This robot automatically prints and burns Trump’s tweets

If asked to describe President Trump’s Twitter persona, I’d say he was a can of gasoline looking for a lit match. Incendiary tweets manage to rile supporters and skeptics alike, and all we can do is watch the world burn, at least figuratively, each time Trump hits the “Tweet” button. This isn’t by accident, Trump enjoys the attention. A Twitter bot manages to make this analogy a literal one, and outshine Trump in the process. For each tweet, @burnedyourtweet does just what its name suggests: pri...
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Xbox One gets Beam streaming, a new guide and more starting today

 Xbox One is getting an update starting today, echoing some of the major changes coming to Windows in its forthcoming Creators Update. The big new additions include streaming via Microsoft’s own Twitch competitor Beam, as well as a brand new Xbox user experience made up of a new design for Guide, improvements to Home and more. The new features are designed around encouraging gamers to… Read More
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How to Use 1Blocker to Hide Everything That Annoys You On Mobile Sites

You’re browsing the web on your iPhone when you come across a pop-up box asking you to subscribe to a newsletter. You: A) frantically search for the little “X” to make it go away, B) Roll your eyes and press the back button to leave, or C) Wish you could get rid of those annoying pop-ups while still reading your…Read more...
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13 Tips That Will Make You A Google Maps Expert

Photographed By Rockie Nolan. You probably already use Google Maps to find the nearest Starbucks and directions to the train. But there are plenty of extras within the app that you might be missing on your usual search. Who knew you could win special perks from Google?We've rounded up the top hacks for getting the most out of the app, whether you're sightseeing abroad, taking a road trip, or just heading to a friend's apartment. Soon, you'll be able to navigate like a pro — and never have to...
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Netgear announces two new Orbi routers

 I’m a huge fan of Netgear’s Orbi routers. They offer some of the easiest setup, highest speeds, and best coverage of any of the so-called mesh wireless systems including Eero and Luma. Now Netgear’s original monstrous routers are being joined by a few cousins. The original kit, called the RBK50, came with a AC3000 Wi-Fi base station and a satellite and covered 5,000 square feet. Read More
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NASA’s new searchable media library is a treasure trove of space pics and video

 Do you like space? Do you like looking at it, wishing you were there instead of here, perhaps? Well NASA just did something that will make your day. The U.S. space agency launched a new web-based search engine for much of its catalog of images, video and audio files, which you can browse by keyword and metadata, so that you never have to remember the dismal reality that you’re… Read More
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The Matrix Voice is an Alexa for your Raspberry Pi

 Matrix Labs just completed a successful crowdfunding campaign for what amounts to an AI voice recognition system for the Raspberry Pi which allows you, a mere mortal, to make your own Alexa in your basement. Created by Rodolfo Saccoman and Brian Sanchez their first board, the Creator, fits right on top of a standard RaspPi and gives you an 8 microphone array, a temperature sensor,… Read More
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Samsung Galaxy S8 vs Apple iPhone 7 – What’s Different

Samsung’s S series lineup and Apple’s iPhone lineup never do get announced at the same time. Hence most people say that comparisons between the two are often unfair. While that may be debatable, a comparison is definitely needed and is unavoidable. Here is a spec comparison between the two smaller siblings in each company’s lineup. … Continue reading "Samsung Galaxy S8 vs Apple iPhone 7 – What’s Different"
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Google Calendar Is Now Optimized for the iPad

If you’re the sort of person that’s ditched clunky laptops in favor of a svelte tablet lifestyle, you’ll be happy to hear that Google has finally optimized their calendar app just for the iPad.Read more...
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Amazon Web Services Jumps Into Call-Center Market With New 'Amazon Connect' Service

Amazon Web Services just unveiled a new service for running call centers, dubbed Amazon Connect, leveraging the same technology used by's own customer service system to route and manage calls using automatic speech recognition and artificial intelligence. From a report: The announcement is the latest move by the cloud giant beyond its core infrastructure technologies and into higher-level cloud services. Amazon says the service incorporates its Lex technology, an artificial intelligen...
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One in Five Mobile Phones Shipped Abroad Are Phoney

Nearly one-fifth of mobile phones and one-quarter of video game consoles shipped abroad are fake, according to a report by the the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). The Register adds: The Trade in Counterfeit ICT Goods report, published ahead of the 2017 OECD Global Anti-Corruption and Integrity Forum this month, identified a growing trend in fake goods. Smartphone batteries, chargers, memory cards, magnetic stripe cards, solid state drives and music players are also...
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Hobbyist Turns Nintendo 64 Console Into Nintendo Switch Dock

adosch writes: Polygon reports that a Reddit user "modified a broken Nintendo 64 and transformed it into a functioning Switch dock." The modder, who goes by the handle "Tettzan Zone," has "been keeping fellow Switch fans updated on his adventures in console customization on Reddit, sharing the steps he took to making the entire Nintendo 64 workable as a dock." The original post about full mod details can be found here. ...
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'Sightings' of Extinct Tasmanian Tiger Prompt Search in Queensland

Elle Hunt, writing for The Guardian: "Plausible" possible sightings of a Tasmanian tiger in northern Queensland have prompted scientists to undertake a search for the species thought to have died out more than 80 years ago. The last thylacine is thought to have died in Hobart zoo in 1936, and it is widely believed to have become extinct on mainland Australia at least 2,000 years ago. But sightings of large, dog-like animals that are neither dingoes nor foxes have persisted over the decades, desp...
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10 Million Insiders Test And Use Windows 10 Every Day, Says Microsoft

When Microsoft made Windows 10 publicly available to all users in 2015, it said about five million people had signed up for Windows Insider program, and were using the OS every day. That number has grown to hit 10 million now, it said this week. From a report: Microsoft launched Windows Insider in October 2014 with its first public Windows 10 Technical Preview, and by that December the program counted 1.5 million members. It was a solid start, but the company now says that in just over two years...
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Lean Into the Alexa-Powered Future With $20 Off Three Amazon Echo Dots

Amazon’s Alexa is basically the operating system of the home, but to fully appreciate it, you need to scatter Echoes and Echo Dots around your house until they can basically hear your from anywhere. If you’re ready to fully commit, Amazon’s offering a solid discount on the already-affordable Echo Dot when you buy threeRead more...
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Local SEO Spam Tactics Are Working: How You Can Fight Back

Posted by Casey_MerazFor years, I've been saying that if you have a problem with spammers in local results, you can just wait it out. I mean, if Google cared about removing spam and punishing those who are regular spammers we'd see them removed fast and often, right? While there are instances where spam has been removed, it seems these are not fast fixes, permanent fixes, or even very common. In fact, they seem few and far between. So today I’m changing my tune a bit to call more attention to th...
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More Than Ever, Employees Want a Say in How Their Companies Are Run

Two readers share a report: While workers have traditionally looked to unions to address their grievances, a new generation is trusting in the power of petitions to force changes. At the Wall Street Journal, 160 reporters and editors, delivered a letter to their managers protesting the lack of women and minorities running the organization, Business Insider reported yesterday. "Nearly all the people at high levels at the paper deciding what we cover and how are white men," the letter read. IBM em...
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Amazon Mobile Carnival: Lenovo Z2 Plus starting at Rs. 11999, Up to Rs. 10000 off on iPhones and more

Amazon has started its two-day Mobile Carnival to offers some great deals on smartphones. It said that it will offer up to Rs. 2,500 discount on Android smartphones in this sale. Best deal on smartphones on Moto X Force 64GB – Rs. 22,999 (Rs. 7000 off) Lenovo Z2 Plus 64GB – Rs. 14,999 (Rs. 2500 off) … Continue reading "Amazon Mobile Carnival: Lenovo Z2 Plus starting at Rs. 11999, Up to Rs. 10000 off on iPhones and more"
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The New Samsung S8 Includes 1 Feature That Might Be Coming to the iPhone

Samsung's back - and it's still trying to convince you to forget the iPhone 7 and the Google Pixel. The company unveiled two new phones at an event on March 29: the S8 and S8+. Both include a slew of new features, including the ability to unlock your phone with your face - seriously. Keep reading to find out all the details. Display size: The S8 is 5.8 inches and the S8+ is 6.2 inches. Camera: There's an 8-megapixel front-facing camera with autofocus and a 12-megapixel rear-facing camera. Ex...
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Introducing Voltra's 'Stream To Own' Approach

Although the idea of owning music may seem antiquated in the streaming age, a new online store known as Voltra is approaching things differently by offering consumers a 'stream to own' option, where users can initially listen to a song for free, and then pay for it incrementally with each consecutive listen until they have fully purchased the song. _______________________ Guest post by Bobby Owsinski of Music 3.0 You’d think that owning music is a thing of the past, yet the iTunes...
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dadamachines is an open toolkit for making robotic musical instruments

There was a time when using controllers to play music was still novel. Building them was a technically complicated task, limited to a handful of individuals – most of whom had to keep solving the same basic problem of how to get started over and over again. Now, we know, that’s no longer the case. There are controllers everywhere. You can buy a finished one off the shelf. If you want to customize and modify that, it’s easier than ever before. If you want to make your own, that’s easier than befo...
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Razer’s acquisition of THX turned the new Blade Pro into a certified production machine

 We first got the hint that Razer wanted to gain the favor of entertainment power users when it bought THX last year, which became a subsidiary company and part of the process of making a new entertainment and production certified laptop: the new Blade Pro. A few days ago, I spoke with PR reps from Razer and THX’s own senior vice president of technical operations, Peter Vasay, who said… Read More
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Web Weaving – Utilising Digital Marketing To Ensnare A Wider Audience

Think of your website as a web in the middle of your sales funnel. You want potential customers to stick to the web so they will browse and hopefully make a purchase, but first you have to lead them to your website. As we know all too well, in today’s digital age, simply creating a website and waiting for customers to come to you isn’t going to cut it. You’re going to have draw them in. If you feel stuck, as if your current audience is too limited, it might be time to widen your digital net to ...
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Uber issues diversity report, tries to control ‘hard-charging attitude’

After a string of scandals, new HR chief acknowledges the “aggression” in the ride-hailing company’s corporate culture “needs to be shaved back.”
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See you tonight at the Boulder Micro-Meetup

 A reminder that I’ll be holding a micro-meetup at Boomtown on Broadway in Boulder, Colorado on today, March 29th, at 7pm. You’ll have 2 minutes to pitch in front of two local judges and then 2 minutes of questions. No slides, no props, no costumes (Ok, maybe costumes.) Boomtown is at 2060 Broadway B1 in the basement. To get there, park around Spruce and Broadway and it’s in… Read More
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A startup selling 'bloody' plant-based burgers is ramping up — and McDonald's should pay attention

Impossible Foods, a startup selling "bloody," plant-based burgers that even the most ardent meat-lovers can get behind, was in talks with McDonald's to supply the fast-food giant with its buzzy burger, The Guardian reported in March. It's unclear how recent these conversations were. David Lee, COO and CEO of Impossible Foods, tells Business Insider that such partnerships are likely as consumers demand more plant-based alternatives. But the startup can't team up with the Golden Arches — or any ot...
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The House just voted to let internet providers sell your browsing history

 Less than a week after the Senate voted to empower internet service providers to freely share private user data with advertisers, the House has weighed in, too. Today in a 215-205 vote on Senate Joint Resolution 34 (H. Res. 230), the House voted to repeal broadband privacy regulations that the Obama administration’s FCC introduced in 2016. Read More
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Twitter’s live streaming app Periscope gets an analytics dashboard

 Trying to figure out this whole live video broadcasting thing? Good news! Periscope, the Twitter-owned live broadcasting app, picked up a new trick this morning: a shiny new analytics dashboard. It’s not the most groundbreaking thing in the world, but it makes sense. Making successful live video on the Internet — particularly one that doesn’t involve video games or naked… Read More
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This year’s Tribeca Film Festival will include a video game festival, too

 New York City’s Tribeca Film Festival is getting a sister event — this year, it will see kickoff of the very first Tribeca Games Festival. The event is being launched in partnership with gaming publication Kill Screen and will take place on April 28 and 29 (during the film festival). There will be keynote interviews with Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima, BioShock director Ken Levine… Read More
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Your Guide to the Future at the Annual Meeting 2017

The cherry blossoms have unfurled in DC—that’s my cue to post CFM’s annual guide to futures-related sessions at the AAM annual meeting. Advance registration closes April 10, so if you haven’t signed up to join us in St. Louis May 7-10, click on over and register now. Some people tell me they find the annual meeting kind of overwhelming—so many sessions to choose from! So many events! In this post I provide one way to navigate the plethora of offerings by suggesting one, or at most two...
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