Moto Max Cheats, Hack & Guide

Utilize the Moto Max tricks to get free gold coins need to purchase few catalysts! Moto Max was discharged on 16 June 2017, as the diversion was made and created by Legos Box. Moto Max is currently accessible to download for nothing as dependably for all the android gadgets with firmware of 4.0 and higher through Google Play, the amusement is additionally accessible for all the Apple gadget through the Appstore for IOS 9 and higher. The diversion is reasonable for your youngsters yet try to wa...
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Relevnt launches a publisher-centric news app

 Florida startup Relevnt is experimenting with a new approach to online publishing. Founder and CEO Winder Hughes said that it’s become unrealistic to expect readers to download an app for every publication that they follow, or even to type a bunch of URLs into their mobile browser. At the same time, when publishers rely on big platforms like Facebook and Google for distribution,… Read More
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Binary Capital reportedly delays closing new fund amid controversy

 In the wake of allegations of sexual harassment and the resignation of Binary Capital co-founder Justin Caldbeck, the firm has delayed closing its second fund, Axios reports. Caldbeck issued a statement saying he would take an indefinite leave of absence after multiple women in the tech industry alleged they faced unwanted and inappropriate advances from him. The Information first reported… Read More
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VC Justin Caldbeck raised funding in email to accuser ahead of scandal breaking

 TechCrunch has reviewed an email allegedly sent by VC Justin Caldbeck, of Binary Capital, to one of the female founders who have accused him of inappropriate behavior — which suggests he tried to use his influence as an investor to encourage the woman to drop the allegations against him. Read More
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A Light Show on The Empire State Building Gets Synced to the Dead’s Live Performance of “Touch of Grey” (6/24/2017)

Some of my favorite things come together... Last night, Dead & Company played a huge show at Citi Field in New York City. And when they performed "Touch of Grey" during their encore, a light show on the Empire State Building got underway, completely synchronized with the song. According to Jam Band, the lights were "controlled by veteran lighting designer Marc Brickman, who has worked on tour with Pink Floyd, Paul McCartney, Hans Zimmer and many more." Enjoy the visual display above. And...
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Linus Explains What Surprises Him After 25 Years Of Linux

Linus Torvalds appeared in a new "fireside chat" with VMware Head of Open Source Dirk Hohndel. An anonymous reader writes: Linus explained what still surprises him about Linux development. "Code that I thought was stable continually gets improved. There are things we haven't touched for many years, then someone comes along and improves them or makes bug reports in something I thought no one used. We have new hardware, new features that are developed, but after 25 years, we still have old, very b...
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Gearbest Cube WP10 4G Phablet review

Phone, tablet, phablet. The market parlance around these three items is somewhat murky, but I’m still not sure there are folks for whom a phablet isn’t a better device than a phone. To test this theory, I volunteered when Julie offered the team the Gearbest Cube WP10 4G Phablet, a Windows 10 tablet with phone service. I got it and have done a few months of testing, and am ready to report back to you folks. Note: Photos may be tapped or clicked for a larger image. First off, I’m going to offer...
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Former Slashdot Contributor Jon Katz Believes He Can Talk To Animals

Long-time Slashdot reader destinyland got a surprise when he visited his local bookstore: Jon Katz turns 70 this August, and he's published a new book called Talking to Animals: How You Can Understand Animals and They Can Understand You. Katz was a former newspaper reporter (and a contributing editor to Rolling Stone) who wrote for HotWired, the first online presence for Wired magazine in the mid-1990s, before becoming a controversial contributor to Slashdot during the site's early days. Katz le...
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Why some gadgets have to pay to be on TV and some don't — inside the tricky world of product placement

If you watch TV today you're definitely going to see some real-life gadgets and brands.  Sometimes, those products are included in the shot because a company offered money to get their product on-screen for a period of time. But other products are included in the scene because a prop or set professional on the production just needed stuff to fill out the scene, according to Jon Holtzman, who used to help Apple get free exposure on TV and movies during the early 90s, when it needed it. Think abou...
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While we wait for autonomous cars, here are 6 ways to be a better human driver

There's a pretty good chance we'll have cars that can drive themselves in our lifetimes. But given the regulatory hurdles, it's unlikely autonomous vehicles will be available to the masses anytime soon. So in the interim, we humans will have to continue to drive ourselves. Cars are much safer than they used to be, but almost 40,000 people die every year in auto-related incidents in the US alone. You don't want to join that grim statistic, so your best bet, if you do drive, is to get better at it...
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Board Question #89822: This might be another one for the È-Files... Maggots are ...

Q: Dear 100 Hour Board,This might be another one for the È-Files...Maggots are falling from our Elm tree onto our deck (and probably the lawn, too).Note the head of a screw at the bottom right of the video for size reference.We've checked, and there doesn't appear to be a dead body up in the branches, but it's a big tree and maybe we just can't see it. Possibly related to my Board Question #84356.My wife says that this happened last year about the same time, so it could be a seasonal thing - may...
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Learn the art of manipulating data with this serious MATLAB training for only $27

When engineers and mathematicians need to get down to some hardcore computer modeling and data visualization, MATLAB is one of the prime programming languages and environments of choice. Data analysis is one of the fastest growing areas of need in many businesses and MATLAB is at the heart of that analysis. So learn MATLAB from the ground up with this complete mastery bundle of courses. Right now, you can get these five MATLAB courses for only $27 (86 percent off its regular price) from TNW Deal...
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Loneliness is Still a Big Problem for the Elderly – but Technology is Helping

Every now and again we seem to hear a story about an elderly people who are lonely and don’t have anyone to turn towards for a quick chat or close relationship. We may only hear about these issues on the odd occasion, but these types of issues effect the elderly every day – and there aren’t necessarily lots of clear solutions to help. However, something which has started to make a difference in eradicating loneliness in the elderly is technology.   How Is it Helping? Technology has now de...
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An ex-Tesla engineer created an FDA-compliant cure for hangovers

Sisun Lee loved his job as an engineer at Tesla. He had absolutely no intention of quitting and starting his own company. But what started out as a fun side project to find a cure for hangovers has grown so big, he felt he had to quit his job this week and launch a company. On July 5, his startup Morning Recovery, will be open for business, where it will sell an FDA-compliant hangover cure. The whole thing started about a year ago, when the then 26-year-old Lee took a trip to his home country of...
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The Uber and the frog

 How the mighty are fallen. Travis Kalanick is out, and Uber has become something of a headless horseman, with no current CEO, COO, CFO, CMO, VP of Engineering, or general counsel. Its alleged valuation has fallen by $18 billion and counting. How did this happen? Or maybe a better question is: how could this not have happened? It really wasn’t so long ago, believe it or not, that Uber… Read More
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Researcher Finds Critical OpenVPN Bug Using Fuzzing

"Guido Vranken recently published 4 security vulnerabilities in OpenVPN on his personal blog," writes long-time Slashdot reader randomErr -- one of which was a critical remote execution bug. Though patches have been now released, there's a lesson to be learned about the importance of fuzzing -- bug testing with large amounts of random data -- Guido Vranken writes: Most of these issues were found through fuzzing. I hate admitting it, but...the arcane art of reviewing code manually, acquired thr...
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Australian Officials Want Encryption Laws To Fight 'Terrorist Messaging'

An anonymous reader quotes Ars Technica: Two top Australian government officials said Sunday that they will push for "thwarting the encryption of terrorist messaging" during an upcoming meeting next week of the so-called "Five Eyes" group of English-speaking nations that routinely share intelligence... According to a statement released by Attorney General George Brandis, and Peter Dutton, the country's top immigration official, Australia will press for new laws, pressure private companies, and u...
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Google DeepMind is giving the NHS free access to its patient monitoring app (GOOG)

The financial terms of Google DeepMind's partnership with the Royal Free London NHS Foundation have been disclosed for the first time. Google's artificial intelligence lab DeepMind is currently allowing the Royal Free to use its patient monitoring smartphone app Streams for free, the Royal Free Trust told Business Insider following a freedom of information (FOI) battle that went on for six months. However, the Royal Free must pay DeepMind a "service fee" if DeepMind ends up providing more than £...
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Australia wants Five Eyes to squeeze tech firms on encryption

 The political rhetoric against strong encryption continues to crank up. Reuters reports today that Australia will be pushing for greater powers for countries to tackle the use of encrypted messaging services by terrorists and criminals at an upcoming meeting of ministers from the so-called ‘Five Eyes’ intelligence network. Read More
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Google will soon stop scanning your Gmail to show personalized Ads

Google has been showing ads in Gmail based on the content in the mail since the launch. Google today announced that Gmail content will not be used or scanned for any ads personalization starting later this year. The move is designed to ease concerns of enterprise customers. Even though scanning has only been used on users …
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AT&T Introduces STAYCAST Hotel and Institutions Streaming Solution Starting June 21

AT&T* continues to transform in-room entertainment for hotel guests and institutions across the country with a streaming solution from SONIFI Solutions, Inc. Hotels and institutions with DIRECTV services can now order STAYCASTⁱ powered by Google Chromecast for their property.
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Coinbase is reimbursing losses caused by the Ethereum flash crash

 Earlier this week, GDAX, the digital currency exchange run by Coinbase experienced a flash crash in its USD – Ethereum market. Within seconds the price of ETH crashed from ~$320 to as low as $0.10. While the price recovered quickly, the rapid price movement caused many traders to experience margin calls or stop loss orders, resulting in potentially severe losses. While many initially… Read More
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At this month’s WWDC, Apple unveiled refined accessibility tools

 Cover Apple for a while and you start to notice a general cadence to the company’s behavior and strategy. To name one example, consider the last several macOS releases. In 2009, , Apple announced Snow Leopard, which famously eschewed new features for what the company described as “hundreds of refinements [and] new core technologies.” Snow Leopard subsequently set off a trend… Read More
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Antifa OSINT Profile : Radical Left Anarchist Group – Part 2

By John Crump : Know the Enemy This is part two of a three part series briefing paper on the radical left group, Antifa, looking to overthrow President Trump and our Constitution. Antifa prefers to remain anonymous. They have a big fear of their enemies finding out who they are. : Professor Eric Clanton, unmasked. John Crump USA – In part two of of our exposé we will look at the techniques and tactics used by Antifa. Although these might vary slightly from cell to cell these are the most...
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How to fix the EHR mess we’re in

Computers, more specifically, electronic health records (EHRs), will someday revolutionize the practice of medicine. In fact, successful computerization of medical care is the most critical step necessary to transform the American health care system from its current sorry state to the 21st-century system of our dreams. It is ironic, then, that today EHRs represent one of the worst problems plaguing medical professionals. At this point, many physicians would say that EHRs have created more proble...
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Tumblr says it fixed the ‘Safe Mode’ glitch that hid innocent posts, including LGBTQ+ content

 Tumblr this week introduced a “safe mode” for its service, which combines the company’s previously available “safe search” functionality with a new filter that would hide “sensitive” content from the site’s main Dashboard, using an overlay. However, Tumblr quickly came under fire for hiding “sensitive” content that was anything but… Read More
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Houzz raises a huge $400M round at a $4B valuation

 If you ask investors in Silicon Valley about Houzz — an app where you browse ridiculously nice homes and check out interesting interior design ideas — they’ll probably quietly mutter that they’re just growing their business. We really don’t hear about Houzz’s business that often. Except now the company says it has raised $400 million led by Iconiq Capital,… Read More
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Survey Says: Raspberry Pi Still Rules, But X86 SBCs Have Made Gains

DeviceGuru writes: Results from's annual hacker-friendly single board computer survey are in, and not surprisingly, the Raspberry Pi 3 is the most desired maker SBC by a 4-to-1 margin. In other trends: x86 SBCs and Linux/Arduino hybrids have trended upwards. The site's popular hacker SBC survey polled 1,705 survey respondents and asked for their first, second, and third favorite SBCs from a curated list of 98 community oriented, Linux- and Android-capable boards. Spreadsheets com...
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Get over 1.1 million graphics at your fingertips — for only $31

Ask any art pro…finding a stockpile of quality vector graphics to incorporate into your own projects is worth its weight in gold. They’re high quality, they’re versatile, and with their host of customization options, they’re able to liven up virtually any graphics assignment with minimum adjustment. With a two-year subscription to VectorState (available now for only $31, 80 percent off, from TNW Deals), you’ll likely never have to search out the perfect graphic element again — because Vector Sta...
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The People GoFundMe Leaves Behind

citadrianne shares a report from The Outline: President Donald Trump's proposed budget seeks to slash $54 billion from social services including programs like Medicaid and Meals on Wheels. As these resources dry up, crowdfunding websites will further entrench themselves as extra-governmental welfare providers in order to fill the gap. For a lucky few, these sites are a lifeline. For most people, they are worthless. Crowdfunding's fatal flaw is that not every campaign ends up getting the money it...
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