3 Reasons Why Oddict Earbuds Should Be Your Next Purchase

If you follow me on my site or any of my social media accounts, then you know I love music. You may also know about my love for anything related to technology also. When you put the two together, then you have my full attention. I’m always listening to music whether it’s at home, the gym or on break at work. Over the years, I’ve tried several types of Earbuds for a few years now. The sound quality, the look or even them staying in my ears were reasons I didn’t like many of them. Recently, I ha...
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RadioShack Announces Ambitious New Cryptocurrency Exchange is now showing visitors a new message: "Bringing cryptocurrency to the mainstream..." With a 100-year-old brand, "we are going to lead the way for blockchain tech to reach mainstream adoption by other large brands." The RadioShack home page says they'll start with a "symbiosis" with Atlas USV, a community-driven project to build a universal, decentralized/widely accessible DeFi base layer. Atlas USV's "Barter" mechanism lets users purchase third-party tokens and transfer them ...
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Who's Paying to Fix Open Source Software?

The Log4Shell exploit "exposes how a vulnerability in a seemingly simple bit of infrastructure code can threaten the security of banks, tech companies, governments, and pretty much any other kind of organization," writes VentureBeat. But the incident also raises some questions: Should large deep-pocketed companies besides Google, which always seems to be heavily involved in such matters, be doing more to support the cause with people and resources? Long-time Slashdot reader frank_adrian314159 ...
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Cold Day means Museum Day - Geronimo Springs Museum in TorC

I woke to an outside temperature of 28 degrees Fahrenheit and about 38 degrees inside the VRRV.  I quickly turned on the Catalytic Propane Heater and warmed things up eventually.The day was forecasted with a high of only 51 degrees and windy so no outdoors activities for me!  Instead, I drove to TorC and checked out the Geronimo Springs Museum.  It's put together by the Sierra County Historical Society so it's got a bit of a variety of things; not just stuff about Geronimo for instance.Before I ...
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How to share your Apple Music library on Mac, iOS, and more

Got an Apple Music library you want to share? Doing so is quick and easy with Home Sharing on your Mac and iOS devices -- we’ll show you exactly how it’s done.
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Here's Why There Are No Female Witchers

Many fans of Netflix's "The Witcher" TV series have noticed a distinct lack of women Witchers. If you're one of them, perhaps you've wondered whether this is an intentional exclusion, a coincidence, or something more complex? Maybe you find yourself scouring Google in an effort to see if there's really any good reason why men and women don't appear to stand equal chances of becoming magical superhuman monster-slaying badasses. There is actually a canon reason for Kaer Morhen's distinct lack of f...
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Beatings, Doxxings, Harassment: the War Over Chinese Wikipedia

The Wikimedia Foundation banned seven high-level users in September and temporarily demoted a dozen others for abuses "unprecedented in scope and nature." Slashdot reader harrymcc explains: The foundation accused these volunteers of biasing it in favor of the Chinese government's viewpoint. This incident involves beatings, doxxings, and harassment designed to ensure pro-Beijing content. harrymcc is also technology editor at Fast Company, which got more details from Wikimedia's VP of of Commun...
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Forget Dogs: These Rats Could Be the Future of Search and Rescue

Slashdot reader sciencehabit writes: Think search and rescue animal, and you're likely to picture a dog in an orange vest. But a Tanzanian nonprofit wants you to imagine something else: the African giant pouched rat. Donna Kean and her colleagues at APOPO, a nonprofit that trains pouched rats to save lives, have spent the past 2 decades working with the curious animals (Cricetomys ansorgei) to sniff out tuberculosis and track down land mines. Now, they're moving on to search and rescue. Scienc...
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Imagining an All-Renewable Grid With No Blackouts Without Long-Duration Batteries

Slashdot reader SoftwareArtist shares an announcement from a Stanford University institute for environmental studies. "For some, visions of a future powered by clean, renewable energy are clouded by fears of blackouts driven by intermittent electricity supplies," the announcement begins. "Those fears are misplaced, according to a new Stanford University study that analyzes grid stability under multiple scenarios in which wind, water and solar energy resources power 100% of U.S. energy needs fo...
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‘Look at that penalty’: after taking on Google and Facebook, Rod Sims departs ACCC with a warning

The watchdog’s longest-serving boss says foreign companies will face big fines if they ignore Australia’s consumer protection lawsGet our free news app; get our morning email briefingOutgoing competition regulator Rod Sims says foreign companies that do business in Australia have no excuse for ignoring the nation’s consumer protection laws, warning there will be more big fines for breaches in the future.In an interview, he also said that due to the damage done to supply chains by the resurgence ...
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Astronomers Nervously Counting Down to Christmas Eve Launch of $10B Webb Telescope

"What do astronomers eat for breakfast on the day that their $10 billion telescope launches into space?" asks the New York Times. "Their fingernails." The worst-case scenario is "You work for years and it all goes up in a puff of smoke," they're told by Marcia Rieke of the University of Arizona: Dr. Rieke admits her fingers will be crossed on the morning of December 24 when she tunes in for the launch of the James Webb Space Telescope. For 20 years, she has been working to design and build an...
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Schools around the country announce early closures and return to remote learning ahead of winter break as Omicron variant spreads

Parents are using guerrilla tactics to see how safe their schools are from COVID-19.MediaNews Group/Orange County Register via Getty Images Schools across the country are once again shuttering and transitioning to virtual instruction amid the Omicron surge.  Some are opting to close their doors just days before planned holiday breaks due to outbreaks or concern of spread.  Closures have been reported in districts everywhere from Maine to Missouri as case counts rise.  Schools around the count...
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Hospital's Computer System Always Marks Up Costs Automatically, Leaked Records Show

"Ridiculous, seemingly arbitrary price markups are a defining characteristic of the $4-trillion U.S. healthcare system — and a key reason Americans pay more for treatment than anyone else in the world," writes a business columnist for the Los Angeles Times. "But to see price hikes of as much as 675% being imposed in real time, automatically, by a hospital's computer system still takes your breath away." Long-time Slashdot reader fahrbot-bot quotes their report: I got to view this for myself...
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Amazon boosted its business in China by blocking reviews on books by leader Xi Jinping and following Communist Party 'edicts,' says Reuters investigation

An employee handles packages at the Amazon's Bretigny-sur-Orge warehouse in France.THOMAS SAMSON/AFP via Getty Images Amazon worked with the Chinese government to restrict reviews on texts by the Communist Party leader.  Reuters revealed this is part of the US e-commerce giant's mission to expand its reach in China.  They created the portal China Books, a partnership with the Chinese government to sell approved literature.  Amazon agreed to cooperate with Chinese propaganda after the ...
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Guitarist Eric Clapton Successfully Sues Woman For Posting $11 Bootleg

Long-time Slashdot reader kjshark writes: Eric Clapton has successfully sued a German woman who posted an illegal recording for €9.95, about $11 on eBay. The CD was a single-bootlegged recording of a Clapton concert from the 1980s. After Clapton sent a court in Düsseldorf an affidavit stating the recordings were illegal, the defendant claimed she was unaware the CD was recorded illegally and that her late husband originally purchased the CD at a department store in 1987. Her appeal was rejecte...
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The Source Canada Boxing Week Prices On Now

The Source Canada has great Boxing Week Prices available now! Save up to 60% off + More Deals. Boxing Week Prices are valid until December 30, 2021. If the price drops further before December 30, The Source will match it. Amazon Blink Outdoor 1080p Wireless Weather-resistant HD Security Camera, for $74.99 Apple AirPods with Charging Case, for $149.99 Arlo Pro3 Floodlight Camera, for $229.99 ASUS 14″ Notebook with Intel i3-1005G1, 8GB DDR4, 256GB SSD, Intel UHD Graphics & Windows 10 Home, for $...
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FSF Adopts New Governance Measures: a Board Member Agreement and Code of Ethics

The Free Software Foundation's board "has approved and implemented two new measures designed to help make FSF governance more transparent, accountable, ethical, and responsible," according to an FSF announcement. First a Board Member Agreement "enumerates the responsibilities of board members." And there's also a Code of Ethics "that lays out principles to guide their decision-making and activities." The new measures are the first products of a six-month, consultant-led review. They formalize...
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Allstate Insurance Review (December 2021)

Affiliate disclosure: Automoblog and its partners may be compensated when you purchase the products below. Allstate Insurance Review In Our Opinion: Allstate is a smart choice for car insurance for its extensive coverage and long list of discounts. Additionally, it has plenty of local agents. Industry Standing: 95 Availability: 100 Coverage: 90 Affordability: 80 Customer Service: 85 Online Experience: 90 Pros Works through a ...
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IARU-R1: Shaping the Future

Got this from Southgate and thought it was worth re-posting. I’ll be keeping an eye on this effort….73, Dan Following their recent workshop IARU Region 1 have launched their Shaping the Future program The IARU-R1 website says: In October 2021 the Region 1 workshop for the future of amateur radio was organized online. About 50 countries and 100 participants joined the 5 days workshop and the 7 sessions. For many years there have been discussions about the ham radio situation: what will our hobb...
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Trial Ends For Theranos Founder Elizabeth Holmes

"Both sides made closing arguments this week in Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes' fraud trial," reports Business Insider: Prosecutors said Holmes "chose to be dishonest" and that her allegations of abuse, which were a key part of her defense, were irrelevant. The defense said "rats flee a sinking ship" but Holmes stayed, noting "that's who that woman is...." Prosecutors kicked off their arguments by recapping testimony from each of their 29 witnesses. They argued that Holmes saw money dry up...
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Boston Police Bought Spy Tech With a Pot of Money Hidden From the Public

An anonymous reader quotes a report from ProPublica: Across the country, some law enforcement agencies have deployed controversial surveillance technology to track cellphone location and use. Critics say it threatens constitutional rights, and members of Congress have moved to restrain its use. Nonetheless, in 2019 the Boston Police Department bought the device known as a cell site simulator -- and tapped a hidden pot of money that kept the purchase out of the public eye. A WBUR investigation wi...
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I was an event planner for 20 years. Here are some of the wildest things I witnessed on the job.

Angela Hatem at the world-famous St. Elmo Shrimp Cocktail Eating Championship at the Big Ten Football Championship Game.Courtesy of Angela Hatem Angela Hatem planned events like fireworks shows, A-list concerts, and block parties for 20 years. She's dealt with everything from missing children and angry celebrities to damaged art in a museum. Despite the challenges, she says the job was a lot of fun and she gained many skills and contacts. I've planned every sort of event — from a city...
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Top Stories: What's New in iOS 15.2, Universal Control Delayed, and More

Just a week ahead of Christmas, things remain busy in the Apple news and rumor world, with Apple this week releasing iOS 15.2, macOS Monterey 12.1, and other related operating system updates. Unfortunately, the much-anticipated Universal Control feature didn't make the cut, so we'll have to wait until 2022 for that. As far as rumors go, we heard more about next year's iPhone 14, an updated larger iMac, and potentially some new external displays, so read on for details on these stories and mor...
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10 Tips for Making the Most of Trends in the Small Business Community

Monitoring trends is a huge part of running a small business. Each year brings changes in your industry and the tools and platforms you use. So your ability to adapt can majorly impact your success. Read about some current trends and insights from members of the online small business community here. Learn from the Hooks of Viral TikToks TikTok is certainly one of the trendiest social platforms of 2021. So it can provide tons of value for marketers. Even if you don’t actually use TikTok to rea...
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The weekend’s best deals: Epic Games Store holiday sale, Apple devices, and more

Dealmaster also includes good noise-canceling headphones and Philips Hue lights. #dealmaster #epicgamesstore
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New Local Attack Vector Expands the Attack Surface of Log4j Vulnerability

Cybersecurity researchers have discovered an entirely new attack vector that enables adversaries to exploit the Log4Shell vulnerability on servers locally by using a JavaScript WebSocket connection. "This newly-discovered attack vector means that anyone with a vulnerable Log4j version on their machine or local private network can browse a website and potentially trigger the vulnerability," [Author: [email protected] (Ravie Lakshmanan)]
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Weekend reading: Save your Christmas with a good book

What caught my eye this week. H ere we are at the end of 2020 2021 – sorry, pandemic brain – and the final Monevator missive of the year. And what a ride it was! Remember the meme stock madness? The SPAC boom? The crypto-mania and the pixel painting that sold for millions? The restaurants reopening and seeing your first menu for six months? Party-gate, and our GOAT Prime Minister – greatest that is if you’re under-three-years old or you grew up in a Banana Republic? The past 12 months had the ...
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Google warns that NSO hacking is on par with elite nation-state spies

ForcedEntry is “one of the most technically sophisticated exploits.” #nso #forcedentry
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Apache Issues 3rd Patch to Fix New High-Severity Log4j Vulnerability

The issues with Log4j continued to stack up as the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) on Friday rolled out yet another patch — version 2.17.0 — for the widely used logging library that could be exploited by malicious actors to stage a denial-of-service (DoS) attack. Tracked as CVE-2021-45105 (CVSS score: 7.5), the new vulnerability affects all versions of the tool from 2.0-beta9 to 2.16.0, which [Author: [email protected] (Ravie Lakshmanan)]
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What I saw at the Theranos trial: long lines, superfans and the enduring power of Elizabeth Holmes

As a journalist, I have stood in pre-dawn lines and contested with ‘Holmies’ and true-crime fanatics for a courthouse spotThe trial of Elizabeth Holmes has seen plenty of courtroom drama, but outside the courthouse in San Jose, California, a spectacle of another sort has unfolded week after week.On landmark days – such as opening arguments, testimony from star witnesses and when Holmes made the risky decision to take the stand herself – journalists, true crime fans and other spectators have turn...
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