Microsoft joins Google, GM in not attending CES tech conference in person over Omicron surge

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella.Justin Sullivan/Getty Images Google, Facebook, and Intel have all canceled their plans to attend the CES tech conference in Las Vegas next month, citing a surge in COVID-19 cases. Microsoft said on Friday that it would also not attend the conference in-person, The Verge first reported. Many of these companies will maintain a digital presence at CES. Microsoft is the latest tech company to drop its attendance at the CES tech conference as COVID-19 cases continue to ...
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Daddy’s Hangout 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

2021 is almost in the books and it definitely has been an eventful year. We are still dealing with Covid as the numbers begin to rise again forcing games to be postponed or cancelled. Unfortunately, the Covid bug hit my family in the month of October. We made it through after 4 weeks of being sick and now we are gearing up for the holiday season. This year I’ve had the pleasure of trying out some great items and there’s some that’s still on my wish list. I’ll be honest, with my kids being olde...
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Large Ocean Fossil Discovered in Nevada Could Hold Key To Aquatic Evolution

An 8-foot-long skull discovered in the Augusta Mountains of Nevada is the largest fossil ever found from its time. The research team believes that the remarkable discovery could provide insight into how modern whales developed, and how to preserve their presence in our oceans. From a report: The fossil -- a newly discovered species of ichthyosaur, a type of large aquatic reptile -- dates to about 246 million years ago. The newly-named cymbospondylus youngorum is, according to the research team, ...
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Lasch—To Postpone a Reckoning

Christopher Lasch The World of Nations (1973) Ch. XVIII, "Birth, Death, and Technology: The Limits of Cultural Laissez-Faire" The prevailing image of technological utopia begets the counter-image of technological nightmare—the appalling vision of a scientific totalitarianism, embodied in such anti-utopian novels as Aldous Huxley's Brave New World and George Orwell's 1984. On the one hand we have a greatly exaggerated faith in the ability of science to solve all the material problems of lif...
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Russia Steps Up Pressure on Google, Meta With Record Fines

A Russian court fined Alphabet's Google 7.2 billion rubles ($98 million) and Meta Platforms 2 billion rubles Friday for failing to remove banned content, the largest such penalties yet, as the authorities escalate a crackdown on foreign technology companies. From a report: The fines were due to the companies' repeated failure to comply with orders to take down content and based on a percentage of their annual earnings in Russia, the federal communications watchdog said in a statement. Google and...
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DoorDash Will Require All Employees To Deliver Goods or Perform Other Gigs

cstacy shares a report: All DoorDash employees, from software engineers up to the chief executive, will have to perform deliveries or maybe shadow a customer-service agent once a month starting next year -- and some of them aren't happy about it. DoorDash confirmed Thursday that it told employees this week it is reinstating the program, called WeDash, in January. The company said it has had the program since its inception and in 2018 tied it to a philanthropic effort to address hunger and food w...
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Centralized Crypto Exchanges Saw Over $14 Trillion in Trading Volume this Year

Centralized crypto exchanges, which hold customers' private keys unlike decentralized exchanges, reported more than $14 trillion in trading volume in the year 2021, according to The Block Research. From the report: That figure is a massive 689% increase compared to 2020 trading volumes, based on data as of December 24. Last year, centralized crypto exchanges facilitated over $1.8 trillion in trading volumes. All these numbers are from The Block's Legitimate Index, which takes volume data from th...
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More than 50 Apple employees have reportedly walked off the job on Christmas Eve and urged customers to boycott the iPhone maker

An Apple store.Spencer Platt/Getty Images A group of more than 50 Apple retail employees reportedly walked out on Christmas Eve, demanding better work conditions. Most Apple stores in the US are open until 6 p.m. on Christmas Eve and closed on Christmas Day. The group's demands include a more respectful workplace and paid sick time. A group of Apple employees is planning to walk off their jobs on Christmas Eve and are urging a customer boycott on the day — when much last-minute holiday sh...
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The Universe is Expanding Faster Than it Should Be

It's one of the biggest puzzles in modern astronomy: Based on multiple observations of stars and galaxies, the universe seems to be flying apart faster than our best models of the cosmos predict it should. Evidence of this conundrum has been accumulating for years, causing some researchers to call it a looming crisis in cosmology. Now a group of researchers using the Hubble Space Telescope has compiled a massive new dataset, and they've found a-million-to-one odds that the discrepancy is a stati...
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Intel Apologizes In China Over Xinjiang Statement

AltMachine writes: Intel has apologized in China following a backlash over a directive to suppliers not to source products or labor from the Xinjiang region where "forced labors" are allegedly occurring, though critics pointed out that the claims are based on dubious researches made by groups with backing from China's geopolitical rivals US and NATO. "Although our original intention was to ensure compliance with US laws, this letter has caused many questions and concerns among our cherished Chin...
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Why aliens should be terrified of NASA’s new space telescope

NASA’s  James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) is set to launch real soon — on December 25 at 07:20am EST (12:20 GMT/UTC) to be precise — and the scientific community is buzzing with anticipation. Some scientists are excited at the prospect of ‘traveling through time’ to discover the origin story of our universe, while others hope it’ll help us connect the dots between classical and quantum physics. But at least one researcher believes the JWST could be a harbinger of ill tidings. In an interview ove...
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Amazon Cloud Unit Draws Antitrust Scrutiny From Khan's FTC

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission is pushing forward with antitrust scrutiny of Amazon's cloud computing business, according to Bloomberg News. From the report: Lina Khan, the head of the agency and a vocal critic of the online retailer, is advancing a probe started several years ago by her predecessor. FTC investigators have contacted companies in the past few months to gather information about competition issues related to Amazon Web Services, said the people, who declined to be named because ...
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How Netflix is changing the global entertainment industry

Netflix Netflix is writing the playbook for global entertainment. The streaming company reshaped the market for content and transformed its business in the process. It's exploring areas including video games for its next frontier.  See more stories on Insider's business page. Since Netflix began its worldwide expansion in 2016, the streaming service has rewritten the playbook for global entertainment — from TV to film, and, soon, video games.Hollywood used to exports most global hit s...
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Intel Core i7-12800H CPU outperforms Apple M1 Max in new benchmark

Intel’s Alder Lake Intel Core i7-12800H has appeared in a new benchmark, with the CPU showcasing impressive performance levels over Apple’s M1 Max chip.
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When Good Macs Go Bad (Part II)

In my last column I offered a handful of quick and easy techniques for troubleshooting a wonky Mac, including restarting, rebooting into safe mode, running Disk Utility’s First Aid, resetting NVRAM or SMC, and running OnyX. These procedures are all relatively painless and unlikely to make things worse. If none of them cured what ails your Mac, however, there are still a few more things you can try before you throw in the towel. Disconnect Everything First, disconnect all external devices—hard ...
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Top 5 Business Technology Trends In 2022

We take a look at the top 5 business technology trends to watch in 2022 and beyond that will be critical to the survival and success of enterprises in the next few years. The post Top 5 Business Technology Trends In 2022 appeared first on Young Upstarts.
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Revealed: The Top 10 Custom Motorcycles of 2021

It’s that time of year again! And once again, it’s been a year we’re glad to see the back of. The pandemic didn’t seem to put a dent in the custom scene, though: for every larger workshop experiencing a slowdown, there seemed to be an amateur builder taking up the tools. This list is a purely data-driven exposé of the most popular bikes of 2021. It’s calculated via our website stats, with a focus on page views and social engagement—which went through the roof this year. Healthy global inte...
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SEC Rejects Valkyrie, Kryptoin Bitcoin Trusts

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission vetoed two proposals to offer bitcoin exchange-traded funds, dealing a blow to market participants who had hoped the agency would green light the effort after approving futures-backed bitcoin funds in October. From a report: In a notice dated Wednesday, the markets regulator said both of the proposals to list and trade shares of Valkyrie Bitcoin Fund and the Kryptoin Bitcoin ETF Trust failed to be approved because they did not meet its standard. "(Thes...
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Apple Must Let Dating Apps Offer Alternative Payment Methods in App Store, Dutch Regulator Says

Apple must let dating apps like Tinder and Match offer payment methods other than Apple's in-app purchase system in the App Store in the Netherlands, or else it will face fines, the Dutch competition regulator announced today. Specifically, the Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM) said Apple will have to pay a penalty of five million euros per week, up to a maximum of 50 million euros, if it does not comply with the order within two months. The deadline comes a few months after the ACM r...
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Sketchy Rumor Claims iPhone 15 Pro Won't Have Physical SIM Card Slot

iPhone 15 Pro models may lack a physical SIM card slot, according to a sketchy rumor shared by Brazilian website Blog do iPhone. Image Credit: iFixit While recent iPhone models have a physical nano-SIM card slot and a digital eSIM, the report claims that iPhone 15 Pro models slated for release in 2023 will instead have two eSIMs, ensuring that Dual-SIM functionality remains available. Dual-SIM mode allows you to have two lines of service on one iPhone, which is useful for purchasing data-onl...
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The Motorola Razr is making a comeback, Lenovo exec confirms

Looks like Motorola may finally release a successor to the 2020 Moto Razr sometime next year.
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HDMI 2.1a Standard Will Feature Source-Based Tone Mapping

The SBTM is actually made to enrich the HDR experience as it offers a broader range of optimizations for HDR-capable devices. The post HDMI 2.1a Standard Will Feature Source-Based Tone Mapping appeared first on
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TSMC To Begin 3nm Chip Production in the Last Quarter of 2022

The new 3nm processors are expected to show better performance capabilities and better battery life. The post TSMC To Begin 3nm Chip Production in the Last Quarter of 2022 appeared first on
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AMD Ryzen Threadripper PRO 5000 Specifications Leaked

The expected launch month of Threadriipper PRO 5000 is March 2022. The announcement will, however, be made on the 4th of January at CES The post AMD Ryzen Threadripper PRO 5000 Specifications Leaked appeared first on
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Intel Cancels Booth At CES In 2022, Will Not Be Exhibiting Anything

This was done in compliance with the guidelines set forward by CTA, the organizers of CES keeping in view the involvement of the company in COVID-19's  Omicron variant The post Intel Cancels Booth At CES In 2022, Will Not Be Exhibiting Anything appeared first on
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How to Watch Apple TV+ on Amazon Fire TV Devices

It is not just Apple hardware that allows you to watch the likes of The Morning Show and Ted Lasso on Apple TV+. The streaming service is also accessible via a free app that works on a variety of Amazon Fire TV devices. Compatible Amazon Fire TV Devices According to Apple, these are the Amazon Fire TV devices that are compatible with the Apple TV app: Fire TV Stick 4K (2018) Fire TV Stick – Gen 2 (2016) Fire TV Stick – Basic Edition (2017) Fire TV Cube (Gen 2) Fire TV Cube (Gen 1) Fire TV – G...
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Russian court fines Alphabet's Google and Meta Platforms

A Moscow court on Friday said it was fining Alphabet's Google 7.2 billion roubles for what it said was a repeated failure to delete content Russia deems illegal, the first revenue-based fine of... #metaplatformsamoscow #alphabet
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What You’re Favorite WFH Apps Would Have Looked Like in Mac OS 9

As people worked from home during the pandemic, Michael Feeney began to wonder what the key apps for his, and many others’, WFH workflow would have looked like back in the days of Mac OS 9.  He created (mac)OStalgia, which, in the designer’s own words, “is exploring my 2021 work-from-home routine from a nostalgic perspective. How would have the same workflow looked like with the tools of today and the limitations of yesterday.” It’s great to have a nostalgic browse through – thanks to MacRumors ...
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Let’s not become a nation of physician-robots

My 5-year-old proudly told me during lunch, “Did you know animals don’t cry?” When she told me this, I had to think about it and then immediately Google this. Having small kids teaches you many random facts, including that sharks don’t blink because they don’t have eyelids. So, when she told me her new fact, Read more… Let’s not become a nation of physician-robots originally appeared in
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Here's what modern apps would look like on a 1990s Mac

Michael Feeney says: "(mac)OStalgia is exploring my 2021 work-from-home routine from a nostalgic perspective. How would have the same workflow look like with the tools of today and the limitations of yesterday? MacOS 9 meets modern software with unreliable internet, little disk storage, and many more tech hiccups." — Read the rest
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