This Posture Gadget Shamed Me Into Sitting Straighter But I'm Still a Gargoyle

I’ve always been a sloucher. It’s impossible to be a tech blogger, curled over a keyboard most hours of the day, and not have terrible posture. I only realized how big of a problem it was after a recent yoga class. While lying down in corpse pose, the class instructor walked past, looked at my shriveled body, and…Read more...
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Food truck cities

There’s just something about a meal prepared inside of a truck. Maybe it’s the efficiency of the experience, the perceived affordability, or just the sheer fun of strolling up to a colorful Mystery Machine clone and walking away with a handful of fish tacos. Whatever the reason, the love for food trucks and changing food service laws have led to an explosion in popularity all across the US. Today, food truck festivals are worthy of a Google calendar alert, and the divine appearance of an ice...
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Gyms Now Offering Perks for Working Out With an Apple Watch

The plan is that soon you’ll be able to waltz into a gym, connect your Apple Watch to a treadmill, and earn cash back or a free watch just for showing up.Read more...
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Scientists invent a faster and cheaper way to repurpose EV batteries

While electric cars are great at reducing emissions, they aren’t a totally perfect solution. With the rise of EVs, the world will have to deal with an influx of worn out batteries creating a new waste problem. But thankfully, scientists are already coming up with ways to tackle the issue. Researchers from Warwick University’s manufacturing arm WMG have developed a new system for testing the potential life of used Nissan Leaf batteries to determine whether they should be reused, recycled, or disp...
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Some tech I loved is getting worse and I’m mad

Time is supposed to make technology better. The idea is simple: With more time, humans make newer, better technology and our lives improve. Except for when the opposite happens. Google is a good example of this. I’ve been harping on the matter for a while now. Google mobile search, in case you haven’t used it lately, is bad. It often returns bloated garbage that looks like a cross between new Yahoo and original Bing. Here’s how it butchered a search query for “Metallica” this morning: Rememb...
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Clix Marketing Blog’s #PPC News & Views: Friday, January 24, 2020

Happy Friday, friends, and welcome to this week’s edition of the Clix Marketing Blog’s PPC News & Views! From the Experts Visiture How to Optimize Amazon Sponsored Products: They account for 88% of ad revenue of search-based advertising. Great step-by-step guide in this post that shouldn’t be missed. WordStream : From targeting audiences to thoughtful CTAs, there’s enough packed into this post to get your creative wheels turning. SEM Rush The Beginners Guide to Google Tag Manager: New ...
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Oregon Supreme Court Approves Measure To Limit Self-Checkout Lanes

nickwinlund77 shares a report from Corvallis Gazette-Times: A petition to limit each grocery store to two self-checkout kiosks can move forward to signature gathering for a state ballot measure. On Friday, the Oregon Supreme Court certified the attorney general's description of the proposed measure. Backers need 112,020 signatures to get to voters' ballots in November. Filed in July, Initiative Petition 41 is backed by the Oregon AFL-CIO, a coalition of labor groups representing about 300,000 Or...
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The Jeff Bezos phone hack proves anyone can fall victim to cybersecurity attacks. But here's what security experts say you can do to reduce the risk.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos' phone was reportedly hacked by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, according to a forensic investigation first reported by The Guardian. The attack occurred after Bezos received a malicious WhatsApp file from an account linked to the crown prince, which resulted in large amounts of data being transferred from his device, according to the investigation. Reports indicate that Bezos was the victim of a targeted attack. But there are measures that both high-profile figur...
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Do more with Data Studio Community Visualizations

Data Studio Community Visualizations, currently in beta, allow you to create and integrate custom JavaScript components into your dashboards. You can use Community Visualizations to expand your chart selection, customize your report styling, or create custom components that perform advanced analysis or even in-browser machine learning. New galleries for Data Studio Community Visualizations Showcase gallery for Community Visualization reportsThe Data Studio team recently launched the Communit...
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Self-driving big-rig trucks coming soon? Waymo set to begin mapping interstates in Texas, New Mexico

Waymo, the self-driving vehicle division of Google parent Alphabet, is about to start mapping in Texas and New Mexico for self-driving big rigs.         [Author: USA TODAY]
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Boston Dynamics appoints its first-ever new CEO

After more than a quarter-century spent developing some of the industry’s most iconic and advanced machines, Boston Dynamics is a company in the midst of a profound transformation. This week, the Waltham, Mass.-based organization issued a number of key announcements, all focused on the same fundamental shift, as it readies the release of two commercial robots: Spot and Handle. The top of the company has recently seen its first major shakeup since its founding in the early 1990s. Founder Marc ...
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Gmail's "Smart Compose" feature is terrible at helping freelancers negotiate

I'm a musician. I'm Irish-American, and play Irish music (among other things). And I live in Boston. Naturally, St. Patrick's Day presents me with some potentially lucrative opportunities. Unfortunately, Gmail is not a very good negotiator: In case you can't quite tell what's going on in this screenshot: someone asked how much money I wanted in exchange for providing music. Google's "Smart Compose" feature recommended three possible responses I might want give — the first of which was "Free!" F...
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Weekend reading: Double trouble, or the lure of active investing

What caught my eye this week. T he IT Investor has a honeypot of a post up this week for active investing junkies. He’s dived into his investment trust data to sieve out what he’s calling ‘double doublers’ – investment trusts that doubled their share price in the first half of the last decade, then did it again in the second. It sounds spectacular – it is – but qualification requires ‘only’ about a 15% return a year. You could have got a slightly better return from a US S&P 500 index fund, and...
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How to play music on your Xbox One while playing games

You can play music on your Xbox One by downloading one of the music app options available in the Microsoft Store on your console.  Xbox One has several music apps you can use while gaming, such as Spotify, iHeartRadio, Pandora, and more.  Visit Business Insider's homepage for more. In addition to playing from a slew of games, Microsoft also allows users to play background music or audio on an Xbox One, thanks to a console update released for the eighth-generation gaming console.  Whether you ...
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Monty Python’s Terry Jones (RIP) Was a Comedian, But Also a Medieval Historian: Get to Know His Other Side

Monty Python’s surreal, slapstick parodies of history, religion, medicine, philosophy, and law depended on a competent grasp of these subjects, and most of the troupe’s members, four of whom met at Oxford and Cambridge, went on to demonstrate their scholarly acumen outside of comedy, with books, guest lectures, professorships, and serious television shows. Michael Palin even became president of the Royal Geographical Society for a few years. And Palin’s onetime Oxford pal and early writi...
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Amazon's one-day delivery could juice revenues much more than expected. Just look at what happened last time it sped up its delivery times. (AMZN)

Wall Street is underestimating the potential revenue impact of Amazon's move to one-day shipping, SunTrust's analyst Youssef Squali wrote in a note on Friday. Squali pointed to the revenue acceleration Amazon saw in 2005 after the launch of its two-day shipping service as evidence of shorter delivery time driving sales growth. Morningstar's R.J. Hottovy also wrote on Wednesday that Amazon's ability to deliver quickly could lead to wider adoption of its grocery-delivery service — which would re...
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YouTube’s Content Moderators Are Asked to Contractually Acknowledge the Job Can Give Them PTSD

The contractors charged with keeping YouTube clean from the vilest forms of content that surface on the platform are reportedly being coerced to sign agreements acknowledging that the job could have a severe impact on their mental health, seemingly making any job-related fallout the responsibility of those workers…Read more...
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YouTube Moderators Are Being Forced To Sign PTSD Forms

According to The Verge, content moderators for YouTube are being ordered to sign a document acknowledging that performing the job can cause post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). From the report: "I understand the content I will be reviewing may be disturbing," reads the document, which is titled "Acknowledgement" and was distributed to employees using DocuSign. "It is possible that reviewing such content may impact my mental health, and it could even lead to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD...
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The Lost Neighborhood Buried Under New York City’s Central Park

New York City is in a constant state of flux. For every Nets fan cheering their team on in Brooklyn’s Barclays Center and every tourist gamboling about the post-punk, upscale East Village, there are dozens of local residents who remember what—and who—was displaced to pave the way for this progress. It’s no great leap to assume that something had to be plowed under to make way for the city’s myriad gleaming skyscrapers, but harder to conceive of Central Park, the 840-acre oasis in the mid...
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Most tech companies aren’t WeWork

Shin Kim Contributor Share on Twitter Shin Kim is working on a new SaaS startup and is also chief of staff to entrepreneur Elad Gil . Previously, Shin was at Oak Hill Capital and J.P. Morgan and earned a Master’s in EECS (data science) from UC Berkeley. With the recent emphasis on Uber and WeWork, much media attention has been focused on high-burn, “software-enabled” startups. However, most of the IPOs of the last few years ...
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Google is testing how to make ads sneakier in search results

Last year, Google introduced a small but meaningful change to the way it presented search results on mobile – it started to display favicons. This would,  in theory, make it easier to visually distinguish trusted sites from shady ones and ads. But when the company started to implement a similar change on its desktop site this year, people were not happy. Now it appears the company is having second thoughts. Where ads used to be highlighted in green at the top of search results, the change made i...
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Does Your Domain Have a Registry Lock?

Brian Krebs: If you're running a business online, few things can be as disruptive or destructive to your brand as someone stealing your company's domain name and doing whatever they wish with it. Even so, most major Web site owners aren't taking full advantage of the security tools available to protect their domains from being hijacked. Here's the story of one recent victim who was doing almost everything possible to avoid such a situation and still had a key domain stolen by scammers. ...
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Xiaomi Mi A3 gets a permanent price cut in India, now available starting at Rs. 11999

Xiaomi launched the Mi A3, the company’s third Android One smartphone in India back in August last year starting at Rs. 12999. Soon after the launch the company started selling the phone at discounted rates during sales. Today it has announced Rs. 1000 permanent price cut for the phone. The 4GB RAM with 64GB storage version is now available for Rs. 11,999 and the 6GB RAM with 128GB storage version costs Rs. 14,999, after the price cut. It is available from, Flipkart and at ne...
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IKEA and Teenage Engineering’s weird speakers are finally available

Teenage Engineering’s unique brand of music and sound tech gets new life in a series of home and party products from IKEA. Almost 2 years ago IKEA announced that they were working with Teenage Engineering for a range of music products like nothing else. After an eager wait of speculation the range is available to buy. The ‘FREKVENS’ collection are all made with parties in mind, with a design that stands out but doesn’t break the bank. Each product in the range is attachable to the other...
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Ride-hailing apps are failing sexual assault survivors — UrSafe aims to change that

For the ongoing series, Code Word, we’re exploring if — and how — technology can protect individuals against sexual assault and harassment, and how it can help and support survivors. Over the past year, ride-hailing apps including Uber and Lyft have faced increased scrutiny over worker and rider safety. In October, a House committee officially called on these companies to improve their safety measures over concerns regarding existing background check procedures on drivers, and the way sexual ass...
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Use Google and a Smartphone to Bring 3D Animals into Your Living Room

If you—or your kids—have ever wondered how big a wolf, a shark or a tiger really is out in the wild, Google has a way to bring their 3D animated image right into your home. All you need is a little curiosity, a browser and an ARCore or ARKit-ready iPhone or Android phone.Read more...
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Try Using Google Drive as a Progressive Web App

Google Drive is now available as a progressive web app (PWA) for desktop and mobile, giving users an alternative to launching the service in their regular browsers. PWAs look and feel like stripped-down apps, even though they’re basically living in a stripped-down version of your browser. They’re like the middle…Read more...
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Google is walking back changes to its search design that blurred the lines between ads and regular results after user backlash (GOOG, GOOGL)

Google is walking back a recent redesign of its search results after users complained it blurred the lines between ads and organic results. The company tweeted that, while the design had been "well-received" by mobile users, it had heard users' feedback and would begin trying out new designs on its desktop results. Google said it will experiment with removing company icons, or "favicons," from desktop results. "We appreciate the feedback, the trust people place in Google, and we're dedicating ...
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Here’s How Tech Could Save Your Small Business

If you own a small business, then you’re used to doing more with less than larger businesses. You don’t have the budget that the big corporations do, but you can still turn your small business into a twenty-first-century leader. How you may ask? Technology can be the answer. Technology has pushed the business world to limits that generations before only dreamed of. You may be thinking that as a small-business owner you can’t afford to invest in new tech, but you’re wrong. Some of the new techno...
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How to subscribe to a Google Calendar or share your calendar with someone, so you can see each other's schedules

You can subscribe to someone else's Google Calendar by searching for their email address within the app. When you subscribe to a Google Calendar, all of its events will appear on your own calendar. You can also let other people subscribe to a Google Calendar you've created. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. One of the benefits of a Google Calendar is instant, immediate updates for everyone who can access it. And by comparing multiple calendars, you can more easily make commi...
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