The Hottest Eight Years On Record Were the Last Eight Years

An anonymous reader quotes a report from The Verge: The last eight years have been the eight hottest years on record, NASA and the National Oceanic Administration (NOAA) confirmed today. 2021 ranks as the sixth hottest year on record, the agencies said, as global average temperatures trend upward. Rankings aside, there were plenty of red flags throughout 2021 to show us how remarkable the year was for temperature extremes. "The fact is that we've now kind of moved into a new regime ... this is l...
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Why is Wordle so successful?

OK, so I was curious, and I played Wordle. And I have a theory about why it’s so successful. The design is ingenious in a very particular way This is a philosopher of games’ theory of Wordle. A thread: The first experience a lot of people have of Wordle is: “wait, you just *guess*? But you quickly figure out you can construct your guesses to search the space of letter-possibility, and you probably want to do that thinking about letter-frequency. So the early experience is one of *ag...
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Jack Dorsey Announces Bitcoin Legal Defense Fund

Former Twitter CEO and Block founder Jack Dorsey has announced plans to create a "Bitcoin Legal Defense Fund" with Chaincode Labs co-founder Alex Morcos and Martin White, who appears to be an academic at the University of Sussex. CoinTelegraph reports: The announcement was sent on a mailing list for Bitcoin developers, bitcoin-dev, at 13:45 UTC on Wednesday from an email address appearing to belong to Dorsey. The announcement stated the fund will help provide a legal defense for Bitcoin develope...
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Yahoo Tells Japan Employees They Can Work Anywhere, Commute By Plane When Necessary

Yahoo Japan is telling its 8,000 employees they can work anywhere in the country -- and even be flown into work when the job requires it -- bucking the trend of companies looking to return workers to offices in the third year of the coronavirus pandemic. The Japan Times reports: The program takes effect April 1 and allows employees to commute by plane, which wasn't previously an option, the company said in a statement Wednesday. While Yahoo is best known for its internet portal in Japan, it's a ...
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World's Largest Fish Breeding Grounds Found Under the Antarctic Ice

sciencehabit shares a report from The most extensive and densely populated breeding colony of fish anywhere lurks deep underneath the ice of the Weddell Sea, scientists aboard an Antarctic research cruise have discovered. The 240 square kilometers of regularly spaced icefish nests, east of the Antarctic Peninsula, has astonished marine ecologists. "We had no idea that it would be just on this scale, and I think that's the most fantastic thing," says Mark Belchier, a fish biologist w...
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PUBG’s developer is suing Apple, Google, and the developer of lucrative PUBG lookalike Free Fire

PUBG-maker Krafton filed a big lawsuit Monday: it’s suing the developer of two mobile games that it accuses of copying PUBG: Battlegrounds, the hit PC battle royale shooter, and it’s suing Apple... #pubg #battlegrounds #krafton #appstores
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Google Has A Very Apple-like Plan For Google TV

Your Chromecast may soon be your smart home hub and your personal trainer. #chromecast
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Google says open source software should be more secure

At the White House Open Source Summit, the Chocolate Factory floated a few ideas to make that happen In conjunction with a White House meeting on Thursday at which technology companies discussed the security of open source software, Google proposed three initiatives to strengthen national cybersecurity.…
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Recapping Rumors About Under-Screen Face ID and Touch ID on Future iPhones

Earlier this week, display industry consultant Ross Young claimed that iPhone 14 Pro models will feature both hole-punch and pill-shaped cutouts that replace the notch. If this design proves to be accurate, it rules out Face ID fully under the display this year. In light of this latest rumor, we have put together a recap of everything that we have heard so far about Face ID and Touch ID on future iPhones. Face ID Under the Display Young claimed that the infrared camera built into the iPho...
Tags: Apple, Bloomberg, Touch ID, Mark Gurman, Joanna Stern, Ming Chi Kuo, Kuo, Face Id, Ross Young, 2023 iPhones, iPhone 14, Kuo Touch

More Than 1 Million Fewer Students Are In College, the Lowest Numbers In 50 Years

More than 1 million fewer students are enrolled in college now than before the pandemic began. NPR reports: According to new data released Thursday, U.S. colleges and universities saw a drop of nearly 500,000 undergraduate students in the fall of 2021, continuing a historic decline that began the previous fall. Compared with the fall of 2019, the last fall semester before the coronavirus pandemic, undergraduate enrollment has fallen a total of 6.6%. That represents the largest two-year decrease ...
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Radicalization Pipelines: How Targeted Ads On Social Media Drive People To Extremes

This article is part of TPM Cafe, TPM’s home for opinion and news analysis. It first appeared at The Conversation. Have you had the experience of looking at some product online and then seeing ads for it all over your social media feed? Far from coincidence, these instances of eerily accurate advertising provide glimpses into the behind-the-scenes mechanisms that feed an item you search for on Google, “like” on social media or come across while browsing into custom advertising on social ...
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Carmakers Launch Desperate Attempt To Delay Massachusetts Right-to-Repair Law

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Gizmodo: Major car manufacturers aren't giving up on their efforts to stymie Massachusetts' right to repair legislation. Less than two years after residents in the state voted in favor of updated right to repair laws that would let independent auto repair shops receive telematics data from vehicles, groups representing auto manufacturers are now introducing their own new proposals that would delay the law's implementation. If passed, the two new proposals...
Tags: Massachusetts, Tech, Motherboard, U S District Court, Hickey, Gloucester Daily Times, Alliance for Automotive Innovation, Massachusetts Right to Repair Coalition, Tommy Hickey

Apple is no longer letting users stay on iOS 14 with security updates

For some unknown reason, Apple has backtracked and is no longer letting users stay on iOS 14 with security updates. #ios
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Apple Clarifies iCloud Private Relay Wording in iOS 15.3 to Prevent Confusion Over Carrier Support (mac rumors)

In today's iOS 15.3 beta, Apple has updated the wording that people see when iCloud Private Relay is disabled for a cellular or WiFi network, clarifying that when it's off, it's not always because of a lack of carrier support. The new message says that Private Relay is turned off, but it explains that either a cellular plan does not support it or that it has been deactivated in Cellular Settings. In iOS 15.2 and prior iOS 15.3 betas, if ‌iCloud‌ Private Relay was disabled for a cellular ...
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Google backs office work with $1bn UK investment

The tech giant is expanding UK staff capacity by 50% and wants to "reinvigorate" the work environment.
Tags: Google, Business, UK

Google will spend £730m to 'reinvigorate' its UK offices

The tech giant is expanding UK staff capacity by 50% and wants to "reinvigorate" the work environment.
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Microsoft poaches Apple chip expert for custom silicon

Cupertino loses second chip guru Apple's having a problem retaining top chip personnel, with the latest defection being CPU architect Mike Filippo going to Microsoft.…
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What's the most searched Girl Scout Cookie in your state?

Google shared with USA TODAY the most searched Girl Scout Cookie for every state in the U.S., and here's what we found       [Author: USA TODAY]
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Nasdaq slides 2.5%, leading US stocks lower and snapping 3-day win streak, as earnings season approaches

Brendan McDermid/Reuters US stocks slumped Thursday led by a drop in technology shares.  The Nasdaq Composite lost more than 2% as investors price in the Fed's signals to move aggressively against hot inflation.  JPMorgan and Citigroup will kick off the fourth-quarter earnings season on Friday.  Sign up here for our daily newsletter, 10 Things Before the Opening Bell. US stocks closed lower Thursday, let by a sharp downturn in the Nasdaq Composite as tech stocks again bore the brunt of in...
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January 6 Committee Subpoenas Social Media Giants In Probe of Capitol Attack

The House select committee investigating the deadly Capitol riot has subpoenaed social media giants Twitter, Reddit and the parent companies of Facebook and Google, the panel's chairman said Thursday. CNBC reports: The select committee had asked a trove of records last summer from those and other social companies, but received "inadequate responses" from four of the largest platforms, according to a press release Thursday. The committee is once again demanding that Google parent company Alphabet...
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China To Create Own NFT Industry Based on State-backed Blockchain Infrastructure

China's state-backed Blockchain Services Network (BSN) plans to roll out infrastructure at the end of this month to support the deployment of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), a major step to creating a Chinese NFT industry that is not linked to cryptocurrencies. From a report: Although Beijing has banned cryptocurrencies, He Yifan, chief executive of Red Date Technology, which provides technical support to BSN, told the South China Morning Post that NFTs "have no legal issue in China" as long as they...
Tags: China, Tech, Beijing, NFT, South China Morning Post, BSN, Yifan, Blockchain Services Network BSN, Red Date Technology, NFT Industry Based on State, BSN Distributed Digital Certificate BSN

How to painlessly switch from Spotify to Apple Music and transfer your playlists

There are apps you can use to make for an easier switch from Spotify to Apple Music.Nikkimeel/Shutterstock If you want to switch from Spotify to Apple Music, you can use a third-party app to transfer your playlists. SongShift is free, but it charges for premium features and is only available for iPhones. Free Your Music doesn't cost anything and works with iPhones and Androids.  Visit Insider's Tech Reference library for more stories. Spotify and Apple Music are two of the most popula...
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Epstein-Barr Virus Found To Trigger Multiple Sclerosis

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Scientific American: A connection between the human herpesvirus Epstein-Barr and multiple sclerosis (MS) has long been suspected but has been difficult to prove. Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) is the primary cause of mononucleosis and is so common that 95 percent of adults carry it. Unlike Epstein-Barr, MS, a devastating demyelinating disease of the central nervous system, is relatively rare. It affects 2.8 million people worldwide. But people who contract infe...
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How to Turn Bad Anxiety Into Good Anxiety

Anxiety can feel like a heavy weight that we didn’t ask to carry. Who wouldn’t love to get rid of it? But neuroscientist Wendy Suzuki wants to challenge the way we look at our anxiety. In fact, her new book is called Good Anxiety: Harnessing the Power of the Most Misunderstood Emotion. If you’re skeptical, so was I. But Suzuki’s point is that anxiety is a natural human emotion, one that evolved to serve a purpose. We feel anxious when there is some kind of danger; it primes our body to fight...
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Fresh Report Focuses on 48MP Camera in iPhone 14 Pro

Apple hasn’t increased the resolution of the iPhone’s main camera in quite a few years. In fact, this has only happened twice before, but it seems the Cupertino-based company is ready to do it again. A new report coincides with earlier suggestions that the iPhone 14 Pro will arrive this year with a 48MP main camera. The History of the iPhone Camera When Apple released the iPhone 4S, that marked the first time the main camera got bumped up in resolution. Cupertino moved from 5MP to 8MP. The nex...
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The subpoenas were sent to Meta, the parent company of Facebook, Alphabet, the parent company to Google and Youtube, Twitter and Reddit

The House Select Committee investigating the January 6 riot has issued four subpoenas to giant social media conglomerates after the panel said the companies provided "inadequate responses" to its initial request for documents and information over the summer.
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Capitol attack panel subpoenas Google, Facebook and Twitter for digital records

Select committee seeks records related to January 6 attackMove suggests panel is ramping up inquiry of social media postsThe House select committee investigating the Capitol attack subpoenaed Twitter, Meta, Alphabet and Reddit on Thursday for records related to the 6 January insurrection, as it seeks to review data that could potentially incriminate the Trump White House.Facebook is part of Meta and Google is part of Alphabet. Continue reading...
Tags: Google, Facebook, Technology, Media, Social Networking, World news, US news, US politics, House, Reddit, Meta, Alphabet, Capitol, Google Facebook, US Capitol Attack, Trump White House Facebook

PUBG Maker Sues Apple and Google for Not Removing Clone Apps

Krafton, developer popular online battle game PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, or PUBG, has sued Apple, Google, and gaming company Garena over PUBG clone apps that copy PUBG gameplay, reports Reuters. The lawsuit accuses Garena of creating PUBG clones called "Free Fire" and "Free Fire Max," which originated in Singapore and were later released in the United States. Apple and Google are named in the lawsuit for selling the "blatantly infringing version" of PUBG that was created by Garena.As set ...
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Supreme Court Patent Decisions

by Dennis Crouch The chart below shows the number of Supreme Court patent decisions broken-up by decade. The ramp-up in the late 1800s is tied to the “second industrial revolution” in the US.  The drop in cases after 1890 is largely procedural. Congress created the regional circuit courts of appeals as a buffer between the trial courts & Supreme  Court.  Subsequently, the Court limited the number of patent cases it heard via the certiorari process.  Read more about this transition in my Kessler ...
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Ground Temperatures Hit 129F as Argentina Suffers Blackouts

Ground temperatures climbed above 129 degrees Fahrenheit (54 degrees Celsius) in parts of Argentina this week as the country suffers through a shockingly hot start to summer. Air temperatures were equally suffocating, leading to widespread blackouts as the Southern Cone attempts to beat the heat. From a report: Copernicus's Sentinel 3 satellite recorded the extreme ground temperatures. Those temperatures are different than air temperatures, which is our usual way of conveying how hot a place is....
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