcomm saw what Apple's M1 chip could do for performance and battery life, and claims its next Arm-compatible microprocessors will do exactly that for Windows PCs.…
Tags: Apple, Software, Qualcomm, Nuvia Qualcomm

Correction: TV-Holiday Preview Story

In a story published November 15, 2021, about a preview of the holiday TV season, The Associated Press erroneously reported that "A Charlie Brown Christmas'' would be available free for three days on Apple TV+.
Tags: Apple, Associated Press

Sagent signs 7-year deal to power loan servicing for Servion Mortgage

Sagent says its servicing platforms provide "a bank-on-your-phone experience to consumers so they can manage their entire homeownership lifecycle anytime, from any device."
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Google Chrome 96 Breaks Twitter, Discord, Video Rendering and More

Google Chrome 96 was released yesterday, and users are reporting problems with Twitter, Discord, and Instagram caused by the new version. BleepingComputer reports: The issues have been reported to Google in a Chromium bug post where Google employees have started to investigate the problems. "We're continuing to see user reports about this behavior, including reports from our social team," notes Google product manager Craig Tumblison. "One user has shared that disabling the "chrome://flags/#cross...
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