Ask Slashdot: How Many Files Are on Your Computer?

With some time on their hands, long-time Slashdot reader shanen began exploring the question: How many files does my Windows 10 computer have? But then they realized "It would also be interesting to compare the weirdness on other OSes..." Here are the two data points in front of me: (1) Using the right click on properties for all of the top-level folders on the drive (including the so-called hidden folders), it quickly determined that there are a few hundred thousand files in those folders ...
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New Era Begins: Construction Starts on 47-Acre Fusion Reactor Funded by Google and Bill Gates

Heating plasma fuel to over 100 million degrees Celsius to create inexpensive and unlimited zero-emissions electricity "has been compared to everything from a holy grail to fool's gold..." writes the Boston Globe, "or an expensive delusion diverting scarce money and brainpower from the urgent needs of rapidly addressing climate change." [N]ow, after breakthroughs this year at MIT and elsewhere, scientists — and a growing number of deep-pocketed investors — insist that fusion is for real and coul...
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How Peter Jackson's Beatles Documentary Used Custom AI To Remove Background Noise

Peter Jackson's seven-hour documentary "Get Back" (now streaming on Disney+) edits footage from the Beatles' ambitious recording sessions for their 1970 album Let It Be. But long-time Slashdot reader MattSparkes writes that the whole documentary "would have been impossible without custom-made artificial intelligence, say sound engineers." Sixty hours of footage were recorded but most of the audio was captured by a single microphone that picked up the musicians' instruments in a noisy jumble rath...
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'A Christmas Gift for Humanity' - Cheers Erupt After Webb Telescope Completes Flawless Launch

"We have LIFTOFF of the @NASAWebb Space Telescope!" NASA tweeted seven hours ago, sharing a 32-second video of the launch. "At 7:20am ET (12:20 UTC), the beginning of a new, exciting decade of science climbed to the sky," they wrote, adding that the telescope "will change our understanding of space as we know it." The CBC reports: The world's largest and most powerful space telescope rocketed away Saturday on a high-stakes quest to behold light from the first stars and galaxies, and scour the ...
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Nostalgic gaming: how playing the video games of your youth reconnects you to yourself

With emulators available even on smartphones, dipping into your playing past is easier than everNick Bowman gestures to the old-fashioned gaming consoles littering his desk.“Whenever I am having kind of a crappy day, I pull out the Nintendo,” he says, pointing. “That’s a licensed one. I also have a Raspberry Pi that I have all my emulators on. [And] I have the original Pokemon Red on my smartphone.” Continue reading...
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'Quite OK Image' Format (QOI) Coming To a Graphics Program Near You?

Slashdot reader Tesseractic comes bearing gifts — specifically, news of "a new image format that is lossless, gives much faster encodes, faster decodes and roughly comparable compression compared to what's in use today." Quite OK Image format (or QOI) is the brainchild of developer Dominic Szablewski, who complains current image formats like PNG, JPEG, MPEG, MOV and MP4 "burst with complexity at the seams," the Register reports: "Every tiny aspect screams 'design by consortium'," he added, go...
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Denmark Sees Initial Signs that Dire Omicron Surge can be Avoided

"Early benchmarks from Denmark on infections and hospitalizations are providing grounds for guarded optimism that highly vaccinated countries might be able to weather the omicron wave," reports the Washington Post. "The developments, coupled with Denmark's speedy rollout of booster shots, have raised hopes the country can avoid the dire surge for which it has been bracing..." [O]ver the last week, the country has fared better than it was expecting. After surging to record-breaking levels, the ...
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10 Things You Need to Know About Your New iPad

It's just after the December holidays, and many people may have received an iPad as a gift. If that's you and you're new to the ‌iPad‌ or this is your first update in some time, make sure to check out the tips below to get the most out of your tablet, whether it's an iPad mini, ‌iPad‌, iPad Air, or iPad Pro. Basic Tips for Beginners If you're brand new to the ‌iPad‌, we have some basic articles that will walk you through the fundamentals you need to know to get started with your ‌iPad‌. H...
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Apple iPhone 15 Pro will ditch the SIM card slot

According to recent rumors, the iPhone 15 Pro will completely ditch the SIM tray to use a full eSIM solution for cellular connectivity. #simtray #iphone #iphone15pro
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Will It Take More Than Open Source Funding To Prevent the Next Log4j?

"While the lack of funding in open source is certainly a problem, could funding have prevented the Log4j vulnerabilities?" asks Mike Melanson's "This Week in Programming" column. "Would funding actually prevent similar vulnerabilities in the future...?" Or is that an oversimplification? In a blog post for the Linux Foundation's Open Source Security Foundation (OpenSSF), Brian Behlendorf argued that open source foundations must work together to prevent the next Log4Shell scramble, outlining se...
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The Free Software Foundation Recommends Last-Minute Gift Ideas

"Do you need a last-minute gift these upcoming holidays," asks the Free Software Foundation, "one that will keep on giving for the rest of the year? "Free your own digital life and the ones of those you love by opting to give them a gift that will raise their social consciousness, create more lasting cheer, and defend #UserFreedom: Gift a Free Software Foundation (FSF) associate membership!" After donating, you'll receive a code and a printable page so that you can present your gift as a phys...
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How Tim Burton, Disney, and a Giant Warehouse Produced 'The Nightmare Before Christmas'

SFGate visits a San Francisco elementary school where there's absolutely no trace of warehouse that used to be there where Tim Burton kicked a hole in the wall during the arduous two-year filming of "The Nightmare Before Christmas". At least one animator remembers Burton at the time was directing Batman Returns, and only stopped by every month or so to check on the film's progress and "actually got to witness, proof positive, how the crew suffered to create his vision...." Slashdot reader de...
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Six Useful Tips for New AirPods Owners

Just get a new set of AirPods for Christmas? If so, we've rounded up a handy list of tips, tricks, and features that you might not know about to get you acquainted with your new earbuds. First, if you are new to AirPods entirely, we have a long list of basic tips on how to use your AirPods. AirPods Basics How to Set Up and Connect Your New AirPods How to Change the Name of Your AirPods, AirPods Pro, or AirPods Max How to Use Just One AirPod or AirPod Pro How to Clean Your AirPods ...
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Whoever invented USB-C deserves a Nobel Prize

We tech reporters like to complain about tech a lot. Whether it’s the invasion of our privacy, worrisome use of AI, or the death of the headphone jack, we can be a fussy bunch. But as I emptied out boxes of old tech gear to start the new year fresh, I couldn’t help but be grateful for one of the best decisions the tech industry has made in the past few years: adopting USB-C. Back in 2015, when Apple first introduced USB-C to the mainstream with the redesigned MacBook, I called it the one port to...
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Just got a shiny new iPhone? Here’s how we set ours up

Did you get a new iPhone for the holidays? There are a few different ways you could set up your shiny new device. Here's how we set ours up.
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But Who’s Counting?

My son was born Christmas Day, 1988. In 33 years, he’s seen a tidal wave of technological change. In 1988, we didn’t have the World Wide Web, Google, or GPS, cell phones or cellphone cameras, MP3 players or streaming video and music. There were no digital cameras or DVD players, no croc shoes or e-bay, no email or Youtube.In 1988 there were no hybrid cars or electric cars, no texting or disposable contact lenses, no Amazon or Paypal, no Wifi or Netflix, no podcasts or online books.There was...
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A man has been arrested after 100 iPads meant as gifts for sick kids were stolen from a children's hospital

A Google Street View image of Alder Hey Children's hospital in Liverpool, UK.Screenshot/Google Street View Police in Liverpool, UK arrested a man after 100 iPads meant as gifts for sick children were stolen. The iPads, worth over $90,000, were stolen at night from outside a children's hospital, say. Police arrested the man after finding footage of 40 iPads being sold to a tech store in the city. A 54-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of theft after 100 iPads worth about $9...
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Scientists Finally Solve the Mystery of Why Comets Glow Green

A team of chemists just solved the mystery of why comets' heads -- but not their tails -- glow green, which had puzzled researchers for decades. From a report: Studying an elusive molecule, which only fleetingly exists on Earth, was the key. Comets are speeding chunks of ice and dust left over from the formation of the solar system, which occasionally venture from the system's cold outer reaches to pass by Earth. Back in the 1930s, Gerhard Herzberg, who later won the Nobel prize for his research...
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Neural’s best quantum computing and physics stories from 2021

2021 will be remembered for a lot of things, but when it’s all said and done we think it’ll eventually get called the year quantum computing finally came into focus. That’s not to say useful quantum computers have actually arrived yet. They’re still somewhere between a couple years and a couple centuries away. Sorry for being so vague, but when you’re dealing with quantum physics there aren’t yet many guarantees. This is because physics is an incredibly complex and challenging field of study. An...
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Here's What We Know About Android 13 So Far (gizmodo)

Ahead of Android 12L’s arrival, Android phone users are getting a sneak peek at what could be some of the features coming to Android 13 ‘Tiramisu” next year. Based on this early look, Google’s mobile OS upgrade could bring enhancements to notifications, battery management, and the way apps handle different languages.Read more... [Author: Phillip Tracy]
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Personal and Salary Data for 637,138 Albanian Citizens Leaks Online

The Albanian government has confirmed and apologized this week for a data leak that exposed the personal and salary-related information for 637,138 citizens, more than 22% of the country's entire population. From a report: Details such as names, ID card numbers, salaries, job positions, and employer names were shared over the weekend on WhatsApp as an Excel document. The file included what appeared to be tax and salary information filed by companies with the Albanian government for the month of ...
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Nasa's X-ray Boom Arm for Black Hole Studies Extends in Orbit

Nasa's Imaging X-ray Polarimetry Explorer (IXPE) has successfully extended its 4-metre boom arm to assume its operational configuration. From a report: Launched on 9 December atop a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket from the Kennedy Space Centre in Florida, IXPE is a space observatory designed to study X-rays from black holes, neutron stars and other exotic celestial objects. To bring X-rays into focus requires a long telescope because mirrors cannot bend the highly energetic rays by large amounts. Instead...
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Gigantism Is a Never-Ending Temptation for Engineers and Designers

Vaclav Smil, writing at IEEE Spectrum: There is a fundamental difference between what can be designed and built and what makes sense. History provides a lesson in the shape of record-setting behemoths that have never since been equaled. The Egyptian pyramids started small, and in just a few generations, some 4,500 years ago, there came Khufu's enormous pyramid, which nobody has ever tried to surpass. Shipbuilders in ancient Greece kept on expanding the size of their oared vessels until they buil...
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