Microsoft closes installer hole abused by Emotet malware, Google splats Chrome bug exploited in the wild

Round off the year with a large crop of fixes for programming blunders Patch Tuesday It's not just Log4j you need to worry about this week. It's the final Patch Tuesday of the year.…
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Scientists Urge Creating Strategic Forest Reserves To Mitigate Climate Change, Protect Biodiversity

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Phys.Org: The United States should immediately move to create a collection of strategic forest reserves in the Western U.S. to fight climate change and safeguard biodiversity, according to a scientific collaboration led by an Oregon State University ecologist. Bev Law, her College of Forestry colleague William Ripple and other scientists from around the West argue that climate change and biodiversity are inextricably linked and that strategic forest reser...
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Google says workers that those who do not comply with vaccination policy will eventually lose their jobs: CNBC

Google has told employees that not following its vaccination policy would eventually lose their jobs.Toby Scott/SOPA Images/LightRocket/Getty Images Google imposed a mandate requiring that workers be vaccinated by Dec. 3.  They had to show proof of vaccination or medical or religious exemptions by the deadline. Employees who do not comply with Google's vaccination policy will eventually lose their jobs. Google informed employees they will eventually lose their jobs if they don't fall ...
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Google Is Building a New AR Device and OS

According to job listings on LinkedIn, Google appears to be working on an augmented reality device and operating system to pair with it. Ars Technica reports: On LinkedIn, operating system engineering director Mark Lucovsky announced that he has joined Google. He previously headed up mixed reality operating system work for Meta, and before that he was one of the key architects of Windows NT at Microsoft. "My role is to lead the Operating System team for Augmented Reality at Google," he wrote. He...
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Bitcoin Could Become 'Worthless,' Bank of England Warns

The Bank of England has said that bitcoin could be "worthless" and people investing in the digital currency should be prepared to lose everything. The Guardian reports: In a warning over the potential risks for investors, the central bank questioned whether there was any inherent worth in the most prominent digital currency, which has soared in value this year to close to $50,000 a piece. The deputy governor, Sir Jon Cunliffe, said the Bank had to be ready for risks linked to the rise of the cry...
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Microsoft and iFixit team up on official repair kits for Surface devices

Microsoft has partnered with iFixit to release repair tools for its Surface line of products. This marks a major step forward for the Right to Repair movement.
Tags: Apple, Microsoft, Trends, Computing, Surface Pro, iFixit, Surface Laptop

Microsoft and iFixit team up with official repair kits for Surface devices

Microsoft has partnered with iFixit to release repair tools for its Surface line of products. This marks a major step forward for the Right to Repair movement.
Tags: Apple, Microsoft, Trends, Computing, Surface Pro, iFixit, Surface Laptop

Google is building a new OS for its next ‘innovative AR device’

Some would say Google Glass was just ahead of its time. While Glass is no longer sold to everyday consumers (it lives on in an enterprise version), it was in many ways was the public’s first introduction to mixed reality experiences. And while Google has stayed quiet on AR (and VR) devices for a few years, it appears the company is preparing to jump back into the fray in a big way. As spotted by 9to5Google, Google is working on both a new operating system for augmented reality, as well as a devi...
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New log4j cybersecurity flaw has exposed millions of users to hackers

Government officials said the flaw is already being "widely exploited" by nefarious bad actors, meaning there's a good chance anyone reading this is at risk. Here's what you need to know.
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How to get developer options on Android

If you want to access some of the hidden options on your Android phone, then you need to know how to get to the developer options. We'll show you how it's done.
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Apple Employees Have Donated $725 Million to Various Causes Over the Last 10 Years

Over the course of the last 10 years, the Apple Employee Giving donation program has raised more than $725 million for various organizations, Apple said today. With the Employee Giving program, Apple workers can volunteer their time or donate money to a cause, and Apple matches the donation. Apple provides a $10 donation for every hour an employee volunteers and matches monetary donations dollar for dollar. The Employee Giving program is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, and the $7...
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Masayuki Uemura, Designer of the Nintendo Entertainment System, Dies At 78

"The New York Times has an obituary for Masayuki Uemura, designer of the first Nintendo Entertainment System console," writes Slashdot reader nickovs. Here's an excerpt from the report: Video game consoles had a moment of popularity in the early 1980s, but the market collapsed because of shoddy quality control and uninspiring software that failed to provide the thrills of arcade hits like Pac-Man and Space Invaders. Truckloads of unsold game cartridges ended up in landfills, and retailers decide...
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USPS Built and Secretly Tested a Blockchain-Based Mobile Voting System Before 2020

An anonymous reader quotes a report from The Washington Post: The U.S. Postal Service pursued a project to build and secretly test a blockchain-based mobile phone voting system before the 2020 election (Warning: may be paywalled; alternative source), experimenting with a technology that the government's own cybersecurity agency says can't be trusted to securely handle ballots. The system was never deployed in a live election and was abandoned in 2019, Postal Service spokesman David Partenheimer ...
Tags: Tech, Usps, Postal Service, The Washington Post, Colorado Springs, University Of Colorado, U S Postal Service, David Partenheimer

Senso uses artificial intelligence to help lenders identify homebuyers

Senso Engage serves up personalized listings prioritized by neighborhood and affordability to mortgage prospects.
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How to turn safe mode on and off on Android

When you have an issue with your phone, safe mode disables all third-party apps to determine if they are to blame. Here's how to turn safe mode on and off.
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Google Says Employees Will Eventually Be Fired if They Do Not Follow Vaccination Rules CNBC

(Reuters) - Alphabet Inc's Google told its employees they will lose pay and will eventually be fired if they do not follow its COVID-19 vaccination...
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Dell's Luna Laptop Concept Is All About Repairability

On Tuesday, Dell announced a new design concept for a laptop that's long lived, easy to take apart and fix, and takes a smaller toll on the climate. The Verge reports: Called "Concept Luna," the proof-of-concept laptop dreamed up by Dell's design team has a number of unusual features that are intended to make repair and maintenance easy. No screwdrivers or glue solvents are needed to pry loose a broken keyboard or peel off a cracked screen; both components simply pop free after a pair of keyston...
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Google Says Employees Flouting Vaccination Rules Will Eventually Be Fired - CNBC

(Reuters) - Alphabet Inc's Google told its employees they would lose pay and eventually be fired if they do not follow its COVID-19 vaccination...
Tags: Google, Cnbc, REUTERS Alphabet Inc

How to save passwords on an iPhone

Learn how to turn on AutoFill for Safari, along with how to use Apple Keychain on your iPhone and other Apple devices.
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Mike Novogratz calls $42,000 key support level for bitcoin as crypto sells off, sees broken stock charts for Apple, Tesla

Mike Novogratz is one of the most high-profile bitcoin and crypto investors.John Lamparski/Getty Images Bitcoin will still be under pressure in the short run, bitcoin bull Mike Novogratz said Tuesday on Bloomberg.  Bitcoin, Apple stock and 2021's other high-flying assets face year-end strain as investors prep for tax time and watch Fed policy.  But Novogratz sees bitcoin holding around a key support level of $42,000. Bitcoin bull Mike Novogratz sees the cryptocurrency finding support at $...
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The Afterparty Trailer: Yet Another Reason To Never Go To Your High School Reunion

Now that social media is around to let us know which members of our graduating class made something of themselves and which ones wound up marrying their prom dates and getting sucked into multi-level-marketing schemes while calling it a "small business," it's a wonder that high school reunions are even a thing anymore. "The Afterparty," the newest series from Apple TV+, tackles that subject through the lens of a comedic murder mystery from Christopher Miller ("21 Jump Street," "The Lego Movie," ...
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The Voice' crowns its winner on December 14 — here's how to watch the season finale live without cable

Prices are accurate at the time of publication.When you buy through our links, Insider may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more. "The Voice."Trae Patton/NBC "The Voice" is a singing competition with an all-star panel of coaches. The season 21 finale airs on December 14 at 9 p.m. ET on NBC. You can stream "The Voice" live on services like Sling Blue, or the next day on Peacock and Hulu. Peacock Premium (Monthly Plan) $4.99 FROM PEACOCK TV Sling TV $10.00 FROM SLI...
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Servant Season 4 Coming To Apple TV+, Will End The Series

Ahead of its third season premiere in January, Apple TV+'s "Servant" has been renewed for a fourth season that will be its last. The dark series by M. Night Shyamalan follows two new parents, Dorothy and Sean (Lauren Ambrose and Toby Kebbell), who hire a young woman (Nell Tiger Free) to take care of their son, Jericho. Of course, since this is a Shyamalan joint and nothing can ever be normal and fun in a Shyamalan joint, Jericho isn't a real baby. Instead, he's a lifelike doll recreation of an i...
Tags: Apple, Television, Movies, News, Rupert Grint, Dorothy, Jericho, Shyamalan, Matt Cherniss, Toby Kebbell, Nell Tiger Free, Cherniss, Julian Dorothy, Sean Lauren Ambrose, Hannibal Lauren Ambrose

What Is Web3 and Why Should You Care?

Gizmodo's David Nield explains what Web3 is, what it will mean for the future, and how exactly the third-generation internet differs from the first two. An anonymous reader shares an excerpt from his report: Let's cut to the chase: For Web3 evangelists, it's a revolution; for skeptics, it's an overhyped house of cards that doesn't stand up to much scrutiny. [...] As you might remember if you're of a certain age, Web 1.0 was the era of static webpages. Sites displayed news and information, and ma...
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YouTube TV Warns It May Lose All Disney-Owned Channels Amid Contract Dispute

YouTube TV yesterday warned that it could lose all Disney-owned channels after Friday because of a contract dispute and said it will temporarily reduce its price by $15 a month if that happens. Ars Technica reports: "We're now in negotiations with Disney to continue distributing their content on YouTube TV so you can continue watching everything from your favorite teams on ESPN to The Bachelor to Good Morning America. Our deal expires on Friday, December 17, and we haven't been able to reach an ...
Tags: Google, Youtube, Disney, Tech, Ars Technica, Espn, National Geographic, MFN, YouTube TV, ABC Owned Television Stations, Disney Media and Entertainment Distribution, Ars Disney

Apple faces Labor Department investigation as tensions with employees escalate

The US Department of Labor has launched a whistleblower investigation into Apple, in the latest sign of tensions between the famously secretive company and its current and former employees spilling over into public view.
Tags: Apple, Cnn, Labor Department, US Department of Labor

Google’s Android 12 Go Edition will make budget phones faster in 2022

Google promises big updates for affordable smartphones with the upcoming Android 12 Go Edition. Here's what to expect.
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Canada Still Plans Digital Services Tax; Google Disappointed

By David LjunggrenOTTAWA (Reuters) -Canada is still prepared to impose a tax on corporations providing digital services if need be, the finance...
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Toyota Announces EV Strategy, Readies $70 Billion for the Cause

On Tuesday, Toyota Motor Corp. announced a commitment of 8 trillion yen ($70 billion USD) toward the goal of achieving carbon neutrality someday. Though the concept of any multinational manufacturing entity totally nullifying their carbon footprint seems kind of laughable, so we’ll be referencing this as another electrification strategy — which is still a big deal considering […] The post Toyota Announces EV Strategy, Readies $70 Billion for the Cause appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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Google Chrome's upcoming crackdown on ad-blockers and other extensions still really sucks, EFF laments

Three years of pushback have produced few changes while search giant insists it's listening to netizens Analysis The Electronic Frontier Foundation on Tuesday renewed its campaign to convince Google to listen to criticism of the tech goliath's plan to overhaul its browser extension platform and to make changes while there's still time.…
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