Fossil Fuel Combustion Kills More Than 1 Million People Every Year, Study Says

An anonymous reader writes: Burning fossil fuels kills more than 1 million people ever year, according to a new study that examined the worldwide health effects of fine particulate pollution, also known as PM2.5. Coal, which produces sooty, particulate-laden pollution, is responsible for half of those deaths, while natural gas and oil are responsible for the other half. Some 80 percent of premature deaths due to fossil fuel combustion takes place in South Asia or East Asia, the report said. Beca...
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Metaverse Vision Requires 1000x More Computational Power, Says Intel

Leading chip-maker Intel has stressed that building Metaverse -- at scale and accessible by billions of humans in real time -- will require a 1,000-times increase in computational efficiency from what we have today. Insider reports: Raja Koduri, a senior vice president and head of Intel's Accelerated Computing Systems and Graphics Group, said that our computing, storage and networking infrastructure today is simply not enough to enable this Metaverse vision, being popularized by Meta (formerly F...
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San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles – Director

Organization The San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles (Museum) is the first museum in the United States to focus exclusively on quilts and textiles as an art form and stands proudly in the worlds of both art and craft. The Museum’s mission is to share and celebrate the art and culture of textiles, with a vision to become a world-class museum valuing excellence, accessibility, and a welcoming experience. Now at a critical juncture for strategic growth, the Museum’s board of directors has expa...
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US Congress passes import ban on Chinese Uyghur region

The bill overcame opposition from Coca-Cola, Nike and Apple and an initial lack of White House support.
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Giant Kites That Drag Cargo Ships Across Oceans Go On Trial

schwit1 shares a report from BloombergQuint: Add ships being dragged along by giant kites to the list of things the industry is exploring in its quest to decarbonize. At the start of next year, the Ville de Bordeaux, a 154-meter-long ship that moves aircraft components for Airbus SE, will unfurl a 500 square meter kite on journeys across the Atlantic Ocean. It will undergo six months of trials and tests before full deployment. The kite is called Seawing. Its developer, Airseas, estimates that an...
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Google Says NSO Pegasus Zero-Click 'Most Technically Sophisticated Exploit Ever Seen'

wiredmikey shares a report from SecurityWeek: Security researchers at Google's Project Zero have picked apart one of the most notorious in-the-wild iPhone exploits and found a never-before-seen hacking roadmap that included a PDF file pretending to be a GIF image with a custom-coded virtual CPU built out of boolean pixel operations. If that makes you scratch your head, that was exactly the reaction from Google's premier security research team after disassembling the so-called FORCEDENTRY iMessag...
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Must-have accessories for the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3

These days, most smartphones don't ship with goodies in the box. With Samsung's Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3, you'll need some critical accessories.
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YouTube TV: Plans, pricing, channels, how to cancel, and more

Google's cable TV alternative gets more channels every year -- but at $65 per month, is it still a good value?
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Why NASA Is Trying to Dodge the Moon

If the James Webb Space Telescope were to leave Earth at the wrong time, our very own satellite could thwart the mission.
Tags: Tech, Nasa, Earth, James Webb Space Telescope

The Sound Of 007 Documentary Will Celebrate The Music Of James Bond At Apple

The music of Bond, James Bond, will be explored in a new documentary for Apple TV+. As revealed by Apple, MGM, and Eon Productions, a new feature-length doc titled "The Sound of 007" is in the works for the streaming service, and its release will be timed around the 60th anniversary of the "James Bond" franchise next year. This will undoubtedly be but a small fraction of the celebration, but one that should appeal in a big way to hardcore fans.Few details have been provided at this time. There i...
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Legal Tech Look-Back: A New Series Highlighting Moments From The Annals Of Legal Technology

Aah legal tech. How far we’ve come. How far we haven’t. The post Legal Tech Look-Back: A New Series Highlighting Moments From The Annals Of Legal Technology appeared first on Above the Law.
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Telecom Data Storage Locations Will Soon Be Public In Japan

An anonymous reader quotes a report from The Register: Social media and search engine operators in Japan will be required to specify the countries in which users' data is physically stored, under a planned tweak to local laws. The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications this week announced it plans to submit the revision to the Telecommunications Business Law early next year. The amendment, if passed, requires search engines, social media operators and mobile phone companies with over 10...
Tags: Facebook, Japan, Tech, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, Telecom Data Storage

First renders of the Xiaomi 12 reveal compact design, triple rear cameras

Here are the first renders of the Xiaomi 12, a compact flagship from the company that's likely to be announced on December 28, 2021.
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TikTok Is Testing a Desktop Streaming Software Called TikTok Live Studio

TikTok is testing a Windows program called TikTok Live Studio that will let users watch them play video games live on TikTok. TechCrunch reports: Once downloaded to your desktop, the program allows users to log in with their TikTok account and stream directly to TikTok Live. Within the program, you can communicate with viewers through the chat feature, and you can stream content from your computer, your phone or a gaming console. TikTok told TechCrunch that this program is currently available on...
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How to use the Hide My Email feature in iOS 15 to keep your email address private online

The "Hide My Email" feature in iOS 15 can help keep your data safe online.Tomohiro Ohsumi/Getty Images Apple's "Hide My Email" feature lets you create fake email addresses that keep your real email private. You can use Hide My Email when signing up for new services with your Apple ID or when sending new emails. Any email sent to your fake addresses can be forwarded to your real one. Visit Insider's Tech Reference library for more stories. Online privacy is incredibly important, but it...
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The 8 best iPhones for every budget in 2021 – and which ones not to buy

Prices are accurate at the time of publication.When you buy through our links, Insider may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more. Antonio Villas-Boas/Insider There's never been more choice for iPhone buyers, and like most purchasing decisions, which model is right for you largely depends on your needs when it comes to pricing, performance, cameras, size options, and features.In addition to helping you choose the right iPhone model, we also tell you which models you should stay away from...
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Do We Need To Save Journalism Or Reinvent It?

Platforms like Google and Facebook have transformed the way we consume and share news, but the digital revolution hasn’t yet revealed an equivalent breakthrough in the way the media makes money. This is a paradoxical reality at a time of unprecedented innovation. – The Walrus
Tags: Google, Art, Facebook, Media

Firefox Fixes Password Leak via Windows Cloud Clipboard Feature

Mozilla has fixed an issue in its Firefox browser where usernames and passwords were being recorded in the Windows Cloud Clipboard feature, in what the organization categorized as a severe security risk that could have exposed credentials to non-owners whenever users copied or cut a password. From a report: The issue was fixed in Firefox 94, released last month, but was detailed in more depth this week by Mozilla developers. At its core, the bug is related to Windows Cloud Clipboard, a feature a...
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'The Witcher' returns for a second season on December 17 — here's how to watch the action-packed fantasy series

Prices are accurate at the time of publication.When you buy through our links, Insider may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more. "The Witcher" season two.Netflix Season two of "The Witcher" drops December 17 on Netflix. The series follows Geralt of Rivia (Henry Cavill), a magically enhanced monster hunter. The cheapest way to watch the show is through a Netflix Basic subscription, which only costs $9/month.  Netflix Monthly Subscription $8.99 FROM NETFLIX For fans of actio...
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Comcast Will Keep Data Caps Out of the Northeast In 2022

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Light Reading: Comcast confirmed that it won't activate data caps and usage-based broadband policies in its Northeast division in 2022, effectively extending an earlier delay to keep the policy out of the region through the end of 2021. There's still no telling whether Comcast will revisit the plan for 2023 and beyond. "We don't have plans to implement our data usage plan in our Northeast markets in 2022 at this time," a Comcast official told Light Readin...
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33 basic and guaranteed income programs where cities and states give direct payments to residents, no strings attached

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, right, talks with Michael Tubbs, founder of Mayors for a Guaranteed Income, after holding his annual State of the City address from the Griffith Observatory, in Los Angeles.Gary Coronado Guaranteed income programs provide hundreds or thousands of dollars a month to participants. The programs became even more popular during the pandemic as it became clear how much direct checks help. Insider found 33 active, or recently active, guaranteed income programs in the...
Tags: Google, Minnesota, California, US, Los Angeles, Trends, Bloomberg, Canada, United States, Alaska, Stockton, Cambridge, Oakland, North Carolina, Santa Clara, Santa Fe

Why AI’s Inroads Are Good For Your Practice

The robots are coming for your ... busywork. The post appeared first on Above the Law.
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How to sync your Outlook calendar with an iPhone

If you have a Windows PC and an iPhone, keeping your calendars straight may be a hassle. Here's how to sync an Outlook calendar with your iPhone, so you can get all your appointments on the same page.
Tags: Apple, Mobile, Trends, How-to, Computing, connect Outlook to iPhone, iPhone calendar, Microsoft Outlook and iPhone, Outlook calendar sync, Outlook sync, Tier 4

Google Play app with 500,000 downloads sent user contacts to Russian server

Joker malware, which surreptitiously signs up users to pricey services, strikes again. #joke
Tags: Google

How to change your Google background in Chrome

Make Chrome more interesting! Here's how to change your Google background in a new tab using themes provided in the Chrome Web Store or using a custom image.
Tags: Google Chrome, Google, Trends, How-to, Computing, Tier 4, change Google background

Google Smart-City Spinoff Folding Over Founder's Health

Google parent company Alphabet is folding one of its subsidiaries back into Google as the startup’s founder steps down to confront a neurological disease.
Tags: Google, Alphabet

How to play Pokémon GO

There has never been a better time to start playing Pokémon Go. Here's everything you need to know before jumping into the popular mobile AR game.
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Mortgage tech provider Evolve makes third acquisition in 12 months

Now a provider of end-to-end loan services, Evolve acquires Brooks Systems to expand its regulatory compliance offerings.
Tags: Technology, Radio, Mortgage, Industry News, Ron, Tim Anderson, Remote Online Notarization, Marci Bowers, Brooks Systems, Charlie Epperson, E-Notary Seal, Evolve Mortgage Services, Felicia Grimes, Joanne Wight, Katie Paolangeli, Paul Anselmo

Nasdaq falls over 2% with tech stocks hit by Fed's signal for accelerated rate hikes

Traders at the New York Stock Exchange.Xinhua/Wang Ying via Getty Images   US stocks ended lower Thursday with the Nasdaq Composite erasing its post-Fed meeting gain.  Tech stocks paced the market's reversal as investors considered the Fed potentially raising rates three times in 2022.  Central banks in the UK and Mexico surprised markets with their own rate hikes. US stocks closed lower Thursday, with tech stocks leading a retreat in the market as investors considered the impact of the Fe...
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Acer’s Mini LED display comes complete with 4K resolution and 165Hz refresh rate

Acer has announced yet another Mini-LED monitor. The X32 FP packs a 4K display, an up to 165Hz refresh rate, and 99% color accuracy.
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