United States: Online Travel Update: Google May Pose A Bigger Threat To OTAs Than Ever - Foster Garvey

Happy holidays from snowy Seattle... As you can see from the stories we've included below, it was a very quiet week in online travel. Enjoy.
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Microsoft Issues Fix for Exchange Y2K22 Bug That Crippled Email Delivery Service

Microsoft, over the weekend, rolled out a fix to address an issue that caused email messages to get stuck on its Exchange Server platforms due to what it blamed on a date validation error at around the turn of the year. "The problem relates to a date check failure with the change of the new year and it [is] not a failure of the [antivirus] engine itself," the company said in a blog post. "This [Author: [email protected] (Ravie Lakshmanan)]
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Google Stadia and Nvidia GeForce Now are coming to Samsung’s 2022 smart TVs

Some of Samsung's TVs released in 2022 will add support for Google Stadia and GeForce Now for easy access to cloud gaming. #googlestadia #nvidiageforcenow
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Tesla rival races to introduce driverless cars by 2024

Making predictions about technology is a notoriously dangerous sport, and the onset of driverless cars is a particularly perilous thing to forecast.Google once pledged that the public would be able to buy robot vehicles from 2020... [Author: [email protected]]
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Book Publishers Fight Libraries Demanding a New Deal on eBooks

2021 saw record numbers of people checking out ebooks from libraries, reports the Boston Globe — 500 million, according to figures from the ebook-lending platform OneDrive. But some Massachusetts lawmakers want to require publishers to make sure all their digital products are available to libraries — and at "reasonable terms" — because currently libraries pay much more than consumers: According to the American Library Association, libraries currently pay three to five times as much as consumer...
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Samsung gaming hub adds Google Stadia, Nvidia GeForce Now to TVs at CES 2022

Launching later this year on select Samsung 2022 TV models, it's billed as a one-stop shop for cloud and console games. #gaminghub #googlestadia #tvmodels #consolegames
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Samsung’s new 2022 TVs bring Nvidia GeForce Now and Google Stadia gaming

Samsung is revealing a new lineup of smart TVs at CES 2022 today, including features as exotic as radio-wave powered remote controls and support for NFTs — and they also happen to be the first... #ces2022 #tease #nvidiageforcenow #radiowave #stadia #nfts
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2022 Will Be a Year of Unintended Consequences From the Pivot to Privacy

With at least 18 months on the clock until Google withdraws support of third-party cookies in Chrome, 2022 is shaping up to be the year the marketing and media industry really kicks the tires on alternative identifiers. While identifiers' viability for targeting audiences is on the docket, the consequences--intended or otherwise--of a global push for...
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How 'Digital Twins' Are Transforming Manufacturing, Medicine and More

Time reports on virtual doppelgangers — also known as "digital twins". (Alternate URL here.) Created by feeding video, images, blueprints or other data into advanced 3-D mapping software, digital twins are being used in medicine to replicate and study internal organs. They've propelled engineers to devise car and plane prototypes — including Air Force fighter jets — more quickly. They allow architects and urban planners to envision and then build skyscrapers and city blocks with clarity and pre...
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Google Uses AI to Recreate Lost Klimt Painting. But Should They?

The latest painting to receive the reconstructed-by-AI treatment is Gustav Klimt's 1900 painting "Philosophy". The Washington Post reports: For decades, only black-and-white photographs of "Philosophy" existed. Now, thanks to artificial intelligence, we can see the work in full color. But does the re-creation really look like the original? Does it even look like a Klimt? The new version, created by Google Arts and Culture using machine learning, shows a very different Klimt than you'd expect if...
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EU drafts plan to label gas and nuclear investments as green

Image Credit: REUTERS/Benoit Tessier After years of fighting between governments for truly climate-friendly investments, the European Union has drawn up plans to label some natural gas and nuclear power projects as "green" investments.  The European Commission is expected to propose rules in January to decide whether nuclear and gas  projects are included in the EU's “sustainable finance taxonomy”.  This is a list of the economic activities and  environmental criteria that must...
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NBC: 'You Probably Don't Need to Rely on a VPN Anymore'

NBC News writes: VPNs, or virtual private networks, continue to be used by millions of people as a way of masking their internet activity by encrypting their location and web traffic. But on the modern internet, most people can safely ditch them, thanks to the widespread use of encryption that has made public internet connections far less of a security threat, cybersecurity experts say. "Most commercial VPNs are snake oil from a security standpoint," said Nicholas Weaver, a cybersecurity lecture...
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Marjorie Taylor Greene's Personal Twitter Account Permanently Suspended

The personal twitter account of Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene has been permanently suspended for violating the social media site's COVID-19 misinformation policy, the company said Sunday. WIN MCNAMEE VIA GETTY IMAGES Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene's personal Twitter account has been permanently banned after repeatedly violating the social media site's COVID19 disinformation policy, the company said on Sunday.  The far-right Georgia Republican got the boot follo...
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Whoops! Harry Potter: Return To Hogwarts Accidentally Used A Photo Of Emma Roberts, Not Watson

Somebody's got the wrong witch, carelessly casting erroneous delineation when it came to finding a childhood picture of Emma Watson to display in the "Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: Return to Hogwarts" special that dropped on HBO Max. Rather than showing a picture of Watson, who played the studious witch Hermione Granger in all 8 of the "Harry Potter" films, a throwback photo of actress Emma Roberts flashed across the screen instead.  Twitter Takes Notice Because "Harry Potter" has such a dedica...
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AT&T and Verizon Reject US Govt's Request to Delay New 5G Services

"AT&T and Verizon on Sunday rejected the U.S. Department of Transportation's request that they delay this week's scheduled launch of a new round of 5G wireless service," reports Politico, adding that the carriers "instead pledged to take enhanced measures to avoid warned disruptions of air travel..." U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg and FAA Administrator Steve Dickson had asked the companies on New Year's Eve to put off Wednesday's launch of the new wireless service for two addition...
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The best foldable phone deals and sales for January 2022

We've smoked out all the best foldable phone deals up for grabs from top brands like Samsung and Microsoft.
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The best iPad Pro deals and sales for January 2022

Shopping for the absolute best and beefiest tablet money can buy? Look no further than these iPad Pro deals.
Tags: Apple, Deals, Ipad, Mobile, Trends, Ipad Pro, Commerce 2021

Best Android tablet deals for January 2022

If you want a tablet, but iPads aren't your cup of tea, we've got all best Android tablet deals right here.
Tags: Deals, Android, Mobile, Trends, Android Tablets, Commerce 2021, Android tablet deals

Best iPhone 11 deals for January 2022

Now's the time to shop for iPhone 11 deals and iPhone 11 Pro deals -- and we've got them all right here.
Tags: Apple, Deals, Mobile, Trends, iPhone 11, Iphone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, Commerce 2020, Evergreen Deals

Best Google Pixel 4 deals for January 2022

In the wake of the Pixel 5 launch, now's perfect time to find Google Pixel 4 deals. We've got 'em right here.
Tags: Deals, Android, Mobile, Trends, Google Pixel, Google Pixel 4, Google Pixel 4 XL, Commerce 2020, Mobile Deals, Evergreen Deals

Best iPhone 12 deals for January 2022: iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro

If you're after iPhone 12 deals, iPhone 12 Pro deals, or discounts on the iPhone Mini, we've got them all right here.
Tags: Apple, Deals, Mobile, Trends, Iphone 12, Commerce 2020, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 mini, Evergreen Deals

The best AT&T phone deals for January 2022

If you're a current or new AT&T customer in need of a device, we've got the best AT&T phone deals right here.
Tags: Apple, Deals, Android, Mobile, Trends, AT&T, Phones, Commerce 2020, Evergreen Deals

Best Samsung Galaxy Note 20 deals for January 2022

Here's all you need to know about the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra, along with the best deals.
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China to cut new energy vehicle subsidies by 30% in 2022

Image Credit: REUTERS/Aly Song China will cut subsidies for New Energy Vehicles (NEVs) such as electric cars by 30% in 2022 and withdraw them all by the end of the year, the Treasury Department said on its website.  The subsidies for NEVs would be reduced by 10%, 20% and 30% respectively from 2020 to 2022. For NEVs for public transport, subsidies are to be reduced by 10% in 2021 and  20% in 2022. China, the world’s biggest auto market, has set a target for NEVs, including plug-...
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Technology Not Always the Key to Innovation

Humans love technology and often we make the mistake of thinking that technology is the only path to innovation. But there are many examples that prove this is often folly… The wine industry offers a couple of great examples. Alternative … Continue reading →
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The best Samsung Galaxy S20 deals for January 2022

If you're after Samsung Galaxy S20 deals, Galaxy S20+ deals, or Galaxy S20 Ultra deals, we've got them here.
Tags: Deals, Android, Mobile, Trends, Samsung Galaxy, Samsung Galaxy S20, Commerce 2020

Some Billionaires Embrace Cryptocurrencies in Case Money 'Goes to Hell'

Hungarian-born billionaire Thomas Peterffy, chairman of Interactive Brokers Group, says the online brokerage is now expanding the cryptocurrencies it offers its customers after sensing "urgency" from their clients to get in. He still hasn't decided whether cryptocurrencies are a good investment — "I think it can go to zero, and I think it can go to a million dollars," he tells Bloomberg. "I have no idea." But he's invested a small amount just as a hedge against possible problems with fiat curre...
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Best Samsung Galaxy Tab deals for January 2022

To save you time and cash, we've combed the web to bring you the best Samsung Galaxy Tab deals right now,
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Best Google Home and Google Nest deals for January 2022

It's hard to beat the convenience of asking Google questions without using your smartphone or computer.
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How much money YouTubers make, according to dozens of creators

Charlie Chang.Charlie Chang YouTube creators who are part of the Partner Program can monetize their videos with ads. The amount of money different creators make per video varies based on a variety of factors. We spoke with dozens of creators who shared how much money they've earned on YouTube. See more stories on Insider's business page. This is the latest installment of Insider's YouTube money logs, where creators break down how much they earn.Social-media creators who are part o...
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