After 50 Years, Vacuum-Sealed Container From 1972 Moon Landing Will Finally Be Opened

"Apollo mission planners were really smart. Recognizing that future scientists will have better tools and richer scientific insights, they refrained from opening a portion of the lunar samples returned from the historic Apollo missions," writes Gizmodo. "One of these sample containers, after sitting untouched for 50 years, is now set to be opened." The sample in question was collected by Gene Cernan in 1972. The Apollo 17 astronaut was working in the Taurus-Littrow Valley when he hammered a 2...
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NASA Releases New Photos of Jupiter - and a Recording of Its Moon that Sounds Like R2-D2

"As it seeks answers about the cosmos and what they mean for Earth's origins, NASA on Friday announced a slew of discoveries about Jupiter," reports the Washington Post "And scientists brought home an interstellar tune from the road." The Juno spacecraft is gathering data about the origin of the solar system's biggest planet — in which more than 1,300 Earths could fit. Among its recent findings are photos from inside the planet's ring, a map of its magnetic field, details of its atmosphere a...
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Korean Air first carrier to use drone swarms for aircraft inspection

In what’s thought to be an industry first, Korean Air has started using a swarm of drones for the visual inspection of aircraft.
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2021 Had Six Different Cryptocurrency Heists Over $100 Million

More than 20 different times in the last 12 months, at least $10 million was stolen from a cryptocurrency exchange or project, reports NBC News. "In at least six cases, hackers stole more than $100 million..." By comparison, bank robberies netted perpetrators an average of less than $5,000 per heist last year, according to the FBI's annual crime statistics... "If you hack a Fortune 500 company today, you might steal some usernames and passwords," said Esteban Castaño, the CEO and co-founder o...
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A day after dropping its price, YouTube TV raises it right back after new Disney deal

Disney and Google reached an agreement Sunday to distribute the media company's channels on YouTube TV.
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2021's Hugo Award Winners Include a Videogame, Plus Netflix and NBC Shows

The World Science Fiction Society has selected this year's winners for their prestigious Hugo award. The best novel award went to Network Effect, the fifth book in the Murderbot Diaries series by Martha Wells, which also won this year's Hugo award for best series. (And Network Effect also won 2021's Nebula award for best novel, given by the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America.) Here's how publisher begins their description: You know that feeling when you're at work, and you...
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Google's YouTube TV Reaches Deal to Restore Disney Channels

"YouTube TV's battle with Disney is over almost as soon as it began," reports Engadget. "The two have struck a deal that restores access to ESPN, FX and other Disney channels on YouTube's streaming service..." As is often the case with disputes like this, each side blamed the other. Disney claimed YouTube TV "declined to reach a fair deal," while YouTube maintained that it was advocating on "behalf" of viewers... It's not just that channels like ESPN remain a major draw for live TV services â...
Tags: Google, Youtube, Disney, Tech, Espn, Hulu, Reuters, Engadget, YouTube TV, ESPN FX

Google's YouTube TV Reaches Deal to Restore Access to Disney Channels

(Reuters) - Alphabet Inc's YouTube said on Sunday it has reached a deal with Walt Disney Co to distribute all Disney-owned channels on its platform...
Tags: Google, Youtube, Disney, Walt Disney Co, REUTERS Alphabet Inc, Disney Channels

YouTube TV and Disney reach deal

Disney and Google reached an agreement Sunday to distribute the media company's channels on YouTube TV.
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Nationwide Insurance Review (2022)

Nationwide Review In Our Opinion: Nationwide is a great option for car insurance, especially for senior citizens. We found Nationwide to be outstanding in availability and coverage but lacking in affordability. Industry Standing: 90 Availability: 95 Coverage: 95 Affordability: 85 Customer Service: 85 Online Experience: 85 Pros Available in 47 states A+ financial strength rating from AM Best and A+ rating from the BBB Many choices fo...
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Disney and YouTube TV cut a deal to bring back ESPN, FX, and other channels

Disney and YouTube TV have reached a deal today to put more than a dozen Disney-owned channels back on Google’s internet TV streaming service. The news follows a previous announcement late...
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'Spider-Man: No Way Home' Beats 'Star Wars' Sequels to Become Third-Biggest Opening Ever

Variety argues that young men — the key audience for comic book and science-fiction films "have been fueling attendance for pandemic-era hits..." But even with that, this weekend Spider-Man: No Way Home "crushed box office expectations, generating a mammoth $253 million from 4,336 theaters in North America." It was easily the best domestic opening weekend turnout of any movie in pandemic times. Prior to this weekend, no other COVID-era film had been able to cross even $100 million in a single ...
Tags: Disney, Tech, Sony, North America, Toro, New York City Box

Disney, Google Reach Deal for YouTube TV

Disney and Google said they reached a deal to restore ESPN, ABC and other channels to YouTube TV, two days after a contract dispute knocked them off the streamer. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. Google said the price for YouTube TV would remain $64.99/month with the Disney renewal but that it would still […]
Tags: Google, News, Disney, ESPN ABC, YouTube TV, Disney Google Reach Deal for YouTube TV

Ruby on Rails Creator Touts 7.0 as One-Person Framework, 'The Way It Used To Be'

David Heinemeier Hansson is the creator of Ruby on Rails (as well as the co-founder and CTO of Basecamp, makers of the email software HEY). But he says Wednesday's release of version 7.0 is the version he's been longing for, "The one where all the cards are on the table. No more tricks up our sleeves. The culmination of years of progress on five different fronts at once." The backend gets some really nice upgrades, especially with the encryption work that we did for HEY, so your data can be enc...
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Melting Glaciers May Create New Pacific Salmon Habitat, Study Finds

UPI reports: Melting glaciers may produce thousands of miles of new Pacific salmon habitat, a study published Tuesday by Nature Communications found. As glaciers in the mountains of western North America melt, or retreat, they could produce around 4,000 miles of new Pacific salmon habitat by the year 2100, the data showed. After modeling glacier retreat under different climate change scenarios, the glaciers could reveal potential new Pacific salmon habitat nearly equal to the length of the Mi...
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Covid Vaccines Fight Serious Illness, But Only Pfizer and Moderna With a Booster Stop Omicron Infections

"A growing body of preliminary research suggests the COVID vaccines used in most of the world offer almost no defense against becoming infected by the highly contagious omicron variant," reports the New York Times. (Emphasis added, because they stress that "All vaccines still seem to provide a significant degree of protection against serious illness from omicron, which is the most crucial goal.") "But only the Pfizer and Moderna shots, when reinforced by a booster, appear to have initial succe...
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And the Biggest Scientific Breakthrough of 2021 Is...

Slashdot reader sciencehabit quotes Science magazine: In his 1972 Nobel Prize acceptance speech, American biochemist Christian Anfinsen laid out a vision: One day it would be possible, he said, to predict the 3D structure of any protein merely from its sequence of amino acid building blocks. With hundreds of thousands of proteins in the human body alone, such an advance would have vast applications, offering insights into basic biology and revealing promising new drug targets. Now, after nearly...
Tags: Tech, Anfinsen, Christian Anfinsen, Gaetano Montelione

Is Wolfram the Smartest Programming Language In the Room?

theodp writes: Out of the box, does your programming language support Chemical Formulas & Chemical Reactions? Making Videos from Images & Videos? Integrals? Real Numbers? Graph Trees? Leap Seconds? Bio Sequences? Flight Data? Vector Displacement Plots? Lighting? Machine Learning? Tracking Robots? Notebooks? Creating, Deploying and Grading Quizzes? Analysis of Email Threads? Access to 2,249 User-Defined Functions? NFTs? These are just some of the feature upgrades Stephen Wolfram touched upon as...
Tags: Tech, Stephen Wolfram, Wolfram Language

Apple: Trigger Blocker

It's time for social media users to take back control of their algorithms. We were tasked with solving a problem using technology from the past three years. A huge problem we found was that 25% of occasional dieters develop eating disorders. Through our research, we discovered that dieters are often triggered by the overwhelming presence of diet culture on social media. So, we decided to create a feature on Apple's next IOS software update to help users take back control of th...
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5 questions smart people ask themselves before they speak

Our instinctive response will rarely be our best response.Klaus Vedfelt/Getty Images In order to add productively to any conversation, it's important to think before you speak. Consider holding back instinctive responses until you can think and reflect more clearly. You should also use empathy, avoid using "drama language," and listen fully before chiming in. "Think before you speak," I told my 6-year-old son, Liam, earlier this week. I immediately regretted saying it as it's often ...
Tags: Apple, Instagram, Australia, Trends, Strategy, Barcelona, Young, Listening Skills, Forge, Nordic, Relationship Advice, James Clear, Gilbert, Elizabeth Gilbert, Liam, Michael Thompson

Huawei Band 6, la Montre Connectée Hybride est à 39€ (video)

Source : Huawei Band 6, la Montre Connectée Hybride est à 39€ (video) Disponible depuis quelques mois seulement, la montre connectée Huawei Band 6 compatible IOS et Android fait déjà l’unanimité avec son design hybride à mi-chemin entre un bracelet connecté et une smartwatch ce qui en fait la plus polyvalente du marché… Huawei Band 6, la Montre connectée hybride Huawei est actuellement le seul fabricant à proposer une […] The post Huawei Band 6, la Montre Connectée Hybride est à...
Tags: Iphone, Ios, Android, Seo, Smartphone, Huawei, Montre, Huawei Band

Pokemon AI Bot Randomly Creates Completely Original Creatures

An avid Pokemon hobbyist has made use of a bot to see how well an AI could produce its own colorful and unique set of catchable critters, the results sure to prove entertaining as the entity nearly manages to create entire feasible creatures. Despite there being over 800 in existence, one curious fanatic decided to […]
Tags: Games, Technology, Pokemon, Anime, Ai, Otaku, Image Gallery, Character Design

Scientists Discover Seaweed Species That Stops Cows from Emitting Methane

"Globally, methane is responsible for 30% of global warming. Of that, livestock, such as cattle, account for about one-third of all methane emissions," reports CBS News. But researchers discovered that feeding seaweed to cattle would reduce greenhouse gases by as much as 40%, they're told by a Canadian farmer named Joe Dorgan who first discovered the connection: Digesting roughage requires extra digestion from cows and causes cows to burp more. Those burps emit methane, a heat-trapping greenh...
Tags: Australia, Cbs News, Tech, Earth, Goldman, Dorgan, Josh Goldman, Kinley, Joe Dorgan, Futurefeed Rob Kinley, Asparagopsis

AmeriFreight: Reviews, Costs, & Services (2021)

Affiliate disclosure: Automoblog and its partners may be compensated when you purchase the products below. AmeriFreight Review In Our Opinion: AmeriFreight is a popular auto shipping company that offers an easy quotes process and has high customer service reviews. The company separates itself from many competitors due to its many discounts that help drive down car shipping costs. Overall, AmeriFreight is an auto transport broker worth considering for your car transport needs. Repu...
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New Implanted Chip Technology Capable of Holding “Vaccination Status”

The world continues to descend into absurdity and Orwellian design as a Sweden-based company announced a new implanted chip that holds a person’s vaccination status, certain to have many wondering when it will inevitably end up being used as a means of control over normal citizens. Epicenter “The House of Digital Innovations” recently showcased their […]
Tags: Health, Politics, Technology, Sweden, Medical, International, Bizarre, Anime, Coronavirus, New Implanted Chip Technology Capable of Holding, House of Digital Innovations

Baby driver: Philadelphia woman gives birth in front seat of Tesla on autopilot

Yiran Sherry’s waters broke while the family was stuck in traffic, leading to what is believed to be the world’s first ‘Tesla baby’A Philadelphia mother has given birth to what is believed to be the world’s first Tesla baby: an infant delivered in the front seat of an electric smart car while it was driving on autopilot.The remarkable delivery, reported by the Philadelphia Inquirer, took place in September while Yiran Sherry, 33, and her husband Keating Sherry, 34, were taking their three-year-o...
Tags: Technology, Tesla, US news, Philadelphia, Philadelphia Inquirer, Rafa, Yiran Sherry, Keating Sherry

Can Invasive Fish Be Scared Off With a Menacing Robot Predator?

The mosquitofish threatens native fish populations in Australia — including two of the most criticially endangered, reports the New York Times. And in various parts of the world, "For decades scientists have been trying to figure out how to control it, without damaging the surrounding ecosystem. But in a new lab experiment, "the mosquitofish may have finally met its match: A menacing fish-shaped robot." It's "their worst nightmare," said Giovanni Polverino, a behavioral ecologist at the Univ...
Tags: Australia, Tech, New York Times, Slashdot, University of California Davis, University of Western Australia, Giovanni Polverino, Polverino, Peter Klimley

Is the Cloud Making Internet Services More Fragile?

In the past three weeks, two major outages at Amazon's cloud computing service "led to widespread disruptions at other online services," reports NBC News. And they also cite June's "service configuration" issue at cloud CDN Fastly, which took countless sites offline including PayPal, Reddit and GitHub, and an AWS outage in November of 2020 which affected clients like Apple. "The drumbeat of issues underscores that the internet, despite all it's capable of, is sometimes fragile...." The latest...
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