Experts warn the Crypto investors about the traps laid by cybercriminals

In Hyderabad, a corporate executive was duped into opening a crypto account in a fake crypto firm. Cyber security experts have cautioned the public not to fall prey to such fake invitations or fall for a plethora of advertisements, including some with fake endorsements by celebrities. Check Point Research has warned that scammers are using Google Ads to steal crypto wallets. [Via]
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How Facebook and Google Actually Fund the Creation of Misinformation

MIT's Technology Review shares data from a Facebook-run tool called CrowdTangle. It shows that by 2018 in the nation of Myanmar (population: 53 million), " All the engagement had instead gone to fake news and clickbait websites. "In a country where Facebook is synonymous with the internet, the low-grade content overwhelmed other information sources." [T]he sheer volume of fake news and clickbait acted like fuel on the flames of already dangerously high ethnic and religious tensions. It shifte...
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Guest Post: Design Protection and Functionality: Does the PTO or the Copyright Office Apply a More Rubbery Stamp?

Guest post by Peter S. Mennell, Koret Professor of Law; Director, Berkeley Center for Law & Technology; Faculty Director, Berkeley Judicial Institute; University of California at Berkeley School of Law, and Ella Corren, University of California at Berkeley School of Law, J.S.D. Candidate In Design Patent Law’s Identity Crisis, presented at the Berkeley Center for Law & Technology’s February 2021 “Design Patents” symposium, we traced the origins of design patent law’s ornamentality/non-functional...
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'Spider-Man: No Way Home' Trailer Remade With Footage From the 1990's Cartoon

Long-time Slashdot reader destinyland writes: This week Marvel released an epic three-minute trailer hyping December's releases of Spider-Man: No Way Home. "It comes after the initial trailer, which focused on the movie's multiversal villains, broke YouTube records over the summer," CNET reported Tuesday (racking up 355.5 million views in its first 24 hours). But then one more universe collided... Basically, some internet wise guys re-edited the trailer, splicing its audio over clips from th...
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Apple tells workers they have the rights to discuss wages, working conditions

 Apple tells workers they have right to discuss wages, working conditions. Apple delivered a message to employees on Friday that was striking given its reputation for secrecy: a reminder that workers may discuss wages, hours and working conditions. Apple’s business conduct policy already included language stating that workers were not restricted in their ability to discuss wages, hours and working conditions, which is generally protected under U.S. law. [Via]
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Intel's Expensive New Plan to Upgrade Its Chip Technology - and US Manufacturing

America's push to manufacturer more products domestically gets an in-depth look from CNET — including a new Intel chip factory outside of Phoenix. CNET calls it a fork in the road "after squandering its lead because of a half decade of problems modernizing its manufacturing..." With "a decade of bad decisions, this doesn't get fixed overnight," says Pat Gelsinger, Intel's new chief executive, in an interview. "But the bottom is behind us and the slope is starting to feel increasingly strong....
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Render shows how the Pixel 6a will slot into Google's Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro lineup

@OnLeaks has compared the Pixel 6a with the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro in a new render. The leaker has shown that the Pixel 6a will be Google's smaller alternative to the Pixel 6 series, with the... #pixel5 #onleaks #leaker #smartphone #pixel4 #pixel6
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Activision CEO Bobby Kotick said he would consider leaving the company if he can't quickly fix problems, WSJ reports

Drew Angerer/Getty Images Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick told senior managers he would consider stepping down if he fails to quickly fix culture problems at the company. Kotick knew for years about claims of sexual misconduct at his company, the WSJ reported last week. This prompted some employees at the company to stage a walkout last Tuesday. The Chief Executive Officer of Activision Blizzard Inc Bobby Kotick has told senior managers at the company that he would consider stepping down...
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Apple Introduces Business Essentials

Apple recently launched their new Apple Business Essentials service which incorporates device management, 24/7 support and iCloud storage. The service is currently available in beta and will include multiple flexible subscription plans aimed at small businesses with up to 500 employees. There is also an accompanying Apple Business Essentials app which allows employees to install apps for work and request support. Apple Introduces Business Essentials The Apple Business Essentials service will ...
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Are Zebras White With Black Stripes Or Black With White Stripes?

Zebra stripes are unique to each individual zebra, reports LiveScience, in an article shared by long-time Slashdot reader fahrbot-bot. And even if you look at the three different zebra species, their skin is always the same color: black (according to Tim Caro, a behavioral and evolutionary ecologist and conservation biologist at the University of California, Davis). But this still doesn't answer the question of whether their fur is black with white stripes or white with black stripes. For th...
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Australian billionaire to help publishers strike content deal with Google, Facebook

SYDNEY -Australian mining billionaire Andrew Forrest's philanthropic organisation will help 18 small news publishers in the country collectively negotiate with Google and Facebook to secure... #newspublishers #minderoofoundation #billionaire #miningbillionaire #andrewforrest #newscontent
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Cryptographers Aren't Happy With How You're Using the Word 'Crypto'

Cryptographers are upset that "crypto" sometimes now refers to cryptocurrency, reports the Guardian: This lexical shift has weighed heavily on cryptographers, who, over the past few years, have repeated the rallying cry "Crypto means cryptography" on social media. T-shirts and hoodies trumpet the phrase and variations on it; there's a website dedicated solely to clarifying the issue. "'Crypto' for decades has been used as shorthand and as a prefix for things related to cryptography," said Amie ...
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Why Colleges are Giving Up on Remote Education

The president emeritus of the Great Lakes College Association writes that "nearly all colleges have re-adopted in-person education this fall, in spite of delta variant risks... "As it turns out, student enthusiasm for remote learning is mixed at best, and in some cases students have sued their colleges for refunds. But it is not simply student opinion that has driven this reversion to face-to-face education." Indeed, students are far better off with in-person learning than with online approac...
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From the trade magazines: Impedance matching, AM flutter, DIY AI

Back to Basics: Impedance Matching By Lou Frenzel, W5LEF The term “impedance matching” is rather straightforward. It’s simply defined as the process of making one impedance look like another. Frequently, it becomes necessary to match a load impedance to the source or internal impedance of a driving source. A wide variety of components and circuits can be used for impedance matching. This series summarizes the most common impedance-matching techniques. Impedance Matching: Essential Design Know...
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Ask Slashdot: Where Are All the Jobs Preventing Zero-Day Exploits?

An anonymous reader writes: Given the widespread understanding that sophisticated hackers are regularly using zero-day vulnerabilities to break into high-value systems, why is it that when I search for "zero day" on Australia's most popular job search engine only one "real" job comes up? Is the security of the Internet totally dependent on dedicated hobbyists, part-time showboats, and people willing to take meagre bug bounties (on average paying $3,650 for a critical vulnerability) instead of se...
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Here's what 14 top executives are saying about the 'metaverse'

Getty Images Tech leaders are increasingly using the vague term "metaverse" in earnings calls with investors.  Many are following the lead of Meta, who announced it would be focusing on building the metaverse. Executives had different expectations for what the "metaverse" will be when questioned in earnings calls. The "metaverse" has become a hot topic for executives, analysts, and investors alike, being mentioned in the earnings calls of more than 15 companies in the past few months alone. A...
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Netflix's League Of Legends TV Show Arcane Renewed For Season 2

In the wake of rave reviews, Netflix's new animated steampunk fantasy series "Arcane" has been renewed for season 2 just a couple of weeks after premiering on the streaming service. Based on and featuring characters from the online multiplayer game "League of Legends," the TV show follows the rising tension between two cities and the fractured relationship between sisters Vi (voiced by "Hawkeye" star Hailee Steinfeld) and Jinx (Ella Purnell).Per Variety, Netflix and Riot Games have confirmed tha...
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El Salvador Plans 'Bitcoin City' Powered by a Volcano, Financed by Bitcoin Bonds

"In a rock concert-like atmosphere, El Salvador President Nayib Bukele announced that his government will build an oceanside 'Bitcoin City' at the base of a volcano..." reports the Associated Press. "A bond offering would happen in 2022 entirely in Bitcoin, Bukele said, wearing his signature backwards baseball cap. And 60 days after financing was ready, construction would begin." The city will be built near the Conchagua volcano to take advantage of geothermal energy to power both the city an...
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Scientists May Have Identified the Crater on Mars that Launched a Rock to Earth

National Geographic reports: About a million years ago, an asteroid smacked into the normally tranquil surface of Mars. The impact released a fountain of debris, and some of the rocky fragments pierced the sky, escaping the planet's gravity to journey through the dark. Some of the rocks eventually found their way to Earth and survived the plunge through our planet's atmosphere to thud into the surface-including a hefty 15-pound shard that crashed into Morocco in 2011.... Determining what part of...
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27th Annual Text Adventure Competition Won By Game About - Text Adventures

DevNull127 writes: Saturday afternoon, 91 geeks huddled around a Twitch stream to hear the winners announced for the 27th Annual Interactive Fiction Competition. This year's competition attracted 71 entries, and $10,396 was raised for a cash-prize fund (which is divided among all the game authors whose entries ranked in the top two-thirds, with the first-place finisher receiving a prize in the hundreds of dollars and the last entry in the top two-thirds receiving $10). But there's also a long li...
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GitHub Fixes a Private-Package-Names Leak and Serious Authorization Bug

In 2020 Microsoft's GitHub acquired NPM (makers of the default package manager for Node.js). The company's web page boasts that npm "is a critical part of the JavaScript community and helps support one of the largest developer ecosystems in the world." But now BleepingComputer reports on two security flaws found (and remediated) in its software registry. Names of private npm packages on's 'replica' server (consumed by third-party services) were leaked — but in addition, a second flaw...
Tags: Microsoft, Tech, UTC, NPM, BleepingComputer

The best smartphones for 2021: Which should you buy on Black Friday?

Here are the best smartphones on the market today. From the iPhone 13 Pro to the Pixel 6 Pro; if you're shopping for a new phone, we're here for you.
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Encounter Trailer: Riz Ahmed Tries To Save His Sons From (Possibly Imaginary) Aliens

After giving one of the best performances of last year in one of the best movies of last year — namely, "Sound of Metal" — Riz Ahmed is returning to Amazon Prime Video for "Encounter." Directed and co-written by Michael Pearce, who last helmed the acclaimed psychological thriller, "Beast," starring Jessie Buckley, "Encounter" sees Ahmed playing a soldier who embarks on a "secret mission" with his two sons — in a world that may or may not be besieged by alien invaders.Is it "The Tomorrow War?" No...
Tags: Apple, Amazon, Movies, News, Trailers, Invasion, Ahmed, Amazon Prime Video, Riz Ahmed, William Friedkin, Michael Pearce, Rory Cochrane Lucian River Chauhan, Jessie Buckley Encounter, Spencer Encounter

Inside Mark Zuckerberg's 1,380-acre oceanfront Kauaʻi estate

Welcome back to Insider Weekly! I'm Matt Turner, the editor-in-chief of business at Insider.You might know a little about Mark Zuckerberg's Hawaiʻi estate thanks to the videos the Facebook cofounder has posted of himself shooting arrows and throwing spears there. Or maybe you remember the famous sunscreen-clad hydrofoil surfing session nearby.But as Tyler Sonnemaker reported this week, there's more to the story of Zuckerberg's nearly 1,400-acre Kauaʻi estate than your typical tro...
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Are phones designed to slow down over time? Let’s review the evidence

It’s usually around this time of year you hear people complain about their phones slowing down. Apple and Google release new versions of their operating systems (OS) and suddenly there’s a slew of people claiming their old devices have started to lag – conveniently just before Christmas. But do manufacturers really slow down our phones on purpose to nudge us towards shiny new ones, as has been claimed? The answer to this, as usual, is complicated. Let’s take a look at the evidence. The ol’ opera...
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Spotify hides shuffle button after Adele says albums should ‘tell a story’

Singer highlights importance of track listing and says albums should be listened to as artists intendedSpotify has removed the shuffle button from album pages after Adele commented that the order tracks were placed in was supposed to “tell a story”.The singer thanked the streaming service after it made it less straightforward for users to listen to the songs of her new album, 30, in a random order. Continue reading...
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A German State is Switching Its 25,000 Computers From Windows to Linux

The north-German state of Schleswig-Holstein plans to switch to open source software..." reports Mike Saunders from LibreOffice. "By the end of 2026, Microsoft Office is to be replaced by LibreOffice on all 25,000 computers used by civil servants and employees (including teachers), and the Windows operating system is to be replaced by GNU/Linux." The tech site Foss Force writes: This seems to be a done deal, as the steps for the transition from proprietary to open have already been codified...
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Google Pixel 6a: Leaked specs of Google's upcoming mid-ranger hint at eventual Pixel 6 redundancy

Google's new Pixel 6 phones are barely a month old but the company already has a new device, the Pixel 6a, in the works. Going by a new leak, the Pixel 6a may well be the most attractive option in... #leak #pixel6 #googlepixel
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A grim milestone: I maxed out the number of spammy addresses Gmail can block (ars technica)

Enlarge (credit: Getty Images) A few months ago, my G Suite-enabled Gmail account reached a grim milestone: with no warning, the “block [email address]” feature—available from the menu with the three vertical dots in the upper left of the Gmail screen—stopped working because I had maxed out the total number of addresses Google allows to be blocked. For years, I’ve used the feature liberally to block emails from PR ​​people who send off-topic pitches or scammers who try to phish my passw...
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Meta delays encrypted messages on Facebook and Instagram to 2023

Move comes as child safety campaigners express concern plans could shield abusers from detectionThe owner of Facebook and Instagram is delaying plans to encrypt users’ messages until 2023 amid warnings from child safety campaigners that its proposals would shield abusers from detection.Mark Zuckerberg’s social media empire has been under pressure to abandon its encryption plans, which the UK home secretary, Priti Patel, has described as “simply not acceptable”. Continue reading...
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