World's Largest Coal Port To Be 100% Powered By Renewable Energy

An anonymous reader quotes a report from The Guardian: The world's largest coal port has announced it will now be powered entirely by renewable energy. The announcement from Port of Newcastle comes as coal power generation in Australia's national electricity market fell to its lowest level in the final three months of 2021. Though the port continues to export an average of 165Mt of coal a year, the move is part of a plan to decarbonize the business by 2040, and to increase the non-coal portion o...
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Security Camera Snapshots in Home App Failing to Refresh for Some Users

A growing number of iPhone users across the , Apple Support Communities, Reddit, and Twitter have reported that security camera snapshots in the Home app have failed to refresh over the last few weeks. HomeKit Secure Video cameras added to the Home app each have a thumbnail that provides a still view of recent footage, and normally these thumbnails automatically refresh on a periodic basis. However, users on multiple iOS versions are experiencing an issue with the thumbnails failing to refre...
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BMW's Color Changing Car Concept Works Just Like An E-Reader

At CES 2022, BMW unveiled color-changing paint for its vehicles that relies on the E-ink electronic paper technology found in e-readers like the Kindle. Engadget reports: [N]o, this futuristic feature is nowhere near production ready despite appearing at the show on a live demonstration vehicle, dubbed the BMW iX Flow featuring E Ink. The electrophoretic coloring material itself is applied as a vehicle body wrap but works just like it e-ink displays do in your Kindle. The wrap is embedded with m...
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Google Chrome 97 relaxes privacy protection just a little to help out Microsoft

New keyboard API will let online Office apps handle shortcut keys better Google Chrome 97 arrived on Tuesday, bringing with it a Microsoft-backed keyboard API rejected by Apple and Mozilla on privacy grounds.…
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ThinkComputers Podcast #302 – All Things CES 2022!

This week on the podcast we talk about our review of the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen 9 as well as all things CES 2022! From NVIDIA's announcement of the RTX 3090 Ti and RTX 3050, to AMD announcing the RX 6500 XT to showing off new Ryzen 7000 CPUs, and much more! The post ThinkComputers Podcast #302 – All Things CES 2022! appeared first on
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Sony Will Explore Building Electric Cars

At CES in Las Vegas this evening, Sony's Chairman, President and CEO Kenichiro Yoshida showed off a brand new prototype of its Vision S concept electric car, and announced that the Sony Group is starting a new division -- the Sony Mobility Inc -- which will start commercializing its electric vehicles. TechCrunch reports: On the CES stage during the Sony press conference, the company showed off its existing Sony Vision-S sedan, which was revealed at CES last year. This year, it also flexed a new ...
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From Brand Pyramids To Brand Building

The traditional marketing process still works in categories like soap and toothpaste, where a small increase in market share can translate into millions of dollars in extra revenue. But exponential brands are outperforming those traditional brands by focusing on what they do, not what they say. They’re finding smarter ways to bypass the brain’s filters, embrace transparency, and live up to a higher purpose. Then they’re developing immersive, empowering content to bring that purpose to life. T...
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FAA Agrees Not To Seek Any More 5G Delays From AT&T and Verizon

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Ars Technica: The Federal Aviation Administration tentatively agreed not to seek any more 5G delays from AT&T and Verizon, potentially ending a battle over the aviation industry's unproven claim that 5G transmissions on C-Band frequencies will interfere with airplane altimeters. The commitment came Monday night, when AT&T and Verizon agreed to one more delay of two weeks, pushing their deployment off until January 19. They had previously agreed to a delay...
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The Hospitality Industry Can Now Use Google Posts To Reach More Audiences And Drive Engagement

Following Google’s confirmation, the hospitality industry can now use Google Posts to engage with their customers. Businesses that fall within the ambit of the hospitality industry can now use Google Posts to announce COVID-19 protocols, any updates to amenities or renovations under the ‘What’s New’ Option, and events that take place on the property under the ‘Event’ type of post. When published, the post will be displayed on the Knowledge Panel of the business and could prove to be the d...
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(RED) Celebrates 15 Years of Partnership With Apple

Apple has a long-standing and well-known partnership with (RED), a charity that raises funds with the aim of eliminating HIV/AIDS in several African countries. Apple sells a variety of (PRODUCT)RED devices, such as the (PRODUCT)RED iPhone 13 and the (PRODUCT)RED Apple Watch Series 7. (RED) today shared a video highlighting its 15-year partnership with Apple, which has raised nearly $270 million through the sale of (PRODUCT)RED devices and accessories. Through Apple's donations, (RED) has been a...
Tags: Apple, Africa, Global Fund, COVID, PRODUCT)RED

Crypto Platform ARBIX Flagged As a Rugpull, Transfers $10 Million

Arbix Finance, an audited and supposedly trustworthy yield farming platform, has been flagged as a 'rugpull,' deleting its site, Twitter, and Telegram channel and transferring $10 million worth of deposited cryptocurrency. Bleeping Computer reports: Rugpulls, otherwise known as "exit scams," are when pseudo-anonymous platforms or cryptocurrencies are created twith the ultimate goal of collecting funds for an allegedly legitimate "service" and then disappear with deposited funds. Because decentra...
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Kosovo Bans Cryptocurrency Mining To Save Electricity

Kosovo's government on Tuesday introduced a ban on cryptocurrency mining in an attempt to curb electricity consumption as the country faces the worst energy crisis in a decade due to production outages. Reuters reports: "All law enforcement agencies will stop the production of this activity in cooperation with other relevant institutions that will identify the locations where there is cryptocurrency production," Economy and Energy Minister Artane Rizvanolli said in a statement. Faced with coal-f...
Tags: Russia, Tech, Kosovo, Reuters, Artane Rizvanolli

Tim Cook took the helm at Apple over 10 years ago. Here's how he got his start and built Apple into the first US company to hit $3 trillion.

Cook has been with Apple since 1998 and became the CEO of Apple in 2011 following Steve Jobs.Justin Sullivan/Getty Images Tim Cook took the CEO job at Apple in August 2011 — many wondered if he could fill the shoes left by his friend, colleague, and mentor, Steve Jobs. But Cook has made major strides at Apple, including overseeing the launch of AirPods, the Apple Watch, and Apple Music. He's also guided Apple toward becoming one of the world's most valuable companies — these days, its...
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2029 Will be the Perfect Year to Launch a Mission to Sedna

  Image Credit: Nasa Object 90377 Sedna - a distant transneptunian object best known  for its highly elliptical, 11,390-year-old orbit - is currently en-route to perihelion (its closest approach to the Sun) in 2076. After that, Sedna will return to the 'space. deep  and will not return for millennia, making this overview a unique (or, once in ~ 113 lifetimes) opportunity to study an object from the far reaches of our solar system. There are no Sedna missions  in the works  y...
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9 employees walked off the job at a Maine pizzeria to protest an alleged lack of COVID-19 precautions

Getty Images Pizzeria employees in Maine walked off the job Sunday in protest. Workers said that their employer wasn't taking COVID-19 precautions seriously. Workers across retail have staged walkouts to call out poor conditions.  Workers at Portland Pie Co. in Portland, Maine walked off the job on January 2 to protest what they say are insufficient COVID-19 safety protocols, Bangor Daily News reported.The chief complaint of the nine workers who walked out on Sunday was not being informed...
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This is how WhatsApp plans to change the way you receive your messages

WhatsApp has reportedly started rolling out the first beta feature of 2022 for iOS users. According to a report by WABetaInfo, with the new feature, iPhone users will also be able to see the sender's profile photos as well as message notifications.  According to the screenshot shared with the report, the new feature will allow you to see small photos of the sender in the notification when you receive a new message from a single user or group. The report also reveals that the feat...
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Chevy Silverado EV Revealed: GM's Best-Selling Truck Goes Electric

An anonymous reader quotes a report from The Verge: Chevy Silverado, one of the top-selling pickup trucks in the US, is going electric. General Motors CEO Mary Barra unveiled Chevy's answer to the Ford F-150 Lightning during a virtual presentation at this year's Consumer Electronics Show. GM hopes that the plug-in pickup's familiar nameplate will help it lure Silverado owners and other truck fans to the world of zero tailpipe emissions. The Silverado EV is the second electric truck for GM, succe...
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Flurona: what we know so far about the rare new double infection

  Image Credit(AP) It sounds more like science fiction the more you hear it: The first case of Flurona, a new and rare  double infection of coronavirus and influenza, was discovered in an unvaccinated pregnant Israeli young  woman, according to doctors at Beilinson Hospital in the city from Petach Tikva out of the country. Israel is currently seeing a surge in Omicron, with over 9,000 cases registered yesterday, and while there are no confirmed cases in the UK and the ...
Tags: Health, UK, France, Israel, Tech, Yahoo News, Petach Tikva, Beilinson Hospital, Flurona, Image Credit AP, Arnon Vizhnitser, Gynaecology Department, Hamodia, Prof Vizhnitser

Linksys Launches Hydra Pro 6 its latest Addition to its Lineup of WiFi 6 Routers

Linksys the WiFi solutions provider has unveiled the Hydra Pro 6, its latest WiFi 6 mesh router during the 2022 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Hydra Pro 6 which is the latest dual-band mesh system delivering fast, reliable and secure connection at a more affordable price. According to the company, the Hydra Pro 6 will allow small businesses and remote workers access to reliable WiFi. The Hydra Pro 6 is Linksys’ latest suite of products offering next-level streaming, e...
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Maricoin: Anatomy of a cryptocurrency scam

The vast majority of alternative cryptocurrencies (also known as altcoins) are either pyramid schemes, scams, or both. That’s not to say cryptocurrency itself is a con. Blockchain and decentralized cryptofinance technologies are, in my opinion, crucial for the future. They provide insurance against government and social tyranny in an ever-changing and dangerous world. Unfortunately, most shitcoins (and shit-tokens) are marketing schemes meant to create value out of nothing and then divide that “...
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Apple Orders Limited Series About Hunt for John Wilkes Booth From Monica Beletsky, Tobias Menzies to Star

Apple has ordered the limited series “Manhunt,” which tells the story of the hunt for U.S President Abraham Lincoln’s assassin, John Wilkes Booth. The series hails from Monica Beletsky and is based on the book “Manhunt: The 12-Day Chase for Lincoln’s Killer” by James Swanson. Tobias Menzies will star as Edwin Stanton, Lincoln’s War Secretary […]
Tags: Apple, News, Lincoln, Abraham Lincoln, Tobias Menzies, John Wilkes, Monica Beletsky, James Swanson Tobias Menzies, Edwin Stanton Lincoln

2022 Holidays Missing From iPhones in the UK, Australia, and Other Countries

There's an ongoing issue with Apple's Calendar app for iPhone, which causes 2022 holidays to not show up for users in a number of countries. Earlier this week, we highlighted public holidays missing from devices in the UK, but MacRumors readers have let us know that this issue is much more widespread. Users in Australia, the UK, Spain, Germany, Portugal, Sweden, Denmark and other countries are not seeing holidays for their country show up in the Calendar app. ‌iPhone‌ users began asking abou...
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The Danger of Leaving Weather Prediction To AI

When it comes to forecasting the elements, many seem ready to welcome the machine. But humans still outperform the algorithms -- especially in bad conditions. From a report: [...] Similarly, research published by NOAA Weather Prediction Service director David Novak and his colleagues show that while human forecasters may not be able to "beat" the models on your typical sunny, fair-weather day, they still produce more accurate predictions than the algorithm-crunchers in bad weather. Over the two ...
Tags: Tech, Novak, David Novak, NOAA Weather Prediction Service, North American Mesoscale Forecast System NAM

Lenovo ThinkBook Plus Gen 3 aims to double your productivity with an industry-first 17.3-inch 21:10 3K panel and secondary touchscreen

Lenovo is introducing a redesigned ThinkBook Plus Gen 3 at CES 2022. The new ThinkBook Plus Gen 3 now features 12th gen Alder Lake processors, an industry-first 21:10 17.3-inch ultra-wide 3K... #lenovothinkbook #alderlake #thinkbook
Tags: Lenovo, Alder Lake

Pfizer, BioNTech to jointly develop shingles vaccine

Pfizer headquarters in New York. Getty Images Pfizer and Germany's BioNTech announced on Wednesday that they would develop a potential mRNA-based vaccine for the prevention of viral  shingles, working together for the third time after the success of their COVID-19 vaccine.  Pfizer partnered with BioNTech in 2018 for an influenza vaccine and again in 2020 to develop the COVID-19 vaccine which has been used around the world and  brought in billions of dollars in corpora...
Tags: Germany, Tech, Pfizer, Vaccine, BioNtech, New York Getty Images Pfizer

Google Fiber Workers In Kansas City Make a Bid To Unionize

A supermajority of customer service representatives for Google Fiber, operating out of a store in Kansas City, Missouri, have signed union cards in the hopes of bargaining their first contract with their bosses. Engadget reports: They're organizing under the auspices of the Alphabet Workers Union, a year-old division of the Communication Workers of America which is seeking to represent employees and contractors at all level of Google's parent company. The 11 workers -- 10 of whom have signed car...
Tags: Google, Tech, New York Times, Kansas City, National Labor Relations Board, Nlrb, Google Fiber, Bds, Engadget, Kansas City Missouri, Communication Workers of America, Alphabet Workers Union, Adair Alphabet, Mike Knox

Flurona detected in Israeli woman just as new COVID-19 variant IHU discovered in France

Israel is reporting its first case of what's called "flurona", when a person can have two infections influenza and  coronavirus  at the same time. It was detected in a pregnant woman who had mild symptoms. This discovery comes as a new variant of COVID-19 called  varient caleed IHU has been detected in France. [Author: [email protected] (Unknown)]
Tags: Health, France, Israel, Tech, Flurona

Sling offers big deals for new subscribers, including a free Chromecast and extended trials — here's how to sign up and save

Prices are accurate at the time of publication.When you buy through our links, Insider may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more. Sling TV offers several deals and discounted bundles for new members.Alyssa Powell/Business Insider Sling is one of the cheapest live TV streaming services, and there are often extra deals you can snag. New members can get a three-day trial, and eligible Verizon customers can get two months for free. Alternatively, you can get a free Chromecast when you prepay f...
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There’s a SECRET SALE on Apple products at Amazon today

If you've had your eye on completing your device collection, today's your lucky day. There's a secret sale happening right now on Amazon with Apple products!
Tags: Apple, Amazon, Deals, Trends, Apple TV, Apple Watch, MacBook Air, Apple deals, Apple Watch deals, AirPods Pro, Airpods 3, Apple TV Deals, MacBook Air Deals, Airpods Pro Deals, Amazon 2022, AirPods 3 Deals

Apple Watch 7, Fitbit Charge 5 get sweet discounts at Amazon today

Amazon is offering massive savings on two of the best smartwatches on the market, the Fitbit Charge 5 and the Apple Smartwatch 7.
Tags: Apple, Amazon, Deals, Mobile, Trends, Smartwatches, Amazon deals, Apple deals, Apple Watch deals, Smartwatch Deals, Mobile Deals, Apple Watch Series 7, Fitbit Charge 5, Fitbit Charge 5 Deals, Apple Watch Series 7 Deals, Amazon 2022

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